BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1674


Chapter 1674 – Task Completed

A cultivator’s resilience was well-known to be formidable. Moreover, cultivators have all kinds of mysterious medicines. Although medicine couldn’t revive a dead man, or regenerate a person from an arm, it can still fix a lot of serious injuries.

But the cultivator in front of Zhao Hai was missing. Even if it was difficult to regenerate a limb, the amount of damage could still be minimized.

For a cultivator’s scar to be present there would only be two cases. First was that it hasn’t been cured while the other reason was that it couldn’t be cured. If scars couldn’t be cured, then that meant that there was an energy present on the wound that prevented it from being healed. At that time, it shouldn’t be a scare, but a wound. So there was only one explanation for the scars on Zhao Hai’s opponent, he chose to leave it there.

Cultivators pay great attention to their appearance. This doesn’t mean that cultivators judge by appearance. Cultivators just had a fondness for beauty. Even some male cultivators would take beauty pills, not to mention the females.

This person who had a broken arm and a scarred face showed that he was wholeheartedly focused on revenge. He wanted his scars to remind him of his grudge.

Such a determined person was the most difficult to deal with. Because of their grudge, they would spare nothing. Moreover, his killing intent was very heavy, showing no care about human life. Because of this, Zhao Hai frowned when he saw this person.

However, Zhao Hai soon returned to normal. He clasped his fist as he threw a punch towards his opponent. At the same time, he released his flying swords and created the stellar transformations sword formation.

Seeing Zhao Hai move, the scarred man also flew up as he took out a blade. He didn’t control his blade like the other cultivators. Instead, he held onto the blade with his left hand and then pointed it towards Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai noticed his opponent’s fighting style, he couldn’t help but stare. This person was using close-combat techniques, which made it harder to deal with him.

As he revealed his blade, the scarred man immediately attacked Zhao Hai. He charged forward towards Zhao Hai’s sword formation.

The man’s sword was very swift and fast as it blocked the incoming attacks. Most importantly, the scarred man was a master at controlling his movements. People with disabilities found it very hard to maintain their balance. And to warriors, balance was very important. If a warrior couldn’t control their balance, their enemy might use it against them.

Cultivators regard balance the same way. Cultivation techniques addressed this issue. If their attacks weren’t balanced, then they would expose themselves and give the enemy the opportunity to attack.

The scarred man was different. He was able to transfer his weight to his blade in a circular manner. This revolving action turned the imbalance of his body into an advantage. He was able to augment his attacks due to the transfer of energy.

Zhao Hai moved his hand and performed a technique to attack the scarred man. Before long, several swords flew towards the blade of the enemy. Zhao Hai also controlled flying swords to attack his enemy.

Then at this moment, the blade in the scarred man’s hand changed. The blade light sheared the incoming swords. Then the blade turned into a long knife. Its sharpness increased.

Zhao Hai’s expression changed. Then he stepped back as he waved his hand and said, “Stellar Transformation Sword Formation, changing stars!” Following his command, golden light centered on him, turning him into a small sun. This was the same move he used to deal with Ye Tiancheng.

It was clear that the one-armed cultivator was prepared. When Zhao Hai made his move, the knife moved immediately. The knife light shimmered like a mirror and blocked the golden light coming from Zhao Hai. He took a step back before advancing once more towards Zhao Hai.

Before long, the knife penetrated the golden light. Both the knife and golden light dissipated. People looked at the platform and saw that Zhao Hai was holding a sword in his hand and was stabbing forward. However, his sword was still thirty centimeters away from the scarred man’s throat. On the other hand, the scarred man’s blade was already on Zhao Hai’s neck.

In this battle, the two injured each other, but Zhao Hai lost by half a move. After all, his head would be chopped off before his sword could reach the opponent. Although a cultivator’s life force was formidable, a last struggle attack wouldn’t cause a fatal injury to the scarred man. So in this perspective, Zhao Hai lost.

The referee also announced Zhao Hai’s loss. Upon hearing that he lost, Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he received his sword and then cupped his fist towards the scarred man. Then he flew away and directly returned to the Ignored Valley. He has completed his task.

Zhang Hao was paying attention to Zhao Hai. Upon hearing the result, he relaxed. He knew that Zhao Hai hadn’t changed at all. He still followed Zhang Feng. 

Another person was paying attention to Zhao Hai. This person’s eyes were flashing with anger. This person was no other than Han Buli.

Han Buli thought of Zhao Hai as his friend, so he cared about Zhao Hai’s matters. Han Buli was there when Zhao Hai fought against Firecloud. Therefore, he knew that the sword formation that Zhao Hai used wasn’t as strong as back then. The sword formation that Zhao Hai used to deal with Firecloud was a hundred times stronger.

But this time, Zhao Hai didn’t fight at his full strength. This only explains one thing, Zhao Hai doesn’t want to enter the Inner Sect. And there was only one reason for this, and that was Zhang Feng.

Han Buli thought about Zhao Hai offending Zhang Feng. So upon seeing the result of Zhao Hai’s battle, Han Buli immediately thought about this. This was the reason for his anger.

Seeing Zhao Hai leave, Han Buli immediately moved. He followed Zhao Hai. As soon as Zhao Hai returned to the Ignored Valley, Han Buli caught up with him.

When Zhao Hai saw Han Buli, he immediately met him as he smiled and said, “Brother Han, why did you come here? Is the Darkness Hall so idle?”

Han Buli looked at Zhao Hai and saw that he wasn’t sad at all. He couldn’t help but stare as he asked, “Little Hai, why didn’t you show your full strength? Is it because of Zhang Feng?”

Zhao Hai was aware that Han Buli knew that he was strong. Now that he heard Han Buli, he smiled and said, “It’s fine. This matter has nothing to do with Zhang Feng. As you know, I was a Battle Slave and my status is still quite low in the Great World of Cutlivation. Moreover, I still don’t know much about the realm. If I enter the Inner Sect this early, it wouldn’t be good for me. I plan to stay here for two years to understand the intricacies of the realm.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Han Buli found that it was reasonable, he nodded and said, “So it’s this. Your plan is also good. But you must be careful. Now that you offended Zhang Feng and also Ye Tiancheng, your days wouldn’t be great.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’ll be careful. And you need to be carefull too. Back when I offended Zhang Feng, he sent me to this place. He might not pay attention to a small guy like me, but Ye Tiancheng will. The last time you came, someone followed us. Later on, they asked around for my information. It seems like he wouldn’t just let me off. Maybe he will come for you too.”

Han Buli smiled faintly and said, “You’re worried about me? Did you forget who I am? People from the Darkness Hall couldn’t be touched that easily. There’s no need to worry. Right, let’s have a drink!” Zhao Hai laughed as he proceeded to drink with Han Buli.

As Zhao Hai drank with Han Buli, Zhang Feng began receiving information about Han Buli’s current identity. Seeing the information, Zhang Feng’s expression changed.

Zhang Feng might not have thought of anything if any other cultivator got in touch with Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai was under Zhang Feng’s umbrella, this doesn’t mean that Zhao Hai can’t have friends. That would be impossible. If he restricted Zhao Hai too much, Zhao Hai might feel suffocated and run away. Then Zhang Feng would lose more than he would gain.

But Zhang Feng was very concerned about Han Buli. This was because both Zhang Hao and the spies haven’t found any useful information about him.

After checking up on Han Buli, the only thing they got was that he was named Ban Li, an Outer Disciple, and a Body Cultivator. But if they look deeper, they would find out that the identity was face. At the same time, they couldn’t find anything about Han Buli’s real identity. This was what worried Zhang Feng the most.

Having a mysterious person around Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng was naturally nervous. He doesn’t know why Han Buli approached Zhao Hai.

As  Zhang Feng was preparing to deal with Han Buli. Han Buli suddenly went to Zhao Hai. This caused Zhang Feng to be restless. 

Zhang Feng took out a jade sword message and then sent it out. It must be said that Zhang Feng was very serious this time. The people he sent the message to was the Han Clan of the Darkness Hall.

The Han Clan had close ties to the Gang Leaders, and this time was no exception. And because of his relationship with the Gang Leader, Zhang Feng was aware of the Han Clan. So when he thought of dealing with Han Buli, he immediately thought of the Han Clan.


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