BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1671


Chapter 1671 – Competition Begins

“Disciples of the Black Tiger Gang. In this annual event of the sect, I’d like to say that you are the cornerstone of the sect. Because of you, the sect is able to stand firm. Being the experts in your own realms, I hope that you can show your best in this competition. Let the competition begin!”

The Outer Sect Steward didn’t prepare a long speech, he just said a few words and then left. Then the Elders in charge of each division began calling numbers. The competition has officially begun.

Each division was assigned their own platform. Although the platform was used for the battle, the combatants could fly in mid-air. However, the platform dictated the range of the battle. Once a combatant goes out of this range, they would immediately lose the fight.

Regarding the Outer Sect Competition, Zhao Hai wasn’t really interested in it. Among these Outer Disciples, only a few of them were lucky enough to come across faith power. Moreover, the amount of faith power that they have was too little. This greatly restricted their progress. They weren’t any stronger compared to the lower realm’s Transcending Tribulation and Severed Soul Experts. The only advantage they have were better artifacts.

After looking at a few battles, Zhao Hai completely lost interest. He just sat there and studied the jade slip that Zhang Feng gave him.

There are a lot of formations in the jade slip. Just as Zhao Hai thought, the formations of the Great World of Cultivation were more advanced compared to the lower realms. The power of the formation was also greater.

Now that Zhao Hai could turn these formations into three-dimensional formations, Zhao Hai spent his time working on these formations. He’d rather do this than be bored looking at the people fighting on the platforms.

Since the Outer Disciples were divided into their own factions, many of them chose to sit together. They discussed the winners and losers of each division. Compared to these people, Zhao Hai looked like a loner. He didn’t know anyone here and nobody also knew him. In the beginning, people looked at him with curiosity. But later on, nobody paid him attention.

The battles have a time limit of an hour. If an hour has passed and the battle hasn’t ended, the referee would declare who won or lost.

However, fights between Outer Disciples generally end within an hour. This was because these Outer Disciples don’t trust these referees. The referees were Elders who had no real power inside the sect. If an opponent gives these referees benefits, then it would be obvious who would win. Wouldn’t that be unfair to the participants?

Due to this, battles were quick. Victory or defeat was decided in a quarter of an hour. Even if the fight went a little longer, it wouldn’t reach an hour. It was almost always guaranteed that the battle wouldn’t exceed one hour.

This caused the competition to go by very quickly. One wouldn’t need to wait long before the next batch of combatants enter the platforms. Zhao Hai was among those who were still waiting for their fights.

When the referee shouted Zhao Hai’s number, Zhao Hai immediately stood up and then moved towards the platform. Upon arriving, Zhao Hai noticed his opponent. The other side seems to be about 20 years old. He was very handsome and wore white clothing. His posture was like a tall tree facing the wind.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai wore black clothing and looked ordinary. He suppressed his imposing aura so he seemed extremely ordinary to the other people. When the two stood against each other, it was like the difference between a firefly and the moon. Naturally, Zhao Hai was the firefly while his opponent was the moon.

Zhao Hai’s opponent looked at him with contempt as he coldly snorted and said, “Junior Brother, you should admit defeat. I don’t want to injure you. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai looked at this person in amusement. He could see that the man’s strength was very good. According to the lower realm’s system, he should be at the Severed Soul Stage. Moreover, he should be at the late stages. But in the Great World of Cultivation, he was at the Spirit Refining Stage heading his way towards Foundation Building. There were only a few people like him in the Outer Sect. 

Zhao Hai looked at the white-clothed cultivator as he smiled faintly and said, “Senior Brother, this is a competition to compare our strengths. Victory or defeat isn’t important. Since this junior decided to join the competition, I would like to try comparing moves. I ask Senior Brother to make his move.”

The cultivator coldly snorted and said, “Honeyed words! Overestimating yourself!” Then he waved his hand and a fan appeared in his hand. Then he waved his other hand and casted a spell. He waved his fan as a fierce wind blade wheezed towards Zhao Hai.

Although it looks like an ordinary wind blade, its speed was very fast. Moreover, it was so bright that it looked solid. Such an attack was definitely more powerful than ordinary wind blades.

Zhao Hai quickly moved and waved his hands. Then a thousand flying swords appeared around him. In an instant, the stellar transformation sword formation was established.

The sword formation that Zhao Hai used wasn’t a three-dimensional formation nor did he reinforce it with faith power. He also used only a thousand swords. Nevertheless, the sword formation was still very powerful.

As soon as Zhao Hai’s sword formation was established, he immediately felt a gust of wind coming towards him. He turned his head and saw several wind blades coming towards him. The wind blades were coming one after another, their speed was very fast.

But now that the sword formation has been set up, Zhao Hai no longer needs to worry. As soon as the wind blades met the sword formation, they were immediately blocked. The successive wind blades were also blocked.

However, the wind blades didn’t stop coming because of this. They began to curve towards Zhao Hai. It seems like the wind blades could track their target.

Unfortunately for the wind blades, Zhao Hai’s stellar transformation sword formation couldn’t be trifled with. The wind blades simply couldn’t break through to Zhao Hai. At this time, the white-clothed cultivator made another move. He coldly snorted as he waved his fan once more.  Then he released even more wind blades towards Zhao Hai.

The artifact used by the white-clothed cultivator was called the Gale Fan. It’s a powerful artifact that emits wind blades that were semi-solidified. These wind blades were both very fast and strong. It also doesn’t need spiritual force in order to track their enemy. It was a famous artifact among low-level cultivators. It was because of this fan that the white-clothed cultivator was so arrogant.

Zhao Hai already measured it, each wind blade was equivalent to a casual attack of a Severed Soul Expert. Its power was very good.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about these attacks. They wouldn’t be able to affect him. If he utilized the sword formation to its fullest potential, he would have defeated the white-clothed cultivator a long time ago.

The white-clothed cultivator attacked Zhao Hai dozens of times. A hundred wind blades were hitting Zhao Hai at the same time. However, he still couldn’t break through Zhao Hai’s sword formation. More than 20 minutes had passed. If things went on this way, the battle would definitely reach an hour. The white-clothed cultivator naturally wouldn’t want this to happen. He waved his hand and took out a gourd. His face had a pained expression as he took the gourd out. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and gave him a ruthless look. With clenched teeth, he waved the gourd and said, “Washing yellow sand, eternal sand of the beginning, metal covers the day. Go!” Then he aimed the gourd’s mouth at Zhao Hai.

A massive amount of golden sand began to cover Zhao Hai. Seeing this, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. Then he waved his hand and said, “Ten thousand stellar transformations, changing stars!” Then with Zhao Hai as the center, the sword formation began to light up. The golden light turned Zhao Hai into a small sun, causing people’s eyes to hurt upon looking at him. The spectators couldn’t help but close their eyes.

The golden light didn’t last long. When the crowd’s vision returned, they noticed that Zhao Hai’s spiritual force was the only thing remaining. The white-clothed cultivator lost.

Although the golden light was very strong, it was still blocked by Zhao Hai’s sword formation. While the white-clothed cultivator’s eyesight was affected, Zhao Hai teleported and placed his sword on his opponent’s neck.

When the white-clothed cultivator recovered, Zhao Hai’s sword was already on his throat. His expression couldn’t help but change. He didn’t think that he would lose. He prepared a lot for this competition. Not only did he pay a high price to refine his Gale Fan, he also braved dangers in order to make his golden sand gourd. He thought that he would be able to smoothly enter the Inner Sect. He didn’t expect that he would be eliminated by Zhao Hai in the first round. He couldn’t help but feel sad.

However, the referee didn’t care about the white-clothed cultivator’s feeling. Even if he wanted to help him, Zhao Hai clearly won in front of many people. Because of this, the referee loudly declared, “Zhao Hai wins!” 

Hearing the referee, Zhao Hai waved his hand and received his sword. Then he bowed towards the white-clothed cultivator before he returned to his previous spot and then he sat down and closed his eyes.

The white-clothed cultivator glared fiercely at Zhao Hai. If his gaze could kill people, Zhao Hai would have long since turned into ash.

Zhao Hai also noticed the glare, but he didn’t mind it. He received glares like these for as long as he remembered. If the white-clothed cultivator looks for trouble, then Zhao Hai would have no problems killing him.

The number of Serving Disciples and Outer Disciples that died every year wasn’t small. There would even be Inner Disciples that would go missing. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of killing. As long as nobody saw him, he would be fine!


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