BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1667


Chapter 1667 – Nascent Soul Expert

Meeting Han Buli was just an accident and he didn’t take the matter seriously. Therefore, he didn’t reveal too much. Even if Zhang Feng found out about this meeting, he probably wouldn’t do anything. Zhao Hai said that he had offended Zhang Feng, but he didn’t say that he had joined Zhang Feng’s camp.

However, Han Buli’s personality made Zhao Hai glad. Han Buli seems to be someone who doesn’t scheme. However, Zhao Hai doesn’t know if this was Han Buli pretending. It would need some time before Zhao Hai would consider him as a friend.

The two continued to sit on the snowy mountain as they drank and chatted. They talked about general matters of the gang. They didn’t talk about any sensitive matters, but they still had a lot to talk about.

Zhao Hai didn’t ask Han Buli about his appearance. This was because he was aware that Han Buli was from the Darkness Hall. Each person belonging to the Darkness Hall were shrouded in mystery. Their duties were very important. 

Even so, the conversation between the two was very friendly. It must be known that finding a friend in the Great World of Cultivation wasn’t easy. There weren’t a lot of people who could chat like the two of them.

As the two chatted, they suddenly felt a powerful aura from a distance. Their expressions changed. This aura clearly belonged to a powerful expert, at least the Nascent Soul Stage. From the direction that the aura was coming from, the expert should be an expert of the Roaring Flame Sect.

Moreover, this person was very good at hiding his location. He didn’t show his aura before he was close to the two of them. The reason this person revealed his presence was because he believed that Zhao Hai and Han Buli wouldn’t run at this distance. 

Han Buli’s complexion changed. Then his entire form changed and turned into a person wearing black clothing. His hair also turned black. His handsome face turned ordinary. No matter who looks at him, they would never believe that he was from the Roaring Flame Sect.

Zhao Hai looked at Han Buli in surprise. He didn’t know what technique Han Buli used. It could actually change a person’s appearance in an instant.

Han Buli noticed Zhao Hai’s surprise. He smiled faintly and said, “This is my true appearance. It seems like the other party came for me. You leave while I block him. I have the means to get out on my own.”

Zhao Hai looked at Han Buli and then smiled as he said, “We’ll work together. We might not even get into a fight with him. Let’s see his intentions first. Then we’ll talk about what to do after that.”

Han Buli stared, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this confident. He didn’t say anything. Before long, the Nascent Soul Expert appeared not far from the two.

The Nascent Soul Expert was around 100 meters away from Zhao Hai and Han Buli. This expert had red hair and wore red clothing. He looked very much like a Roaring Flame Sect cultivator. His blood red eyes showed how mad with anger he was.

The Nascent Soul Expert viciously stared at the two and said, “One of you killed my grandson. Tell me who it is and I’ll give you a reward. If you don’t, I will kill both of you.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Nascent Soul Expert, then he smiled faintly and said, “Senior, there must be an understanding. This is the Black Tiger Gang’s domain. Both of us came here to drink. We would have no time to kill your grandson.”

Han Buli bowed and said, “I have seen Senior Firecloud. We just came here to see the snowy scene. We didn’t meet your grandson.”

The Nascent Soul Expert Firecloud sneered and said, “I don’t think you know, but in order to prevent the Black Tiger Gang from infiltrating the Roaring Flame Sect, we installed warning formations all around the valley. Everyone who went to the valley would have tracking powder on them. Whether you entered the valley or not, the tracking powder can tell. This old man has been chasing that powder all this time. And you actually dared to lie to me. I really don’t know if you want to live or die.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai and Han Buli stared, then their expressions changed. It seems like this matter won’t become amicable.

Zhao Hai looked at Firecloud, then he sneered and said, “So what if you caught up, are you sure that you can kill us?”

Firecloud laughed and said, “Reckless kid. This old man will teach you what happens if you annoy a Nascent Soul Expert.” After he said that, Firecloud made a move and sent a huge fiery-red palm towards Zhao Hai.

Seeing Firecloud’s action, Zhao Hai coldly snorted as he pulled his arm and sent a punch forward. Han Buli also took out two black daggers. These daggers seem to absorb the light around them, there were no reflections.

When he saw Han Buli’s weapons, Firecloud’s expression couldn’t help but change. His eyes burned with killing intent as he angrily roared, “Kid, you really killed my grandson. I want you dead!” He waved his hand and took out a big flag. The entire flag was red. As it waved with the wind, it roared like an infernal flame.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s punch connected with the red palm that Firecloud sent. A huge explosion was heard and energy began to disperse into the surroundings.

The same time, Firecloud shook his flag. A sea of fire appeared in front of Han Buli. Han Buli crossed his daggers in front of him to protect himself.

Although Firecloud was attacking Han Buli, he was also paying attention to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was able to break Firecloud’s palm attack. As he looked at Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

It must be known that Firecloud was a true Nascent Soul Expert, and one of the top Nascent Soul Experts of the sect. Even his casual attacks held the power of an ordinary Core Formation Cultivator.

And from what he can sense, Zhao Hai was just at the Spirit Refining Stage. He shouldn’t be able to take any moves from Firecloud. Who would have thought that Zhao Hai would be able to break the palm with just one punch.

While Firecloud was looking at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also made his move. He waved his hand as ten thousand swords appeared and encircled Firecloud. Zhao Hai was currently using the three-dimensional Stellar Transformations Great Formation.

Seeing that Zhao Hai wanted to deal with him using a sword formation, Firecloud couldn’t help but sneer. In his position, sword formations at Zhao Hai’s level were useless.

However, he soon discovered his mistake. As he was covered by the sword formation, he felt that he had been enveloped by an entire universe. All kinds of stars, planets, and meteorites were around him. These heavenly bodies seem to emit powerful energy that was suppressing him.

Firecloud was surprised. He felt threatened by the sword formation. He didn’t expect it to be like this. He waved his flag as fire appeared around him and then attacked the planets. At the same time, a large Flame Demon appeared. This was Firecloud’s Dao Avatar.

Dao Avatars, especially those belonging to Nascent Soul Experts, were very powerful. They towered at 100 meters tall and were fully solid. The flame demon burned with a golden flame and it had a trident in its hands. It roared upwards and breathed fire from its mouth, directly hitting four planets.

Firecloud was thinking of breaking Zhao Hai’s sword formation. But he didn’t expect the planets to have their own defensive shield that blocked the Flame Demon’s attack.

Firecloud couldn’t help but concentrate. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this formidable. His Dao Avatar actually couldn’t break through.

Firecloud has underestimated Zhao Hai’s sword formation. Zhao Hai’s formation was not the same as average sword formations that cultivators use. Not only was it a three-dimensional formation, each sword of the formation also had a yin-yang lightning pond inside. The yin-yang lightning ponds were responsible for providing energy to the swords. Also, Zhao Hai reinforced his swords with faith power. Such a formation couldn’t be easily broken.

Firecloud wasn’t the only one who was surprised, Han Buli was the same. Since Firecloud was focused on Zhao Hai, naturally he wouldn’t care about Han Buli. Because of this, the fire that was attacking Han Buli has vanished. Han Buli saw Zhao Hai and Firecloud’s techniques. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s sword formation to cover a Nascent Soul Expert.

At this time, Zhao Hai turned to Han Buli and said, “You leave first. I can’t maintain this for long. I’ll withdraw after you leave.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Han Buli knew that there was no time to talk. He immediately said, “Alright, be careful.” Then he turned around and flew with all of his strength. Han Buli was very fast. In a blink of an eye, he could no longer be seen.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Firecloud who was stranded inside the formation. He didn’t lie to Han Buli. He knew that his sword formation wouldn’t be able to deal with Firecloud. Firecloud would be trapped for a while, but after some time, he would be able to break out.

Now that Han Buli left, Zhao Hai no longer needed to trap Firecloud. It was time to run away.

But just to be sure, Zhao Hai erased all traces including the tracing powder that Han Buli left behind. Then he waved his hand and sent everything to the Space.

Firecloud was mad! He didn’t expect a Nascent Soul Expert like him to be trapped inside a sword formation by a Spirit Refining kid. He would be shamed if news got out.

Firecloud roared angrily. The Flame Demon also roared into the skies. It waved its trident and destroyed the planets that surrounded him. But much to Firecloud’s surprise, although a lot of planets were destroyed, the formation was still operating.

Firecloud was stunned. He doesn’t understand. A lot of planets were destroyed, and yet, the formation was still operational! It’s strange.

Naturally, this was the property of three-dimensional formations. Even if you destroy half of its nodes, the formation would still function. Firecloud’s attack destroyed a third of the nodes, so the formation was still standing.

Just as Firecloud was stunned, the planets returned to their original position. The formation recovered, it was as though it had never been damaged.

Firecloud’s attack just shifted the flying swords from their position. These swords were made from liquid silver. Firecloud’s attack wasn’t enough to destroy them.

Seeing the formation restore itself, Firecloud’s expression turned serious. He waved his hand as he used a technique. The Flame Demon roared and then swept the void. A huge crack appeared next to the Flame Demon. Like an erupting volcano, crimson flames spewed out from the rift. When the flames got in contact with the planets, the planets immediately turned to ash. Every time a flame hits a node, Zhao Hai would immediately retrieve his silver sword. Although the swords weren’t damaged, they could no longer be reused in the formation. This was because the flames were slowly consuming the formation. More and more flying swords were squeezed out as the flames continued to spew out.

Zhao Hai knew that his formation would be broken. Although the sword formation was broken through, Zhao Hai was still happy. Being able to trap a Nascent Soul Expert for some time, it was clear that three-dimensional formations were formidable.

Seeing his formation being broken and Han Buli already far away, Zhao Hai no longer had the mood to accompany Firecloud. He waved his hand and received his flying swords.

Firecloud was glad as he continued to break the formation. Then suddenly, the formation vanished. The surroundings were quiet. There were no formations, no flying swords, and no enemies. There was nothing. Firecloud was left blankly staring at the snowy mountain.

Firecloud immediately understood that he had been played. Zhao Hai has run away. Firecloud was angered once more. He couldn’t help but roar in anger, “I’ll tear you to shreds sooner or later.” Then he moved and returned to the Roaring Flame Sect. Now that Han Buli and Zhao Hai have left, experts from the Black Tiger Gang will soon arrive. If he was still present, then he would not be able to run away.


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