BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1661


Chapter 1661 – Metaleater Mouse

Zhao Hai returned to the Space and then went to the processing machine to take a look. Currently, the processing machine isn’t making anything. Instead, it was recycling the trash in the valley.

Seeing that nothing significant happened, Zhao Hai returned to the villa. Upon entering, he discovered Laura and the others looking at a screen.

Shown on the screen was the Black Tiger Gang’s mountainous territory. The flat parts of the mountains were filled with various medicinal fields. However, these fields didn’t change the faces of the mountains too much. Cultivators understand that plants require specific mountainous conditions to grow.

There were also small cities built on some mountains. But in terms of scale, they can’t really be called cities, it was more appropriate to call them mountain towns. The disciples in these towns not only grow plants or mine, they can also do other tasks. For example, they can explore the mountains and dig up some wild herbs or find some good ores. Then they would go to the contribution hall to exchange them for points.

What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that he hadn’t seen a faith servant until now. The name of faith servant was a name common in the Great World of Cultivation. Although the name might sound pleasant, faith servants were mindless people who only knew how to pray.

Although faith servants were mindless beings, they were very important to any force in the Great World of Cultivation. Faith servants can provide faith power and any group that doesn’t have a supply of faith power would never be able establish a foothold.

Zhao Hai asked Laura and the others to look around. First, so that they can understand more about the Black Tiger Gang’s domain. And second, to find these faith servants. Finding these faith servants was one of Zhao Hai’s interests.

Now, he has scoured through all of the Black Tiger Gang’s domain. However, he hasn’t seen a shadow of these faith servants. This caused Zhao Hai to be confused. He didn’t know where the Black Tiger Gang hid these faith servants.

As for information about faith servants, Zhao Hai still has nothing. This was because he was only investigating the Outer Sect at this point. These Outer Disciples don’t even know about faith servants. This caused Zhao Hai to be disappointed.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t take it to heart. The reason he looked for these faith servants was because he wanted to see what they were like. He didn’t need them to provide him with faith power. After all, he can’t even use up all the faith power that the Space was giving him.

The more Zhao Hai knew about the Black Tiger Gang, the more startled he was. The sect’s territory was really huge. The land area exceeded Zhao Hai’s expectations. The Black Tiger Gang’s lands were as big as Asia back on Earth, maybe even bigger.

It must be known that the Black Tiger Gang was one of the hundreds of sects in the 9 Provinces of the Great World of Cultivation. For such a sect to occupy a large space wasn’t something that Zhao Hai expected.

The Space has yet to map the entire territory of the Black Tiger Gang, but it was almost finished. This was good news for Zhao Hai. When he’s free, he can go to any place that the Black Tiger Gang is in control of.

Laura and the others were also quite glad. This was because there were special places in the Black Tiger Gang’s territory. In comparison to the sect’s population, the land under their hand was very large. It can be described as a vast area with very few people inside. In the future, they would be able to move around the Black Tiger Gang’s territory. This was definitely good news for them.

Seeing Zhao Hai return, Laura turned her head and said, “Wash up quickly. You stink to high heaven. Really, why would you move the trash yourself?”

Zhao Hai knew that he didn’t stink at all. Laura and the others just don’t want him to work so hard, so Laura said this on purpose. He couldn’t help but laugh as he lifted Laura up and said, “Come, let’s go wash up together.” After he said that, he turned and ran towards the hot spring. This caused Laura to squeak.

After taking an affectionate bath, Zhao Hai returned to the villa with Laura. Megan and the others proceeded to tease Laura, which caused Laura’s face to turn pink.

When Zhao Hai entered, Cai’er immediately said, “Young Master, something is happening outside.”

Zhao Hai’s expression turned serious as he asked, “Did someone come?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “It’s not a person. Look, it seems like a mouse.” After she said that, she gestured towards the screen. Showed on the screen was a silver-white mouse. The mouse’s fur had a metal-like sheen. It wasn’t large at no more than 20 meters long. The ears of the mouse were very big and circular. The tail was slender and it had two beady eyes. It looked lovable. 

But seeing the claw and teeth of the mouse, Zhao Hai knew not to take it lightly. The claws and teeth of the mouse were bright silver and shone like the sun. 

Zhao Hai knew that the claws weren’t only dazzling, they were also dangerous. Zhao Hai just saw the mouse tear apart a magic artifact with its claws with almost no effort. One could see from this point how terrifyingly sharp its claws were.

More and more of these mice appeared in the valley before they flooded the valley. Seeing this, the scalp of Laura and the others couldn’t help but tingle.

At this moment, there was a commotion among the group of mice. Zhao Hai and Laura couldn’t help but stare. They saw eight large mice half a meter long, carrying a huge metal plate.

These eight mice looked exactly like the others but they were much larger. Each of them were holding metal rods that supported the large plate. The plate looked like an artifact but was damaged. There was a meter-long mouse lying on the plate. There were some pill dregs on the plate which the mouse chucked into its mouth as though they were peanuts.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be shocked. He turned his head to Laura and said, “Laura, pinch me. What’s that? Are the mice having a meeting?”

Laura and the others were also shocked as they looked at the mice. They shook their heads as they continued to look at the image on the screen.

At this time, the mice stopped, then the big mouse on the plate slowly stood up. Seeing the mouse stand up, Laura and the others couldn’t help but burst into a giggle. The mouse looked very cute. 

The large mouse was really cute. First of all, its silver-white hair was very smooth. The mouse was also fat, like a big toy. Because it was fat, its face was round and it looked funny. No wonder Laura and the others giggled.

Zhao Hai also couldn’t help but smile. At this moment, the big mouse made another move. It put its claws on its waist as it began to squeak towards Zhao Hai’s cave.

Zhao Hai and the women had perplexed expressions on their faces as they looked at the big mouse. They didn’t know what it was trying to do. After squeaking for a while, it discovered that nobody was listening to him. It couldn’t help but become annoyed. It jumped up and down on its plate as it waved its claws around, making a louder sound than before.

Laura and the others laughed. The big mouse now looked like an angered child right now. It stamped its foot in front of the other rats as though throwing a tantrum.

Zhao Hai also smiled, he turned to Laura and said, “I’ll go take a look at what these mice are trying to do. You can also go out if you want.”

Laura and the others nodded. They were also interested and wanted to take a look at what this fat mouse would do.

Seeing that they agreed, Zhao Hai nodded before the group disappeared and then appeared outside Zhao Hai’s cave residence. Upon arriving at the Ignored Valley, the mouse was still jumping and squeaking. When it saw Zhao Hai and the others appear, it jumped even more and its squeaks became louder.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what this mouse wanted. But this mouse seemed intelligent. Therefore, Zhao Hai adjusted his spiritual force and sent it towards the large mouse.

When the big mouse felt Zhao Hai’s spiritual force, it stopped for a moment. Then the mouse sent his own spiritual force forward. Zhao Hai received the thought and understood the message that the mouse wanted to send. The large mouse was saying, “Kid, who are you? Where’s the old man?”

Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t expect the big mouse to know the previous watchman. It must be known that the old man was the only person in the Ignored Valley for a long time.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t ponder on it for too long. He immediately replied, “The old man left, I’m now the one making the decisions here.”

A reply came before long, “Making the decisions? It seems like the old man didn’t inform you. This place is the territory of our Metaleater Mice Clan. You will never be able to make decisions here.”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at the large mouse and said, “You’re the Metaleater Mice? Strange, why are you eating pill dregs?”

“You talk too much. These things contain spiritual qi, so naturally we can eat them. Let me warn you, everything here is the property of the Metaleater Mouse Clan. You’re not allowed to steal our things.”

Hearing the big mouse, Zhao Hai began to understand. This big mouse saw him taking things from the Ignored Valley, so he came over to protest.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, he looked at the big mouse and said, “I don’t care if this place is your territory. I can do whatever I want here.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the big mouse was angry as it squeaked loudly. The big mouse’s squeak was followed by the squeak of the other mice. Their collective noise was terrifying.

Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of these mice. This was because he couldn’t feel any danger from the big mouse. In other words, the mouse couldn’t be his opponent.

After that, the large mouse extended its claws and then attacked. With their leader attacking, the mice behind also charged in.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. It seems like these mice wanted to kill him by flooding over him. He couldn’t help but smile. He waved his hand as an uncountable number of silver needles appeared. These needles proceeded to weave themselves into a metal net and covered the entire mouse swarm. Even the large mouse wasn’t let off.

The big mouse was stunned when he realized that he was captured. Then there was a hint of contempt on its fat face as it opened its mouth and bit the net. The other mice did the same thing as well.

A smile couldn’t help but appear on Zhao Hai’s face. Cracking sounds could be heard before the mice were squeaking in pain.

Zhao Hai and the women laughed. This was because the mice had just broken their fangs biting liquid silver. 

The only one that was quiet was the large mouse. It was aware how strong his teeth were, but the net had no damage at all. There wasn’t even a small indication that it had been bitten.

This caused the big mouse to panic. Although it only used a portion of its strength, it was still very confident in its teeth. Thirty percent of his strength was able to break anything in this valley. It didn’t expect to meet something that it couldn’t bit through.

This big mouse became anxious. It bit the net once more using eighty percent of its strength, but the result was the same, the net was undamaged. The big mouse bit one last time, now using all of its strength. However, it was useless, the net was still undamaged.

The big mouse was now panicking. He continued to bite the net despite getting negative results. At this time, Zhao Hai waved his hand, sending the net as well as the captured mice into the Space.

As the big mouse entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Aggressive entity detected. Subjugating. Entity has been subjugated.”

“Mouse-type animals have been detected. It takes metal as well as poison as food. Its teeth are strong and it has great defenses. Extracting unique properties and integrating it to the other animals in the Space. Integration has succeeded.”


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