BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1656


Chapter 1656 – Sima Yin Long

Zhao Hai’s silence in the past few days caused Zhang Feng to be confused. Zhang Feng was quite familiar with Battle Slaves brought to the Great World of Cultivation. After managing them for a long time, Zhang Feng knew that they wouldn’t be comfortable with their situation. These were geniuses back in their respective realms. It was just like a genius student in elementary school going to middle school and finding out that they were just normal. This kind of change would be difficult to adapt to. Such people would find it hard to survive later on.

Once a Battle Slave acclimatizes themselves to their status, only then would they be able to walk farther. However, Zhao Hai’s performance was very strange. He didn’t seem like someone who couldn’t adapt nor was he someone that was quick to adapt. He was neither.

He became a Battle Slave and behaved well, he even displayed his great strength. Then he was asked to stay in a desolate place, and he also behaved well. His actions showed that he was submissive, but how could a submissive person reach his level during cultivation.

As Zhang Feng thought about this, the battles on the Yin Valley Life and Death Arena were over. Just as Zhang Feng was about to leave, a large artifact stopped in front of him. This large artifact was tiger-shaped and wasn’t any smaller than Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship. It moved just like a normal tiger, making the large artifact look elegant.

When Zhang Feng saw this large artifact, his expression changed. This large artifact was exclusively used by the Black Tiger Gang. It was called the Tiger Ship.

The Tiger Ship was the Black Tiger Gang’s symbolic large artifact. Its fighting strength was very formidable. Each Tiger Ship needed at least 500 Serving Disciples for it to take off. It also needs at least 100 spiritual crystals to run. If it entered combat, the need for spiritual crystals would increase even more.

However, not everyone in the Black Tiger Gang can use the tiger ships. In order to use the tiger ship, one would need great status. Only powerful Elders as well as the top 10 Core Disciples can use these ships. Even Zhang Feng had no permission to use it.

Because of this, every time Zhang Feng saw a Tiger Ship, his expression could become ugly. 

At this moment, a person came out of the tiger’s mouth. This person was wearing white robes. One could see that this person was an Inner Disciple. Most Inner Disciples would give Zhang Feng a bow upon seeing him, but this person just cupped his fist as he said, “Senior Brother Zhang, Senior Brother Sima invites you in.”

Zhang Feng looked at this person and then he coldly snorted. He knew this person. His name is Jin Zhengyin. He was originally an Outer Disciple. Later on, Zhang Feng saw his potential so he gave him a hand, letting him into the Inner Sect. Then Zhang Feng helped him gain good benefits.

But when he entered the Inner Sect, Jin Zhengyin began to turn arrogant, causing Zhang Feng to alienate him. Then Sima Yin Long, one of the top ten core disciples, extended a hand. Without hesitation, Jin Zhengyin entered Sima Yin Long’s umbrella. Then he began to target Zhang Feng, causing him to be hated even more. If Jin Zhengyin didn’t follow behind Sima Yin Long all the time, Zhang Feng would have already killed him a long time ago.

Zhang Feng naturally doesn’t need to give face to such a person, he coldly snorted and said, “If he wants to see me, Sima Yin Long should come out instead of having his dog call me.”

Jin Zhengyin’s expression couldn’t help but change. His ego grew even longer upon following Sima Yin Long. In the entire Black Tiger Gang, nobody dared to not give him face. Seeing Zhang Feng curse him like this, how could he just accept it?

Jin Zhengyin’s expression turned cold as he looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Zhang Feng, don’t humiliate yourself. You should be aware of the status of Brother Sima. Did you forget about the difference between an Inner Disciple and a Core Disciple? Do you dare ignore the sect’s rules?”

Jin Zhengyin’s words weren’t without truth. In the Black Tiger Gang, there were very strict rules when it came to respect between Core Disciples and Inner Disciples. Inner Disciples weren’t supposed to ignore any orders from Core Disciples.

Zhang Feng looked at Jin Zhengyin and then coldly snorted as he said, “You’ve become smarter. You actually learned to use the sect’s rules to suppress people. But let me tell you, the sect’s rules are useless against me.”

Hearing Zhang Feng, Jin Zhengyin’s eyes shone as he snorted and said, “You actually dared to say that. Hahaha. Zhang Feng, you’re dead.”

Zhang Feng looked at Jin Zhengyin as though he was an idiot. Then he gave out a smile and said, “Jin Zhengyin, it seems like you’re too idle that you turned into an idiot. Did you forget about my position?”

Hearing Zhang Feng, Jin Zhengyin couldn’t help but stare. Then his complexion paled. He looked at Zhang Feng and just coldly snorted without saying anything.

Zhang Feng was now the manager of the Battle Slaves. He held a senior management status in the Handyman Hall. People like him couldn’t be directly ordered by Core Disciples.

Jin Zhengyin forgot about this point, which made him a joke. Now that he was reminded, his expression was naturally difficult to look at.

After Jin Fengyin’s silence, a calm voice was heard from the tiger ship, “Zhang Feng, although you and I don’t get along, we aren’t in the sect. Don’t make us look like jokes in front of other people. Please come in and have a talk”. The voice wasn’t loud and it was very smooth, giving people a sense of peace.

Zhang Feng coldly snorted, but he still moved and entered the tiger ship. The inside of the ship was enormous and was divided into many rooms. The most important room of the ship was at the center. It had a floor area of more than a thousand square meters and was very well decorated. Inside the room was a huge sofa that was filled with colored wool blankets. Sat on the sofa was a man.

This person was Sima Yin Long, the seventh of the top ten Core Disciples of the sect. It can be said that his influence in the Black Tiger Gang was very strong. There weren’t a lot of people that would dare offend him. And even fewer people who he could treat as an enemy.

He was good at speaking and he was very tall. Going against him would be akin to a beggar betting against a millionaire. 

But yet, Zhang Feng was Sima Yin Long’s opponent. Despite being one of the top ten Core Disciples of the sect, Sima Yin Long cannot do anything to Zhang Feng. One could also see from this how powerful Zhang Feng was.

Zhang Feng looked at Sima Yin Long and said, “Sima Yin Long, why did you call me over? If you don’t have anything to say, then I’m leaving.”

Sima Yin Long looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Since I’m going back as well, I might as well see you off. In any case, the two of us are from the same sect. By the way, why didn’t I see the Battle Slave who made a huge splash last time?”

Hearing Sima Yin Long, Zhang Feng knew that he was asking about Zhao Hai. He understood why Sima Yin Long was looking for him. Zhang Feng couldn’t help but sneer inside. But he had an impatient look on his face as he said, “Sima Yin Long, what do you mean? The Battle Slaves are under my control. Do I need to report to you whenever I decide to let them battle?”

If Zhao Hai saw Zhang Feng right now, he would no doubt be startled. This was because the overbearing Zhang Feng was performing as an emotional person. Back when Zhao Hai met Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng had a deep expression, completely different to his expression now.

Sima Yin Long looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Zhang Feng, I’m being polite to you. I expect you to give me face as well. Where is Zhao Hai now?”

Zhang Feng looked at Sima Yin Long as he coldly snorted and said, “When have you been polite to me? Naturally, Zhao Hai went to a place where he belonged. He’s now an Outer Disciple of our Black Tiger Gang. A person with such potential must of course be groomed. Why would I waste his time in the Life and Death Arena? This Zhang Feng deeply cares about the life of our talents.”

Sima Yin Long looked at Zhang Feng with a disdaining smile on his face. In his mind, Zhang Feng was small-minded, seeking revenge over the slightest grievance. And this person was supposed to be caring towards others? Even if he was killed, Sima Yin Long still wouldn’t believe it.

Sima Yin Long didn’t care as he sneered, “So it’s this. Good. Then I won’t be keeping you long. Please.” Zhang Feng sneered at Sima Yin Long before he turned around and left.

As soon as Zhang Feng got out of the tiger ship, it quickly flew away. Zhang Feng looked at the large artifact as a smile appeared on his face. Zhang Feng has been in the Black Tiger Gang for so many years. In these years, he acted impulsive, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance. Other people look at him as a small-minded person. However, these people didn’t think that Zhang Feng was just putting up a front. Otherwise, how could Zhang Feng be able to survive after going against the sect’s top ten Core Disciples.

The power of the top ten core disciples of the Black Tiger Gang was extremely big. Zhang Feng was well aware of this. Because of this, he didn’t become a Core Disciple and instead stayed in the Inner Sect all this time. Zhang Feng also understood that the sect needed him to do that.

Any upper character in any huge influence wouldn’t allow their subordinates to step over them. Naturally, the same was true for the Black Tiger Gang. The current gang leader currently had the most influence because of Zhang Feng’s support. And this was also the reason why Zhang Feng survived all these years after going against the top ten disciples. Zhang Feng knew that the Gang Leader needed a person such as him to keep the balance against the top ten Core Disciples. With this insight, Zhang Feng was able to reach his current position.

In Zhang Feng’s eyes, Sima Yin Long was nothing but a cultivation genius. It was the other core disciples that he needed to pay attention to.

But after Sima Yin Long goes back, he would certainly look for Zhao Hai. It seems like Zhang Feng would need to give Zhao Hai a heads up.


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