BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1649


Chapter 1649 – Winning with Ease

Zhao Hai calmly observed the two people on stage. He didn’t expect two divergent ability users to face each other in the arena. Moreover, their abilities were quite good. It looks like the Great World of Cultivation was growing warriors and they would pick the best ones of the batch. 

As soon as the others heard that two divergent ability users were going to fight, they became excited. It should be known that divergent abilities were still very rare in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Now that there were two fighting against each other, they couldn’t help but be interested.

The two naturally didn’t expect to face each other. They knew about each others’ fighting style. Spirit Wind’s expression wasn’t attractive. To be honest, nobody was happy to fight Thunderfire in the Blazing Fire Life and Death Arena. This was because Thunderfire can cover his entire body with flames. And since the Blazing Fire Life and Death Arena was full of fire attribute qi, his strength would be greatly amplified. Those who faced him would be more likely to suffer a loss.

But nobody could do anything about this. The Great Realm of Cultivation has a lot of Life and Death Arena. Who fights who and where were all decided by lottery. For example, the reason why the residences in the Blazing Fire Life and Death Arena were so simple was because these residences weren’t permanent. After fighting in the Blazing Fire Life and Death Arena, they would then draw lots to decide where the next battle would happen. Then they would use a transmission formation to go to another Life and Death Arena.

Therefore, whether you fight with an advantage or not all depends on luck. Naturally, Spirit Wind was unlucky this time. He would actually fight against Thunderfire in the Blazing Fire Life and Death Arena. Before the battle began, he was already in a disadvantageous position.

After the fat man left the stage, Spirit Wind immediately coiled his body like a snake before chagrin towards Thunderfire. It was clear that Spirit Wind didn’t want Thunderfire to get close to the lava below. Otherwise, it would make Thunderfire’s advantage even stronger.

Naturally, Thunderfire saw through Spirit Wind’s plan. He waved his hand and sent a fire attack towards Spirit Wind. As soon as he sent his attack, he immediately went straight for the lava.

Spirit Wind twisted his body mid-air in order to dodge Thunderfire’s attack. At this time, he was already close to Thunderfire.

Thunderfire also made a move. His entire body turned into fire. The intensity of the flames continued to increase before the surroundings turned into a literal sea of fire. Thunderfire’s being was completely integrated within all these flames.

Zhao Hai was watching the two divergent ability users. Seeing them fight, he couldn’t help but smile. The two might be good among the Severed Soul Experts, in Zhao Hai’s eyes, their excellence only existed in the Severed Soul Stage. As for the higher levels, they wouldn’t have any impact at all.

 The two fought for one hour before Thunderfire grinded Spirit Wind down using his environmental advantage. In the end, Spirit Wind fell to the flames and was reduced into ash.

Zhao Hai felt even more curious about the lava. It must be known that Spirit Wind was a divergent ability user and also a body cultivator. His body was very tough. Even if he died, common flames wouldn’t be able to burn him. But the lava below actually turned him into ash almost immediately. 

If he was told that there’s nothing special about the lava, then Zhao Hai certainly wouldn’t believe it. This Blazing Fire Mountain has something special with it, and Zhao Hai wanted to know what it is.

At this time, the fat man appeared on the stage once more. Then he announced, “That fight was splendid. Iask the next pair of warriors to enter the stage. The first warrior is from the Golden Mountain Sect. He has already won 20 battles. Being a body cultivator, he has infinite strength as well as great defense. Most importantly, he’s very agile. Almost all of his opponents have been torn to pieces by his very hands.” Just as the fat man finished his introduction, a figure appeared on the stage. He exuded an aura that gave out pressure to everyone.

The person was 2.5 meters tall. He looked like a hill of muscle. Most importantly, he didn’t wear any protective equipment. He only had pants on. His bare upper body revealed a well-shaped chest. But this man’s face was ugly. If he was drawn into a picture, people might assume that he’s an evil spirit.

At this time, Zhang Hao turned to Zhao Hai and said, “This is the treatment of having 20 wins. You can enter the stage first. This will be your first opponent. For him to be your opponent, I don’t know if you’re lucky or not.”

Right after Zhang Hao said that, the fat man continued, “On the other side is actually a rookie. He’s name is Zhao Hai and he’s sent by the Black Tiger Gang. I heard that he is quite strong. Let’s hope that he can cause waves in our Life and Death Arena. Zhao Hai, please come to the stage.”

Zhao Hai flew towards the stage after the fat man’s announcement. As he was going forward, people began shuffling their bets around. This betting began before the first battle. As long as the person they bet on wins, then they would get rewards corresponding to the odds. This was also one of the reasons why people had ugly expressions when the giant man lost.

Zhang Hao told Zhao Hai that besides managing Battle Slaves, the managers were also responsible for giving rewards to the Battle Slaves. They could also take charge of the bets the Battle Slaves make.

After a Battle Slave’s first vitory, they would gain certain rewards. Naturally, there was no need to give rewards to the losers since they would be dead. 

Battle Slaves could do many things with these rewards such as asking the sect to upgrade their artifacts or defensive equipment. They could also ask the sect to heal them. 

And before every battle, Battle Slaves can use their rewards to bet on other players or even bet on themselves. The manager of these battles were Zhang Hao’s senior brother from before. Because Zhao Hai was a rookie, the Senior Brother only asked him to familiarize himself with the rules of the Life and Death Arena. He didn’t ask himi about betting.

He didn’t care much about betting as he looked at the people around him. The warrior from the Golden Mountain Sect was glaring at him rudely. Zhao Hai’s expression aroused the interest of the fat man. The fat man saw a lot of rookies getting angry at being glared at. They were either arrogant, unwilling, or humiliated. These expressions didn’t exist in Zhao Hai. He hadn’t seen anyone like Zhao Hai who looked like he was strolling around.

The fat man looked at the two and said, “You know the rules. No matter what method you use, as long as you are the last one alive, you win. Begin.” Then he proceeded to depart from the stage.

Zhao Hai’s opponent didn’t attack immediately. He had a haughty expression as he looked down at Zhao Hai. Then he disdainfully taunted him, “Kid, you really have bad luck to run into me in your first fight. I will rip you to pieces.”

Zhao Hai just smiled at his opponent and said, “There were a lot of people who wanted to rip me to pieces, yet here I am.”

The huge man coldly snorted and said, “Courting death!” Then he charged forward and grabbed Zhao Hai’s shoulders.

Everyone didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would be caught this easily. Once you’re captured by a body cultivator, what would happen next? Even if they closed their eyes, they could imagine what would happen next.

The huge man also stared. He was sure that Zhao Hai would make a move when he charged forward. However, Zhao Hai just stood in place without doing anything. This caused him to feel strange. But due to instinct, upon grasping Zhao Hai’s shoulders, he immediately locked Zhao Hai’s meridians using his spiritual qi.

After sealing Zhao Hai’s shoulder meridians, he pressed hard and tried to tear Zhao Hai in half. But after meeting resistance, the huge man exerted more spiritual qi in order to increase his strength.

Zhao Hai just looked at the huge man and smiled. Then the huge man felt a strong force coming for him. He quickly let go of Zhao Hai. While the huge man was stunned, Zhao Hai kicked him in the stomach. Although the kick didn’t do much damage, it threw him back 100 meters.

Everyone couldn’t help but stare. They all looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai didn’t have any characteristics of a body cultivator. Nevertheless, his body was extremely tough. What was happening?

The huge man stopped and looked at Zhao Hai in shock. Zhao Hai looked back at his opponent and said, “Mister, do you want to give it another try?”

The huge man coldly snorted as he extended his arms and made a tiger’s claw with his fingers. He looked at Zhao Hai with fierce eyes as though he’s a predator waiting to pounce on his prey.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and slowly lifted his right hand. Then he extended his thumb and middle finger. After a snap of his finger, a breeze of wind was heard before the huge man’s throat spouted a stream of blood. The huge man’s eyes went round as he covered his throat. However, there was no way for him to stop the blood from flowing out. In the end, he pointed towards Zhao Hai and tried to say something. In the end, he lost his strength as his eyes lost its shine. Then his body fell back and began falling down.

At this moment, Zhao Hai waved his hand as a black gas wrapped the huge man’s body. Then both the huge man’s body and the black gas disappeared. Nobody’s corpse fell into the lava below.

Zhao Hai didn’t make any other move as his body flashed and appeared beside Zhang Hao. Zhao Hai moved so fast that he had already returned to Zhang Hao’s side before everyone could make sense of what happened.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Zhao Hai calmly standing in place. As though he was the only man present, Zhao Hai just stayed in place. He treated them as though these people didn’t exist.

At this time, the fat man finally responded. He appeared on the stage as he looked at Zhao Hai and announced, “Such a splendid battle. Although it’s very short, Zhao Hai showed overwhelming advantage. Congratulations to Zhao Hai and those who bet on his victory!”

Although the fat man said so, there weren’t a lot of people who were happy. This was because most bet on Zhao Hai’s loss. Even the Black Tiger Gang suffered a loss.

Nobody expected Zhao Hai to win so easily. It was as if the huge man was playing with a toy in front of an adult. He was completely at Zhao Hai’s palm.

Zhang Hao also gave Zhao Hai a strange look. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so strong. No wonder Luo Ying made a personal recommendation for him. He knew how strong Zhao Hai was.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the attention as he continued looking at the stage. Although there were still seven battles left, people were already beginning to lose interest. Zhao Hai’s performance left quite a huge impact, he simply wasn’t on a completely different level compared to his opponent.

This didn’t mean that the warrior from the Golden Mountain Sect was weak. To win 20 battles in the Life and Death Arena, his strength had already been proven. In fact, in the eyes of the fat man and the others, he was one of those who could possibly reach 100 wins.

But such a person actually couldn’t do anything against Zhao Hai. Moreover, he was taken care of in a couple of moves. This can only explain one thing, Zhao Hai was much stronger than the warrior from the Golden Mountain Strength. And the gap was very huge.

None of those present were ignorant. They could see that Zhao Hai didn’t display all of his strength. In other words, Zhao Hai was holding back, yet he completely dominated his opponent.

Before long, the ten battles ended. Zhang Hao led Zhao Hai back to the Senior Disciple’s room. Although Zhao Hai followed Zhang Hao the whole way, the two didn’t exchange any words. Also, almost everyone was looking at Zhao Hai.

After arriving at the Senior Disciple’s room, the Senior Disciple looked at the two before saying, “I didn’t expect Little Hai to be so strong. Good, good. You’ve brought honor to the Black Tiger Gang. This is your reward.” After he said that, the Senior Disciple threw a jade bottle at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai received the jade bottle as he gave a bow and said, “Thank you sir.” 

The Senior Disciple waved his hand and said, “Don’t call me sir, just call me Senior Brother Zhang. My given name is Zhang Feng. People in the Black Tiger Gang call me Senior Brother Zhang. You can call me the same way.”

Zhao Hai gave a salute and said, “Thank you Senior Brother Zhang.” At the same time, he noticed Zhang Hao looking at him in shock. 


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