BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1648


Chapter 1648 – Each With Their Own Tricks

The two sides stared at each other, none wanted to make the first move. Although they haven’t fought before, it was clear that both fighters were cautious towards the other.

Zhao Hai looked around and saw that besides the participants and the sect representatives, the other Battle Slaves also came in order to watch the fights. Because of this, Zhao Hai understood why the two on the stage were so wary of each other. They had seen each other’s fights before.

Zhang Hao looked at the stage and then turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Observe the two, one of them might be your opponent in the future. Of course you’ll have to survive today.”

At this time, the two could no longer wait. The first to attack was the sword cultivator. He waved his hand as his soft sword slithered like a snake towards the giant man.

The soft sword looked like it was stabbing straight towards the giant man. However, Zhao Hai discovered that the sword’s path wasn’t straight, instead it was in a slight curve. The tail of the sword swung like a fish’s tail, but this movement was so slight that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to notice it. Naturally, this wasn’t caused by the softness of the sword, but instead because of the way the sword technique worked. If the giant man dared to attack this sword, then the sword could dodge by swinging its tail like a fish.

The giant man naturally noticed this slight movement. And his response was also special. It went along his body cultivation method. He just stood there motionless as his eyes were fixed into the sword.

The sword appeared in front of the giant man in a blink of an eye. The giant man waved his hand and used his arm guard to meet the sword. Then the giant man took a step forward that propelled him 100 meters towards the front of the sword cultivator. At the same time, he punched the sword cultivator’s chest.

The rabbit leapt when the eagle swept in. The giant man’s fist visibly went through the sword cultivator’s chest. Strangely, the sword cultivator didn’t have any pained expression nor was there any blood. Then the sword cultivator’s body slowly disappeared.

The giant man stared and then his expression changed. He immediately punched behind him and a “dang” sound was heard. The giant man’s body quickly retreated. The sword cultivator’s sword was also driven back. As it turns out, the sword cultivator used his fast movement to escape the giant man’s punch. Because he retreated too fast, an after-image was left behind. The figure that the giant man punched was merely an illusion.

At the same time, the giant man was surprised at the sword cultivator. And the sword cultivator’s sword caused him to feel bitter. If it weren’t for his quick reaction to punch behind him, if he didn’t die, he would have been seriously injured. Although he wasn’t injured, a minor wound was unavoidable. The other party struck with his full strength which the giant man met with his fist. The meridians in the giant man’s arm have been damaged. It could no longer be used to fight. Even if he won this time, he would have to recuperate for a long time once he goes back.

The giant man fell back for about 500 meters. The sword cultivator was currently smiling. He knew that he had crippled the giant man’s right arm. It was equal to halving his strength. The two were initially equal, but now that the giant man has been injured, the sword cultivator was more likely to win.

It wasn’t only the sword cultivator who thought of this, those who observed the battle thought so as well. Their expressions couldn’t help but change. Zhao Hai saw this and couldn’t help but feel strange. Even if the giant man lost, it would have no relationship with these people. So why did the expressions of the other Battle Slaves change?

But before Zhao Hai could think about it more, the sword cultivator attacked the giant man once more. With his right arm out of commission, the giant man could only use his left arm to resist. It must be recognized that his armor was really good. The attacks of the sword cultivator only left sword marks on the giant man’s arm guards. His arm wasn’t hurt at all.

Everyone in the volcano could see that the giant man was losing, the only question was when he’ll lose. There’s only one person who thought otherwise, and that was Zhao Hai. This was because Zhao Hai could see that although the giant man was losing, his mindset wasn’t panicking. He was strictly  focusing on defense. Although the sword cultivator was aggressively attacking, it was useless against him.

This only explains one thing, the giant man still has cards left to play. Only when he has something to hold on would the giant man be this calm even if he was at a disadvantage. He was confident that once his cards were revealed, he could turn defeat into a victory.

Zhao Hai was interested in this card. He wanted to see what gave the giant man so much confidence.

Besides Zhao Hai, perhaps only the people on the large artifacts could see something. Naturally, it was impossible for these people to say anything. There was simply no need to do so. They simply don’t care about the people fighting on the stage.

The giant man was an experienced warrior. He knew clearly that he would eventually be found out if the battle went on for too long. When that happens, he wouldn’t have an opportunity to make a move.

Because of this, after fending off dozens of attacks from the sword cultivator, the giant man presented an opening. The sword cultivator was so focused on his attacks that he didn’t notice that the giant man was intentionally making an opening. He thought that the giant man could no longer hold on. He immediately swung his sword and attacked the opening. He used all of his strength in this attack. He targeted the most important part of the giant man, his chest. At this time, the giant man’s body shook. The target of the sword has been shifted to the giant man’s right arm.

Naturally, the defenses of the giant man’s right hand was still quite good, so the sword of the sword cultivator was stuck in it. As the sword cultivator tried to take back his sword with a smug look, the giant man suddenly grabbed the sword with his left arm.

Because of this sword, the giant man’s wound became much worse. More blood spurted out but the giant man stubbornly grasped the sword. The sword cultivator couldn’t help but stare for a moment before a disdainful expression appeared on his face. In his mind, the giant man was putting up his last struggles. Just as he was about to make a move, he suddenly felt a malevolent aura behind him. Before the sword cultivator could respond, a mace hit his head. The sword cultivator’s head was smashed like a rotten tomato. His entire head vanished in place. Then his body swayed before falling into the lava pond and turning into ash.

The giant man looked downward and then coldly snorted. Then he took out the flying sword and stored it in his own spatial item. Then he waved his hand and received the giant mace. 

The mace was more than three meters long. Its hammer was filled with wolf-teeth like barbs. The body was black and shiny with its thickest part as thick as a small bucket. Its thickness was just right to be used as a weapon.

Everyone can see that this was a very heavy weapon, something used by people with strong bodies. Nobody dared to underestimate the mace. Although it looked bulky, it was very swift when it circled around and attacked the sword cultivator from behind. The whole process showed the agility of the weapon.

All of these showed that this wasn’t an ordinary heavy weapon. And if this weapon was in the giant man’s hand, one could see how his overall strength would be improved.

People now knew that the giant man wasn’t going all out in his previous battles. It seems like the giant man’s future opponents would need to take the mace into account when evaluating the giant man’s strength.

After the giant man received his mace, he glanced at the people around him and then snorted. He then flew out of the crater. Zhao Hai also noticed that the giant man seemed to glance at one of the large artifacts before leaving. This glance was very small. But even if Zhao Hai didn’t notice, Cai’er would remind him later on. It seems like the giant man set his goal on those in the large artifacts. He either wanted to join them or had hatred towards one of the disciples. But this doesn’t matter to Zhao Hai.

After the giant man left, the fat man walked out and stood on his jade disc. When he reached the center, he loudly said:

“Congratulations to Gold General for his victory. Gold General’s wins now amounts to 11. The next battle will be between number 2 and number 19. Number 2 is from the Spirit Snake Gang. He’s given the name Spirit Wind. Spirit Wind has a divergent ability that allows him to move as though he has no bones. He also studies a Body Cultivation Method which makes his strength extraordinary. He already won 8 battles in a row. On the other side is Number 19. He’s also a divergent ability user. Number 19’s ability is the fire attribute. He can release flames and cover his body with fire. It can be said that Blazing Island Life and Death Arena is his home ground. He already won four fights in a row. He’s called Thunderfire. Two warriors, please get on stage.”

As the fat man’s voice fell, two people entered the crater. The person on the left of the fat man was very thin. His whole figure looked like a skeleton. His eyes were very cold and his face had shrunk to the point of sticking to his skull. This made his eyes bigger and its cold gaze more effective. He didn’t look like a person at all. He looked more like a human-shaped snake.

On the right of the fat man was a dwarf. This dwarf was quite strange. He had red hair which included his eyebrows and beard. His skin was also crimson in color. He looked like a red battle puppet.


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