BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1647


Chapter 1647 – The People Observing

The Senior Disciple doesn’t know why Zhao Hai was motionless. But he didn’t have the time to investigate Zhao Hai. Perhaps Zhao Hai has been enlightened, which explains his lack of action.

Zhang Hao arrived outside Zhao Hai’s room early on the sixth morning. After knocking on the door, he said, “Zhao Hai, are you prepared to go?”

The door opened soon after and Zhao Hai walked out. He gave Zhang Hao a bow and said, “I’ve seen Mister Zhang. I’m ready.”

Zhang Hao looked like Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, let’s go.” Then he turned around and walked back. Zhao Hai hastily followed behind him. Although he hadn’t left his room in the past five days, he was aware of the surrounding situation through the Space.

The courtyard was placed on the top of a huge active volcano. There was a crater in the middle that was nearly 10 thousand meters across. Below the crater was a bubbling pool of lava.

The crater was also protected by a huge defensive shield. The defensive shield was very special. It wasn’t like the defensive shields that Zhao Hai saw before where the shield was like a shell that covered from the top. On the other hand, the defensive shield of the volcano was like a tube that extended upwards. Since the bottom was filled with lava, there was no way to enter from there. As for flying from the top, it almost looked impossible.

On the foot of the volcano was a group of houses. These houses weren’t very big, but there were a lot of them. Most of them were built like courtyards.

These courtyards weren’t built randomly. Each courtyard were filled with Battle Slaves. The number of Battle Slaves in the volcano reached hundreds of thousands.

These Battle Slaves were honestly staying inside their rooms and didn’t run over everywhere. In each courtyard were 1 or 2 people from the Great Realm of Cultivator who took charge. Each of these people were powerful experts.

Zhao Hai also noticed that the entire surroundings began to move when he went out of his room. Large numbers of Battle Slaves and managers gathered in the crater. Zhao Hai and Zhang Hao were also heading in the same direction.

When Zhao Hai and the others gathered in the crater, Zhao Hai felt a violent energy fluctuation coming from the distance. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw huge black spots flying over. As the black spots got bigger and bigger, Zhao Hai’s jaw almost dropped in surprise. These black spots turned out to be Large Artifacts.

Some of the Large Artifacts were tower-shaped, some were ship-shaped, some were carriages, and some were large beasts. Zhao Hai didn’t expect to see beast forms in Large Artifacts. One of these large beasts were in the form of a tiger. The tiger was very huge, not any smaller compared to the Hell King’s ship. There were two translucent blood-colored crystals as its eyes. Its limbs were very flexible and its tail even swayed with its movements. It looked like a real living tiger.

There was also a large artifact that looked like a huge skull. It looked very menacing. Regardless of their shape, Zhao Hai was sure that these were all large artifacts. And they were very powerful large artifacts.

Zhao Hai stared at these large artifacts. He didn’t expect the Great Realm of Cultivation to have these many types of large artifacts. It truly was a place that couldn’t be looked down on.

Zhang Hao looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and said, “Don’t look. These large artifacts contain people from powerful sects. They all came to see the battle. Do you see the crater? That will be the stage for your battles. Those who fall into the lava will directly be burnt into ash.”

Zhao Hai looked at Zhang Hao who was pointing towards the crater. Then he said, “How could that be? Anyone in the Severed Soul Stage, even the weakest ones, would have formidable bodies. Lava wouldn’t be able to easily damage their bodies.”

Zhang Hao sneered and said, “Don’t underestimate that lava. It’s quite special. Even Immortal Experts specializing in Body Cultivation would be turned into ash if they were to fall into the crater.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Although the lava looked ordinary, his instincts told him that it wasn’t as it seemed to be. 

The lava in this crater was formidable. This only meant that there was something special underneath the crater. If that was the case, then he should take some of it to the Space if given the chance.

Before long, large artifacts surrounded the volcano. Nobody came out of these large artifacts. It was clear that they had no intention of going out.

At this time, a fat person’s shadow was seen. This person stepped on a big jade disk. The jade disk was 2 meters across and bowed outwards. The fat man looked around him before making an announcement, “Welcome to the Blazing Island Life and Death Arena. As before, we’ve arranged ten battles for everyone. The two sides were selected from a multitude of realms. The pairs will be decided by lottery.”

The fat man’s voice dominated the surroundings. Naturally, everyone knew what the fat man was about to say. The words were merely ceremonial. The people didn’t care about it at all.

The fat man was naturally aware of this, but he didn’t care as he continued, “If nobody has any problems, then the lottery will begin. I ask the 20 representatives to come forward.”

After the fat man said that, 20 people left the crowd and flew towards the crater. The fatty took out 20 jade tokens and showed it to the audience. Then he placed the jade tokens on a jar in front of everyone.

Zhao Hai saw that nobody said anything and knew that the jar and the jade tokens could isolate spiritual force. Otherwise, nobody would accept the method of lottery.

The Black Tiger Gang’s representative was naturally Zhang Hao. Together with Zhang Hao were people from different sects. After the fat man placed the jade tokens inside the jar, he shook it gently and presented it to the representatives as he said, “Everyone, you already know the process. Take one jade token each. Number 1 will go against number 20, number 2 will go against number 19, and so on.”

The representatives each took out a token. The fat man nodded and said, “First battle, Three Sages Sect versus the Black Tortoise Sect. Both participants enter the stage.” 

Then the fat man took the tokens as the representatives went back. The fat man remained and said, “The warrior sent by the Three Sages Sect already has ten consecutive victories. He’s nicknamed the Gold General. The man has a huge build and amazing defenses. He’s a pure physical cultivator. He doesn’t use any weapons but wears high-level defensive armor. There’s no way for ordinary weapons to break this armor. He is already a star warrior of our Blazing Island Life and Death Arena.”

The fat man paused for a moment before he continued, “On the other hand, although the Black Tortoise Sect’s warrior only has five victories, his strength is still very formidable. He’s a sword cultivator that practices the Supple Water Sword. He can destroy even the hardest defenses. In his previous five battles, he used less than a hundred moves to demolish his opponents. He’s a rising star of our Blazing Island Life and Death Arena.”

After making the introductions, the fat man concluded, “Both warriors, enter.”

As the fat man’s voice dropped, two shadows appeared on the crater. On the left of the fat man was a man 2 meters high. He wore plate armor and looked like a huge metallic being. His form was quite grand and he looked as firm as a mountain. He still hadn’t worn his helmet, so everyone could see his face.

The huge man looked aggressive. He was bald and his face was copper-colored. It looked like he had been painted with copper paint. 

On the fat man’s right was a person who was clearly a sword cultivator. He had a sword on his back and he wore white clothing. He looked about 20 years old and had no blemishes on his face. His eyebrows slanted upwards and he had tiger-like eyes. He looked quite dashing. If he were back on earth, he would be in the poster image of a cultivation game.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the two. He knew that only one of the two would survive today. If they were back in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, they might be apex experts of high-grade realms. But in here, they were only Battle Slaves!

At this time, the fat man loudly said, “Friends, I hope the two warriors will give us a good performance!” After he finished speaking, the fat man looked at the two and siad, “There are no rules. As long as you kill the opposite party, you will live on. It doesn’t matter what method you use. As long as two people are alive, the barrier will not collapse.”

Then the fat man moved and went out of the stage. As soon as the fat man flew out, the armored man immediately put on his helmet. He turned towards the sword cultivator and then raised his fists. He was ready to begin the battle at any time.

At the same time, the Sword Cultivator activated his sword technique as he took out his flying sword. HIs flying sword swam by his side like a fish. Unexpectedly, he had a soft sword.