BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1646


Chapter 1646 – Double Shadow Mat

Zhang Hao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Come with me”. After that, the two walked into a courtyard. Upon walking in front of a door, Zhang Hao knocked twiced and said, “First Senior Brother, I brought him.”

A calm voice was soon heard from inside, “Come in.” After that, Zhang Hao opened the door and brought Zhao Hai in.

Upon entering the room, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This room was different compared to most rooms he saw before. While the rest of the rooms were very simple with only an empty room and a prayer mat, this room had several wooden shelves on the walls. There’s also a large table in the center of the room. A person was sitting on the opposite side of the table. This cultivator wore yellow robes and held a jade slip in his hand.

This cultivator was also quite strong. He was an Immortal Expert. Moreover, Zhao Hai can feel an extraordinary pressure coming from this person. This was a kind of pressure that he hadn’t felt from either Prisonheart or Kong Jian Buddhist.

After Zhang Hao entered the room, he bowed towards the person and said, “First Senior Brother, this is Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai also gave the person a bow as he said, “Zhao Hai has seen Mister.”

The person looked up at Zhao Hai. When the person looked up, Zhao Hai discovered that he was a handsome man. He looked over 30 years old. He had a straight beard, red eyes, and phoenix brows.

The person curiously examined Zhao Hai before saying, “Let’s stop the ceremonies. Zhao Hai, let me ask you, why did you keep causing trouble in the Battle Slave Camp?”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect this person to be so direct. He thought for a moment before saying, “Replying to Mister, this one wants to leave the Battle Slave Camp sooner.” Zhao Hai decided to tell the truth. He knew that his actions would become obvious soon. Discerning people would be able to tell when they investigate, so Zhao Hai might as well tell the fact.

Sure enough, the man laughed when he heard Zhao Hai. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “It’s good to be daring. How are you sure that your plan will allow you to leave the Battle Slave Camp early?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I overheard something in the Battle Slave Camp. They say that if you haven’t fought five times in three months, then you will be in trouble. Because of this, I thought that causing trouble is encouraged. So I came up with this method.”

The man laughed louder when he heard Zhao Hai. He nodded repeatedly and said, “Good, you’re very smart. Actually, there’s no need to know this rule. Generally, most people in the Battle Slave Camp would get into five fights in their first three months. Then they would leave the camp and enter the Life and Death Arena. But nobody ever thought about your method to leave the camp earlier. Good. I didn’t expect someone as smart as you to come. Little Hao, have him take a rest. After five days, we’ll arrange his first fight.” Zhang Hao nodded before leading Zhao Hai out of the room.

After leaving the room, Zhang Hao turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Let’s go. You’re clever, but First Senior Brother knows everything. If you lied, First Senior Brother will know right away because of his ability. If that happens, you won’t be let off. Since you told the truth, First Senior Brother became fond of you.”

Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t expect to meet someone who could detect lies. However, Zhao Hai was sure that the other party wouldn’t be able to read thoughts. He can only roughly feel what someone felt.

Even so, that was still a very good ability. He could see if someone was lying. He would be aware if he was being deceived. He could then judge who was worth trusting. This First Senior Brother really had quite a unique ability or technique.

Speaking of abilities, Zhao Hai was reminded of something. He had been busy with Dao Techniques recently, so he forgot about the Divergent Realm’s abilities. Now that he had the chance, he can deal with them.

The abilities that Zhao Hai thought about were the abilities that the people of the Divergent Realm possess. He wants the Space to extract them and add them to his arsenal.

Zhao Hai carefully monitored the Divergent Realm back when he was at the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. During that time, he already marked individuals to be his targets. He made sure to choose those with abilities that would be useful to him. But because of his circumstances, he forgot about these people. Right now was the correct time to deal with them.

Besides people from the Divergent Realm, Zhao Hai also had his eyes on the people from the Primal Chaos Realm. Zhao Hai wanted to acquire their method to connect their spatial items to the outside world. Now that he has the opportunity, he naturally wouldn’t be polite.

Zhao Hai believed that information about him following the guardian of the Sky Tower would soon reach the Divergent Realm and the Primal Chaos Realm. If he made a move this time, nobody would suspect him.  Although people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield knew that he had a teleportation ability, they didn’t know that he could travel across realms. Back when he returned to the Hundred Treasures Realm, he used the transmission formations. He also used transmission formations when he attacked the Buddhist Realm and the Lion Race. This gave people an impression that he would need to use transmission formations to cross realms.

Zhao Hai did this precisely because he didn’t want people suspecting him once he decided to make his move.

As Zhao Hai was thinking about these, he and Zhang Hao arrived in front of a door. Zhang Hao opened the door and said, “Go in. This will be your room. You can do whatever you want in this place. But I suggest that you cultivate properly to be in your best condition. Otherwise, you will be unprepared to face the Life and Death Arena.” 

Zhao Hai bowed and said, “Thanks, Mister.” 

Zhang Hao nodded and then left. Zhao Hai proceeded to look at the room. It was a very small space at only ten square meters. There was nothing else than a praying mat on the floor.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything as he entered the room and then gently closed the door. He found that there was a latch on the door. When he saw the latch, he couldn’t help but stare for a while, then he pulled it close.

Upon pulling the latch, Zhao Hai discovered that it had a formation in it. This formation looked like a defensive formation. As long as the latch was pulled, the defensive formation would protect the room.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but exclaim by the design. Despite the defensive formation, Zhao Hai didn’t enter the Space. He still knew a little about the Great Realm of Cultivation. He didn’t dare make any suspicious moves in this place.

Fortunately, back in the Battle Slave Camp, the caves were dug out by cultivators. The Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t bother placing surveillance on those caves. This time, Zhao Hai was in the Black Tiger Gang’s domain. If the Black Tiger Gang installed surveillance in his room and Zhao Hai made a suspicious action, then the Space might be discovered. And this was something that Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare risk.

The reason Zhao Hai was so careful was because of the information he got with regards to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. The battlefield was an inferior realm refined by a senior of the Black Tiger Gang. They have the ability to construct a realm, a subspace. If such an existence discovers the Space, then it might spell trouble for Zhao Hai.

After locking the door, Zhao Hai walked to the mat and then closed his eyes. It looked like he was cultivating, but in fact he was communicating with Cai’er and the others. He was telling them to act on the plan they made to collect techniques and abilities.

Laura and the others knew that Zhao Hai was planning to collect divergent abilities. Therefore, when Zhao Hai gave Cai’er the signal, they immediately knew what to do.

The Divergent Realm cultivators they chose were neither strong nor weak. Their abilities also weren’t necessarily strong, but they were useful for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and the others plan to use Prisonheart and Kong Jian Buddhist to deal with those cultivators. They believed that nobody in the Divergent Realm would be able to stop the two. As long as they wipe their traces afterwards, nobody would find out who did it.

The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield and the Black Tiger Group didn’t know that Zhao Hai’s plan to collect divergent abilities had begun. In several days, several cultivators went missing. The Divergent Realm didn’t know that these people disappeared. This was because cultivators would often go out for days or even months at a time. Only when they fail to return in one or two years would they be considered missing.

In this way, Zhao Hai gained more than a dozen different abilities. Most of these abilities were auxiliary. He preferred abilities like mind-reading or eyesight improvement over abilities that increased his attack or defense. To him, these offensive and defensive abilities were not very useful. They would only give him a small boost that would be too tiresome to use.

As for the cultivators from the Primal Chaos realm, Zhao Hai gained the ability to connect his space and the outside world. With this method in hand, Zhao Hai’s capabilities increased once more.

This ability was the most useful to Zhao Hai’s artifacts. This allowed his yin-yang lightning ponds to be larger. The larger lightning ponds, the more energy it could supply to the artifacts. And the greater the energy on the artifacts, the stronger their attack.

Zhao Hai’s flying swords weren’t as offensively powerful as the Hell King’s Ship. However, what if there was a yin-yang lightning pond placed in a subspace that provided energy to Liquid Silver. The energy provided by the lightning pond would be the same as the Hell King’s Ship. What kind of concept would that be? This was equal to focusing the offense of the Hell King’s Ship to a tip of a sword. The increase in attack would be exponential.

Zhao Hai wanted this ability before, but he didn’t have the time to acquire it. Now he finally got what he desired.

It can be said that the divergent abilities and the spatial tunnel technique were the last things that Zhao Hai needed in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Now, nothing from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield could attract Zhao Hai.

Five days passed in a blink of an eye. Zhao Hai had digested the divergent abilities and the spatial technique. But looking from the outside, Zhao Hai hasn’t moved an inch.

Actually, just like what Zhao Hai guessed. In the room where Zhao Hai and the others lived, surveillance items had been installed. The monitoring items were actually the mats in the room. In the Great Realm of Cultivation, these mats were very famous. They were called the Double Shadow Mats.

Double shadow mats looked no different than ordinary mats. However, these double shadow mats were quite special. Weaving these mats didn’t require expensive materials. After all, if the mats were of very high quality, people would suspect. The mats were also made out of ordinary materials. But in the inner layers of the mat, a double shadow formation was interweaved. This way, the mat can serve as a double shadow.

Double shadow mats were generally paired with another device such as a jade slip or a jade box. As long as the other device contained the identical version of the double shadow formation, the two would be paired.

Back when Zhao Hai entered the Handyman Hall’s Senior Disciple’s room, he noticed that there were a lot of strange things on the shelves. These items were mineral ores and boxes full of jade. Actually, these items corresponded to a double shadow mat in the rooms. The Senior Disciple can use these items to monitor each room through the double shadow mats.

The Senior Disciple also monitored Zhao Hai from time to time. From the Senior Disciple’s experience, people like Zhao Hai couldn’t feel at ease inside a room for a long time. They would either go out or do something inside their room. Additionally, the defensive formation in the room would make people feel at ease. Because of this, the Senior Disciple was able to discover a lot of secrets regarding each Battle Slave, which provided useful to controlling them.

However, when monitoring Zhao Hai, the Senior Disciple was somewhat disappointed. This was because Zhao Hai just sat down and cultivated. He didn’t make a single move. This caused the Senior Disciple to be puzzled.

Zhao Hai was a smart person, the Senior Disciple got this idea when he spoke to him. For a smart person like Zhao Hai to just stay still in an unfamiliar place was somewhat unjustified. This wasn’t something a clever person would do.

Does Zhao Hai know that he was being watched? That’s impossible!