BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1645


Chapter 1645 – Leaving Ahead of Time

Fifteen days later, the first person that Zhao Hai beat up walked out from his cave. His wounds had finally recovered and he was ready to look for revenge.

But when he went out, he was shocked. This was because he noticed that a cultivator flying around the camp was flying strangely. Moreover, the face of this cultivator was black and blue. Their eyes were like a panda’s. One could see at one glance that they had been beaten up.

The cultivator stared at someone who flew past. He didn’t know what was going on. He turned his head and saw several cultivators in the distance. Their faces were similarly bruised and swollen. But each one of them seems to have no care. It was as if their faces weren’t injured.

The cultivator didn’t know what happened to the Battle Slave Camp recently. As he stared at everyone, a cultivator suddenly shouted, “Tiger Zhao is here!”

At the sound of this, the cultivators in the valley seemed to turn into rabbits as they whizzed out and returned to their caves.

The cultivator didn’t understand what was going on. Then he saw someone flying from a distance. When the cultivator saw this person, his blood couldn’t help but rush upward. This was his personal enemy. His eyes were particularly red as he immediately rushed over.

Zhao Hai was leisurely flying as he looked at the quiet valley. A smile was plastered on his face as he moved about. Actually, his actions were made with intention. He beat up every cultivator he came upon. He wanted to see how the Black Tiger Gang Plans to deal with him.

Soon enough, he became a street wandering tiger. As long as he was out, people would immediately turn around and run away, hiding inside their caves.

As Zhao Hai was flying forward, he suddenly noticed a person’s figure coming towards him. In the person’s hand was a flying sword that was ready to attack. Then Zhao Hai recognized that this was the first person he beat up in the valley. He couldn’t help but smile faintly as he rushed over. The other party was evidently angry as he released several sword attacks towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled and loudly said, “Kid, who are you? To actually dare attack your grandfather!”

The cultivator ruthlessly answered, “I’ll kill you!”

Zhao Hai continued to smile as he said, “There are too many people who want to kill me. If all of their wishes were to come true, then this grandfather would have long died. And you, kid, still wish me death?”

Zhao Hai moved and appeared in front of the person. Then he punched that person on the nose. The cultivator didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would suddenly appear in front of him. His nose was now sore from being punched and he couldn’t help but tear up. 

Zhao Hai didn’t stop punching. Only after turning the other party into a pig head did he stop. Then he coldly snorted and said, “Kid, know your limitations. This grandfather doesn’t want your life. But if you dare to annoy me again, I wouldn’t let you off as easily.” Then he turned around and left.

Zhao Hai returned to his cave and then entered the Space. Seeing Zhao Hai, Laura and the others couldn’t help but laugh. These days, Zhao Hai has been acting like a mindless character, calling himself a grandfather and treating others like kids. It was completely in contrast with Zhao Hai’s mild-mannered and cultured appearance. 

Looking at Laura and the others, Zhao Hai laughed as he said, “How is it? Did my acting improve?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “If we didn’t know you, we would have thought that you were always like that. Hahaha. I’m afraid the people of the Black Tiger are having a headache.”

What Cai’er said wasn’t wrong. The Black Tiger Gang’s people in charge of the camp were indeed having a headache. The one who was affected the most was Luo Ying. Luo Ying has stayed in the camp all this time. In the beginning, he felt that he was unlucky because Zhao Hai continued to stay inside his cave.

But right after that, he no longer worried that Zhao Hai would cause trouble. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to act like that. He actually beat all cultivators he saw in the camp. Moreover, he didn’t severely injure them nor kill them. Instead, he just beat them until their faces would look like a pig’s. And these wounds couldn’t be healed for many days. This caused Luo Ying to be dumbfounded.

The others asked Luo Ying about Zhao Hai’s background multiple times. They asked how he was so strong. Moreover, why does he beat people up instead of killing them. They couldn’t help but be curious.

Actually, even Luo Ying didn’t understand. He had a clear idea of what Zhao Hai was like back in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield due to the reports that he received. Zhao Hai has completely exterminated the Buddhist Realm before Luo Ying brought him to the Great World of Cultivation.

There was a reason why the  Great World of Cultivation chooses people from the inferior realms who were at the Severed Soul Stage or below. If these people were talented and admitted to the inner sect, then they would be allocated Faith Power. As it turns out, people below the Immortal Stage had an easier time absorbing Faith Power compared to those who reached the Immortal Stage.

Right now, not a lot of people from the inferior realms were able to go beyond Battle Slaves and enter the sect. A majority of them die in the Life and Death Arena.

Also, in order to increase the intensity of the Life and Death Arena, many people chose Immortal Experts to bring over. They have no intention of making these people become inner disciples of the sect. They just threw these Immortal Experts on the arena to fight. If they haven’t died after 100 battles, then they would be thrown to the outer sect. Then they would find a chance to give these experts a life-ending mission to get rid of them.

This was the reason why the envoy disdained Luo Ying for bringing a Severed Soul Expert over. Currently, bringing Immortal Experts over to fight was becoming popular in the Great World of Cultivation. But this was still a gradual movement. The majority were still Severed Soul Experts. That envoy was just looking for trouble with Luo Ying.

Luo Ying now felt his head ache seeing Zhao Hai’s behavior. He didn’t understand what Zhao Hai’s goal was. However, he still reported Zhao Hai’s actions to the gang. As to how to deal with Zhao Hai, the gang will have to worry about it.

Just as Luo Ying was thinking, a flash of white light appeared on the transmission formation. Luo Ying turned his head to see a person wearing yellow robes walking out.

Luo Ying stared. But he immediately flew from his cave and welcomed the person. That person’s yellow robes explained his status. This person was from the Handyman Hall. However, this person’s status wasn’t very high, just a position above the envoy from before. This person was specially tasked to take Battle Slaves out of the camp.

Luo Ying cupped his fist towards the person and said, “Sky Tower 23’s Luo Ying sees the receiving envoy. May I ask envoy for the purpose of your visit?”

The receiving envoy didn’t behave outrageously, he also cupped his fist towards Luo Ying as he said, “I have seen Brother Luo. I am Envoy Zhang Hao from the Handyman Hall. This time, I was ordered to pick Zhao Hai up. The hall has heard that he has been making trouble in the Battle Slave Camp. So I wanted to pick him up sooner.”

When Luo Ying saw this person, he already had a premonition that he came for Zhao Hai. Sure enough, he did. Luo Ying couldn’t help but relax. To be honest, he didn’t want Zhao Hai to cause too much ruckus in the Battle Slave Camp.

Luo Ying cupped his fist and said, “Then let me invite Envoy Zhang to come with me.” After he said that, he flew with the envoy towards Zhao Hai’s cave.

Two two soon arrived by Zhao Hai’s cave. Luo Ying then said, “Zhao Hai, come out, we have something to tell you.” The defensive formation soon disappeared as Zhao Hai walked out.

When Zhang Hao arrived, Zhao Hai had already come out of the Space and prepared himself. Zhao Hai wanted to cause a ruckus so that he would leave the camp sooner. It seems like his plan has succeeded. The Black Tiger Gang really sent someone over.

When Zhao Hai walked out, he cupped his fist towards Luo Ying and said, “I have seen Mister Luo.”

Luo Ying nodded, then he gestured towards Zhang Hao and said, “This is the Handyman Hall’s Receiving Envoy Zhang Hao. Envoy Zhang is here to pick you up. You should go with him.”

Zhao Hai pretended to be surprised as he gave a salute and said, “I have seen Envoy Zhang.”

Zhang Hao nodded, then he said, “I heard that you have been restless in the Battle Camp. Come with me, I’ll take you to a place where you can be truly restless.” Then he turned around and flew towards the transmission formation plaza.

Zhao Hai quickly followed behind. Before long the two arrived by the transmission formation. Luo Ying stood outside the formation as he looked at the two. Zhang Hao cupped his fist and said, “Mister Luo, we’ll be leaving.”

Luo Ying returned the greeting and said, “Envoy, have a safe trip.” Zhang Hao proceeded to start the transmission formation. A flash of white light appeared as the two disappeared from the transmission formation.

When Zhao Hai regained his vision, he was now in a small transmission formation plaza. There were only five transmission formations present in this place. It seems like a courtyard. Zhao Hai could feel people in the surrounding area. These people weren’t that strong. Majority of them were at the Severed Soul Stage.