BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1643


Chapter 1643 – 36 Halls

Technically speaking, the valley where the Battle Slave camp was located wasn’t very large. It was only a few acres in size. In this valley, there were nearly a thousand caves both large and small. Besides the 25 caves allocated for the Sky Tower’s people, the rest were residences for Battle Slaves.

Battle Slaves from various inferior realms can live in the caves for the first five days. After five days, they would have to build their own caves and live there for three months. After which, the sect would arrange them to fight in the Life and Death Arena. Once they win 100 battles, they would be able to enter the sect and become an Outer Sect Disciple.

There was no common age among these people. No matter how old they were, they would be selected. But one thing that was common among the Battle Slave was that they were on or below the Severed Soul Stage. Immortal Stage cultivators weren’t selected.

It was also because of this that the 25 Sky Tower caves were the safest place in the Battle Slave Camp.

Since there are Immortal Experts taking command all the time in order to receive more Battle Slaves. The Battle Slaves naturally would dare annoy these experts.

Zhao Hai lived inside Sky Tower 23 cave for 5 days. In these five days, he didn’t go out at all. He continued to ask Luo Ying about the Black Tiger Group and the Great World of Cultivation.

The more information Zhao Hai received, the more he saw how special the Great World of Cultivation was. The Great World of Cultivation wasn’t a spatial universe that comprised planets. Besides the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, the realms in the Cultivator Plane control a lot of planets.

The Great World of Cultivation was an incomparably huge continent. The continent was very huge, to the point that the Great World of Cultivation didn’t bother measuring it. Even with Zhao Hai’s present flying speed, he wouldn’t be able to fly to the continent’s end with ten years of travel.

Thinking of such an outcome, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be suspicious. How big of a continent was that? Wasn’t it too unreasonable?”

Nobody can tell exactly how many sects the Great World of Cultivation had. But the entire Great World of Cultivation was divided into nine provinces, namely: The Central Orthodox Province, the Eastern Buddhist Province, Eastern Orthodox Province, Western Demon Province, Western Orhodox Province, Southern Barbarian Province, Southers Orthodox Province, Northern Exotic Province, and Northern Orthodox Province. 

The Orthodox Provinces meant that it was majorly populated with Orthodox Cultivators. So of the 9 provinces, 5 of them had people who follow the orthodox path of cultivation. And the strongest province of the 4 was the Central Orthodox Province.

Zhao Hai is currently in the Northern Exotic Province. It’s quite remote. Sects specializing in various cultivation paths exist in this place. As for the Black Tiger Gang, it was enough to be ranked in the top hundred sects, so it can be considered as a large sect.

The Black Tiger Gang’s first generation Gang Leader was from the Black Tiger Tribe. This meant that the Black Tiger Gang gave priority to Demonic Beast Cultivators. But eventually, it began accepting Human Cultivators. Although the Black Tiger Gang still had a lot of Demon Cultivators, it also has quite a population of Human Cultivators.

The Black Tiger Gang is further divided into 36 Halls. These halls were classified into 6 Upper Central Halls, 6 Lower Central Halls, 12 Inner Halls, and 12 Outer Halls.

The Upper Central Halls and Lower Central Halls belong to the core halls of the sect. Besides Core Disciples, these halls also include the Elders responsible for managing the sect. The other 24 halls were under the management of these Upper and Lower Halls. The 12 Inner Halls were managed by the Upper Central Halls while the 12 Outer Halls were managed by the Lower Central Halls.

The Inner Halls were responsible for the normal affairs of the sect. They manage the Inner Disciples as well as some outer disciples. The normal operation of the sect depended on these halls. They issue tasks, pills, and artifacts. Faith power allocation, the Serving Disciples, and other matters were managed by this hall.

As for the Outer Halls, they were also called the Twelve Battle Halls. Hearing this title, one should be able to know what these Halls do. This Hall was responsible for the sects external fighting force. Most Inner Disciples and Outer Disciples were managed by the Outer Halls.

However, the Battle Slave Camp was managed by the Inner Halls. Only when he officially becomes an Outer Disciple would he be reassigned. Since the Battle Slaves were on the same level as the Serving Disciples, they couldn’t obtain any allowance that was given to the sect disciples.

The Upper Central Halls are the Medicine Hall, Artifact Hall, Technique Hall, Disciplinary Hall, Service Hall, and Faith Hall. The Medicine Hall grows medicinal herbs and refines them into pills. The Artifact Hall manages the refining materials and refines them into artifacts. The Service Hall manages the Serving Disciples, giving them their duties. The Technique Hall manages the cultivation methods and techniques of the sect. The Faith Hall manages the allocation of Faith Power as well as division of spiritual stones. As for the Disciplinary Hall, it takes charge of the entire sect’s discipline, just like any other Disciplinary Hall.

The Lower Central Halls are the Wind Hall, Wood Hall, Fire Hall, Mountain Hall, Darkness Hall, and the Guardian Hall. These six Halls were responsible for external warfare and internal defense. The Wind, Wood, Fire, and Mountain Halls were specifically responsible for external warfare. Most of the inner and outer disciples were under the supervision of these four halls. The Darkness Hall were responsible for the sect’s spies and external intelligence gathering. The disciples of the Darkness Hall were the most mysterious. Only a few in the sect knew the identity of the Hall’s disciples. The Guardian Hall was responsible for the internal defense. The disciples of this hall aren’t fixed. Sometimes the disciples would be reassigned to the first four Halls in order to participate in external wars.

The Inner 12 Halls were as follows: Alchemy Hall, Farming Hall, Building Hall, Crafting Hall, Handyman Hall, Duty Hall, Hidden Scripture Hall, Lecture Hall, Spirit Vein Hall, Strength Hall, Command Hall, and the Discipline Hall.

The Outer 12 Halls were named the First Darkness Hall, Second Guardian Hall, Third Wind Hall, Fourth Darkness Hall, Fifth Wind Hall, Sixth Wood Hall, Seventh Guardian Hall, Eight Mountain Hall, Ninth Wood Hall, Tenth Mountain Hall, Eleventh Fire Hall, Twelfth Fire Hall. 

Each Black Tiger Gang disciple carries a wasit token. A wasit token identifies which hall a disciple belongs to. It also records the disciples’ merits. If a disciple completes a mission, their contribution points will be recorded on their token.

The way the Black Tiger Gang distributes contribution points was similar to the Hundred Treasures Realm. But since there are no computers here, everything was under the supervision of the Mission Hall. The disciples would come to hand in their tasks and be given contribution points. A disciple can use their contribution points to exchange for pills, techniques, and anything else they need for cultivation.

This was the extent as to what Zhao Hai knew about the Black Tiger Gang. If he wanted to know more about the sect, then he would only be able to get it after he becomes an outer disciple.

Zhao Hai wasn’t disappointed with what he got. To him, these things were very useful. He can also understand the gang slowly after he becomes a formal disciple.

Luo Ying didn’t dislike Zhao Hai’s actions. On the contrary, he was glad. He was well aware of Zhao Hai’s strength. Inner Disciples sent by the sect to the Sky Tower were unable to defeat Zhao Hai. One could see from this how powerful Zhao Hai was. With Zhao Hai’s strength, winning 100 battles in the Life and Death Arena would be very easy. He was very likely to join the Black Tiger Gang in the future. So it was necessary for him to understand the workings of the gang.

After five days, Zhao Hai needed to leave number 23 Sky Tower cave in order to live on his own. There were plenty of caves in the valley. These were caves occupied by prior Battle Slaves. Some of these Battle Slaves died in battle, while some either abandoned the camp or joined the Black Tiger Group. In brief, these people would never come back. Zhao Hai could choose any empty cave he wanted. It was easy to spot open caves. After all, the defensive formation outside each cave would only activate once it is occupied.

Also, Zhao Hai received a jade status token. This token had huge characters showing that he was a Battle Slave. On the back of the token was Zhao Hai’s name as well as the fact that he came from an inferior realm.

Seeing the slave character, Zhao Hai’s expression was somewhat ugly. He didn’t want himself to be associated with such a word. However, he knew that he could not cause a fuss at this time. Like Luo Ying said, causing great trouble wouldn’t bring any benefits to the Hundred Treasures Realm nor to Zhao Hai himself.

After choosing an empty cave and starting the defensive formation, Zhao Hai entered the Space. Once he entered, he immediately asked Cai’er, “Cai’er, how is it?”

Cai’er replied, “I already understand the situation around the valley. All in all, there are 183 Battle Slaves, 23 of whom will leave in the next few days. There are 18 people who arrived roughly at the same time as Young Master. They are now living in their own caves. I wasn’t able to discover Faith Power in any of them.”

Zhao Hai nodded. This was normal. Faith Power wasn’t as common as cabbage. Only one in a hundred thousand cultivators could use them. Take the Great World of Cultivation for example, only the Inner Disciples had access to Faith Power. 

Cai’er added, “Outside the valley is a forest several hundred thousand square kilometers big. There are powerful beasts in them, some reaching the Immortal Stage. They can already turn into humanoid forms, becoming a Demon Cultivator.”

Zhao Hai stared. He frowned and asked, “If they can already transform into a humanoid and become a Demon Cultivator, why didn’t they enter the sect and instead live in the forest?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “This I don’t know. But besides the camp, there’s no other camp in the vicinity. Beyond the forest is an endless desert, making the forest an oasis. Except this oasis is extremely huge.”

Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he nodded and said, “So it’s like that. It seems like the Black Tiger Gang chose the camp to be in this place to prevent the Battle Slaves from running away. But this is also good. I wanted to see how powerful the cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation are.”

Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, you can’t stay inside the cave all the time. You need to head out to cause trouble or be provoked. In any case, you have to fight. I just observed the camp and heard that if you don’t fight more than five battles, you will stay in the camp forever. If you are in the Battle Slave Camp for more than a year, the Black Tiger Gang will send people to kill you.”

Zhao Hai replied, “There’s something like that? Why didn’t Luo Ying tell me?”

Cai’er replied, “This is something I got from spying on two Black Tiger Gang Immortal Experts. They said that this is a secret rule. They want to see which of the Battle Slaves has a warring heart. If they don’t want to fight, then there’s no reason for them to stay in the Black Tiger Gang.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he smiled faintly and said, “Interesting. You can also freely kill people in this place. Hahaha. Unfortunately for them, I don’t want to cause trouble. Otherwise, I would have killed all the 25 Immortal Experts in the Battle Slave Camp and see how the Gang reacts.”

Cai’er also gave a smile and didn’t say anything. At this time, Laura appeared and said, “Brother Hai, I think you should find a chance to go out and play around before participating in the Life and Death Arena. It’s better for us if you enter the Black Tiger Gang as soon as possible. From what we got from Luo Ying, not to mention the Great World of Cultivation, even the Northern Exotic Province is much bigger than the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. There are countless cultivators in this place. If Brother Hai wants to improve his strength, this is a good place to do so.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right. Not to mention the spiritual qi in the Battle Camp is richer than the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. The Great Realm of Cultivation would certainly have a lot of experts. It would be a great pleasure to meet these experts.”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “It’s good to meet those experts as soon as possible. By the way, Brother Hai, why do you think the Great World of Cultivation only chooses those below the Immortal Stage? Aren’t Immortal Experts stronger?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I also don’t know. But we will find out sooner or later. Alright, I’ll rest in the Space for a few days before going out and looking for trouble.”

Lizzy and the others laughed. Zhao Hai turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, didn’t you say that there’s a large forest outside the camp? Take a look and see if there’s something good there. If you see something, don’t forget to take it to the Space.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Rest assured, I will. And while you rest, I’ll collect information about the other Battle Slaves. This way, you can deal with them more easily.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll leave this to you. If someone new comes over, don’t forget to put a silver needle in them. I want to know what kind of place the Great Realm of Cultivation really is.”