BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1639


Chapter 1639 – Luo Ying’s Arrival

Sitting under the Hundred Spirits Tree, Zhao Hai flipped through the Buddhist scripture in front of him. He got this scripture from the Space.

Zhao Hai’s Space came from the earth. And since he can currently buy backgrounds, Zhao Hai was able to create many worlds inside the Space. Some of them were high-technology words while some were cultivation worlds. Some of the worlds were like Earth, of which Buddhist Scriptures exist.

This also made Zhao Hai feel strange. There were no cultivators on Earth. And yet, in the universe that Zhao Hai transmigrated into, it has Daoism, Buddhism, Body Cultivation, and even Science and Technology. These were things that existed on Earth, which was bizarre.

The Buddhists on Earth had no cultivation methods. For Buddhists, scriptures were just reading material. Perhaps some virtuous monks might cultivate some Buddhist power. However, this Buddhist power has no offensive capability. Moreover, Buddhist scriptures weren’t kept a secret on Earth.

However, these scriptures were very useful for Zhao Hai at this time. Moreover, some of the ancient books on Earth could aid in cultivation.

Zhao Hai also discovered that these Dao Techniques needed these ancient books. In fact, it was crucial to comprehend them.

Zhao Hai has now condensed his Dhamma body, which greatly increased his strength. He was now condensing more avatars.

Zhao Hai was now very powerful. In the past, his usage of Faith Power was considered crude. Now that he has Kong Jian’s method, Zhao Hai felt that a door had opened up before him.

When Zhao Hai was cultivating the Buddhist Avatar, he understood what Dhamma actually was. To put it bluntly, it was comprehension over a profound meaning. When a cultivator reached the Immortal Stage, they would use their second soul to comprehend the Dao. Some people might comprehend the meaning of the mountains, making their attacks have a feeling of heaviness. Some people might comprehend fire and have more aggressive attacks.

The Buddhist Dhamma was also a flexible and powerful type of comprehension that involved Faith Power. There’s also a Dhamma of Water or Dhamma of Fire. Naturally, these were Zhao Hai’s theories. However, Zhao Hai was almost sure that this was truly the case.

In the past, Zhao Hai only learned about the existence of the Dhamma without comprehending it. But after studying Kong Jian’s technique, he was able to expand his thinking. He was preparing to use the 18 Buddhist Techniques as an experiment. He wanted to see if he had the proper understanding regarding the Dhamma.

Because of this, Zhao Hai can affirm that his path was not wrong. Therefore, he was reading ancient Buddhist Scriptures in order to comprehend the Dhamma.

The reason Zhao Hai has to comprehend a lot of Dhamma definitions was because of his Cloning Technique, one of the 18 Buddhist Techniques. If he used the Cloning Technique, then he can have his clones project a Dhamma Avatar. What would this look like? He can form a squad of Dhamma Avatars.

As he read the Buddhist Scriptures, the peace in Zhao Hai’s heart gradually returned. In the past, because of Mu Yu’s death, his heart was filled with killing intent. He was filled with self-blame. But all of these disappeared as his mood calmed down. Now his heart and mind was like an ancient well, incomparably calm.

This caused Zhao Hai to develop a new temperament, an extremely gentle temperament. Just like a Taoist or a High Monk, he was able to maintain a peaceful and neutral mentality.

Zhao Hai spent three months inside the Space. In these three months, he hardly left the Space as he continued to comprehend the Dhamma. 

Meanwhile, the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield was the opposite of calm. This was because the Hundred Treasures Realm had once more entered the limelight.

The Hundred Treasures Realm began sending envoys to the other realms with the purpose of forming an alliance. After the alliance was established, the Hundred Treasures Realm would be able to face the other Great Realms.

Moreover, the Hundred Treasures Realm was using this time to completely digest the Buddhist Realm’s domain, making it their own.

After a month of negotiations, the Hundred Treasures Realm finally reached an agreement with the other high-grade realms. Naturally, the Hundred Treasures Realm would become the alliance leader. The other high-grade realms didn’t say anything about this. But everything had gone smoothly. Now that the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t make a move on the high-grade realms, the high-grade realms were able to relax.

The high-grade realms weren’t really expecting that the Hundred Treasures Realm would attack them. Although they occupied their headquarters, they didn’t injure a lot of people. At the most, they just slapped the face of the Hundred Treasures Realm. And now they admitted defeat to the Hundred Treasures Realm. In their minds, although the Hundred Treasures Realm has occupied the Buddhist Realm’s domain, they believed that the Buddhist Realm’s subordinates wouldn’t easily surrender. Therefore, the Hundred Treasures Realm would find their strength restricted. 

However, this wasn’t what Zhao Hai cared about. He was waiting for information coming from the Sky Tower. Mu Yao told him last time to prepare. It’s been three months but there was no movement from the Sky Tower, which felt strange to Zhao Hai.

However, Zhao Hai believed that it wouldn’t take long. Although he was continuously practicing inside the Space, he was still aware of the outside world, especially the Sky Tower. After Mu Yao said those words, Zhao Hai put more attention there.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t focus too much on these things. He was preoccupied with the scriptures and see if he could comprehend more of the Dhamma.

Zhao Hai was now used to sitting under the Hundred Spirits Tree every day. He sat on a transforming cloud with a small table and a cup of tea as he read the scriptures.

The more scriptures he read, the more interested Zhao Hai became. At this time, Cai’er approached him and said, “Young Master, Luo Ying has come out. He’s heading towards the transmission formation. I think he’s going to the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I think so too. The Sky Tower is really patient. Pay attention to him. If he really comes to the Hundred Treasures Realm, he would probably come to see me.”

Cai’er nodded. The Hundred Treasures Realm has become extraordinary. In addition to their own domain, they had also begun to immigrate to the Buddhist Realm on a large scale. The Buddhist Realm was no smaller than the Hundred Treasures Realm. It might even be bigger. Moreover, it had more resources so immigrating wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

As for the Buddhist Realm’s headquarters, it has undergone reconstruction. And because the territory to be managed was larger, the Hundred Treasures Realm had to send more people over. The Hundred Treasures Realm even has the intention of moving there in the future.

However, since the Hundred Treasures Realm itself was closer to the headquarters, the Elders stayed behind.

The transmission formation of the Hundred Treasures Realm had been very busy. At any moment, someone would go in and out of the transmission formations. The square was very lively.

At present, the realms in the Land of Chaos have formed an alliance with the Hundred Treasures Realm at the lead. Being the leader, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s communication with the other Great Realms increased. 

Luo Ying’s appearance on the Hundred Treasures Realm’s transmission formation was immediately brought to the attention of the guards. They hadn’t seen Luo Ying before. Moreover, Luo Ying’s appearance was unordinary. The guard didn’t dare neglect him, he immediately stepped forward and said, “Mister, may I ask where you’re from? What are you doing in the Hundred Treasures Realm?”

Luo Ying looked at the guard and then he smiled faintly and said, “This old man is named Luo Ying. Young brother, please help me send a message. Tang Yaoen is an old friend of mine. I believe he knows what to do when he hears my name.”

The guard could feel Luo Ying’s extraordinary aura and didn’t dare ask any more. He quickly replied, “Mister, please come with me and take a rest in the lounge. I will pass the message right away.”

After settling Luo Ying down, the guard immediately went to the conference hall and said, “Song Gang asks to see the Elders.”

Zong Ze’s voice was heard, “Come in.” The guard Song Gang walked in and gave the Elders a salute before reporting, “Reporting to the Elders, there’s an old man named Luo Ying outside. He said that he’s an old friend of Elder Tang Yaoen.”

Tang Yaoen was also a member of the Ten-Elder Assembly. When he heard Song Gang, his expression couldn’t help but change. He looked at Zong Ze and Mu Yao and said, “Come with me.”

Tang Yaoen didn’t explain further. However, both Zong Ze and Mu Yao understood what it meant. It’s clear that the person who arrived was from the Sky Tower. And the Sky Tower has only one purpose, and that was Zhao Hai.

Mu Yao pondered for a while before saying, “We have no choice but to meet him. The three of us will see this Mister Luo Ying. Let’s send word to Little Hai.” Tang Yaoen nodded and took a jade sword message out to send a message to Zhao Hai. After sending the message, the three left the conference hall and went to the lounge.

The lounge of the headquarters was made according to Zhao Hai’s plans. It was rarely used in the past, but now there were a lot of people inside. These people were from the other realms who came to visit.

But in general, guests would spend a short time in the lounge before being called to the conference hall. An event where three Elders went out of the conference hall in order to meet someone in the lounge never happened before. Song Gang couldn’t help but make guesses about Luo Ying’s status.

It must be known that the Hundred Treasures Realm was different compared to the past. The Hundred Treasures Realm was now one of the strongest realms in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Moreover, nobody dared to contend for their territory. Because of this, the Hundred Treasures Realm has reached a very high position in everyone’s eyes. Even people from the Great Realms would have to enter the conference hall to meet the Elders. But now, Mu Yao and the others actually came out in order to meet Luo Ying. It’s natural that Song Gang was curious.


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