BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1638


Chapter 1638 – The Buddhist Dhamma[1]

Mu Yao knit his brows and said, “Little Hai, I understand what you’re saying. But you also need to know that we’re now under a very bright light. If we deal with the other high-grade realms, it’s likely that the Divergent Realm, Sword Realm, and Primal Chaos Realm would move against us. Do you think that they would just let us become the biggest realm without doing anything?”

Zhao Hai’s frown deepened. He knew that the high-grade realms had reached out to the Great Realms. Moreover, those guys have become smarter. Every time they have a discussion, they would always set up a formation. Because of this, Zhao Hai could hardly get any information.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “So Elder’s plan is?” Mu Yao smiled faintly and said, “We’re going to form an alliance with those guys. Then we can suppress them by being the alliance leader. We will use this time to digest the Buddhist Realm’s domain. Once we have enough strength, we can deal with them slowly. Naturally, this is under the condition that everything goes smoothly. If they don’t comply, we can only resort to violence.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Mu Yao’s method was also acceptable. It was using lukewarm water to boil the frog. This plan was neither good nor bad. Those high-grade realms weren’t fools, and they wouldn’t let Mu Yao suppress them easily. But Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. In any case, with his current strength, even if the entire Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield worked together, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Zhao Hai might not be strong in the past, but it was different this time. He now has the entire Buddhist Realm under his control. So his confidence was much bigger.

Mu Yao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You should take a good rest. Little Hai, people cannot be resurrected after death. Although Little Yu is gone, we are cultivators in the end, we have faced death multiple times. Don’t take it too hard. How many days have you been frowning?”

Looking at Mu Yao’s smile, Zhao Hai still couldn’t expel the sadness in his heart. He replied, “I can’t smile. Brother Yu died because of me.”

Mu Yao waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re the reason or not. We’re living in a world where the strong prey on the weak. Also, Little Hai, you haven’t spent too much time in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai stared at Mu Yao in confusion. Mu Yao waved his hand and said, “You’re too strong. I reckon you have gained the Sky Tower’s attention. You should prepare yourself.” Zhao Hai nodded. The reason he didn’t pay too much attention to the other realms was because he put most of his energy on the Sky Tower. He found that Luo Ying had increased the amount of jade sword messages he sent out. Although he didn’t know where he was sending it, Zhao Hai believed that a storm was about to arrive.

Zhao Hai bid Mu Yao and the others farewell before returning to his residence. When he entered the Space, he didn’t immediately go to the villa. He went to an open area and then closed his eyes. Shortly after, a large projection of a 100-meter tall Buddha appeared. Its body was shrouded with golden light, looking very dignified.

This Buddha was the same Buddha that Kong Jian projected before. Zhao Hai learned Kong Jian’s technique. Just like what he predicted, it was a Buddhist Dhamma Technique!

This Dhamma technique was something that only someone with Faith Power can use. Those with Faith Power can have their own Dhamma Avatar. How much of the Dhamma one can comprehend depends on their strength. Naturally, the stronger a person’s Faith Power, the stronger their Dhamma Avatar would be.

A person’s Dhamma can be used to attack the enemy and improve a cultivator’s strength. The stronger the Faith Power, the stronger their Dhamma Technique. In fact, the reason Kong Jian wasn’t able to study the technique deeply was because his Faith Power wasn’t enough. According to the cultivation method that Zhao Hai managed to get from Kong Jian, the Dhamma avatar could move like a real person. The monk only needs to stay still and the Dhamma avatar can move like a monk and fight in the same way. Naturally, the Dhamma avatar was much more powerful compared to other cultivators. This was the reason Kong Jian was able to fight against Zhao Hai for so long.

This Dhamma technique was a secret that the Buddhist Realm didn’t reveal. According to hearsay, the Buddhist Realm acquired it by chance. Although only Kong Jian Buddhist was able to make use of it, the Buddhist Realm was still able to reap a lot of benefits from it.

Each generation of the Buddhist Realm would select talented monks in order to learn the Dhamma. But because Faith Power was so scarce, each generation could only generate one Supreme Elder. These Supreme Elders were also called Dhamma Elders. And only these Dhamma Elders could get the name of Buddha in their name, thus explaining Kong Jian Buddhist’s name.

Upon acquiring this method, Zhao Hai knew that it was merely a technique to produce a projection of a Buddha. Even so, such a method was already powerful. The existence of such a technique meant that there was more to the Buddhist Realm’s Dhamma. However, since he didn’t have time, Zhao Hai could only learn its basics.

Kong Jian’s method wasn’t hard to study. It was divided into three parts. The first part was learning about the true meaning of the Buddhist Dhamma by seeing the Buddha. It was akin to reaching the Immortal Stage and feeling the laws of heaven and the earth. 

The second part teaches about how to condense Faith Power. Zhao Hai studied the applications of Faith Power in the past. For example, it could aid one’s cultivation or make a weapon stronger. In the Dhamma Technique Zhao Hai acquired, Faith Power was used to project a Dhamma avatar. This way of utilizing Faith Power was different to the ones Zhao Hai knew about before. 

The third part was a cultivation method. But in Zhao Hai’s view, the technique heavily relied on one’s Faith Power. Once you have enough Faith Power, one could command the Buddhist Dhamma whenever they want. 

This was also the reason why it was hard to use. If you lacked Faith Power like Kong Jiang Buddhist Lao Na, then your Dhamma avatar would be limited in movement and could only use common attacking methods.

Despite being limited to using simple attacks, the Dhamma Avatar was still ten times more powerful compared to most Immortal Experts. After all, it was able to blow Zhao Hai back. If not for Zhao Hai’s special body and his defensive methods, he would have been severely injured in his fight against Lao Na.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to study this new technique. Once he studied it, he might gain a deeper understanding of the universe’s laws.

In its weakest form, the Dhamma Avatar could only do simple actions and use simple techniques. Because of the lack of Faith Power, this Dhamma Avatar was classified as wood-level. It was the lowest level of avatar. A Dhamma Avatar that can do complex actions and techniques was gold-level. The highest level of Dhamma Avatar can move like a person and can use any technique. This Dhamma Avatar was at the Buddha-level.

The level of Dhamma Avatar was mainly determined by Faith Power. The less Faith Power one has, the weaker their Dhamma Avatar would be. Take a wood-level avatar for example, it could be further divided into three levels. The lowest level was merely an immobile projection of a Buddha. It could only use aura techniques. A medium-level wood avatar was the one Lao Na used. This avatar could not open its eyes and could only use its two hands. A high-level wood avatar can open its eyes and is more flexible with its hands. Its offensive strength was also much better.

A Gold-level and Buddha-level avatar was also further divided into three levels. The low-level gold avatar can move its body more. At the medium-level, the gold avatar would be able to stand up and use its feet. At the high-level, the gold avatar can perform some movement techniques. It’s just that the moves would be stiff. It would look like a puppet being controlled by its master.

As for a low-level Buddha Avatar, the movements would be more smooth. It could even move its head. On the medium-level Buddha Avatar, the torso would move. On a high-level Buddha Avatar, it would be comparable to a human being. Whatever a cultivator could do, it could do as well.

What Zhao Hai condensed was naturally a high-level Buddha Avatar. When he projected the Buddha, it might be sitting and had eyes closed. But when it comes to battle, it would be able to move freely, just like a normal cultivator.

Zhao Hai was now aware of how terrifying the technique was. It practically produced a giant monk who was not only big, it also had much more spiritual force and offensive power. Using this method, Zhao Hai’s Buddhist Techniques would become even more earth-shattering.

However, Zhao Hai was still not satisfied. He was currently studying Buddhist Techniques, mainly the 18 Buddhist Techniques. He hopes that he can understand these even more. And once he’s able to completely understand the 18 techniques, Zhao Hai believed that his strength would tremendously increase.

  1. Dhamma, or Dhamma, is a word of infinite meaning. (TN: Maybe a Buddhist version of the Dao.)


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