BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1634


Chapter 1634 – Occupied Headquarters

Even if the people from the Buddhist Realm had been stupid until now, they still knew that these large artifacts and Undead were under Zhao Hai’s control. As long as he was killed, these artifacts and Undead would disappear. The problem before was, they didn’t have the ability to kill Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai was slapped by the monk, the people in the Buddhist Realm headquarters were very happy. Although these people didn’t know who this Kong Jian Buddha was, they still cheered.

While they were waiting for things to end, they discovered that the large artifacts not only kept attacking, the Undead were attacking as well. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai flew back and stopped mid-air.

Kong Jian Buddhist couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect his powerful technique to be useless against Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai stood in the air as he looked at the huge Buddha in the air. The Buddha sat in place with its eyes slightly shut. One hand formed a seal while the other held a lotus. The Buddha was also sitting on a red lotus.

Zhao Hai was sure that this was a true Buddha, this might be the reason Lao Na was called the Kong Jian Buddha. But how did he do it? Why does Zhao Hai have no methods to release a Buddha from his body?

He knew that this wasn’t due to Lao Na using Faith Power. It seems like they have a more clever use of Faith Power.

Seeing that the Buddha failed to deal with Zhao Hai with its first move, Lao Na immediately formed seals. The Buddha followed Lao Na’s gestures on one hand while still holding the lotus on the other. The lotus on the Buddha’s hand then flew up and tried to cover Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai hurriedly sent a punch over. However, the lotus was very tough. He failed to deal with the lotus with one blow and was immediately covered by it. The Buddha pressed on the lotus, trying to seal Zhao Hai inside.

Zhao Hai felt himself going to a strange place. Around him were constant mumblings of Buddhist mantras. At the same time, the sounds were sending spiritual attacks towards him.

Zhao Hai stared and then couldn’t help but smile. He understood that he was sealed, but he wasn’t anxious. This kind of spiritual attack has no effect on him. Maybe it might do something if it were in the past, but after learning Prisonheart’s method his spirit has become more powerful.

However, since he didn’t know what was happening outside, Zhao Hai contacted Cai’er and the others to see if he could still talk to them.

Upon hearing Cai’er’s response, Zhao Hai was relieved. Then he sneered as his body disappeared and reappeared outside the Buddhist Realm’s headquarters.

Before he could let out a sigh of relief at sealing Zhao Hai, Lao Na saw Zhao Hai suddenly appearing in front of him. His pupils couldn’t help but shrink. He quickly formed a knot with his hands. The Buddha’s lotus opened when he chanted, “The void is empty, five-senses seal!”

Along with Lao Na’s voice, Zhao Hai suddenly felt an unusual energy covering him up. Then he felt his eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, and sense of touch disappear. 

Zhao Hai knew that this was the Five-senses Seal of the Buddhist Sect. The five senses were the sense of vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Zhao Hai’s five senses have been sealed.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect this Kong Jiang Buddhist to be so strong. He even knows a lot of methods including this Five-senses Seal.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t startled. He immediately surrounded his body with Faith power in order to flush away the strange energy.

Faith Power poured out of Zhao Hai’s body. When it met with the strange energy, it was like water dousing fire. As the Faith Power dissolved the sealing energy, Zhao Hai began to regain his five senses.

At this moment, Zhao Hai felt his body flying. The energy that surrounded him had been completely dissolved by the Faith Power. This made Zhao Hai realize that he was attacked when he lost his senses.

Fortunately, his body was different. It completely ignored Lao Na’s attack. Zhao Hai’s body shook and then stopped.

Zhao Hai looked at Lao Na and said, “You’re strong, but it’s time to stop.” He waved his hand as his flying swords flew out and encircled Lao Na. The Ten-thousand Transformations Sword Formation immediately took form. Zhao Hai also poured Faith Power onto these swords. Then Zhao Hai flew towards Lao Na.

Zhao Hai used all his strength as well as his Faith Power and Buddhist Techniques. He wants to see if his techniques were more powerful than the ones the Buddhist Realm used. 

As he used his Buddhist Techniques, he made sure to have the Ten-thousand Sword Transformations Formation on standby.

As Zhao Hai moved, copies of him began appearing in a row. These people used their own techniques to attack the Buddha.

Cloning Technique, this was the Cloning Technique. Zhao Hai was using the Cloning Technique included in his set of Buddhist Techniques. Once the clones combined their attacks, the effects became extraordinary.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s attack, Lao Nao couldn’t help but stare, then his expression changed. He made seals with his hands which the Buddha avatar behind him followed along. A layer of gold light appeared around the Buddha.

But just as that golden light appeared, the majority of it was absorbed by the Ten-thousand Transformations Sword Formation. Then Zhao Hai’s attack arrived. A loud explosion was heard which caused the surrounding Buddhists to change their expression. A lot of them didn’t know who Lao Na was, but some Immortal Experts knew about him. He was an expert from one or two generations ago. He accidentally obtained a method to extract Faith Power which allowed his cultivation to improve very swiftly. When he reached the Immortal Stage, he closed up. It has been hundreds of years since his retreat and he only appeared now.

Everyone in Lao Na’s generation has already entered eternal rest. The reason the Buddhist Realm knew that he was alive was because Lao Na would open his cave once every 100 years in order to conduct a lecture to other Immortal Experts. Naturally, only a few people knew of this matter.

Regardless, the high-level personnel of the Buddhist Realm knew that a powerful ancestor was alive. This was also the biggest card that the Buddhist Realm had.

It was precisely because they knew Lao Na that the senior experts of the Buddhist Realm panicked when they saw that he couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai didn’t stop as he kept attacking Lao Na. Although Lao Na wanted to resist, Zhao Hai was now using his Cloning Technique, making it hard for the Buddhist to block. As time went on, Zhao Hai’s attacks became more and more powerful. The Buddha’s golden shield began to be exhausted. In the end, it broke along with an explosion.

Lao Na didn’t immediately die from Zhao Hai’s attack. But his expression was ugly to look at. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this formidable. It would be too late for him to fight back.

It consumes a lot of Faith Power to reinforce Buddhist Technique. Unlike Zhao Hai, Lao Nao only has a small amount. Because of his previous actions, he already ran out of Faith Power. So even if he wanted to retaliate, Lao Na could no longer do so.

Zhao Hai kept sending attacks to the Buddha avatar. Before long, the avatar slowly disappeared.

The moment the Buddha avatar vanished, Lao Na vomited a mouthful of blood. With nothing left to resist Zhao Hai, Lao Nao was soon killed by the attacks sent by Zhao Hai and his clones.

After killing Lao Na, Zhao Hai immediately sent his corpse to the Space and turned him into an Undead. However, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately release him to attack the Buddhist Realm headquarters. Instead, he stayed in the Space to record everything he knew.

The attack on the Buddhist Realm headquarters didn’t stop. On the contrary, the offense strengthened. Although the Buddhist were still resisting, their resistance was short-lived.


Zong Ze and Mu Yao stood on the bow of a Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. This ship was refined by the Hundred Treasures Realm without Zhao Hai’s help. Dozens of these ships flew right behind the main ship. This time, the Hundred Treasures Realm took out all of its wealth. Five hundred thousand troops were on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships as they charged towards the Buddhist Realm’s domain.

Although they were still far from the Buddhist Realm’s headquarters, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships were moving at their fastest speed. Since people were on shifts in inputting their energy, the ships managed to maintain their peak speed.

Both Zong Ze and Mu Yao had heavy expressions. The Buddhist Realm enraged them this time. Mu Yao was even more angry and mad. The disciple he was most proud of has been killed, how could he not be angry.

At this time, Tang Jie who was behind the two of them said, “Uncle Master, it’s the seventh day. I’m afraid Brother Hai has made his move. Do you think he has rushed to the Buddhist Realm headquarters to take revenge?”

Hearing what Tang Jie said, Mu Yao couldn’t help but stare, then his expression changed as he said, “That’s quite possible. I’m afraid the one most angered by this is Little Hai. He might think that Little Yu was implicated by him. He also has a very good relationship with Little Yu. How can he not be mad?”

Zong Ze sighed and said, “Who would have thought that something like this would happen. Mu Yao, do you think that someone planned for this to happen? They didn’t like how the Hundred Treasures Realm were doing, so they sent the Buddhist Realm to deal with us. Otherwise, why would the Buddhist Realm deliberately make such a move? Little Hai’s strength has been known for a long time. They should have made a move a long time ago.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “It is indeed strange. But I think it wouldn’t take long before we find out. The Hundred Treasures Realm are now fully committed to attacking the Buddhist Realm. We left our headquarters almost empty. If someone wants to deal with us, they will certainly seize this opportunity.”

Zong Ze’s expression changed, “Then isn’t the headquarters in danger? Will people really make a move on us?” Mu Yao let out a deep sigh as he said, “It depends if there’s someone orchestrating everything or not. If there is, then the headquarters will definitely be attacked. This can be considered as the greatest crisis of the Hundred Treasures Realm. If the Buddhist Realm was pushed by someone to deal with us, then the headquarters will be attacked. Then they will give us a hard time in going back.”

Zong Ze turned to Mu Yao and said, “Mu Yao, you’re not a reckless person, so why did you agree to allow the realm to dispatch all of its troops?” Mu Yao replied, “It’s because I’m confident in the Hundred Treasures Realm. I believe that we would still have the strength to take our headquarters back after attacking the Buddhist Realm. At the same time, we have to pull out the person behind everything. It’s dangerous for us if they keep being in the dark.” Zong Ze sighed. Although he agrees with Mu Yao, he thought that Mu Yao’s approach was very risky. He didn’t take into account the possibility of the Hundred Treasures Realm being defeated by the Buddhist Realm.

However, Zong Ze understood Mu Yao. Anyone would be mad if their disciple was killed. Mu Yao was already doing very well given his circumstances.

Mu Yao also understood Zong Ze’s thoughts. The reason why he agreed to go all out was partly because he wanted to see if someone was behind this matter. The other half was for revenge. He wanted to avenge Mu Yu.

At this time, a jade sword message appeared in front of Mu Yao. Mu Yao immediately received the jade sword message and scanned it with his spiritual force. His expression changed as he gave a cold snort. A trace of cruelty flashed through his face.

Mu Yao gave the impression of being mild-tempered. This was the first time that a fierce expression appeared on his face. This caused Zong Ze to stare. He received the jade sword message that Mu Yao handed over and searched it with his spiritual force. Soon enough, his expression changed as well. His expression was no worse than Mu Yao’s.

Tang Jie looked at the two and then was afraid. But he collected himself and asked, “Uncle Master, what happened?”

Mu Yao coldly snorted and said, “The report said that the high-grade realms around us have sent troops to occupy our headquarters. Our subordinate realms have already surrendered. I already made preparations for this. I told them to surrender immediately if someone attacks our territory, but they need to give us news about what happened. And the news came.” Tang Jie heard Mu Yao and his expression changed. Then he angrily cursed, “Scum! Those bastards! They want to use the fire to rob the house! I’ll kill them all.”

Mu Yao coldly snorted and said, “Just wait, let them jump around for some time. When we go back, we’ll see how they act.” After he said that, another jade sword message stopped in front of him. Mu Yao received the sword and scanned it with his spiritual force.


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