BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1628


Chapter 1628 – Unhindered 

Ba Silei was both afraid and excited. He was afraid that the Hundred Treasures Realm would come at him with full power. He knows that he cannot defeat the Hundred Treasures Realm. But at the same time, if his plans succeed, he would become the true king of Halfbeast Island.

When the human Cultivators first approached him, Ba Silei was very happy. He believed that these people were representatives of several high-grade realms. These Realms wanted Ba Silei to cause chaos in Halfbeast Island. They didn’t want to see the Hundred Treasures Realm take complete hold of the island. 

To the other realms, the Hundred Treasures Realm were becoming stronger and stronger. They believed that once the Hundred Treasures Realm becomes strong enough that these high-grade realms couldn’t go against them, then the Hundred Treasures Realm would begin to clean its surrounding neighbors. Because of this, these high-grade realms were doing all they could to hinder the Hundred Treasures Realm’s progress.

And since Ba Silei was ambitious, the two sides were able to work together. With support being sent to the Lion Race, Ba Silei moved against the Hundred Treasures Realm.

This plan started the moment the Hundred Treasures Realm got their hands on Halfbeast Island. This was also the reason why Mu Yu and the others were having a hard time.

The Lion Race were the first ones to move against the Hundred Treasures Realm. The reputation of the Lion Race was very high in the Island. And with the Beast Races’ hatred of outsiders, the other Major Beast Races were persuaded by the Lion Race to work together and cause pressure on the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Naturally, the Lion Race didn’t tell the other Major Beast Races what they were planning to do. They just said that they would force the Hundred Treasures Realm to give them autonomy. Since this was what the beast races wanted, the Major Beast Races all agreed.

Because the other Major Beast Races didn’t have any support, they weren’t as ambitious as the Lion Race. They just want to be on equal footing with the Hundred Treasures Realm. It was precisely because of this that Ba Silei told them that they would force the Hundred Treasures Realm to give them autonomy of the island. He didn’t tell them that he was planning on getting the entire island for himself.

It’s impossible for the other high-grade realms to support several Major Beast Races at the same time. The high-grade realms sent people to investigate the island before they got in contact with the Lion Race. Among the 9 Major Beast Races, the Lion Race was the strongest and, most importantly, the most ambitious.

The other beast races weren’t as ambitious. So if they rashly approach these beast races with their plan, then they might tell the Hundred Treasures Realm about it. In that case, the plan would fail.

With this consideration, the high-grade realms only got in contact with the Lion Race. They even said that they would support the Lion Clan to become the king of Halfbeast Island, to which Ba Silei readily agreed.

The title of “King of Halfbeast Island” was extremely attractive to Ba Silei. He wished for his race to escape the control of Human Cultivators. Now that he has the backing of these high-grade realms, he was naturally very happy.

Initially, Ba Silei thought that it would be impossible for the Hundred Treasures Realm to grant the Beast Races autonomy. Unexpectedly, Zhao Hai’s proposal drove the Hundred Treasures Realm into this path. Ba Silei knew that this would make the other 8 Major Race agree. But this also meant that his dream of being the king of the island would be gone.

Because of this thought, Ba Silei was very impolite when he met Mu Yu. He even quarrelled with Hu Quan, which caused him to reveal his ambition.

Actually, because Ba Silei’s temper flared up at that time, he lost his control. This gave Zhao Hai and the others an opportunity to see his true color.

After returning to their headquarters, Ba Silei knew that the situation wasn’t going well. Therefore, he immediately sent a message to the high-grade realms asking for reinforcements. At the same time, Experts of the Lion Race were sent over to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield to prepare for a battle against the Hundred Treasures Realm.

As he made his preparations, Ba Silei also sent messages to the other Major Beast Races. He wanted them to join his side.

However, because he said that he was the King of Halfbeast Island, the other Major Beast Races had no intentions of lending him a hand. At the same time, the other beast races were waiting for the Hundred Treasures Realm’s response. If the Hundred Treasures Realm wasn’t able to properly deal with the Lion Race, then these beast races might have other thoughts.

The one with the most intense response was Hu Quan. Ba Silei practically slapped his face in front of Mu Yu and the others. So when Ba Silei’s messenger arrived, he was immediately driven out. It was also because of this incident that led to Ba Silei saying that he would drive the Fox Race away from the island once he becomes the king.

This seems to have reached Hu Quan’s ears, so Hu Quan passed the message over to Mu Yu. Hu Quan did this to force the Hundred Treasures Realm to send troops. He didn’t know that the Hundred Treasures Realm was planning to exterminate the Lion Race. He just wanted them to teach the Lion Race a lesson and weaken their strength. This way, the Lion Race wouldn’t be able to deal with the Fox Race.

What Ba Silei didn’t expect was how terrified the high-grade realms were of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Not only did they send a lot of supplies, there were also more than a hundred Immortal Experts. Besides these Immortal Experts, there were also a 20-thousand Cultivator army. Relying on his race alone, Ba Silei would not be able to reach this level of strength.

It was for this reason that Zhao Hai told the Immortal Experts to not care about the enemy’s status. There’s no need to be respectful and go straight into killing the enemy.

With the amount of strength on his side, Ba Silei was confident that he could challenge the Hundred Treasures Realm. And with the Hundred Treasures Realm’s ten days of inaction, Ba Silei’s confidence experienced a huge surge. In his mind, the Hundred Treasures Realm was afraid of him, so they didn’t provoke him at all. At the same time, he also developed a trace of pride as though he can move unhindered in the world.

Right now, Ba Silei was thinking of how to deal with the Fox Race. In his mind, dealing with the Fox Race wouldn’t only show his strength to the other races, he could also make a demonstration for the Hundred Treasures Realm.

As he thought of this, Ba Silei suddenly heard the sound of fighting outside. He stared and was angered. He quickly yelled, “Who dares cause trouble in my Lion Race’s territory?!”

Ba Silei always wanted to be a king, and a king doesn’t need to use spiritual force in order to know anything. These things should be left for subordinates to do.

Just as he shouted, a Lion Race person ran in from the outside and then knelt in front of Ba Silei and said, “Patriarch, not good. The Hundred Treasures Realm is attacking!”

When he heard this, Ba SIlei stared, then his expression changed as he said, “They’re here? Quick, activate the defensive formation!” He thought the Hundred Treasures Realm would be stuck attacking the defensive formation.

As soon as he heard Ba Silei, the Lion Race person had a sullen face as he replied, “Patriarch, the Hundred Treasures Realm came in from the transmission formations. The first to arrive were their Immortal Stage Experts. These Immortal Experts seized the transmission formations. Now a steady stream of their experts are coming into the headquarters.”

Ba Silei’s expression changed, “Then what are we waiting for. Gather all of our Immortal Experts. We need to take control of the transmission formations!” After he said that, he flew straight out.

When Ba Silei came out, he took the rest of the Immortal Experts and headed towards the transmission formations. But as they arrived, they immediately heard loud sounds of fighting. Moreover, the waves of spiritual qi made it clear that the two parties fighting had great strength.

Ba Silei didn’t hesitate and flew straight towards the transmission formations. After arriving, he discovered that the transmission formations were being occupied by Immortal Experts of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Aside from the transmission formation continually sending people over, the rest of the transmission formations have been destroyed.

Seeing this, Ba Silei felt his head exploding. He knew clearly what this meant. Without these transmission formations, it would be almost impossible to get reinforcements. And if they wanted to escape, they couldn’t leave the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. 

Ba Silei’s eyes reddened immediately as he roared and transformed into a huge golden-haired lion. The lion was very huge and had bulging muscles. This was Ba Silei’s true body. He was enraged this time, so he couldn’t help but use his true form.

The other Immortal Experts of the Lion Race also transformed. The pressure on the Hundred Treasures Realm’s experts increased immediately. However, there were 500 Immortal Experts guarding the transmission formation. The situation slowly stabilized as Mu Yu sent cultivators over.

Because the Lion Race’s Immortal Experts and the supporting experts were entangled with the Hundred Treasures Realm’s experts, nobody could deal with the ordinary Cultivators. Mu Yu was able to kill smoothly into the Lion Race’s headquarters. 

But because Mu Yu brought a few people, they could only defend the transmission formation for now. With the Immortal Experts present, they didn’t suffer too many casualties.

More than 10 thousand people entered the Lion Race’s headquarters. Since the Hundred Treasures Realm had more Immortal Experts than the Lion Race’s side, some of the Immortal Experts were able to guard Mu Yu and the others. Otherwise, Mu Yu and the others would be in danger.

After an hour, there were more than 10 thousand Hundred Treasures Realm cultivators in the Lion Race headquarters. According to Zhao Hai’s instruction, Mu Yu destroyed the last transmission formation that was left. Mu Yu wasn’t worried that Zhao Hai would be unable to come. Zhao Hai was a space-related divergent ability user. He has his own methods.

Sure enough, just as Mu Yu destroyed the transmission formation, Zhao Hai appeared in the Lion Race headquarters. As soon as he arrived, he immediately released all of his weapons, sword shuttles, and a large number of Undead. The turtle was also released.

The Lions were immediately trampled by Zhao Hai. They had not seen such a violent attack before. They were unable to respond for some time. Zhao Hai had formidable large artifacts, rifle-wielding Undead, sword shuttles, and the turtle. How could they block all of these? 

Some Lions and cultivators from the other realms wanted to run. In their minds, the Lion Race’s headquarters was so big that it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to surround it. Cultivators treated their life as the most important. When they discover that they have a chance to keep their lives, they would become desperate.

However, they quickly discovered their mistake. When they ran away from the headquarters, they immediately saw Undead with rifles in their hands. They were shot to death as soon as they came out, nobody was able to run away.

The people who were still being killed inside the headquarters didn’t know this. Zhao Hai also had no plans to inform these people. Those who had been killed were turned into Undead by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was currently at the back of the turtle as he battered the Lion Race headquarters. Even the Immortal Experts weren’t spared. The turtle was originally an Immortal Expert. Now that it was equipped with armor, there was no need to fear the enemy Immortal Experts.

Zhao Hai also had his large artifacts attacking with him. On the large artifacts were Undead. With rifles in their hands, the Undead couldn’t be underestimated. There’s also cannons and sword shuttles. The Lion Race headquarters was a hopeless mess.

Before Zhao Hai arrived, Mu Yu and the others were quite pressured. But once Zhao Hai arrived, the pressure on them was lightened. Everyone roared in excitement as they waved their large artifacts and attacked.

The Lions knew that Zhao Hai’s large artifacts were powerful, but since they haven’t fought against Zhao Hai before, they didn’t know how strong the large artifacts really were. They had some thoughts, but they never expected the hellish scene happening in front of them. Naturally, these people would soon be killed and become part of Zhao Hai’s Undead Army.

At the same time, although the Immortal Experts of the Hundred Treasures Realm fought with Zhao Hai before, this was the first time they experienced Zhao Hai showing his strength in an overbearing manner.  The large artifacts and the sword shuttles moved unhindered in the Lion Race headquarters. This caused those present to be shocked. The Immortal Experts had complex expressions as they looked at Zhao Hai.


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