BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1627


Chapter 1627 – Two Lines Moving Together

Ten days passed by but Zhao Hai and the others had yet to make a move. Besides the Lion Race, the other Beast Races didn’t look for Mu Yu and the others for a while. 

In these ten days, the Lion Race had been making moves. They also contacted the other eight races. Though the other 8 Races have shown no intentions to move, they also made little actions in the background.

All of these were seen by Zhao Hai through the Space. He wanted to see the capabilities of these people. Most importantly, he wanted to know why the Lion Race were so confident in fighting for Halfbeast Island.

Zhao Hai discovered that Cultivators were in contact with the Lion Race. They were the ones planning to support the Lion Race in fighting against the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Zhao Hai followed the Cultivators using his silver needle. He found out that these people were sent out by the realms adjacent to the Hundred Treasures Realm in the Land of Chaos.

This discovery caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. These were allies of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Yet these realms didn’t hesitate to turn their backs. It seems like there are no true allies among cultivators.

Now that Zhao Hai knows who the Lion Race were relying on, he naturally wouldn’t be polite. After ten days, it was almost time to act. The Beast Races need to know the Hundred Treasures Realm’s strength, it should sober them up.

What surprised Zhao Hai was the stiff relationship between the Fox and the Lion Race. Zhao Hai even heard Ba Silei say that as long as he becomes the King of Halfbeast Island, he would immediately expel the Fox Race.

Zhao Hai told Mu Yu the information he received as they sat inside the cabin. Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Is it time to move?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The clowns have entered the stage, so it’s time to move. I want to see what those fellows would look like after we completely destroy the Lion Race.”

Mu Yu coldly snorted and said, “Those guys have no sense of shame. Sooner or later, we will eliminate them too.”

As Mu Yu said that, a jade sword message flew in and stopped in front of him. Mu Yu took the jade sword and then swept its contents with his spiritual force. Upon reading, he couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Interesting. Hahaha. Little Hai, here, take a look.” Then he handed the jade sword message to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai received the jade sword message and looked inside. Inside was a request from Hu Quan. Zhao Hai handed the jade sword message back to Mu Yu as he smiled faintly and said, “It seems like Hu Quan couldn’t sit still anymore. His relationship with Ba Silei is very bad, so now they’re taking refuge in us. But that’s fine. Hahaha. We can raise the status of the Fox Race a little higher. This will let the other races know the benefits of following the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “I’ve sent your plan back and Elder Zong Ze and the others agree. However, the decision was only made after a Ten Elder Assembly which Master also attended. By the way, Master asked me to give you a message. He says that killing whole clans is too murderous. He wants you to have a bit of restraint.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s too late now to practice restraint. As a powerful realm, we should be people worthy of admiration. The leader cannot have a heavy killing intent otherwise people will tremble before him and alienate him. However, this leader needs to have a knife he could wield. A very swift, blood-stained knife. A knife that can shock the enemy. You are that leader, while I am that knife!”

Mu Yu sighed as he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Little Hai, I know what you’re thinking. But remember, I’m not that kind of person. I’m willing to do anything for the realm. Brother, there’s no need to divide ourselves so clearly.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Brother Mu, I naturally know what kind of person you are. However, you are you and the Hundred Treasures Realm is a different thing. If you push me to the top, then the realm will be plunged into chaos. At the very least, the Mu Faction will not obey me. Because in the eyes of these people, I have always been an outsider. You are the true successor to the Mu Faction. The moment you became Elder Mu’s disciple, you have seated yourself in that position. Even if you want to change it, you can’t.”

Mu Yu sighed. He knew that what Zhao Hai said was true. Recently, more and more people from the Mu Faction were getting in contact with him. Although he wanted to change their perspective, he knew that he couldn’t. Being the successor of the Mu Faction, each decision couldn’t be made on his own. There were all kinds of relationships that needed to be considered.

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu and then smiled as he said, “Brother Mu, don’t think about it too much. Right, when will the Immortal Experts arrive? This time will be a two-line operation. We’ll send Immortal Experts secretly to the Lion Race’s lair then attack their headquarters in Halfbeast Island together. Even if we cannot kill all of them, at least we need to wipe out their Immortal Experts. The rest of the Lion Race we’ll leave to the Fox Race to deal with. We’ll let the Fox Race be our Hundred Treasures Realm’s most loyal subordinate in Halfbeast Island.”

Mu Yu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, everything has been prepared. The Immortal Experts can arrive anytime. There are 1000 experts altogether.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Although the Lion Race has a lot of Immortal Experts, they number about a hundred at most. It’s easy to eliminate them. Tell the Immortal Experts to come over. We’re making our move.” Mu Yu nodded and then took out a jade sword message to send back to the Hundred Treasures Realm. Before long, the transmission formations on the Hell King’s ship lit up and Immortal Experts began arriving.

Once everyone arrived, Zhao Hai immediately led them to another transmission formation. He looked at the Immortal Experts and said, “Elders, where I’m sending you is outside the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. It will be on the Lion Race’s nest. They have less than 100 Immortal Experts at this time, but we need to send 500 experts from our side. This isn’t to say that the Lion Race is fierce, but I’m afraid the other races will send their experts to help the Lion Race. Therefore, we need to take that into account. Take control of a transmission formation as soon as possible. One is fine, you need it to come back. Destroy the other transmission formations to prevent any reinforcements. I also ask the Elders to not hold back. Whether they are adults or not, or they have any ability to resist, everyone needs to be killed. I will be sending Undead over as well. If the Elders cannot kill them, then the Undead will do the job!”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Immortal Experts couldn’t help but stare. They looked at each other and saw the shock in their eyes. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s killing intent to be this strong. He doesn’t plan to leave anyone alive.

However, these Immortal Experts still nodded. They received orders to follow Zhao Hai’s instruction. Moreover, they knew of Zhao Hai’s status. They couldn’t show any dissatisfaction. Before long, the 500 Experts that would be sent over had been selected.

Zhao Hai looked at the other Elders and said, “When the other Elders act, we will also move on this side. You will take the transmission formation and head to the Lion Race’s headquarters. Don’t hold back as well and clean the place out. Don’t keep one person alive. There are nearly 400 Immortal Experts in their headquarters since they are being reinforced by other realms. You don’t need to care about their identity, kill all of them.”

These Immortal Experts nodded. Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu and said, “Besides the Immortal Experts, the Lion Race also has an army of close to 40 thousand people. We must completely destroy the Lion Race.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “You can rest assured. We have 10 thousand elites inside the ship. They’re all bursting with energy, waiting for the time they can fight.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, then you’ll all wait inside the ship. We’re going to do the same thing as the other group. Go to the headquarters and occupy a transmission formation before destroying everything else.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Leave it to me.”

After everything was planned out, Zhao Hai pointed towards two transmission formations and said, “It’s time.” Immortal Experts weren’t in a hurry. Once they reach the Immortal Stage, they were free to do many things. Nevertheless, they couldn’t delay Zhao Hai’s order. They all stepped into the transmission formation. A white light flashed as the two transmission formations activated at the same time. Batches upon batches of people began disappearing.

Shortly after that, the other ordinary Cultivators inside the Hell King’s ship also got into the transmission formation to go to the Lion Race Headquarters. Mu Yu went first while Zhao Hai went last.

None of the cultivators made a sound. Each one of them had a murderous aura. They followed Mu Yu all this time in Halfbeast Island, but they had been embarrassed by these beast races. In the end, not a lot of them can go out of the Hell King’s Ship. This caused them to feel aggrieved. Now that they have the opportunity to take revenge, they could no longer wait.

Zhao Hai closed his eyes as he stood on the transmission formation. Actually, he was paying attention to the Lion Race’s land as well as their headquarters. The operation was going smoothly. After reaching the land, the Immortal Experts immediately occupied one transmission formation and then began their slaughter.

The Immortal Experts of the Lion Race couldn’t resist. After all, there were too few of them. They were immediately surrounded by the Hundred Treasures Realm experts.

Zhao Hai also began sending Undead to the Lion Race’s land. These Undead were fairly strong. Moreover, Zhao Hai equipped them with rifles. Among these Undead was also the Undead Prisonheart.

Although Prisonheart has been turned into an Undead, his strength was still present. Zhao Hai didn’t make him go to kill people but instead to assume command. And if there was a sudden change in the situation, he would be there to fix it.


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