BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1623


Chapter 1623 – Wanting to Leave

When the black cloud vanished, Prisonheart was actually standing. He gave Zhao Hai a salute and said, “I have seen Yong Master.”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at Prisonheart and asked, “Wasn’t your spirit extinguished? How can you still have consciousness?”

Prisonheart replied, “Replying to Young Master. My main consciousness was indeed extinguished, but Immortal Experts have gone through soul division during the Severed Soul Stage. At that time, we would have two souls, the main soul and the secondary soul. When entering the Immortal Stage, this secondary soul will be used to feel the consciousness of the heavens and the earth. Once you succeed, then you can enter the Immortal Stage. This secondary soul will also merge with the consciousness of the heavens and the earth and will become the main offensive method of an Immortal Expert. Once an Immortal Expert’s main soul dissipates, the secondary soul can exist for a period of time. But since it has been merged with the heavens and the earth, it can no longer control the body. Once the main soul is lost, the secondary soul will slowly disappear.”

Zhao Hai nodded in understanding. Secondary souls of Immortal Experts were truly different from those of the Severed Soul Experts. When Immortal Experts attack, they carry a trace of spirit. For example, there’s the spirit of the mountain, spirit of the sea, and many others. These attacks have traces of the heavens and the earth. Attacks with the spirit of the mountain would carry a huge restricting force and would also have an increased offensive strength.

Zhao Hai looked at Prisonheart and said, “Then can you use your spiritual force right now?”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “Yes. I can use my spiritual force and can continue to cultivate.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He waved his hand and took out a black robe. It was an ancient robe that had a hood that covered the entire head.

Zhao Hai gave the robe to Prisonheart and said, “You’ll wear this from now on. I’ll call you over if I need anything.” Prisonheart nodded and put on the robe. Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent Prisonheart to the Space.

The moment he knew about Prisonheart’s plan, Zhao Hai immediately figured everything out. Zhao Hai had to recognize that Prisonheart was very loyal to the Divergent Realm. Although Prisonheart wanted to live longer, the main purpose of his actions was to benefit the Divergent Realm.

Because he wanted to help the Divergent Realm, he wanted to live longer. He gave Zhao Hai the Guest Seat Elder Status and the right to speak of the realm’s matters. And once Prisonheart succeeds with his plan, he can use this status and privilege to help the Divergent Realm.

As to why Prisonheart had to wait until Zhao Hai reaches a 120-face spiritual crystal, it might be because stealing bodies wasn’t easy. One’s spiritual force should reach a certain level otherwise the body wouldn’t be able to handle the erasure of the original consciousness. It might leave hidden wounds or even kill the invader along with the original owner.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what to say about Prisonheart’s method. To him, Prisonheart’s methods were vicious and merciless. But to cultivators, if they had Prisonheart’s strength, they would also resort to such measures if their lifespan was running out.

Normally, once receiving spiritual force experts like Prisonheart, people would have immediately asked how to seize another person’s body. Other people might do this, but not Zhao Hai. He was quite confident in his abilities.

Zhao Hai looked at the empty hut and then at the valley before he sighed. Then he entered the Space. Laura and the others were currently watching the situation of Halfbeast Island.

At this time, several huge beast races had surrendered to the Hundred Treasures Realm. To be honest, each beast race was a headache of their own. The Hundred Treasures Realm doesn’t know how long it would take for them to subjugate the entire island.

One shouldn’t think that the Hundred Treasures Realm hasn’t thought of resorting to violence. It was just that the races of Halfbeast Island were very united. If you resort to violence, then not to say the Hundred Treasures Realm, even Great Realms like the Divergent Realm couldn’t withstand it.

Although the beast races were unruly, they had great strength. If the Hundred Treasures Realm went with a hard approach, then they wouldn’t be able to get any benefits.

The Hundred Treasures Realm found it very hard to deal with the island. But Zhao Hai couldn’t do anything about it right now. He can’t go over to the Hundred Treasures Realm to give any help.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried that anyone from the Divergent Realm would go to the valley for the rest of the month. The valley was a forbidden area. Without Prisonheart’s approval, nobody can go in.

At the same time, the people of the Divergent Realm were very respectful towards Prisonheart. This wasn’t respected due to Prisonheart’s seniority. Instead, it was because Prisonheart slaughtered a lot of people from the Divergent Realm in the past. His prestige had been well established. This also made Zhao Hai understand that in this world of cultivation, people would still need to establish their prestige in order to gain respect. Otherwise, nobody would treat you seriously.

While looking at the situation of Halfbeast Island, Zhao Hai also paid attention to the Divergent Realm. The entire realm was currently in a depressive mood. Although everyone knew that Prisonheart was old, the old man had lived for a long time, so people were very used to him being there overlooking the realm. They expected him to live for a very long time.

When information that Prisonheart left his parting words was spread, it caused a huge wave in the entire Divergent Realm. Because of their respect towards Prisonheart, nobody dared to disturb the valley as he spent his final days.

At this time, the busiest of them all were Hawkins and the others. They were the ruling group of the realm. Perhaps Hawkins might not be a good ruler, but he wasn’t too bad. He knew clearly that the Divergent Realm can’t have any troubles in the meantime. Prisonheart was like a nuclear bomb in the past, acting as a deterrent for the other realms. Not only was Prisonheart respected by the Divergent Realm, this respect spread to the other realms as well.

But once Prisonheart passed away, it was difficult to guarantee that the other realms would stay still. Therefore, the Divergent Realm was currently stabilizing its state. It cannot give the other realms an opening to exploit.

Therefore, in the recent period, the troops of the Divergent Realm have been mobilized more frequently. They were guarding their territory more strictly.

It was impossible for the other realms to have no ideas about the Divergent Realm. They also want to see how the Divergent Realm reacts to their situation. If the Divergent Realm was slow, then they wouldn’t mind taking a bite of their territory.

But looking at the movements of the Divergent Realm, the other realms began to hesitate. The other Great Realms also knew that Prisonheart wasn’t the reason why the Divergent Realm reached its current position. Although Prisonheart was dead, the overall strength of the Divergent Realm was still there. If they provoke the Divergent Realm at this time, they would have to bear the anger of the entire realm. The Divergent Realm might even be willing to go all out against them. This wasn’t something these Great Realms wanted to see.

If Prisonheart was still alive, then the other realms might cause some trouble. Everyone knew that Prisonheart would weigh the consequences of a war. On the other hand, Hawkins was a militant. It wouldn’t be good to annoy him. He was a lunatic who would be willing to attack anyone without much thought.

Hawkins might not be a good leader, but he was a good general. Anyone who offends him wouldn’t be let off. Because of this, the other realms were somewhat afraid of him. 

Twenty days quickly flew by. Zhao Hai discovered people outside the valley. Zhao Hai knew that if he didn’t light the thatch-roofed hut, then this matter wouldn’t end.

After coming out of the Space, Zhao Hai looked at the hut. To be honest, he liked the hut. After all, he has lived there for more than a year. Moreover, the environment of the valley was really good.

Once he finished appreciating the hut, Zhao Hai sighed and then waved his hand. Because the roof of the house was slightly wet, a lot of smoke came out. But since Zhao Hai used a fire spell, the hut burned down before long.

But this wasn’t over yet. Zhao Hai knew how to act in a play. He took some rocks from the side of the valley and built a grave. He also placed some offerings in front of the grave. After that, he walked out of the valley.

Zhao Hai saw Hawkins as well as the other high-level personnel of the Divergent Realm outside the valley. Seeing Zhao Hai come out, Hawkins immediately stepped forward and asked, “The Elder is gone?”

Zhao Hai gave a sorrowful nod and said, “According to the Master’s last wish, I cremated his body and erected a grave. Master also wants to keep the peace of his grave. So if you need to pay your respects, you just need to do it outside the valley.”

Hawkins patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Little Hai, although you are Elder’s disciple, you don’t understand Elder’s position in the Divergent Realm. Since the Elder wishes for it, then we’ll just pay our respects here.” After he said that, Hawkins led the others to offer their respects to Prisonheart. Zhao Hai also knew that it was time for him to leave.


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