BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1622


Chapter 1622 – The Plan

It wasn’t that Zhao Hai was insensitive and refused to believe Prisonheart. Instead, even after Prisonheart’s words and him vomiting blood, Zhao Hai could still feel the dangerous aura from Prisonheart. And the more actions Prisonheart did, the more intense this dangerous aura became. The moment Prisonheart left his words for Hawkins and the others, this was the time the dangerous aura reached its peak. Zhao hai knew very well that this dangerous aura could only mean that Prisonheart was ready to kill him.

This dangerous feeling was brought upon by Zhao Hai’s Instinct Technique. As his spiritual force got more and more powerful, Zhao Hai’s instinct technique got more and more reactive. This made Zhao Hai more aware if someone was hostile to him or were a threat to his life.

Hostility could be felt from Prisonheart’s body. Although he didn’t display it outside, Zhao Hai could feel through the Instinct Technique that Prisonheart was intent on killing him.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know what Prisonheart was planning to do, but he was certain that Prisonheart wanted to kill him. As to how he plans to do it, Zhao Hai doesn’t know.

It was precisely because he didn’t know what was going to happen that Zhao Hai wanted to know about it. He believed that Prisonheart had a plan. And this plan will be enacted a month from now.

When Prisonheart said that he only has one month remaining, it was also a time limit. He will definitely do something in this one month. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious. He just wanted to know what move Prisonheart plans to make.

Zhao Hai sat still for ten days. In these ten days, he observed Prisonheart carefully. He also analyzed the situation. He began thinking of methods Prisonheart might use on him, and how to deal with it.

However, Zhao Hai was left disappointed. There were no moves coming from Prisonheart in these ten days. He was still the same, sitting in place like a statue.

Zhao Hai could no longer wait, he knew that there was no point waiting the entire month. So he decided to tell Prisonheart that he was prepared. 

Zhao Hai slowly opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes, Prisonheart also woke up. Zhao Hai looked at Prisonheart and said, “Master, I’m done.”

Prisonheart looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Have you stabilized your spiritual crystal?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, Master. It’s completely stable.”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “Little Hai, in a while, you should completely relax your spiritual force. Then guide my spiritual force to your spiritual crystal. You shouldn’t have any hesitations, understand?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes Master, I understand.”

Prisonheart nodded. Then he waved Zhao Hai to sit opposite him. He muttered something and then began to stretch out his hand towards Zhao Hai’s forehead. A foreign spiritual force began entering Zhao Hai’s head. Seeing this, Zhao Hai began to position his Five Element Killing Formation around his spiritual crystal. At this point, Zhao Hai could control his Five Element Killing Formation. Although he cannot release it outwards, it was still enough to protect his spirit.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to use the formation right now. He just positioned it right next to his spiritual crystal as a contingency.

To fool Prisonheart, Zhao Hai camouflaged his spiritual crystal to appear as though it only had 120 faces.

Zhao Hai guided Prisonheart’s spiritual force as it slowly entered the spiritual crystal. He found that the spiritual force was very pure. This caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled. Does Prisonheart really intend to pass all of his spiritual force to him?

At this moment, Zhao Hai noticed that Prisonheart’s spiritual force was already covering all 120 faces of the disguised spiritual crystal. All 120 faces were occupied by Prisonheart’s spiritual force. If he wasn’t vigilant against Prisonheart, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have been able to notice this. 

When Prisonheart’s spiritual force entered his spiritual crystal, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a powerful force smashing through. This spiritual force wasn’t pure at all, it had a consciousness. In other words, it was under Prisonheart’s control.

Zhao Hai was startled, but he didn’t make a move. This should be Prisonheart’s move. As the spiritual force rushed into Zhao Hai’s spiritual crystal, Zhao Hai discovered that it was slowly eroding Zhao Hai’s imprint on the crystal.

If this was in the past, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have noticed this. In other words, once the spiritual crystal’s imprint was erased, Zhao Hai would lose his spirit. He would become someone neither dead nor alive. He would have a body with no spirit.

However, Zhao Hai was different. The spiritual crystal was merely a tool for him, his true spirit wasn’t even there. His spirit could enter his avatar, dao lotus, or even the Space. There’s no need for his spirit to stay at a consistent place.

By this point, Zhao Hai had an idea as to what Prisonheart wanted to do. If there was a term to illustrate what Prisonheart was planning, then it would be seizing the body!

Correct, Prisonheart wanted to seize Zhao Hai’s body for himself.

Zhao Hai finally understood why Prisonheart accepted him as a disciple, giving him a guest seat elder position, and even wanting him to achieve a 120-face spiritual crystal. 

Zhao Hai exhaled and felt the spiritual crystal in his head. There was already another consciousness there, it belonged to Prisonheart.

Prisonheart didn’t know anything about Zhao Hai. He thought that Zhao Hai was just an ordinary genius cultivator. He didn’t expect that Zhao Hai was a completely different existence.

Prisonheart tried to attack Zhao Hai using his spiritual force before. This way, he could control Zhao Hai and become beneficial to the Divergent Realm. However, he found that there was a powerful formation in Zhao Hai’s mind which blocked his spiritual force. He even suffered a backlash which caused his lifespan to be reduced even further. He didn’t lie to Zhao Hai, he does indeed have two years of life left. It was precisely because of this that he took the rist to seize Zhao Hai’s body.

Prisonheart knew clearly that if he wanted to seize Zhao Hai’s body, then he would need the Five Element Killing Formation to be turned off. Otherwise he would be killed in the process. Therefore, he received Zhao Hai as a disciple and taught him. The goal was to have Zhao Hai lower his vigilance and foster a sentimental bond with him. Once Zhao Hai lowers his guard, Zhao Hai would allow Prisonheart’s spiritual force into his spiritual crystal. This would allow Prisonheart to invade Zhao Hai’s spiritual crystal and completely erase Zhao Hai’s consciousness. With this, Zhao Hai would disappear and would be replaced by Prisonheart.

Because Zhao Hai was the one directing the spiritual force, the Five Element Killing Formation wouldn’t activate. It would be safe for Prisonheart.

It can be said that this was a perfect plan. However, Prisonheart wasn’t aware that Zhao Hai has the Instinct Technique. He didn’t know that Zhao Hai’s spiritual force was only a tool for using spiritual force. He didn’t know that Zhao Hai has the Space. He also didn’t know that Zhao Hai had always been guarded against him.

When he felt that the conditions were ripe, Prisonheart broke into Zhao Hai’s spiritual crystal. He wanted to eliminate Zhao Hai’s consciousness completely and take over his body. He didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be watching this happen and the spiritual crystal was just a bait.

When Zhao Hai felt Prisonheart’s consciousness enter his spiritual crystal, he began to move. The other 360 faces of the spiritual crystal appeared along with the Five Elements Killing Formation. Like an antivirus software, the spiritual crystal was scanned. Before Prisonheart could understand what happened, his consciousness was erased by the Five Elements Killing Formation. Zhao Hai’s imprint once again appeared on the spiritual crystal.

Zhao Hai opened his eyes and looked opposite him. Prisonheart was already dead with no signs of life. His body was like a dried oil lamp. He thought that he could control Zhao Hai, but he didn’t think that he was completely wrong. In the end, he paid the consequences with his own life.

Zhao Hai sighed and then waved his hand. A black cloud covered Prisonheart’s body. He wanted to see if he could turn Prisonheart into an Undead. He didn’t hold too much hope because he knew that turning a corpse into an Undead required a trace of spirit inside the corpse. Prisonheart’s spirit had been completely erased. Although he wasn’t too hopeful, Zhao Hai still tried. After all, Prisonheart was a true powerhouse, it would be a waste if he perished just like that.


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  1. Hah!.. I had these sneaking suspicion that he wants to do a body transfer.. the reason I thought of it was bcoz I just recently watched Ben10 with my nephews and the episode was about a girl with psychic powers who wanted to poses Ben for the Omnitrix but ends up transferring with Gwen.. 😅😅
    Now I wonder if there’s some sort of message on that thing he gave Hawkins about his plan to poses Zhao Hai.. 🤔🤔

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