BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1621


Chapter 1621 – One Year

Time quickly passed by. Zhao Hai already stayed in Prisonheart’s valley for an entire year. This year, Zhao Hai practiced in the valley and relaxed from time to time. Prisonheart didn’t mind this behavior, he was instead happy.

Prisonheart knew that practice was a balance between tension and relaxation. If Zhao Hai practiced all the time, then Prisonheart might suspect that he had been possessed by a devil.

When Zhao Hai went out to relax, he left the Divergent Realm headquarters and went outside. Actually, he used this opportunity to go to the Space to accompany Laura and the others. Although his consciousness had always been with them, it wasn’t his real body in the end. Laura and the others would still miss him if they didn’t see him for a long time.

In this year, Zhao Hai’s spiritual crystal became 420 faces from 360. This was good news for Zhao Hai. His spiritual force had become more formidable. This meant that his Instinct Technique, Infinity Technique, Bright Sword Technique, and Enlightenment Technique would become much stronger.

Zhao Hai has been stalling. He didn’t tell Prisonheart that his spiritual force had reached 480 faces. Prisonheart still believed that Zhao Hai was working towards a 120-face spiritual crystal.

When his Instinct Technique became stronger, Zhao Hai discovered that Prisonheart was emitting a very dangerous aura.

If Prisonheart had no evil intentions, then Zhao Hai might not have felt this danger. Since he could feel danger, this only meant that Prisonheart was plotting something, moreover it was hidden very deep. With Prisonheart’s strength, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to discover it before.

Zhao Hai wanted to know what Prisonheart wanted to do. Naturally, he wouldn’t reveal his real strength.

Through his year of observation, Zhao Hai could feel that Prisonheart would make his move once he reaches 120 faces on his spiritual crystal. Moreover, Zhao Hai could see that although Prisonheart didn’t say anything, a hint of anxiety appeared in his eyes as he waited for Zhao Hai to make a breakthrough. It was hidden so well that Zhao Hai barely noticed it.

In addition to training, Zhao Hai also paid attention to Halfbeast Island. Using both weapons and diplomacy, Mu Yu and the others were able to conquer the island bit by bit. There were some beast races that had completely surrendered to the Hundred Treasures Realm. However, taking the entire island was still not easy. There were too many races in Halfbeast Island. There were some beast races that weren’t afraid of the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Now that he has stabilized his 480-face spiritual crystal, Zhao Hai now felt safe telling Prisonheart that he succeeded in condensing a 120-face crystal. He wanted to see what Prisonheart wanted to do.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai slowly opened his eyes. When Prisonheart felt that Zhao Hai had opened his eyes, he also opened his eyes and said, “Little Hai, you have practiced for seven days, it’s time to take a rest.”

Zhao Hai stood up and then bowed to Prisonheart and said, “Master, disciple has reached 120 faces in his spiritual crystal.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Prisonheart’s eyes shone. Then he laughed and said, “Good! Great!” After he said that, he suddenly vomited blood.

Zhao Hai was stunned, then he said in shock, “Master, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”

Prisonheart raised his head, “I’m alright. Little Hai, Master is relieved to see you break through before I die. Take this, it’s the skill I practiced after reaching 120 faces in the past. I thought I wouldn’t be able to hand it to you personally.”

Zhao Hai received the jade slip but didn’t immediately examine it. He looked at Prisonheart and said, “Master, didn’t you say that you still have a year left in your lifespan? How can you become like this?”

Prisonheart shook his head as he sighed and said, “I’m afraid I only have a month left. I’m used to leaving people to practice at peace, so I didn’t tell you. Come, take a seat.”

Zhao Hai sat in front of Prisonheart with a worried expression. Prisonheart sighed and said, “Heavens really do punish evildoers. Last time, I wanted to use my spiritual force to subdue you and Mu Yu so that you would become people of the Divergent Realm and help its future. However, I was hurt by your formation, so I could only suffer the injury. I accepted you as a disciple so that you could reach 120 faces this year. If you don’t, then I will use my own spiritual force to boost you up. I was afraid that you won’t reach 120-faces before I die. Fortunately, you broke through.”

Zhao Hai stared, he had a confused expression as he said, “Master, why didn’t you tell me before? Why did you tell me to take a rest?”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “I’m afraid of you being anxious in your training. Any mistakes during spiritual force practice might leave you with an injury that couldn’t be fixed. Because of this, Master didn’t give you any pressure.”

Zhao Hai worriedly replied, “Master, this disciple was unable to understand your pains. Please forgive me.”

Prisonheart forced a smile and said, “I don’t blame you. You didn’t know. Alright, there’s no need to be sad. Your Master has lived for many years. I have seen everything. Go clean this place up.” Zhao Hai nodded as he immediately took out a clump of water and washed the bloodstain away.

Prisonheart took out a jade sword message and then sent it out. After Zhao Hai tidied the place up, he stayed on one side and didn’t make any noise.

Prisonheart looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I’ve called Hawkins over. Since my time is running out, I have to inform him. There are also some things in the realm that I need to explain to him clearly. This way, I won’t have any worries in the future. This month I’ll make preparations so that I can transfer all of my spiritual force to you.”

The grief on Zhao Hai’s face increased, then with a sad tone he replied, “Master, is there no other way? I hear that there’s medicines in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that can prolong life. Disciple is ready to seek it out for you.”

Prisonheart waved his hand and said, “It’s useless. I have already eaten all kinds of medicine. It’s no longer possible to extend my lifespan. You becoming my disciple before my lifespan runs out, Master is already content.”

Now tears were flowing down Zhao Hai’s face, he no longer said anything. Before long, Hawkins arrived along with a group of Divergent Realm Immortal Experts. Seeing Zhao Hai’s sad expression, they couldn’t help but stare. Then their expressions changed as they looked at Prisonheart.

Seeing their gazes, Prisonheart sighed and said, “I have an important matter to tell you. I have already spent my lifespan and I will perish soon. I’ll leave the Divergent Realm to you.”

Boom! Prisonheart’s words were like a bomb that exploded inside the minds of the Immortal Experts. They were all startled by the news, this included Hawkins. He looked at Prisonheart and said, “Elder, stop joking. The Divergent Realm can’t go on without you.”

Prisonheart looked at Hawkins in the eye and said, “Don’t be dramatic. Upon starting one’s cultivation, one should also be aware that their life would reach its end. Did you think I will live forever?”

Hawkins was silent. Everyone lowered their heads and didn’t have the guts to look at Prisonheart. All of them were sad. Prisonheart looked at everyone and then sighed, “I could feel my lifespan ending, so I took Little Hai as a disciple. I gave all of my learning to Zhao Hai and also my cultivation method. With him as a guest elder, I can rest assured. It is all up to you how to develop the Divergent Realm in the future. If you have anything you need help with, you can approach Little Hai. Alright, all of you should go. Little Hai can accompany me. After I die, Little Hai only needs to cremate my body along with this thatch-roofed house. If you want to pay respects, do it outside the valley.”

When they heard Prisonheart’s last words to them, the Immortal Experts couldn’t help but grieve. Prisonheart looked at them and then sighed. A ring flew in front of Hawkins as Prisonheart said, “In this ring are some things I have saved through the years. There are also techniques that I practiced. In the future, if someone specializing in spiritual force appears, you can go show it to them. Now go.”

Hawkins received the ring with tears in his eyes. He took the lead and kowtowed towards Prisonheart. After everyone paid their last respects, they withdrew from the thatch-roofed hut and departed from the valley.

Zhao Hai looked at Prisonheart leaving his final words without saying anything. When Hawkins and the others left, Zhao Hai looked at Prisonheart and said, “Master, take a rest. If you don’t give me your cultivation, maybe you can still increase your lifespan. In that case, this disciple doesn’t need your cultivation.”

Prisonheart looked at Zhao Hai and sighed, “Even if I don’t give you my cultivation, I still won’t survive this month. There’s no need to think about it. We’ll use this time to consolidate your cultivation. You shouldn’t waste your Master’s sacrifice.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He sat in front of Prisonheart and closed his eyes. It only took a moment for him to enter a meditative state. Looking at Zhao Hai, Prisonheart lightly sighed. He had a complex expression on his face as he closed his eyes.

Although Zhao Hai seems to be meditating, he knew what was happening outside. In truth, he was merely acting. This was because he could feel that Prisonheart was also acting. Now he wants to see what Prisonheart has in store for him.


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