BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1619


Chapter 1619 – End of the War

Prisonheart’s expression was ugly as he looked at the scene in front of him. He didn’t expect the Fireweavers to be so ruthless. They actually left such a huge trap before leaving.

However, he was someone who had been through many storms. He took a deep breath and calmed down. He turned to Hawkins beside him and said, “Send people to search around and see if anyone survived.”

Hawkins came back to his senses. There was panic on his face. He immediately sent the order. Mu Yao was also not idle, he turned his head to Zhao hai and said, “Little Hai, have everyone come to help, see if there’s any survivors nearby. Also, look out for any ambushes.” Zhao Hai nodded and then took out a jade sword message. 

After sending the Jade Sword Message, Zhao Hai waved his hand as a huge ball of water flew out of his hand. The water ball exploded and became a drizzle which poured down the surrounding area.

The cultivators of the Hundred Treasures Realm flew over and helped search the surroundings. They widened their search but could only see severed limbs and clumps of meat. They didn’t see any survivors.

After five hours of searching, the three groups convened to Zhao Hai’s large artifacts. They found nothing. Not only were they unable to gain any harvests, all cultivators from the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm had met a cruel death. Even Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to bring them back by turning them into Undead.

Hawkins had a pale expression when he returned to the ship. He bowed to Prisonheart and said, “Elder, we weren’t able to discover any survivors.”

Prisonheart already calmed himself down. He nodded and said, “Alright, have everyone take a rest. Ask Jian Feng to come over. I have something to tell him.” Hawkins nodded as he turned around and left.

When Hawkins left, Prisonheart went to Mu Yao’s room and said, “Mu Yao, come over as well. We’ll be discussing the result of the war.”

Mu Yao nodded, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Have everyone return to the large artifacts to take a rest.” Zhao Hai nodded before he turned around and left.

Not long after Mu Yao and Prisonheart entered the cabin, Hawkins returned with Jian Feng. As Mu Yao was about to give Jian Feng a salute, Jiang Feng waved his hand as he turned to Prisonheart and said, “I didn’t expect the Fireweavers to be so ruthless. We fell for their scheme.”

Prisonheart replied, “There’s no use discussing this .No matter what, the war is over and we won. The Fireweavers have left the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. This is something worth being happy for.” Jian Feng nodded and sat down. Mu Yao and Hawkins also sat down.

After everyone sat down, Prisonheart turned to Jian Feng and said, “Jian Feng, I intend to bury all those who died here. We’ll construct a huge grave in this place to commemorate their sacrifice. What do you think?”

Hearing Prisonheart, Jian Feng stared, then he immediately nodded and said, “I agree, as it should be.”

Prisonheart nodded, “The war is over. And we’ll handle the conclusion as we have discussed before. Is there no problem with this?”

Jian Feng shook his head and said, “There’s no problem. We’ll follow the agreement.”

Prisonheart gave another nod, then he turned to Mu Yao and said, “Mu Yao, after you go back, send people to receive Halfbeast Island. The Hundred Treasures Realm owns it from now on.”

Mu Yao cupped his fist and said, “I thank Elder Prisonheart.”

Prisonheart waved his hand and said, “You have nothing to thank for. You earned this. The Hundred Treasures Realm contributed greatly in this battle. Without your large artifacts, we wouldn’t have been able to break through their defensive line. But when you go back, have Little Hai stay for some time.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “Alright. Once Little Hai sends us back, he will return immediately. Elder can rest assured.”

Prisonheart gave a nod and said, “Alright. Brother Jian Feng, let’s jointly send an announcement to the outside world. We’ve sent away the evildoers of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Jian Feng understood Prisonheart’s meaning. They weren’t just going to announce that the Fireweavers have been driven away, they were also telling people that the Fireweavers Territory now belonged to them. Naturally, Jian Feng wouldn’t disagree. If they don’t do this, people would say that the two realms were shamelessly grabbing other peoples’ land.

Prisonheart discussed the aftermath of the war with everyone before they all left. When Mu Yao returned to his room, he found that the Immortal Experts were already waiting for him. He quickly opened his door and invited them all inside.

After everyone entered the room, Mu Yao looked at everyone and then said, “The war has ended. We have officially received Halfbeast Island!”

“Long Live!” Everyone cheered. Halfbeast Island was a territory that the Hundred Treasures Realm had long wanted to obtain. Now, they were able to get it. They were naturally happy.

After some time, the mood in the room has calmed down. Mu Yao smiled and said, “We still have things to take care of. Once we’re finished, we will return to the realm and then send people over to Halfbeast Island. But everyone should be aware that it would be very difficult to subdue the island. We need to be prepared. Little Hai, once you send us back, you’ll need to come back. Prisonheart wants you to study with him.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, Elder.” Everyone looked at Zhao Hai with a different gaze. It must be known that Zhao Hai was now a Guest Seat Elder of the Divergent Realm. His identity was almost on par with Mu Yao. 

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the gazes nor did Mu Yao. Mu Yao knew clearly that Zhao Hai’s acknowledgement of a Master was quite ominous.

After explaining a few more details, Mu Yao had everyone go back. When they left Mu Yao’s room, Mu Yu patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “You be careful.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he looked to Mu Yu and said, “Brother Mu, you have to work hard too. When I return, I hope that we already have Halfbeast Island under control.”

Mu Yu smiled faintly and said, “We certainly will. You can rest assured.” Then the two returned to their own cabins.

Two days later, a huge tomb appeared where the Fireweaver Headquarters used to be. A huge stone tablet was erected with 20 thousand names engraved on it. The back of the tablet was also engraved. The tombstone was very tall and could be seen at a distance.

Zhao Hai looked at the tablet and could feel an emotion. It was clear that the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm were the invaders that drove the Fireweavers away. But now, the dead were heralded as heroes while the Fireweavers would be forgotten. It was indeed true that winners were the ones to write history.

After setting up the tomb and paying respects, the Hundred Treasures Realm began to leave. After Zhao hai sends them back, Zhao Hai would return with Prisonheart to the Divergent Realm in order to study.

The return journey was very safe, nobody provoked them. The expulsion of the Fireweavers by the Divergent Realm, Sword Realm, and the Hundred Treasures Realm has been spread around the entire battlefield. The Hundred Treasures Realm troops had just experienced war, in this case, only blind people would dare fight them. It would be courting death.

After ten days, the Hundred Treasures Realm arrived at their headquarters. And after a day of rest, Zhao Hai used the transmission formation to head towards the Divergent Realm’s headquarters.

Prisonheart already returned to their headquarters. An agreement had already been drafted before they began to take action against the Fireweavers. So there simply wasn’t much left to take care about. Whether it was the Sword or the Divergent Realm, they were beginning to digest their gains. 

This was the first time Zhao Hai came to the Divergent Realm’s headquarters. However, he wasn’t ignorant about the place. This was because the Space already mapped it out.

The biggest difference between the Divergent Realm’s headquarters and the other headquarters was that there weren’t as many caves inside. There were houses built inside unlike other places where there weren’t many houses and had many caves instead.

After appearing in the transmission formation, a Severed Soul Expert immediately approached him. He sized Zhao Hai up and down before asking, “Friend, what is your reason for coming to the headquarters?”

Zhao Hai looked at the person. He looked ordinary besides his eyes. They were red and weren’t normal.

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Hello, my name is Zhao Hai. I’m here to visit my Master.”

As soon as the person heard Zhao Hai’s name, he was stunned. He heard that Elder Prisonheart has accepted a disciple named Zhao Hai and he was from the Hundred Treasures Realm. He didn’t expect to actually see Zhao Hai. He looked at Zhao Hai’s appearance once more and couldn’t help but feel disappointed. This was because Zhao hai was too ordinary. He didn’t seem to look any special.

It must be known that Prisonheart had a very high status in the Divergent Realm. People like this Severed Soul Expert would be lucky to have Prisonheart spare them a few words. They wouldn’t even dare to think about being accepted as Prisonheart’s disciple.

However, Prisonheart actually accepted Zhao Hai as a disciple. This caused the Severed Soul Expert to feel curious about Zhao Hai as well as envious.

If Zhao Hai was extraordinary, then there would be no problems. However, Zhao Hai looked extremely ordinary. The Severed Soul Expert was unconvinced. As though going through normal procedures, he asked, “Do you have proof that you’re Zhao Hai?”


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