BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1618


Chapter 1618 – Heaven-shaking Explosion

As the sword rays got closer, a group of people began appearing not far away from Zhao Hai and the others. As soon as he saw these people, Zhao Hai finally got the feeling of being in a Cultivation Universe. These people were wearing white robes and rode a sword. Their swords shone with a cold light. They looked domineering.

Leading these people was a silver-haired old man. His hair was pulled back and three strands of beard floated on his chest.

As soon as this old man saw Prisonheart, he smiled as he cupped his fist and said, “I didn’t expect Prisonheart to lead the army. This Jian Feng pays his respects.”

Hearing the old man introduce himself, Zhao Hai immediately knew the person’s nickname. Generally, people from the Sword Realm take the word sword(jian) as their surname. Jian Feng’s name meant Wind Sword, which was also his nickname. This meant that Jian Feng’s sword was like the wind, fast and swift, virtually hard to defend against.

Prisonheart smiled at Jian Feng and said, “I didn’t think Brother Jian Feng would come. You’re quite fast, hahaha. Brother, how about you come sit with me on the ship?”

Jian Feng wasn’t polite, he cupped his fist and said, “Then I’ll be disturbing Brother Prisonheart.” After he said that, he waved his hand. Then the people from the sword realm descended to the ground and began setting up camp.

Cultivators also need to take a rest. So when a large number of them goes somewhere, they would set up a camp. If there were only a few of them, they would dig open a cave for a temporary rest.

Prisonheart and Jian Feng embarked on the Hell King’s Ship. Hawkins and Mu Yao also went with them. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai and the others weren’t qualified to join.

Prisonheart, Jian Feng, Hawkins, and Mu Yao went inside the cabin. Prisonheart then asked Jian Feng to take a seat. Jian Feng curiously inspected the transforming cloud he sat on. He looked at Prisonheart and said, “Brother Prisonheart really knows how to enjoy life. This thing is very comfortable.”

Prisonheart smiled faintly and said, “This isn’t mine, but the Hundred Treasures Realm’s. I’m just here to take advantage of them. Come, Brother Feng. Let me introduce you, this is Mu Yao of the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Mu Yao didn’t dare show any disrespect. This old man was someone of high status in the Sword Realm. Moreover, this was someone who can address Prisonheart as his brother, this meant that this old man was of a higher generation. Mu Yao immediately gave Jian Feng a salute and said, “Mu Yao has seen Senior Jian Feng.”

Jian Feng looked at Mu Yao and nodded, “There’s no need to be polite. I was acquainted with your Master a long time ago. Take a seat. I heard that your Hundred Treasures Realm is doing very well recently?”

Mu Yao smiled and said, “We’re lucky. But compared to the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm, we’re still too far.”

Jian Feng laughed. To be honest, he’s quite fond of Mu Yao. He was neither servile nor arrogant. He was calm and had a bearing of a respectable Elder.

Prisonheart smiled faintly and said, “Brother Jian Feng, this is Elder Hawkins of the Divergent Realm.”

Hawkins also stood up and gave a salute, “Hawkins has seen Elder Jian Feng.”

Jian Feng smiled and said, “Worthy of being a Young Leader. The Divergent Realm is full of talent.”

Hawkins quickly replied, “I don’t deserve Elder’s praise.”

Prisonheart smiled and said, “Alright, let’s stop with the pleasantries. Let’s talk about the Fireweavers. They’re now on their last leg. I suspect they’re planning their retreat.”

Jian Feng’s expression turned serious as he nodded and said, “If I was the Fireweaver Race, I would also choose to leave the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. With their current strength, they wouldn’t be able to stop us. But I’m afraid the Fireweavers wouldn’t just retreat easily. They’re known for being treacherous.”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “From what I can see, let’s send two test attacks tomorrow. If the Fireweavers resist hard, then we’ll launch a full attack. If they retreated, then we’ll take it easy.”

Jian Feng nodded, “Let’s do that. Our two sides will send 10 thousand people each. Brother Prisonheart, what do you think?”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll send the attack. Mu Yao, this time, the Hundred Treasures Realm will not participate. This way, you won’t increase your losses. What do  you think?”

Mu Yao smiled faintly and said, “I have no problems. I’ll listen to Elder’s suggestion.” Mu Yao understood Prisonheart’s intention. This decision wasn’t just for reducing the Hundred Treasures Realm’s losses. The real reason was he didn’t want the Hundred Treasures Realm to gain too much merit.

Although the Fireweavers have retreated, it’s impossible for them to leave their headquarters as it is. Otherwise, the attackers would get all the good things inside. The Sword Realm and the Divergent Realm didn’t want the Hundred Treasures Realm to gain benefits, so they used this excuse to prevent them from entering the Fireweaver Headquarters.

Mu Yao might be angered by this if it was any other situation. To the Sword Realm and the Divergent Realm, the Hundred Treasures Realm has no qualifications to become their equal. But this time, Mu Yao wasn’t angry. This was because he knew the gifts that the Fireweavers left behind when they retreated. Mu Yao wasn’t too anxious to receive this gift along with the Sword Realm and the Divergent Realm.

Jian Feng discussed what to do tomorrow with Prisonheart before they left. As soon as Jian Feng left, Prisonheart turned to Mu Yao and sighed as he said, “Mu Yao, I hope you don’t get angry. We have no choice. If I let you participate, the Sword Realm wouldn’t be able to accept. And it wouldn’t be good for the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Mu Yao smiled and said, “Elder can rest assured. I can understand.”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “That’s good. You also go back and rest. If our attack goes smoothly, then our cooperation will be a success.”

Mu Yao stood up and then gave Prisonheart a salute before leaving. As soon as he returned to his room, Mu Yao immediately called Zhao Hai and Mu Yu over.

When Zhao Hai and Mu Yu arrived inside Mu Yao’s cabin, they saw Mu Yao standing with a smile on his face. The two were somewhat confused.

Mu Yao looked at Zhao Hai and then smiled faintly as he said, “Little Hai, it seems like we need to change our plans. We no longer need to worry about losing people.

Zhao Hai actually knew what happened, so he guessed what Mu Yao meant. But he still acted confused and asked, “Elder, is something wrong with our plan?”

Mu Yao smiled, he shook his head and said, “There’s nothing wrong with the plan. But for tomorrow, the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm will be sending 20 thousand people to attack the Fireweaver Headquarters. If our information is true, then there wouldn’t be many people left inside the headquarters. In this case, the 20 thousand people would find it easy to break through. When the Fireweavers fully withdraw and activate their plan, the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t be there to receive the damage. However, the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm wouldn’t lose a lot. For these two realms, losing 10 thousand people was nothing at all.”

Looking at Mu Yao who was feeling happy, gloating at every thought, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu didn’t say anything. Naturally, Mu Yao didn’t say anything wrong. The loss of 20 thousand people was nothing for the Sword Realm and the Divergent Realm. However, the impact of this event wouldn’t be small. This was because the people who would be sent in first would be those who were very loyal to the two realms. In terms of value, the loss of the two realms wouldn’t be small.

Still with a smile on his face, Mu Yao said, “Tell everyone about the news so that they wouldn’t be confused that the plan is changed. When things are settled here, we will go back to the headquarters. But I reckon Little Hai will be left behind.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’m going to be alright.”

Mu Yao nodded and waved his hand, allowing Zhao Hai and Mu Yu to leave. After the two left, they immediately spread the news to everyone to keep them from making a move.

The next day, The Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm organized an army of 20 thousand people to attack the Fireweaver Headquarters. Just as Mu Yao thought, the majority of the 20 thousand-man army was composed of the two realms’ natives. There were only a few who came from the subordinate realms.

Mu Yao and Zhao Hai looked at the headquarters calmly. They were hoping that the moment would arrive soon.

The Fireweavers didn’t let Zhao Hai wait for a long time. In less than an hour, a loud noise was heard from the Fireweaver Headquarters. Then the entire headquarters erupted like a volcano. A red pillar flew straight towards the sky. The defensive shield of the headquarters popped like a soap bubble. The explosion expanded out for nearly a mile before finally stopping.

Everyone stared blankly at the Fireweaver Headquarters. The sky was filled with dust and there was no way to see inside. The entire headquarters has disappeared and was replaced by a huge crater a hundred meters deep. Not to mention people, there were no corpses found.

Everyone was stunned looking at this, including Zhao Hai and Mu Yao. Although they knew the plan of the Fireweavers, they didn’t expect the gunpowder to produce such a huge explosion. Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel a lingering fear. If they really entered the headquarters and enacted their plan, they would have still been injured. Even an Immortal Expert would meet a cruel death under such an explosion.

It should be mentioned that the shockwave of the explosion caused the shields of the large artifacts to break. Moreover, the large artifacts had been pushed one li(.5km) back. One could see how strong the explosion was!


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