BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1617


Chapter 1617 – Expelled

Seeing Mu Yao understand what he meant, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Naturally, we’ll go with them. However, everyone should stay  inside the large artifacts. If something happens, then the large artifacts would protect them, nobody would be injured. And we can claim that we suffered losses when the time comes.”

Mu Yao knit his brows and walked on the ground for some time before he said, “This is also good. But when the explosion happens and the large artifacts are fine, then the Divergent Realm wouldn’t believe it if we say that we suffered losses.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We can hide a few large artifacts outside the headquarters. And when we enter the Fireweaver Headquarters, we’ll use the transmission formations to transport people outside of the headquarters, leaving only the large artifacts to get damaged. We can even let some Undead into the ships to act dead.”

Mu Yao’s eyes shone, “Alright, that’s a good plan. We’ll go with that.” After that, Mu Yao took out a jade sword message and wrote something inside it before releasing it. Before long, a few commanders of the Hundred Treasures Realm entered Mu Yao’s cabin. Then Mu Yao began to explain Zhao Hai’s plan.

Mu Yao wasn’t afraid that these people would reveal the plan. The loyalty of these people to the Hundred Treasures Realm has already been tested. They wouldn’t dare do anything detrimental to the realm like revealing secret plans.

Hearing the plan, everyone’s eyes shone. These people understood clearly that they cannot be fooled by the politeness between the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Divergent Realm. If the two get in conflict in the future, the Divergent Realm certainly wouldn’t let them go. In the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, the loudest voices were always those with the biggest fist.

Mu Yao looked at everyone present and said, “This is our current plan. Relay information to those in the ships to prepare for this play. When the time comes, you all go out of the headquarters using the transmission formations hidden inside the ships. Upon going out of the Fireweaver Headquarters, immediately use the large artifacts and return to our headquarters. We cannot allow any failures in this plan.” Everyone nodded.

The reason why they can’t return to the headquarters directly from the Fireweaver Headquarters was because long-distance formations emit a bright light when used. Moreover, long-distance transmission also consumed a lot of energy.

If the transmission formation was in a proper location, then there would be no problems with energy. But the transmission formation was in the large artifacts. And it wouldn’t be good if they were discovered by the Divergent Realm. Therefore, Zhao Hai would hide several long-distance transmission formations outside the headquarters. In this way, they wouldn’t be discovered by the Divergent Realm.

Mu Yao did all of this not because he was guarding against ordinary cultivators of the Divergent Realm, instead he was wary about Prisonheart. It must be known that Prisonheart was an old turtle and has gained a lot of experience in battle and cultivation. Because he specializes in spiritual force, he was very sensitive to any fluctuations in energy. So just in case, Mu Yao had to make these measures.

After everyone left, Mu Yao turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, after this, I’m afraid you will have to stay behind for a while. Prisonheart definitely wouldn’t let you go back. You need to be more careful when that time comes.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Elder can rest assured. I will take care.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “Alright, you go and prepare as well. We cannot make any mistakes. Otherwise, the Hundred Treasures Realm would suffer huge losses.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong. Once everyone gets to the large artifacts waiting outside the headquarters, I will immediately command the large artifacts to withdraw. These large artifacts can shrink, nobody would be able to see them.”

Mu Yao nodded and waved his hand. Zhao Hai gave a salute before retreating. The Divergent Realm losing more people would only bring benefits to the Hundred Treasures Realm. There were no saints among the Five Great Realms, every single one of them were treacherous. Zhao Hai was just preparing things for later.

Zhao Hai and the Hundred Treasures Realm made their preparations while the Divergent Realm were unaware. Although Prisonheart was also staying inside a ship of the Hundred Treasures Realm, Zhao Hai had a method to isolate him from whatever was happening outside.

When everything was prepared, Zhao Hai went to the Prisonheart’s cabin and knocked, “Zhao Hai asks to meet Master.”

Prisonheart’s voice was heard, “Little Hai, come in.” Zhao Hai opened the door and walked in. Prisonheart was sitting on his cloud. When Zhao Hai came in, Prisonheart’s eyes couldn’t help but shine. He looked surprised as he said, “You already condensed your spiritual crystal? It seems like your spiritual force is really not that small.”

Zhao Hai bowed and said, “Master, back in the lower realms, I was a Mage who specialized in my spiritual force. After ascending, I learned Mage techniques, so my spiritual force is more powerful than the average person.”

Prisonheart nodded. He already knew Zhao Hai’s matters. He knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t a Hundred Treasure Realm native nor did he ascend to the Hundred Treasures Realm. He came from a subordinate realm and then was adopted by the Hundred Treasures Realm later on. Prisonheart replied, “Since you have condensed your spiritual crystal, then you have reached the requirements for my cultivation method. Is there anything you are confused about?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I want to ask about strengthening my control over spiritual force.”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “Go on.” Zhao Hai nodded and then asked about the difficulty of directly controlling objects using spiritual force. In fact, he already asked the Universal Scanner about this question. However, he didn’t want Prisonheart to think that he was too talented. So he specially got some questions to ask Prisonheart about.

Zhao Hai was still uncertain about the reason Prisonheart accepted him as a disciple. He doesn’t know what Prisonheart was planning, so Zhao Hai doesn’t want to reveal all of his cards.

Hearing Zhao Hai’s questions, Prisonheart nodded. To be honest, he was satisfied with Zhao Hai becoming his disciple. Therefore, he patiently answered Zhao Hai’s questions.

Zhao Hai heard an answer similar to the Universal Scanner. It even made him understand the topic even more.

Zhao Hai asked two more questions which Prisonheart patiently answered. While the two were talking, a voice was heard from outside, “Elder, is Little Hai with you? It’s time to depart.”

Hearing Mu Yao, Zhao Hai immediately stood up and gave Prisonheart a bow as he said, “Master, disciple will excuse himself first.”

Prisonheart waved his hand and said, “Go. Pay attention to your safety.” Zhao Hai nodded and then left. Prisonheart looked at Zhao Hai’s back and muttered, “I didn’t expect him to be this fast.” Then he closed his eyes.

When Zhao Hai came out of Prisonheart’s cabin, he saw Mu Yao waiting for him. Seeing Zhao Hai, Mu Yao immediately said, “Let’s go. Hawkins just gave us the signal.” Zhao Hai nodded and then followed Mu Yao to the bow of the Hell King’s Ship. Then Zhao Hai commanded the fleet to fly towards the Fireweaver Headquarters. At this point, Zhao Hai had already put the turtle away.

A lot of people from the Divergent were inside the large artifacts. Originally, with the ability of the large artifacts, everyone from the Divergent Realm were able to be inside. However, Zhao Hai didn’t do that. He only allowed a certain number of Divergent Realm cultivators inside and said that there’s no longer any space. Hawkins didn’t know a lot about the large artifacts, so they didn’t say anything.

Zhao Hai didn’t let the Divergent Realm inside the large artifacts because he didn’t want them to understand the abilities of the artifacts. If that happens, then he would have less cards to use in the future.

Since the Fireweavers decided to retreat and the subordinate realms had surrendered, the army didn’t meet any resistance along the way. However, the alliance army didn’t advance quickly. After all, Hawkins didn’t know that the Fireweavers had decided to retreat.

Zhao Hai and the others took three days before reaching the Fireweaver Headquarters. The headquarters’ defensive shield was still up, so nobody could see the situation inside. Hawkins didn’t rashly order the attack and instead ordered Zhao Hai to stop. They would wait for the Sword Realm to arrive.

Although Hawkins liked battle, he also understood how much loss they would suffer if they attacked the headquarters without waiting for the Sword Realm to arrive. And if they succeed, then the Sword Realm would think that the Divergent Realm has claimed all the good harvests. This would cause misunderstanding between the two realms. Because of this, Hawkins stopped and didn’t rush to attack.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t have any worries. He continued to monitor the Fireweavers using the Space as he made his final arrangements. Several shrunken large artifacts were parked outside the headquarters. They were also disguised, nobody would be able to find them.

While Zhao Hai was making his preparations, he sensed that Prisonheart had left his room. Zhao Hai stood up and then immediately pretended to find the old man. He bowed towards Prisonheart and said, “I have seen Master.”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “Good. We’re already at the headquarters of the Fireweaver Race. Hawkins, you have grown a bit. It’s good that you didn’t attack immediately.”

Hawkins felt somewhat awkward. But he still gave Prisonheart a salute as he said, “I’ve made Elder worry.”

Prisonheart chuckled and said, “You’re doing very well. Just wait for the Sword Realm to arrive before acting together.” Hawkins nodded. Then the Hell King’s Ship fell into silence.

At this time, sword rays could be seen from a distance. From their quantity, they looked like a meteor shower. 


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