BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1615


Chapter 1615 – Spiritual Crystal

Zhao Hai said goodbye to Mu Yu. The reason he asked Mu Yu for drinks was because he didn’t want to have any conflicts with him in the future.

Zhao Hai knew that although he was currently very popular in the Hundred Treasures Realm, he was still a bit worse than Mu Yu. This was because Mu Yu was the successor of the Mu Faction. The people in the Mu Faction would fully support Mu Yu first before Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to have any conflicts with Mu Yu just because he accepted Prisonheart as a Master. Therefore, he looked for Mu Yu and shared a drink with him. Zhao Hai even revealed that Prisonheart attacked both him and Mu Yao. He believed that Mu Yu wouldn’t reveal anything about this.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath before returning to the Space. When he entered the villa, Laura looked at him and said, “Brother Hai, why don’t you use this opportunity to join the Divergent Realm?”

Zhao Hai shook his head as he forced a smile and said, “No, if I join the Divergent Realm now, then everything I did before would be useless. Most importantly, we still don’t know if Prisonheart really intends to take me as a disciple. Also, the situation of the Divergent Realm is much more complicated than the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Laura sighed and said, “Brother Hai, do you really think that the Hundred Treasures Realm could unify the entire Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield? Wouldn’t the Sky Tower do anything about it?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m forcing the Sky Tower to take action. As long as they make a move, we might be able to see who or what they really are.”

Laura nodded. To be honest, she was also curious about the Sky Tower. What was the Sky Tower really? Everyone inside it was an elite expert. Even if they only went until the fifth floor, Zhao Hai and the others already met so many powerful experts. How strong was the Sky Tower?

Most importantly, every person they met from the Sky Tower had Faith Power. When was Faith Power so common? Where did those people get Faith Power? Do they also have realms they control?

Speaking of which, the reason Zhao Hai needed to track down the background of the Sky Tower wasn’t because of Faith Power. What he wanted to know was how the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was made. The more he found information about the Sky Tower, the more curious he became.

Zhao Hai knew clearly from the situation of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that it was impossible for the Sky Tower to gain Faith Power from this place. They made the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield but they cannot gain any Faith Power from it, so why did they make it in the first place?

Most importantly, there was no way to maintain peace in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for a long time. It was in an never ending cycle of war. Not to mention small-scale battles, battles between large armies were quite common. Also, the enmity between realms was most likely caused by the Sky Tower.

All of this was very abnormal. Nobody knew what the people who built the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield wanted to do and why they built it. But since they clearly have a purpose, Zhao Hai wanted to know it. Is it just to watch people kill themselves? In that case, wouldn’t the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield be like a colosseum? If they want to foster experts in this way, then it would be like insects in a bottle.

Whether it be a colosseum or a bottle of insects, Zhao Hai wanted to know. This was because he didn’t want to be part of any of it.

And to get out of this situation, Zhao Hai must know who was behind it all. As long as he knows who his enemies were, he can then begin to make plans on how to eliminate them.

Zhao Hai was normally lukewarm, very good to get along with. He wouldn’t shout ‘kill’ at any opportunity. He prefers a calm life. However, he also has his bottom line. He didn’t want his destiny being controlled by other people. Nobody controls his life.

Because of this, Zhao Hai arrived at his current situation. But he discovered that he cannot get rid of this invisible hand that easily, so he needed to resist.

Having lived with Zhao Hai for so long, Laura and the others knew him very well. Zhao Hai liked a simple but free life. This kind of life was very easy to satisfy, but it depends on other people to keep their hands out of his life. And everyone who tried to do this received Zhao Hai’s merciless attack.

After Zhao Hai sat down, Meg handed him a cup of tea. Then she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, when do you plan to fully study the spiritual force cultivation method? If it has any problems, don’t practice it anymore. After all, that is a method given by Prisonheart. We still can’t trust him.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, even if Prisonheart has some ideas, this cultivation method doesn’t have anything in it. He just wants to give us benefits so that we’ll lower our guard against him. I’ll be guarded against him all the time, so he won’t pose a threat to us.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Meg nodded and said, “So you have already thought about it. Then I won’t worry anymore. Do you want to practice it now? You can try it under the Hundred Spirits Tree.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ll try it. If you have time, you can also practice. You’ve been drinking spiritual tea for many years, so your spiritual force isn’t bad at all. This cultivation method should be effective for you. With his ability, Prisonheart was able to run wild in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for many years.”

The cultivation method that Prisonheart gave Zhao Hai was very comprehensive. If Zhao Hai’s spiritual force was like a crude clay pot, then Prisonheart’s was like an exquisite porcelain.

Laura and the others didn’t like to cultivate like most people. Moreover, they didn’t need to cultivate. Although their bodies were inferior to Zhao Hai’s, it was still quite powerful compared to other people. Moreover, they didn’t need to participate in any battles outside. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t make them cultivate.

On the other hand, this cultivation method can be learned by them. This was because this method was similar to the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Technique. It can be practiced at any time.

As long as you practice it once, your spiritual force will become a spiritual crystal. This spiritual crystal would continue to rotate and practice by itself. Even if you don’t manage it, it would still cultivate, increasing your spiritual force little by little.

This spiritual crystal was something that Prisonheart gained after years of cultivation. And average people wouldn’t be able to form it. Although they have strong spiritual force, Severed Soul Experts couldn’t achieve this level most of the time.

Naturally, for Zhao Hai, Laura, and the other women, this wasn’t a problem. They drink spiritual tea all-year round. Their spiritual force was very formidable. Because of this, they were able to form a spiritual crystal. And once they do, they no longer need to worry about cultivation.

The shape of the spiritual crystal wasn’t random. Each face of the crystal represented a certain function like attack or control. Once you use your spiritual force, the crystal would rotate according to what function was used. For example, there’s a sequence for a certain attack or a sequence if you want to shape your spiritual force. The more you cultivate your spiritual force, the stronger each face of the crystal would be. Moreover, it would lead to more combinations you could perform, making your spiritual attacks more complex.

When Prisonheart was at his peak, he was invincible when it came to spiritual force. But now that his life was nearing its end, although his spiritual force was still formidable, it couldn’t compare to before. Nevertheless, even at this point, the only person who could block Prisonheart’s spiritual attack in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was Zhao Hai.

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others nodded. But they didn’t take it too seriously. In their eyes, it was good as long as they were silently supporting Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at his wives and smiled bitterly. Then he walked outside and sat underneath the Hundred Spirits Tree. He could feel the rich spiritual qi emitted by the tree. It would be comparable to a high-grade spiritual vein in the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Zhao Hai knew that this was because of the Hundred Spirits Tree’s increasing strength. And as the spiritual qi it emitted got stronger, the more benefits it brought to the plants inside the Space.

Zhao Hai calmly sat down and adjusted his spiritual force. When he was completely calm, he slowly began to control his spiritual force. The small avatar that was sitting on top of his Dao Lotus began to move. The golden core on its abdomen began to shite. At the same time, its hair extended to the void. In this void were stars that glittered.

As though with their own thoughts, the avatar’s hair moved along with the stars. After some time, the glitter of the stars became more and more erratic. In the end, the stars exploded before calming down once more. The avatar closed its eyes and its hair became loose. Although the hair was still very long, it was no longer floating. On top of the avatar’s head was a small crystal. The crystal wasn’t big but it had a lot of small faces. Then it began to slowly rotate about its own axis.


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