BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1613


Chapter 1613 – Guest Seat Elder

Zhao Hai looked calmly as the cultivators from the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Divergent Realm chased the Fireweavers. In the Fireweaver army, the most loyal were undoubtedly those from the Fireweaver Race. So when they attacked the Fireweaver Army, they made sure to attack the native Fireweavers. Naturally, killing people from the subordinate realms couldn’t be avoided. After all, no matter where they came from, they were still enemies.

Zhao Hai’s large artifacts rushed back and forth in the Fireweaver’s army formation seven times. But besides the first round, the results weren’t as satisfactory. He killed less and less people at each go.

On the other hand, the sword shuttles were faring very well. The Immortal Experts inside them only supplied energy, the control was still left to Laura and the others.

The Fireweavers were turned upside down. The Fireweavers had no idea how the sword shuttles became very strong. Some of these sword shuttles even attacked Immortal Experts, which they managed to kill.

In this case, it became impossible for the Fireweavers to protect the defensive line. The subordinate realms fled all at once. The Fireweavers also began to run away. They were then pursued by the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Divergent Realm.

Zhao Hai calmly stood in place and didn’t move. He watched all of this happen in a calm manner. But inside, Zhao Hai was very happy. The Fireweavers lost a lot. And this meant more Undead.

At this time, two figures flew over. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw Mu Yao and Hawkins. The two appeared on Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship. The two of them were understandably happy. The battle gave them more confidence in dealing with the Fireweavers.

Hawkins patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Little Hai, I have to thank you. If it weren’t for you, we would have suffered successive losses. With our win this time, the Fireweavers are finished.” Zhao Hai was confused as he looked at Hawkins. Although the Fireweavers lost heavily this time, it wasn’t enough to cut through the bone. How could Hawkins say that it was the end for the Fireweavers.”

Mu Yao looked at Zhao Hai’s expression, then he smiled faintly and said, “We defeated the Fireweavers both times when they were ready. In this case, the subordinate realms would begin to lose confidence in the Fireweavers. The Fireweavers will lose most of their combat strength. I think the Divergent Realm already made preparations for this, right?”

Hawkins nodded and said, “Before we began our attack against the Fireweavers, Elder Prisonheart already made some arrangements. After these two victories, I believe many subordinate realms would surrender to us. Elder Prisonheart is very good at these kinds of things.”

Mu Yao and Zhao Hai looked at each other and didn’t say anything. For them, such an arrangement was normal. If there wasn’t, then it would be strange. Hawkins made it clear that they haven’t done this kind of thing before. This caused Zhao Hai and Mu Yao to be surprised.

At this time, the sound of a breeze was heard. The three turned their heads and saw Prisonheart on the Hell King’s Ship. They immediately gave the old man a salute.

Prisonheart nodded at the three and then smiled as he said, “Good job. I’ve seen the process of the battle. Let’s head in. Hawkins, tell everyone to come back and stop their pursuit.” Hawkins didn’t understand why, but he still took out a jade sword message.

After the jade sword message was sent, the three entered the cabin to discuss the battle.

Once the group entered the cabin, Prisonheart looked at everyone and said, “Do you find it strange why I recalled everyone? It’s because the subordinate realms already surrendered to us. It wouldn’t be good if we continue to chase them down. Rest assured, the Fireweavers are finished!”

The three nodded when they heard Prisonheart. Once their subordinate realms begin to collapse, the end of the Fireweavers would begin. If one surrendered, it would surely be followed by another. In the future, it would be impossible for the Fireweavers to organize a large army.

Prisonheart looked at the three and then smiled and said, “I already sent information to the Sword Realm. They should be strengthening their attack. The Fireweavers would also lose morale if they heard what happened here. The Fireweavers are at their end.”

Mu Yao and Hawkins were smiling. Conversely, Zhao Hai was frowning. This was because the news Cai’er told him wasn’t as positive.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s expression, Prisonheart couldn’t help but ask, “Little Hai, do you have anything to say? Why is there a frown on your face?” Zhao Hai looked at Prisonheart and said, “Replying to Elder. I’m worried that the Fireweavers would be desperate and seek help from the Buddhist Realm and the Primal Chaos Realm.”

Prisonheart’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to think of this in such happy times like today. The two defeats of the Fireweavers could be attributed to Zhao Hai’s large artifacts, but he didn’t let that go to his head. He also thought of potential enemies like the Buddhist Realm and the Primal Chaos Realm. 

To be honest, if Zhao Hai was a native of the Divergent Realm and wasn’t from the Hundred Treasures Realm, Prisonheart would have groomed him to be his successor.

When Mu Yao and Hawkins heard Zhao Hai, they were both taken aback. Then their expressions changed. They understood that the possibility of this happening was big. When Mu Yao heard Zhao Hai, he was immediately reminded of the Giant Spirit Realm. Upon being cornered by the Hundred Treasures Realm, the Giant Spirit Realm asked for help from the Fireweavers. With them in the same scenario, the Fireweavers could be forced to ask for help from the Buddhist Realm or the Primal Chaos Realm. Although they would have to pay a huge price, they could still keep their standing in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Prisonheart looked at Mu Yao and Hawkins and then said, “Little Hai’s concerns are reasonable. But there’s no need to worry, I already made arrangements. When the war is finished, the two realms would also get benefits. Although their benefits are inferior to what the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm would get, it should still be able to satisfy them. They wouldn’t take action in this matter.”

Hearing Prisonheart, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh inside. Old ginger is indeed more spicy. He said all of that because the Fireweavers did indeed seek help from the Buddhist Realm and the Primal Chaos Realm.

Zhao Hai has been monitoring the Fireweavers for a long time. In these few years, he was able to hitch a ride to the Fireweavers’ headquarters. From there, he was able to get to know the situation better. It was precisely because of this that he knew that Zhu Rong, the Fireweaver Patriarch, had sent people to the Buddhist Realm and the Primal Chaos Realm to ask for help.

But Zhao Hai didn’t expect Prisonheart to have already made proper adjustments. He already offered benefits to the Buddhist Realm and the Primal Chaos Realm so that they wouldn’t send troops. This was the best outcome. Naturally, this depended on how successful the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm were. Otherwise, the Buddhist Realm and the Primal Chaos Realm wouldn’t be as kind.

Prisonheart looked at the three and said, “Recall everyone. I have something to announce.” Hawkins immediately sent a letter. Mu Yao did the same. After the messages were sent, the only thing left was to wait for everyone to come back.

Before long, Severed Soul Experts and Immortal Experts arrived. When they saw Prisonheart, they all gave him a bow before standing silently on the side. Everyone had a happy expression on their faces.

After everyone arrived, Prisonheart gave them all a glance and said, “Our allied army has won twice against the Fireweavers. We’ve forced them to a corner. Now, more than ten subordinate realms have surrendered to us. In the next attack, I’ll depend on everyone to work hard. We need to see a conclusion to this war as soon as possible.” Everyone simultaneously answered, “Yes, Elder.”

Prisonheart nodded and said, “In these two battles, the greatest credit will go to Zhao Hai of the Hundred Treasures Realm. And because Zhao Hai is also a divergent ability user, starting today, I intend to receive him as a closing disciple and bestow him with a Guest Seat Elder’s token. Later on, he will become a Guest Seat Elder. Does anyone object to this?” Prisonheart’s words caused people to stare. They looked at each other and didn’t know what to reply. At this time, Hawkins stood up and said, “I support Elder’s decision. Zhao Hai is strong and is a divergent ability user. Moreover, he provided great contributions to the war. It’s natural for him to become the Divergent Realm’s Guest Seat Elder.”

To be honest, everyone didn’t think that Hawkins would be the first one to agree. This caused everyone to stare. The Immortal Elders of the Divergent Realm looked at each other before standing up and said, “Elder’s decision is proper!” These people didn’t know, but Hawkins wanted to pull Zhao Hai over a long time ago, he just had no opportunity to do so. Now that Prisonheart said that, how could Hawkins oppose it? As for the other Immortal Experts of the Divergent Realm, since Prisonheart and Hawkins agree, then why should they disagree? Prisonheart and Hawkins were the two most influential Elders in the Divergent Realm. Since they agreed, naturally there was nothing to worry about.

Seeing that everyone agrees, Prisonheart nodded and said, “Since nobody opposes, Zhao Hai, are you willing to take me as your master and become a Guest Seat Elder of the Divergent Realm?”

Prisonheart’s question caused everyone’s gazes to turn towards Zhao Hai.