BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1612


Chapter 1612 – Breaking Through

What Hawkins said wasn’t wrong. When Immortal Experts fight against each other, they would always reserve a bit of strength. After all, for all realms, Immortal Experts were valuable resources, especially for small realms. Even realms like the Divergent Realm and the Hundred Treasures Realm would have their foundations shaken when they lose a lot of Immortal Experts.

Because of this, whenever the Immortal Experts of two realms battle, they will find another place to do it. And once losses begin to appear on both sides, they would retreat.

This time, the Fireweavers took advantage of this and chose to fight in front of the army rather than somewhere else. This way, they can separate the two armies from each other, making the Divergent Realm and Hundred Treasures Realm reluctant to lose Immortal Experts. But it was also in this way that the Fireweavers could defend their defensive line.

The Fireweavers knew clearly that even if they have their three-dimensional formation, if ever Zhao Hai manages to break through, the defensive line would be broken soon after. Therefore, they came up with this trick and it worked.

The people in the room were frowning. They failed to anticipate the results of this move of the Fireweavers, this included Zhao Hai. He wanted to use his large artifacts to ram into the defensive line. But with so many Immortal Experts fighting each other it was impossible for him to rush through without completely depleting his momentum.

And once the large artifacts stopped, the attack of the enemy would be more fierce. Then they would have to deal with the Immortal Experts, which would return them to square one.

Zhao Hai frowned. To be honest, he could just dispatch all of the Immortal Undead in the Space and use them to input energy into the large artifacts. Then he could drive the large artifacts to the enemy’s formation. However, he couldn’t do this. Otherwise, his strength would be too shocking.

Then suddenly, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up. He thought of something which he used before. He can just use all of the Immortal Experts here to input their energy into the large artifacts and then attack the enemy. If this happens, the Immortal Experts of the Fireweavers would be unable to stop them. As long as they reach the defensive line, they would certainly succeed.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai stood up and then cupped his fist as he said, “Elders, I have something to say.”

The frowning Mu Yao and Hawkins were attracted to Zhao Hai, at the same time everyone inside the room turned towards Zhao Hai. Hawkins immediately said, “Little Hai has something to say. Let him talk.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “I want to use the method that the Hundred Treasures Realm used in order to break through the blockades of the Fireweavers.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yao couldn’t help but be stunned. Then he slapped his thigh and said, “That’s right, I almost forgot about that method. If we use it, then the Fireweavers would be unable to stop us.”

Hawkins stared at Mu Yao, he didn’t understand Mu Yao’s excitement. Mu Yao turned to Hawkins and then smiled, “When we were breaking through the blockades of the Fireweavers, all of our Immortal Experts sent energy towards the large artifacts in order to boost their strength and impact. Even if Immortal Experts tried to stop us, they couldn’t. If we use all our Immortal Experts here and let them send energy to the large artifacts, I guarantee that the Fireweavers could only get out of the way.”

Hearing Mu Yao, Hawkins stared. Then he laughed. But he still couldn’t help but ask, “Can this work? Will the large artifacts survive with all that energy being channeled to them?”

Mu Yao smiled faintly and said, “There shouldn’t be a problem. The ships have been modified by Little Hai. Inside them are spirit gathering formations. They’re especially installed for things like this.”

Hawkins looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, will this really work? This is very important to us. We cannot make a mistake.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “There shouldn’t be any problem with cultivators and Immortal Experts sending their spiritual qi to the ships. As long as we penetrate into the enemy’s three-dimensional formation, the cultivators can disembark from the ships to attack the Fireweaver army. We can also station Immortal Experts in the Sword Shuttles to attack the enemy’s formations. With Immortal Experts supplying energy, the sword shuttles wouldn’t be afraid of the enemy’s Immortal Experts. And once the sword shuttles goes through the enemy’s army formation, their defensive line should be broken.”

“Alright, we’ll do as you said. Immediately arrange Immortal Experts to each ship. We’ll make tomorrow the last time we attack the defensive line.” Hawkins immediately agreed to Zhao Hai’s proposal. In his opinion, this was the best they could do at this time.

People were immediately shuffled around. Various cultivators entered the large artifacts and some Immortal Experts were sent to the sword shuttles. Everyone was prepared to attack at any time.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was quite calm. He was still firing upon the defensive line. He was also making sure that nobody could move. He didn’t want the Fireweavers to fix the damage he did to the defensive line.

A day passed and the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Divergent Realm finished their preparations. Eight hundred Immortal Experts also entered the sword shuttles. The remaining Immortal Experts were divided into the large artifacts.

All this time, Zhao Hai kept bombarding the defensive line, much to the annoyance of the Fireweavers.

It must be known that, in the past, the Fireweavers were at the top when it came to rifles. But now, they were bullied by cannons. The Fireweavers were now feeling suffocated and choking with rage.

Most importantly, the Hundred Treasures Realm fleet was just right in front of their eyes. But the Fireweavers didn’t dare withdraw their shields. If the shields were taken down, the fleet would no doubt rush over. When the time comes, the ones to suffer would be them.

Just as the Fireweavers were about to sacrifice Immortal Experts just to deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm fleet, the fleet suddenly stopped firing and slowly retreated.

The movement of the fleet caused the Fireweavers to stare. They had no idea what the Hundred Treasures Realm wanted to do. Everyone could see that the fleet was in an advantageous position, so why would they suddenly retreat?

While the Fireweavers were stunned, the Hundred Treasures retreated out of view. This caused the Fireweavers to feel relieved. Even the Immortal Experts couldn’t help but let out a long breath.

At this time, the Hundred Treasures Realm fleet stopped. When the ships stopped, Mu Yao and Hawkins knew that it was time. They immediately issued the command to begin sending spiritual qi to the ships.

Upon being injected with spiritual qi, the eight large artifacts began shining with a golden light, as if golden flames erupted from the ships. Zhao Hai waved his hand and the large artifacts shot out with their fastest speed. It only took a few breaths before they reached the Fireweaver defensive line.

When the Fireweavers saw the fleet shining with golden light, they immediately knew that the Hundred Treasures Realm fleet didn’t retreat, but they were adjusting their distance for a charge. They immediately sent a large number of Immortal Experts as well as cultivators in a three-dimensional formation. They intend to block the fleet’s charge just like before.

But this time, they made the wrong decision. The charge of the Hundred Treasures Realm was too overwhelming. Just as the Immortal Experts positioned themselves in front of the three-dimensional formation, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s fleet was already wheezing in. This scared the Immortal Experts. They quickly launched their attacks. They still divided themselves into eight and targeted the eight large artifacts together.

What the Fireweavers didn’t know was how many people were currently powering the large artifacts. Just as the attacks reached the large artifacts, they immediately fizzled out. Every attack either disappeared or were bounced off. The large artifacts didn’t allow these Immortal Experts to evade. They rammed straight into the bodies of the Fireweaver Immortals.

The Immortal Experts didn’t expect the Hundred Treasures Realm’s fleet to be this violent. They also didn’t have time to think about it as they were immediately smashed into paste.

Then the fleet rushed into the three-dimensional formation. Although the army formation was specially designed to deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm, the fleet came in too fast. Before they could react, the fleet was already barreling through the formation, leaving a trail of blood behind.

The Fireweavers were too shocked. But before they could recover, 800 sword shuttles crashed into the formation. The sword shuttles were like wolves unleashed inside a sheep’s pen. By the time the Fireweavers could respond, it was already too late. After two days and two failed attempts, the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Fireweavers were finally able to break through the Fireweaver Race’s defensive line!


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