BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1601


Chapter 1601 – Win

Prisonheart looked towards the left side of the Fireweaver defensive line and saw a block spot popping out of nowhere. He couldn’t help but be glad. But then he knit his brows.

He was glad because his guess was correct. The Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t attack because the Fireweaver reserve troops hadn’t moved yet. So when the reserve troops moved, the Hundred Treasures Realm also moved.

Prisonheart also frowned because the Hundred Treasures Realm were amazing. Even if he guessed the reason why the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t move, if he was commanding the Hundred Treasures Realm, he wouldn’t be able to do it. The ability of the Hundred Treasures Realm made Prisonheart feel dread.

At the same time, his eyes flashed with a firm light. He turned to Hawkins and said, “Hawkins, get ready. Once the Hundred Treasures Realm breaks through, you’ll immediately charge in.”

Hearing Prisonheart, Hawkins couldn’t help but stare. He also turned towards the left side of the defensive line. He discovered a clump of shadow aggressively charging towards the defensive line.

With Zhao Hai’s command, the entire Hundred Treasures Realm fleet moved. Mu Yao didn’t know why Zhao Hai chose to attack this time. But he noticed the cannons of the large artifacts beginning to extend out of the windows. Mu Yao also saw the arrangement of the turtle shells. It was arranged in a formation that has the effect of increasing the damage to formations.

Mu Yao couldn’t help but nod. Compared to cultivators, formations were more of a headache to deal with. The Fireweavers hid behind their formations to fight against the Hundred Treasures Realm. But once these formations were dealt with, the Hundred Treasures Realm were able to deal with the Fireweavers easily.

After that, Mu Yao noticed that Zhao Hai had released a large number of sword shuttles. The destination of these sword shuttles were the subordinate realm camps that had been almost emptied. Because these subordinate camps didn’t have very powerful defensive formations, the sword shuttles were able to break through easily and slaughter the cultivators inside. Naturally, the cultivators inside the large artifacts also targeted these small camps. 

The large artifacts were very fast. At this time, the sword shuttles sent out by Zhao Hai returned to the fleet. Then the sword shuttles, along with the 13 large artifacts, flew straight towards the Fireweavers army.

The Fireweavers also discovered the approach of the Hundred Treasures Realm. But they had no means to resist this charge. In the end, they can only meet it head on.

Under the gaze of the Fireweavers and the Divergent Realm, the large artifacts of the Hundred Treasures Realm crashed onto Fireweavers like a rhinoceros bulldozing a flock of sheep. The Fireweavers simply could do nothing to block them. The Fireweavers could only look at the bloody road that the Hundred Treasures Realm carved out.

The Fireweaver Army numbered a total of 500 thousand. Because their opponent was the Divergent Realm, their lineups were secret. But at this time, the Hundred Treasures Realm were able to kill countless amounts of people. This completely disrupted the arrangements the Fireweavers made.

The Fireweavers knew that the Hundred Treasures Realm had arrived at the Divergent Realm’s camp. They initially wanted to go over to see if the Hundred Treasures Realm had enough large artifacts to make an impact on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the defenses of the Divergent Realm were too strong. They didn’t have an opportunity to scout it out.

When the Hundred Treasures Realm fleet suddenly appeared on their flank, the Fireweaver Army was confused. And before they could make a response, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s large artifacts came crashing in, ripping a large hole through their army formation.

Since he was paying attention to the battlefield, Prisonheard immediately sent out the Divergent Realm’s reserve troops led by Hawkins. The troops numbered 50 thousand.

Prisonheart left the reserve army to Hawkins. He wanted to see if the Hundred Treasures Realm was as strong as he thought they would. If the Hundred Treasures Realm’s attack really had an impact, then this reserve army would be the last straw that would break the camel’s back.

And soon it was made clear that the Hundred Treasures Realm really did pull their own weight. Moreover, they did their job perfectly. The Fireweaver army’s flank has been shredded to bits. Then there’s the arrival of the Divergent Realm’s reserve army.

The Fireweavers cannot block the Hundred Treasures Realm. Troops numbered to the tens of thousands in the middle of the army were now extremely weakened.

With the enemy’s formation turning chaotic, the Divergent Realm immediately grasped the opportunity. The cultivators of the Hundred Treasures Realm also rushed over. At this time, the Fireweaver Army was very fragile.

If it’s only the Hundred Treasures Realm that attacked, then the Fireweaver army might be able to resist. However, the Divergent Realm was here as well. The Fireweaver Army couldn’t withstand the pressure of two realms.

The subordinate realms of the Fireweavers looked down on the Hundred Treasures Realm. After all, the Hundred Treasures Realm was only a high-grade realm. So how could they surrender to the Hundred Treasures Realm. But the Divergent Realm was different. The Divergent Realm was a Great Realm like the Fireweaver Realm. In the past, when the Fireweavers and the Divergent Realm were still in a stalemate, these subordinate realms could still stay loyal to the Fireweavers. But because of the attack of the Hundred Treasures Realm, the Fireweaver Army was heading into defeat. In this case, the subordinate realms could no longer sit still. Those who had weak mental states began to fall apart.

A collapse of a section of an army would cause a chain reaction to the entire army. In ancient battles, this would cause a great commotion. In fights between cultivators, although there wouldn’t be a commotion, the psychology of the people would still be affected. Seeing their ally running away would plant the idea of running as well in their minds. Inevitably, some people would also run. This was especially true for those from the subordinate realms. Besides their own realms, they were never completely loyal to those they were under. That was to say that these people were just looking for a good battle.

In the battle between the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Fireweaver-Giant Spirit Realm alliance, things were different. It can be said that the Hundred Treasures Realm were never really defeated at that time. The Hundred Treasures Realm also gave their subordinate realms a lot of benefits in exchange for help in their war. In turn, these subordinate realms were eager to deal with the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm.

Moreover, back then, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s performance was perfect. Against the Fireweaver-Giant Spirit Realm alliance, they kept retreating until they defended the headquarters of the Hundred Treasures Realm. In the remaining battles, the losses they incurred were minimal. This gave the subordinate realms confidence in following the Hundred Treasures Realm in future battles.

In comparison, the situation with the Fireweavers wasn’t the same. The Fireweavers hardly won against the attack of the two realms. They could only resist against the Hundred Treasures Realm. Moreover, the last action of the Fireweavers to work with the Giant Spirit Realm caused dissatisfaction among the subordinate realms. Therefore, it was impossible for these subordinate realms to be eager in fighting with the Fireweavers to the end.

The retreat of the subordinate realms was a fatal attack to the army morale. And with the originally chaotic state of the army, the Fireweaver army collapsed soon after.

Zhao Hai had no intentions to let these people off. The fleet turned around and dove once again into the Fireweaver army. Seeing the approaching fleet of large artifacts, those with the last shred of resistance in the Fireweavers were finally compelled to run away.

The cultivators of the Divergent Realm and the Hundred Treasures Realm seem to be injected with chicken blood. They all roared out loud as they tore the Fireweaver army to pieces.

Zhao Hai received his artifacts as he looked at the battlefield. It wasn’t that there were no Immortal Experts that resisted them. But in front of powerful large artifacts, these Immortal Experts were like deer in front of a speeding car.

Also, the Immortal Experts of the Hundred Treasures Realm have set out to deal with the enemy’s Immortal Experts. Some of them were even chasing the escaping enemy.

Only Mu Yao stood beside Zhao Hai on the fortress. He looked at the battlefield in a daze. He let out a long breath and murmured, “We won.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, we won. Elder, will you go meet with the Divergent Realm?”

Mu Yao replied, “Let’s chase the Fireweavers first. The more we kill, the easier it would be for us later on.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand and released his 13 Giant Spirit Treasure Ships along with the sword shuttles. Then these large artifacts separated and began chasing down the enemy. All the Fireweavers who wanted to form a resistance were soon destroyed by the impact of the large artifacts.

It must be said that the melee capabilities of large artifacts were very strong, especially when the enemy didn’t have their own large artifact. 

Originally, the Fireweavers had their own large artifacts. But when they fought against the Divergent Realm, these large artifacts were treated as bunkers, so they were placed in the very front. When Zhao Hai and the others rushed from behind, these large artifacts were unable to turn around in time. In the end, they were destroyed without being able to do anything.

Without any means to counter-attack, it was a one-sided slaughter. The Hundred Treasures Realm and the Divergent Realm cultivators were like sharks that had smelled blood. They threw themselves towards the Fireweavers and hunted them down.

Zhao Hai wasn’t hurried like the others. He just commanded the turtle to roam the battlefield. Sometimes, he would fire his cannons and receive corpses for the Space to turn into Undead. 

At this moment, a breeze arrived. Then a person’s shadow appeared on top of the octagonal fortress!


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