BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1600


Chapter 1600 – It’s Not The Time

A group of Fireweavers stood on their tamed beasts and flew over a forest on the left side of the defensive line. Actually, this forest could no longer be considered as one, this was because it had been leveled to the ground. Broken branches and leaves could be seen everywhere. All of these broken trees were all caused by clashes of spiritual qi. Although the focus of the Divergent Realm’s attacks were on the right side, this didn’t mean that the left was unaffected. It was just that the fights here weren’t as intense.

These Fireweavers were the scouts sent over by their camp. They were responsible for the surveillance around the defensive line. They’re here to see if there’s an army trying to sneak in.

However, just under the noses of these scouts, in the broken forest, were a dozen boat-shaped artifacts a meter long. These boats were disguised to look like fallen trunks from outside. They weren’t eye-catching at all.

Zhao Hai, Mu Yao and Mu Yu were standing at the top layer of the Pagoda, looking at the scouting Fireweavers in the distance. The Pagoda was now an upright trunk standing from the ground. Nobody noticed that there were three people who were smaller than a thumb standing on it.

Mu Yao turned towards the Fireweavers’ defensive line before looking at Zhao Hai and smiling, “Looking at the defensive line, I feel like I’m looking at a giant’s wall now that I’ve shrunk down.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If it weren’t for your help, I wouldn’t have been able to shrink the artifacts for such a long time. This is good. Tomorrow, the Divergent Realm should begin their attack. We’ll have nothing to worry about.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “This is the first time the Hundred Treasures Realm works alongside the Divergent Realm. We must show them that the Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t be trifled with.”

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu nodded. At this time, a team of Fireweavers flew over their heads. Looking at the Fireweavers, Mu Yao sneered and said, “Look at these people, they’ve been arrogant for so long. This time, we need to deal with them properly.”

At this time, the sound of fighting could be heard from a distance. Zhao Hai and the others were quite familiar with this noise. Although the Divergent Realm were gearing up for a large attack, they didn’t stop their smaller attacks along the defensive line. This was to prevent the Fireweavers from noticing something wrong. If the Fireweavers get an idea about Zhao Hai’s actions, it would be difficult for the plan to succeed.

Mu Yao turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, if nothing unexpected happens, the Fireweavers will certainly be defeated. But at the same time, the Divergent Realm will also suffer casualties. I want you to turn them into Undead. Can you do that?”

Zhao Hai was stunned when he heard Mu Yao, he looked at Mu Yao for a moment, then he nodded and said, “There’s no problem. But I can’t turn all of the corpses into Undead. It wouldn’t be good if the Divergent Realm finds out that the corpses of their people have disappeared.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yao let out a long breath. Then he nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll leave it to you. Try to get as many Undead as you can. If possible, kill some of them, but don’t let them find out.”

Zhao Hai nodded. But Mu Yu was still confused, so he turned to Mu Yao and said, “Master, why do this?”

Mu Yao coldly snorted and said, “You didn’t see Hawkins from the Divergent Realm. Because we went to them, that guy looked down on us. Naturally, this isn’t important. What’s important is that this guy might be the one making the final decisions for the Divergent Realm in the future. If that guy becomes their leader, then it’s possible for our two realms to be in conflict. So we might as well take out some of their strength right now.”

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu immediately understood what was going on. Hawkins embarrassed Mu Yao, so it’s no big deal if they take this grievance out on the Divergent Realm.

Originally, Mu Yao wanted the Divergent Realm to participate in their move. But when he saw Hawkins’ appearance, he no longer mentioned it. He knew that if Prisonheart had to force them to work with the Hundred Treasures Realm, then Hawkins would look down on them even more.

But Mu Yao didn’t lie. He wanted to deal with the Divergent Realm to vent out his anger, but he also felt that the Divergent Realm might make a move on the Hundred Treasures Realm in the future. So when that time comes, Mu Yao wanted to see what it would look like if Zhao Hai released Undead from the Divergent Realm to face them.

Naturally, he wasn’t hoping for Zhao Hai’s Undead to do all the work. But he knew that if they equipped the Undead with rifles, their combat strength would increase.

A day quickly passed and everyone got up early in the morning. Everybody was prepared. Since the cultivators and the Immortal Experts of the Hundred Treasures Realm could no longer supply spiritual qi for the large artifacts, Zhao Hai decided to release some Undead to provide energy instead. The cultivators would be responsible for dealing with the subordinate realms of the Fireweavers. Naturally, this would happen after they break through the defensive line.

When the cultivators heard that they finally had the chance to fight, they couldn’t help but celebrate. Besides the fight on the Poison Mountains, all they had been doing was sending energy to the large artifacts. This idle way of life was making them feel aggrieved.

Now that they finally have the opportunity to show their strength, the cultivators were happy. To be honest, there’s a high chance for them to survive this war since they were with Zhao Hai. And if they stayed inside the large artifact, they wouldn’t be killed. But at the same time, this limited their ability to fight. They weren’t like the Undead who could use rifles. Because of this, they couldn’t help but feel useless.

Seeing the cultivators being in high spirits, Zhao Hai bitterly smiled. He didn’t understand why these people were so happy to fight. Didn’t they know that this would cause some of them to die in battle?

Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and immediately knew what he was thinking. He smiled faintly and said, “You think they’re stupid? Desperate to go out?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, as if agreeing. Mu Yu replied, “You don’t understand them. If they don’t get the chance to fight, how can they go back to the realm and receive their reward? They would be too embarrassed to accept it.”

When Mu Yu said this, Zhao Hai stared. He hadn’t really thought about this. Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “In their minds, the chaotic part in the defensive line would be taken care of by the large artifacts. So when they head out, the danger would have already been greatly reduced. What’s left for them was to chase stragglers and pick up some scraps. In this case, they wouldn’t suffer much casualties. So why would they be reluctant to attack?”

Zhao Hai bitterly smiled, he really didn’t think about this. He said, “I haven’t thought about this. But this is also good. Once we break open the defenses of the Fireweavers, the enemy should be very weak. Then our side wouldn’t suffer huge losses when they head out.”

At this time, a loud rumbling sound could be heard from the defensive line. Even Zhao Hai and the others could hear it. Then the Fireweavers from the camps around the defensive line began to concentrate towards the Divergent Realm. The people on the left side of the defensive line became fewer and fewer.

Not long after the battle began, a jade sword message flew into Mu Yao’s hands. Mu Yao received the jade sword message and then read its contents. Upon knowing the current situation, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, the offensive of the Divergent Realm has begun, shall we make a move as well?”

Zhao Hai turned towards the place of battle and saw two clumps of shadows converging on each other. There would also be explosions from time to time. Black spots would often fall from the sky. Zhao Hai knew that these black spots were fallen experts.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t plan to set out immediately. Instead, he said, “Replying to the Elder. I think we should wait. Although both sides are now fighting, the battle has yet to reach its hottest state. The Fireweavers can still choose to retreat. We need to wait for the perfect timing to attack.”

Mu Yao looked at Zhao Hai and nodded before he said, “Alright, then we’ll wait.” Zhao Hai nodded. Meanwhile, the others couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t expect Mu Yao to say those words to Zhao Hai.

Only Mu Yu understood why Zhao Hai chose to delay their attack. Apart from waiting for the perfect timing, Zhao Hai also wanted to use the Fireweavers to whittle the strength of the Divergent Realm. Mu Yao also understood this, so he agreed to Zhao Hai.

Regardless of whether they were Immortal Experts or ordinary cultivators, they all stood there quietly looking at the battle in the distance. The two clumps got closer and closer to each other, nearing to the point of merging into one huge black clump. In the region where the two sides met, more and more explosions could be seen. And the amount of black shadows falling down had increased.

People on the large artifacts would look towards Zhao Hai from time to time. They wanted to see when Zhao Hai would decide to make a move. But they soon discovered that Zhao Hai had closed his eyes. This caused them to itch with impatience.

While the people around him were anxious, Zhao Hai was very calm. This caused everyone to be surprised, even Mu Yao was amazed.

What these people didn’t know was that Zhao Hai was observing the battle through the Space. Both sides were evenly matched and the battle was hard to predict. However, the Fireweavers still had two reserve armies that hadn’t entered the battle. These two armies were all from the Fireweaver Race. If Zhao Hai and the others entered right now, then these reserve armies would be able to swiftly head over.

However, Zhao Hai believed that these two reserve armies would soon join the fight. This was because the attack of the Divergent Realm this time was extremely violent. It exceeded what the Fireweavers were used to.

Before long, one of the reserve armies joined the fight. Also, the Space has received a lot of corpses. Most of these corpses were from the side of the Fireweavers, but some of them were from the Divergent Realm.

The Space now has dozens of new abilities. Some of these abilities were used for offense, some were for defense, and some were used for support.

Finally, after three hours of fighting, the last reserve army joined the fight. Zhao Hai knew that it was time for them to move.

Zhao Hai opened his eyes and without waiting for everyone to react, he waved his hand, causing the large artifacts to fly forward and return to their original size. Then he released the turtle and returned to the fortress. Under the turtle’s lead, all large artifacts rushed towards the defensive line.


Rewinding time to an hour ago.

Prisonheart was standing behind the troops, quietly watching the battle. Meanwhile, Hawkins beside him had an anxious look.

Although the Hundred Treasures Realm had yet to appear, Prisonheart wasn’t worried. He believed in the Hundred Treasures Realm. He thought that they were just waiting for the right time to attack.

Prisonheart carefully inspected the battle. He wanted to see the reason why the Hundred Treasures Realm had yet to make a move. Before long, he discovered that the Fireweavers still have reserve armies waiting in the back. Moreover, the army numbered 50 thousand. And all of them were members of the Fireweaver Race.

Fifty thousand Fireweaver troops meant that, with their beasts, they essentially numbered at least 100-thousand. If they discovered the attack of the Hundred Treasures Realm, they would no doubt rush over. Even if they die stopping the Hundred Treasures Realm, by that time, the Fireweavers would have made a proper response. This should be the reason why the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t attack yet.

Although he managed to guess correctly, Prisonheart himself didn’t know that he was right. Because of this, he continued observing.

As Hawkins stood beside Prisonheart, he continued to wonder why the old man still hadn’t sent him to attack. He knew that the Divergent Realm had a reserve army that numbered 50 thousand. This made the two sides evenly matched. They might even be able to defeat the Fireweavers if they pushed hard. So why didn’t Prisonheart make him move? Was Prisonheart still worrying about the Hundred Treasures Realm? Those cowards, what could they do?

Seeing Hawkins’ obvious expression, Prisonheart felt more disappointed. Hawkins still failed to notice that the Fireweavers also have their own reserve army. Although he was disappointed, he still said, “Hawkins, don’t be anxious. It’s still not time yet.” Although Hawkins didn’t know what they were waiting for, he still nodded. But his murderous aura continued to increase.

At this moment, Prisonheart noticed that the Fireweaver reserves had begun to move. Prisonheart immediately turned his head towards the left side of the defensive line.