BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1596


Chapter 1596 – Troops Blocking The Way

Seeing Mu Yao hesitate, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel anxious. He was afraid that Mu Yao would still order to fight the Fireweaver Army head on. With their current strength, this action wouldn’t be advantageous. The loss they would face was too great.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about the loss of ordinary cultivators. With his large artifacts, the ordinary cultivators can just stay inside as they fought against the Fireweavers. There would still be losses, but not too much.

What Zhao Hai was afraid of was the loss of Immortal Experts. If they lose too many Immortal Experts, the Hundred Treasures Realm would have a hard time.

Immortal Experts were the foundation of a realm. With the Immortal Experts as the main pillar, the realm would be able to develop outwards. Their existence was enough to bring benefits to the realm.

Zhao Hai was worried that Mu Yao would fight the Fireweavers in order to save face. For a cultivator, face was very important, especially to Immortal Experts.

After hesitating for a while, Mu Yao nodded and said, “Little Hai is right. This would be the best for us right now. I will send word to the Divergent Realm immediately. Then we’ll begin heading over to them.”

Hearing Mu Yao, Zhao Hai sighed inside. It’s good as long as Mu Yao agrees. Mu Yao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, prepare to move towards the Divergent Realm.” Zhao Hai nodded and readjusted the course of the large artifact. They were now heading towards the Divergent Realm.

This time, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite against the camp they were facing. The camp had been ravaged through. In the past, when Zhao Hai attacked the camps, he would destroy their shield first and then allow the people inside to escape. Now, Zhao Hai sent his sword shuttles first to break through the shield and then destroyed the transmission formation, barring anyone in the camp from escaping. In the end, everyone was killed by the Hundred Treasures Realm army.

Zhao Hai did this to lure in the Fireweavers. Actually, the Fireweaver Army wasn’t that far from Zhao Hai and the others. It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai made a swift move to change directions.

However, the Fireweaver Army weren’t as mobile as the Hundred Treasures Realm. Although the Fireweavers also had their giant beasts, they weren’t as fast as large artifacts.

Zhu Zhifeng arrived at the camp Zhao Hai and the others were just in. Looking at the destroyed camp, she couldn’t help but frown. Although the previous camps had been breached, there were no traces of fighting on them, meaning the people inside managed to survive. But now, there were traces of fighting in the camp. This meant that the people in this camp had suffered a misfortune.

Judging from the direction of the Hundred Treasures Realm, they seem to be meeting with the people of the Divergent Realm. This wasn’t good news for the Fireweaver Army. If the Hundred Treasures Realm met with the Divergent Realm, the Divergent Realm would be able to break through the Fireweavers’ defenses.

Zhu Zhifeng landed on the camp and looked at the traces of battle. She could feel the spiritual qi fluctuations of the surroundings. She turned to the other Immortal Experts and said, “The Hundred Treasures Realm has been here at most two hours ago. But catching up to them will be difficult. From their direction, they should be meeting with the Divergent Realm. This isn’t good. Therefore, I want to send a small group to try and block them. What does everyone think?”

One of the Immortal Experts knit his brows and said, “I’m afraid it wouldn’t be easy. The hundred Treasures Realm isn’t weak. It’s impossible for us to block them if we send a few people. And if we plan to send more, then we would have to find a way to catch up. Although we can use the transmission formations of our subordinate realms, they cannot accommodate all of us as well as our beasts. And if we only send people, their combat strength would be greatly reduced.”

Zhu Zhifeng knit her brows. She knew that what the Immortal Expert said was correct. This was also the reason why she hesitated. But if the Hundred Treasures Realm met with the Divergent Realm, it would be even more troublesome.

After thinking about it, Zhu Zhifeng immediately said, “Let’s send some Immortal Experts ahead. We only need to delay them so that our main army can catch up. The Hundred Treasures Realm needs to be eliminated before they meet the Divergent Realm.”

Zhu Zhifeng still had some status among these Immortal Experts, otherwise Zhu Rong wouldn’t have sent her to lead them. It must be known that Immortal Experts couldn’t be easily convinced.

So when they heard Zhu Feng, the Immortal Experts were stunned, but they still followed her orders. The Hundred Treasures Realm needed to be blocked. If they were blocked, they would be wiped out once Zhu Zhifeng and the army arrived.

Although the plan seemed safe, Zhu Zhifeng still had some worries about it. The Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t be easily dealt with. After fighting against them multiple times, Zhu Zhifeng understood that both their Immortal Experts and large artifacts were very strong. Zhu Zhifeng just hoped that her plan would succeed.

As soon as Zhu Zhifeng made this plan, Zhao Hai became aware of it. He left silver needles wherever he passed through to monitor the situation. 

Although he knew about Zhu Zhifeng’s plan, Zhao Hai didn’t have any ability to stop it. He can only speed up. But he knew clearly that no matter how fast they went, they couldn’t be as fast as transmission formations. He only hoped that they could break through any blockade the Fireweavers prepared for them.

Zhao Hai also told Mu Yao about this information. After hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yao knitted his brows and said, “Are you sure that they will be sending Immortal Experts after us?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’m completely sure. Zhu Zhifeng knows that its impossible to stop us if they don’t send Immortal Experts. What we need to do right now is to proceed at our full speed.”

“We need to have at least ten Immortal Experts in each of our large artifacts. They will cooperate with the troops to input spiritual qi into the large artifacts. This way, we can increase their speed as well as their ramming strength. Even if there are Immortal Experts ahead of us, as long as there are not that many, we can just rush past them.”

Mu Yao thought about it for a while and said, “Let’s try that. The Fireweavers wouldn’t be able to send a lot of people. As for the camps, we can ignore them for now.” Zhao Hai nodded.

Mu Yao took out a jade sword message and then sent the message out to various large artifacts. At the same time, Zhao Hai prepared the Yin-yang lightning ponds inside all of his large artifacts to provide energy. Besides this, there’s also the spirit gathering formation inside the artifacts.

The spirit gathering formation was once used on the Formation Breaking Spirit Snak Needles. This formation allowed the needle to break through defensive formations.

Zhao Hai temporarily installed spirit gathering formations on the large artifacts. Then he would make the cultivators input their spiritual qi into it, providing another source of energy for the large artifacts. With the Yin-Yang lightning ponds, the speed of the large artifacts would more than double. And in the process, their impact strength also increased.

Before long, Mu Yao’s order was passed down and the large artifacts were ready. At least 10 Immortal Elders were sent to each large artifact. And almost every cultivator inside the large artifacts participated in sending energy. 

The cultivators inside the large artifacts were currently feeling stifled. This was because they had no opportunities to make a move. All fights were taken care of by Zhao Hai’s large artifacts. Now that they had the opportunity to make a move, although not in battle, they were still happy to contribute. So it was no wonder that they put all of their strength into sending energy.

As everyone’s spiritual qi entered the ships, a burst of golden light appeared and the ships immediately sped up. The turtle didn’t lag behind, it sped up as well. Although it was wearing armor, it also had a Yin-Yang lightning pool. There were also Immortal Experts on the octagonal fortress giving energy. The turtle almost didn’t need to spend energy to speed up.

Additionally, the turtle also sent its own spiritual qi towards the fortress. This time, the turtle became the fastest moving figure in the Hundred Treasures Realm fleet.

Zhao Hai stood on the fortress and looked straight ahead. This was because he knew that Immortal Fireweavers were in front. There were about 500 of them. Besides the Immortal Fireweavers, they were also able to mobilize 20 thousand troops from the surrounding subordinate realms. 

Despite this, Zhao Hai didn’t stop and sped up instead. Mu Yao wasn’t aware of what was currently in front of them, but he knew that Zhao Hai had his reasons for doing this. Because of this, he didn’t stop him.

Before long, Mu Yao saw a group of people in front of him. His expression couldn’t help but change. Then he turned towards Zhao Hai and saw that he was stubbornly looking forward. He didn’t look like he was intending to slow down. 

Zhu Jieying stared at the Hundred Treasures Realm’s fleet flying over. The rifle in his hand was already prepared. The other cultivators also took out their artifacts. They were ready to fight it out with the Hundred Treasures Realm.


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