BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1590


Chapter 1590 – Show of Strength

Mu Yao and Zong Ze were inside the conference hall. Beside them were fifty Elders. All of these Elders were members of the Elder’s Assembly. These were the people who needed to be called when something crucial to the realm needs to be discussed.

 Dispatching troops to the Fireweaver Race!

The important matter Mu Yao and Zong Ze wanted to discuss was sending troops against the Fireweavers. This was a major event. What kind of existence were the Fireweavers? It was one of the Five Great Realms and was much stronger than the Hundred Treasures Realm. Now, the Hundred Treasures Realm intends to send troops to attack the Fireweavers. In addition to revenge, it was also to acquire Halfbeast Island. This was no doubt a huge matter.

Originally, this matter was discussed among the Elders. But this time, Mu Yao and Zong Ze let Zhao Hai and Mu Yu participate. With their great contributions to the realm, they were more than qualified to join this meeting.

Mu Yao scanned everyone inside the room. Then he lightly coughed and said, “I think you all know the reason why we’re all here. The Divergent Realm approached us to send troops to deal with the Fireweavers. Besides the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Divergent Realm, the Sword Realm would also participate. Elder Zong Ze and I want to send troops. I want to ask your thoughts about this.”

One of the Elders answered, “We should send troops. Not only can we get revenge, we can also take Halfbeast Island back. This matter is very important to us.”

Another Elder said, “But if we send troops, I’m afraid our casualties wouldn’t be small. The Fireweavers aren’t easy to deal with. If we lost a lot, the other high-grade realms might make a move on us.”

The other Elder shook his head and said, “They wouldn’t dare. They lost a lot of people back when they attacked the Cloudsea Territory. They wouldn’t recover so soon. I think this is a good opportunity to deal with the Fireweavers. Even if we lose a lot of people, nothing will happen. The other high-grade realms are also injured and won’t have any manpower to attack us.”

The other Elders nodded. Zong Ze opened his mouth and said, “Our main goal in attacking the Fireweavers isn’t revenge, instead it is to take Halfbeast Island back. Halfbeast Island is practically in our backyard. If we don’t take it back, we will always worry about threats coming from it. Over the years, the Hundred Treasures Realm invested a lot of resources on the island, but we haven’t had the chance to take it back. After all, in name, it belongs to the Divergent Realm. They wouldn’t just let it go that easily. Now we have the opportunity to take the island. We can’t miss this chance.”

The others nodded. This was indeed a good opportunity. Needless to say, everyone present knew how important Halfbeast Island was to the Hundred Treasures Realm. If they can succeed, it would greatly benefit them in the future.

Mu Yao looked everyone in the eyes and said, “Also, this move can make the other high-grade realms less vigilant towards us. Because of how much they lost in their last battle, the other high-grade realm were wary towards us. Although Little Hai’s expedition caused them to be less vigilant, they still couldn’t relax towards us. After all, when we took the whitecloud island, people from our subordinate realms participated. This lessened the losses to our realm. If we dispatch troops this time, our casualties will cause the other high-grade realms to be more relaxed. Perhaps they might even launch another attack towards the Cloudsea Territory.”

“With their previous losses, the other high-grade realms are now in a situation where the master is weak while the slave is strong. If they attack the Cloudsea Territory, they will definitely send troops from their subordinate realms. This way, they can rob the Cloudsea Territory while also reducing the strength of their subordinate realms.”

The other Elders went quiet. They began to think about this angle. Hearing Mu Yao, they could now see that there were a lot of advantages in sending troops to attack the Fireweavers. Naturally, this meant that they needed to send troops immediately.

Seeing that nobody was opposed to the idea, Zong Ze turned to Zhao hai and said, “Little Hai, the agreement we had with the Divergent Realm is that we should send at least 80 thousand troops. We’ll have to depend on you to transport them using your large artifacts. What do you think?”

Everyone in the conference hall turned their heads to Zhao Hai. To the Elders present, Zhao Hai’s name was no longer foreign. With how many merits Zhao Hai gained, it would be strange for these Elders to forget about him.

Now that Zong Ze asked, the Elders also wanted to hear what Zhao Hai would say. Zhao Hai stood up and then looked at the Elders and said, “Replying to the Elder. There’s no problem even if we send a hundred thousand people. I can transport how many people you can send. Moreover, I can guarantee that they will not leave the large artifacts when the battle starts.”

The Elders were relieved when they heard Zhao Hai. All of them knew Zhao Hai’s ability. Zhao Hai’s three large artifacts all have internal space. These spaces could be used to transport people and goods.

Zong Ze nodded and said, “Alright, make your preparations. Tell us what you need and we’ll fully support you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and sat down. Then Zong Ze turned to the others and said, “Now that this matter is settled, you all go back and prepare. This time, we’ll also send Immortal Experts along with the troops to attack the Fireweavers.”

Everyone complied and then left the hall, leaving Mu Yu and Zhao Hai behind along with Zong Ze and Mu Yao. Zong Ze looked at the two and said, “The importance of our attack against the Fireweavers cannot be understated. This isn’t as simple as getting revenge from the Fireweavers or gaining Halfbeast Island. This is also a chance for the Hundred Treasures Realm to show our strength to the Divergent Realm and the Sword Realm. In this way, we can establish an equal relationship with them in the future. Otherwise, they will always think that they can crush us at any time, which would be unfavorable for us. So we need to perform well in this battle. Little Hai, can you still integrate artifacts to your weapon? If possible, the realm will take out more Giant Spirit Treasures Ships to be integrated into your weapon. We need to come strong in our attack against the Fireweavers. And we’re depending on your large artifacts.”

Zhao Hai stared. To be honest, he can use several Giant Spirit Treasure Ships right now. However, it would be extremely eye-catching. He didn’t expect Zong Ze to bring this matter up. Although it might be a waste for the Hundred Treasures Realm to sacrifice multiple Giant Spirit Treasure Ships, Zhao Hai didn’t worry much about it. The Hundred Treasures Realm already had a lot of Giant Spirit Treasure Ships in their hands. It wouldn’t be a problem even if they sacrifice ten large artifacts.”

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Alright. Elder can rest assured. If permitted, I can integrate about ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ships into my Liquid Silver. If we add more materials to it, I might even add a couple Sword Shuttles.”

Zong Ze walked around for a while before he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Go ahead, you can get any materials you want. I’ll give you ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ships as well as 100 Sword Shuttles. Sword Shuttles are fast, offensively strong and quite agile. Whether in offense or defense, they are very useful.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’ll take the ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ships first. Then I’ll go to Yan Planet. I heard that there has been more waste materials sent over there. I’ll clean it up. But I will need time.”

Zong Ze nodded, “I can give you time, but it cannot be long. Half a month, I can only give you half a month. Is that enough?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s enough. Elder, I’ll take the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships now.”

Zong Ze nodded. Then Mu Yao opened his mouth and said, “There are newly refined Giant Spirit Treasure Ships that will be sent to the headquarters soon. I think you should go to the realm directly and get them. This would save us the effort of transporting them here.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Alright, then I’ll be heading there immediately.”

Zong Ze tossed a command token to Zhao Hai and said, “Take this token to get the ships. Once you get them, you can go directly to Yan Planet.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned around and left.

When Zhao Hai left, Mu Yao turned to Mu Yu and said, “Little Yu, go organize the troops right now. We need to get 80 thousand people. You also need to train them to work together and assign them to combat units according to their fighting style. They will enter Little Hai’s large artifacts in groups so that they can display all of their strength. Understood?”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Master, don’t worry. I’ll make sure to train them well.”

Mu Yao nodded, then he said, “Go. Although Immortal Experts will also be going, they will only face the Immortal Experts of the other side. The key figures in this fight will be you and Little Hai. I want the smallest loss but the biggest harvest.”

Mu Yu assured him, “Master, rest assured, we’ll finish the task perfectly. There will be no problems with Little Hai’s large artifacts. You don’t need to worry.”

Zong Ze nodded and said, “Go. But keep our movements discreet. It’ll be troublesome if the Fireweavers knew about it. You can make an excuse by going to our subordinate realms and saying that you’re going to count their loss during our last expedition into the Cloudsea Territory. At the same time, pick people we’ll be sending and distribute them into units. There must be no mistakes.”

Mu Yu nodded. Zong Ze waved his hand and allowed him to leave. Looking at Mu Yu’s back, Zong Ze said, “I hope we’ll succeed!”

Mu Yao replied, “I’m sure we will.”


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