BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1587


Chapter 1587 – Subjugating the Turtle

Actually, the method that Zhao Hai depended on to deal with the turtle was the Enlightenment Technique. The previous techniques were just used in order to mask it. The Infinity Technique can mask the Enlightenment Technique’s spiritual qi fluctuations, the same was true for the Beast Controlling Technique. As for the Bright Sword Technique, he used it to block any waves of spiritual force coming from the turtle that could disrupt the Enlightenment Technique. He would grind the turtle bit by bit until it surrenders.

The turtle was several degrees stronger than average Immortal Experts. Zhao Hai and Julie working together was only enough to fight it to a standstill, maybe a bit on the upper hand. But wanting to capture the turtle would be very hard. It was a path filled with pain and hardships.

With how powerful the turtle was, who knows how long it has lived. In this case, how could Zhao Hai just let it go? He certainly wanted this turtle for his own use.

The Enlightenment Technique was a slow but effective technique. Zhao Hai used it this time because the turtle could only notice the other techniques. It wouldn’t pay attention to the mental attacks of the Enlightenment Technique.

While Zhao Hai and Julie were holding the turtle back, the others were continuing their battle with the cloud beast army. Fortunately, the Undead were able to hold on because of their coordination. With Laura and the others commanding them, the actions of the Undead were very unified.

Meanwhile, Mu Yu was beginning to feel the pressure of the situation. When they were fighting the Fireweavers before, they knew that once the Fireweavers suffered enough casualties, then they would no doubt retreat. But this time, they were against cloud beasts. As long as the cloud beasts had their leader, then they would desperately rush forwards. It was a very tiring defense.

Fortunately, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s cultivators already had experiences dealing with cloud beasts. Since cloud beasts were close-ranged attackers, the people of the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t lose too much. Naturally, casualties still couldn’t be avoided.

Mu Yu also noticed while he was commanding the battle that even if the cultivator army was going all out in fighting the cloud beasts, it was still the Undead who contributed the most. Their riflemen were divided into units and each unit was divided into three teams. Once one team fires, they would go back to reload and would then be replaced by the next team. The other team would be on standby to replace the next team. And as long as someone was injured, someone would immediately replace them. Because of this, the Undead were able to fire at the cloud beasts nonstop.

If there were cloud beasts that managed to survive the bullets and reach the front lines, some of the Undead would rush out and transform into beasts and kill the cloud beasts with the cooperation of the other Undead.

But what drew Mu Yu’s attention the most were the Undead who were wearing robes. Once in a while, these Undead would release dark mist that turned the dead cloud beasts into Undead. Then these Undead cloud beasts would turn around and attack the other cloud beasts.

Mu Yu has never seen this kind of fighting before. He thought that the combat effectiveness of Zhao Hai’s Undead relied on the rifles. But after seeing this, it might not be the case.

The Undead were well-coordinated, which reduced their casualties to the minimum. With the help of the Undead, Mu Yu was able to stabilize the situation. From the beginning to the battle up to now, their casualties didn’t exceed two thousand.

But to Mu Yu, the situation still wasn’t going well. He immediately took out a jade sword message and sent a letter back to the Hidden Cloud Village. He asked Tang Jie to send another batch of people over, preferably with one or two Immortal Stage Elders. This was because Mu Yu could notice a couple of Immortal-stage cloud beasts mixed in the swarm. These cloud beasts were the reason why they lost this much.

Tang Jie was also worried about Zhao Hai’s situation. Seeing Mu Yu being worried, he knew that it wasn’t going well. But since he was needed to take command in the Hidden Cloud Village, he couldn’t leave. Therefore, the only thing he could do was worry.

At this time, the transmission formation of the Hidden Cloud Village lit up and then a jade sword message flew out. Tang Jie captured the jade sword message and swept it with his spiritual force. Then he immediately understood that situation. Tang Jie quickly took the jade sword message and went to the area where the Immortal-stage Elders were closing up.

After handing the jade sword message to the Elders, they immediately moved and prepared to give aid to Zhao Hai’s side. Meanwhile, they instructed Tang Jie to gather more manpower from the village.

To be honest, Tang Jie didn’t expect the Elders to be this eager to move. Seeing the Elders preparing, Tang Jie couldn’t help but be depressed. With the Elders leaving, and him being the ones to organize the troops, this meant that Tang Jie would be the last person to go to battle.

Although Tang Jie was uncomfortable and worried, he still managed to organize manpower to be sent over. With Tang Jie’s efforts, batches of cultivators were sent to the battlefield through the transmission formation. This allowed the battle to be less stressful.

After the Immortal Elders arrived at the battle, they immediately fought against the Immortal-stage cloud beasts. Fortunately, these Immortal Elders have fought against cloud beasts before, so they had already adapted to the situation. With the Immortal Elders present, the Immortal-stage cloud beasts have been blocked from causing more casualties. Despite this, it would be impossible to deal with the cloud beasts in a short time. These cloud beasts weren’t easy to deal with.

Meanwhile, the battle between Zhao Hai and Julie versus the turtle has reached its peak. Zhao Hai was now using all methods at his disposal. But he discovered that besides very strong-hitting attacks, the other attacks were being ignored by the turtle.

The defense of the turtle was really strong. Moreover, its strength didn’t fall behind. Zhao Hai found out that attacking the turtle’s shell was practically useless. He couldn’t determine how thick it was, but it could take any attacks he threw at it. Attacking the turtle’s shell felt like he was just throwing dust on the turtle’s back. 

This was where Zhao Hai’s spiritual attacks played a major role. The turtle was still affected by Zhao Hai spiritual attacks.

Included in Zhao Hai’s spiritual attacks was Faith Power. With this combination, most Immortal Experts would have succumbed a long time ago. The turtle was as stable as a mountain to be able to last this long against Zhao Hai’s attacks.

More than three hours have passed since the start of the battle. The cloud beasts were still flooding towards the whitecloud island. The casualties on Zhao Hai’s side were continuing to increase, now nearly reaching five thousand. As for the cloud beasts, more than 20 thousand of them had perished. However, these cloud beasts didn’t retreat and just kept attacking. Fortunately, Tang Jie and the others were able to come in time to provide support.

Zhao Hai and Julie were still butting heads with the turtle. But this time, the attacks of the turtle have gone weaker. There were also traces of being lost on its eyes from time to time. Zhao Hai knew that this was due to the effects of the Enlightenment Technique. The weakening of the turtle’s attacks wasn’t because it had been greatly injured. Instead, its attacks had gone weaker because it was beginning to hesitate.

Then after hours of fighting, the turtle was no longer attacking Zhao Hai. Looking at the turtle, Zhao Hai waved his hand and opened a spatial rift. Then he sent the turtle to the Space.

The turtle was very big. Its shell alone was as big as the Hell King’s Ship’s biggest form. Because of this, it took quite a lot of effort to send the turtle to the Space. Fortunately, after some time, the turtle was finally sent to the Space.

When the turtle entered the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “Chaotic lifeform detected. Subjugating, subjugation succeeded. This life form belonged to the turtle variant. Its strength is formidable and its defense is astonishing. Extracting genes. Genes extracted successfully. Integrating genes to the beasts of the Space. Integration succeeded.”

With the end of the prompt, the turtle was now officially Zhao Hai’s subordinate. When the turtle was subjugated, Zhao Hai immediately felt a surge of faith power pouring into his body. The faith power provided by the turtle was equal to the faith power provided by ten Immortal Experts. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t expect.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and released the turtle. Once the turtle was released, it immediately rushed towards Zhao Hai with its big head.

Zhao Hai rubbed the head of the turtle and then said, “Make  the beasts stop. If they’re willing to follow us, I can provide them with a place. If they don’t, then they can return to the Sea of Clouds themselves.”

The turtle understood Zhao Hai and immediately raised its head and let out a long roar. All the cloud beasts who heard this roar stopped, then they immediately gathered around.

Zhao Hai just remembered that cloud beasts were different to people. If cloud beasts dared to betray their leader, then they would be beaten to death. But once the turtle was conquered, these cloud beasts would be conquered as well.

Although a lot of cloud beasts died fighting against Zhao Hai’s people, there were still nearly 80 thousand of them left. As long as these cloud beasts could be tamed and put into cloudbeast tokens, the Hundred Treasures Realm would be able to send more people to the Cloudsea Territory.

Zhao Hai had the turtle manage the cloud beasts as he and Julie went back to the whitecloud island. The Immortal Experts as well as Tang Jie and Mu Yu were waiting for him there.

Seeing Zhao Hai and Julie, they couldn’t help but stare. Naturally, they knew who Zhao Hai was, but they didn’t know Julie. Only Tang Jie and Mu Yu had seen her before.

Zhao Hai took Julie to the Immortal Elders and gave them his salute. Then he said, “Elders, thank you for your help. Rest assured, the matter has been resolved.”

An Elder nodded and said, “It’s good that it’s resolved. Then we old men will head back. We’ll leave the matters here to you.” The other Elders nodded before they went to the transmission formation and returned to the Hidden Cloud Village.


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