BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1586


Chapter 1586 – Cloud Beast King

Mu Yu was waiting for information from Zhao Hai. At the same time, the Hidden Cloud Village was completely prepared. Cultivators from both the Hidden Cloud Village and the Hundred Treasures Realm were present at the transmission formation. As long as Zhao Hai sent word, they would immediately depart.

It has been several hours since Zhao Hai left. Mu Yu almost went himself to see if Zhao Hai was going well. Then at this time, a spatial rift appeared near him. Then a jade sword message came out of the rift.

Mu Yu received the jade sword message and then searched it using his spiritual force. Reading the message, his expression couldn’t help but change. He immediately commanded, “Get in the transmission formation according to what we planned. Be quick!”

Tang Jie was standing beside Mu Yu. Hearing what Mu Yu said, his complexion also changed. Since Mu Yu was anxious, it only meant that it had something to do with Zhao Hai. He quickly asked, “Big Brother Mu, did something happen to Little Hai?”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Little Hai succeeded, but he’s being attacked by cloud beasts. I’m afraid he’ll have a hard time blocking them. Move faster!” Mu Yu couldn’t help but shout at his men.

Those getting onto the transmission formation also knew that they were going to reinforce Zhao Hai. Seeing Mu Yu’s expression, they knew that something must have happened. So all of them sped up.

Zhao Hai’s status in the Hundred Treasures Realm was very high. Even the subordinate realms regard him highly.

This was all due to Zhao Hai’s attitude from the moment he entered the Hundred Treasures Realm. He was very polite to everyone he met, no matter where they came from. The people from the subordinate realms were very grateful towards Zhao Hai for the help he gave them. Because of this, the people from the subordinate realms were also worried for him.

A flash of white light appeared on the Hell King’s Ship before a batch of cultivators appeared. As soon as these cultivators appeared, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Quick, gather together.” The cultivators looked at the large whitecloud island following behind the Hell King’s Ship. They couldn’t help but feel amazed deep inside. But before they could show their amazement, they followed Zhao Hai and went straight to the whitecloud island. Then they took their magic artifacts out.

At this time, an army of Undead stood on the whitecloud island. These Undead were holding rifles that pointed out in all directions. As for Zhao Hai’s large artifacts, as long as they have cannons, they were all primed and ready. Those with no cannons had Undead standing on them, also with rifles aimed at a direction.

Seeing this arrangement, the cultivators didn’t dare to slack off. Plenty of them had fought with Zhao Hai, so they knew that the only time Zhao Hai acted like this was when he was repelling the ten-thousand man army of the Fireweaver Race. Seeing Zhao Hai using this arrangement once more, they knew that their enemy this time would be formidable.

These people guessed right. The enemy they were facing this time was very formidable. Zhao Hai didn’t expect that this whitecloud island was more than he imagined. The reason why it was still standing wasn’t because it hadn’t been found nor it was disliked by the cloud beasts. Instead, it was because it was treated as a food ration by the cloud beasts. The beast who decided to make the island as a food ration was a Cloud Beast King. Its strength was far above ordinary Immortal Experts. It also had a lot of cloud beasts serving under it. This Cloud Beast King was also quite intelligent. Upon finding that people wanted to steal its food, it immediately moved to surround Zhao Hai.

The Cloud Beast King’s troops surpassed a hundred thousand beasts. Moreover, all of these cloud beasts were formidable. This caused Zhao Hai to be nervous.

Zhao Hai was strong, but this Cloud Beast King wasn’t weak either. Even Zhao Hai wasn’t confident that he could win against this Cloud Beast King. 

Before long, more batches of cultivators appeared on the Hell King’s Ship. Then these cultivators proceeded to position themselves on the whitecloud island. All in all, there were 15 thousand people being sent over. Three thousand of them were from the Cloudsea Territory while the remaining 12 thousand were the ones Zhao Hai brought with him from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Of the cultivators that Zhao Hai and Mu Yu brought over, 8000 of them would remain in the Hidden Cloud Village. Naturally, once they head back, these 8000 would be counted towards the realm’s losses.

Before the cultivators present on the whitecloud island could reach five thousand, the Cloud Beast King appeared along with its cloud beast army. Unexpectedly, the Cloud Beast King had the form of an old turtle.

This old turtle was completely black with a metallic luster. It also had horns, a carapace that looked like a fortress, and strong limbs that allowed it to move fast.

Behind this turtle was an uncountable amount of cloud beasts. Each of the cloud beasts had red glares as they looked towards the whitecloud island. It was clear that they were ready to go all out against Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai noticed that the turtle had entered the cannon’s range, so he immediately ordered the cannons to open fire. The rumble of cannonfire was heard soon after. However, Zhao Hai knew that it wouldn’t damage the cloud beast army too much. With the turtle in the front to defend, the cannons couldn’t do anything given the turtle’s high defensive capability.

Zhao Hai’s expression changed. He waved his hand and a spatial rift appeared. Then from the rift came Julie. Julie was strong, she was the only person inside the Space that could spar with Zhao Hai. It can be seen from this point how formidable she was.

Julie was aware why Zhao Hai called her out, so when she came out she immediately roared and charged towards the sea. Julie’s approach caused the cultivators on the whitecloud island to be frightened. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to call a woman over. Moreover, the woman immediately charged towards the cloud sea.

However, since Zhao Hai didn’t say anything, they didn’t ask. Since the cloud sea could suppress spiritual qi, they still weren’t aware that the cloud beasts were there. Although they were prepared, they didn’t have any targets to attack.

Then this time, the Undead on the large artifacts began firing. Then cloud beasts began rushing over.

Julie was now in front of the turtle. It must be mentioned that the turtle was really strong. Julie was much stronger compared to an average Immortal Expert, but she couldn’t gain an advantage against the turtle. Instead, she was being pushed back.

Despite this, Zhao Hai didn’t go over and help Julie. This was because large numbers of cloud beasts began to kill their way towards the whitecloud island. All of the Undead were now firing their guns.

Although the Undead opened fire, because the cloud beasts were also defensive, the rifles found it hard to kill them. It wasn’t easy to deal with them.

The cultivators on the whitecloud island also began to move. Among these cultivators, besides some of those from the Hundred Treasures Realm, there were those who didn’t have cloud beasts nor have fought against cloud beasts before, this was especially true for the cultivators from the subordinate realms. Because of this, they couldn’t just leave the whitecloud island to fight.

Fortunately, Mu Yu already made some arrangements. Every team composed of subordinate cultivators has someone from the Hundred Treasures Realm. In this battle, it would be the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm who would play the most important role. Although the people from the subordinate realms couldn’t kill a lot of cloud beasts, at the very least they can protect themselves.

Zhao Hai also released his Stellar Transformations Sword Formation to surround groups of cloud beasts and eliminate them. By this point, Zhao Hai didn’t care about getting these cloud beasts into the Space. This was because there was no need for that. He already had similar breeds of these cloud beasts inside the Space.

As the fight went on, cultivators from the Hidden Cloud Village began to move. Although there were a lot of cloud beasts, they had been reduced by a lot due to the rifles. So the cultivators were still able to fight with them on equal grounds.

Naturally, the one who contributed the most was Julie. Without Julie holding the Cloud Beast King back, the cultivators would have suffered massive casualties.

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t help Julie was because it wasn’t the right time. He was now acting as the commander of the troops. If he left, the cultivators might panic. If that happens, the cultivators might lose harder. Therefore, Zhao Hai could only hold on. He was waiting for Mu Yu to arrive. Once Mu Yu comes, he would immediately help Julie.

After some time, Mu Yu arrived with the last batch of cultivators. Seeing the situation, Mu Yu stared, then his expression changed to seriousness before joining the rest.

Seeing Mu Yu arrive, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Brother Mu, you arrived. Help me command the men.” As soon as Mu Yu nodded, Zhao Hai disappeared.

Mu Yu didn’t know where Zhao Hai was going, but he knew that it must be something more important. Therefore, he immediately assumed command.

Zhao Hai appeared beside Julie and began to fight the turtle alongside her. One couldn’t imagine the horror of fighting against the turtle. The old turtle was able to use the dark clouds around it as its domain, and it was a very huge domain. Zhao Hai and Julie were being pushed to their limits.

Zhao Hai put on his armor and then used faith power to strengthen himself as well as Julie. Then he took out an iron rod and resumed attacking.

With Faith Power as a support, the effect was very evident. Every time Zhao Hai attacked, he tried using the Infinity Technique to affect the dark clouds. However, the dark clouds were under the control of the turtle, so making contact with it wasn’t as easy.

Then Zhao Hai began to use the Beast Controlling Technique. Zhao Hai wasn’t very good with this technique. This was because the Space was already very good with subjugating beasts. There’s no need to use this technique. So against this turtle, the technique was useless.

The third technique Zhao Hai used was the Bright Sword Technique. It was a spiritual attack technique. However, the turtle’s spirit was rock solid. Using this technique to defeat the turtle was practically impossible.

The last technique Zhao Hai tried to use was the Enlightenment Technique.


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