BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1582


Chapter 1582 – Enemy on the Fifth Floor

Mu Yu’s expression was somewhat heavy. Before meeting Zhao Hai, he didn’t really think much about Faith Power. But after meeting Zhao Hai, he discovered how important it was. Zhao Hai has Faith Power, and his strength was much stronger compared to his peers. He can even face Immortal Experts, which was something that others couldn’t achieve.

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t all because of Faith Power. But in Mu Yu’s eyes, Faith Power was crucial. So he also paid attention to it.

Hearing from Zhao Hai that the people of the Sky Tower were using Faith Power, Mu Yu couldn’t help but be startled. He also understood why the people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield couldn’t win against them.

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu and said, “Brother Mu, don’t think much about it. Let’s just get to the fifth floor and get through. Once we defeat the guardian of the fifth floor, we’ll win the bet. Then the Hundred Treasures Realm would develop rapidly. But I reckon the fifth floor wouldn’t be easy.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “I’ll have to depend on you this time.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Brother Mu, you’re too polite. I’m also a person of the Hundred Treasures Realm. This is what I should be doing. Let’s go.” After he said that, he used his sword shuttle to return to where Luo Ying and Tang Yaoen were.

They watched the battle and saw the trees and beasts being burned down. When he saw this, Luo Ying knew that Zhao Hai already won. So when Zhao Hai walked up to him, he had a complicated look as he said, “Congratulations, Zhao Hai, you won again.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Although I didn’t catch him, he’s inside my trap. I can get him if the Senior wants.” Luo Ying’s praises weren’t made with good intentions. Naturally, Luo Ying knew who Mu Yu was. He was trying to provoke Mu Yu’s relationship with Zhao hai. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care, he believed that Mu Yu wasn’t that petty.

Luo Ying smiled faintly and said, “No need. I already know that you won. Let’s go. It’s time to head to the fifth floor.” Zhao Hai smiled as he waved his hand and received his flying swords and large artifacts before following Luo Ying to the fifth floor.

Tang Yaoen’s expression was now much better compared to the earlier floors. There was now a hint of a smile on his face. He knew what it would mean to the Hundred Treasures Realm if they won this time. For the next 500 years, the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t be bothered by the Sky Tower. No matter what they do, the tower wouldn’t interfere. This was crucial for the Hundred Treasures Realm.

But at the same time, Tang Yaoen knew that the fifth floor wouldn’t be easy. Now that Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were moving to the fifth floor, Tang Yaoen kept reminding himself to not have too much hope.

Before long, the four entered the fifth floor. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were once more stunned by the new view. The fifth floor was a barren desert. There was nothing in it. Only the giant sun was present in the sky. And the entire fifth floor was as hot as an oven.

At this time, five shadows came flying in from the distance. The five were coming from five different directions and they all wore ordinary cotton garments. Naturally, this wasn’t what Mu Yu and Zhao Hai were paying attention to. What attracted them was the fact that the five people looked exactly the same. They were quintuplets.

Another thing that Zhao Hai paid attention to was the weapon in each of their waists. They were all carrying a knife and a saber!

It must be known that cultivators generally didn’t show their weapons and just kept them inside their spatial equipment. However, these five people carried blades outside. This made Zhao Hai feel strange.

The five people arrived a hundred meters around Mu Yu and Zhao Hai, completely surrounding them. Then simultaneously, they opened their mouths and said, “It’s been some time since someone reached this place. It really makes you lonely.”

Five people opened their mouths at the same time and closed it at the same time. Nobody was one tone earlier nor one tone later. Moreover, they didn’t exchange any looks. This caused Zhao Hai’s pupils to shrink.

Naturally, he wasn’t surprised by these five people opening their mouths together. He was surprised by the realization that they were very coordinated. They understood each other too well that their actions were unified.

Zhao Hai quickly had a sense of danger. These five people were very dangerous. Zhao Hai immediately wore a set of iron armor as well as iron gloves. Then he waved his hand, sending Mu Yu to Tang Yaoen’s side.

Mu Yu was just looking at the five people and then in the next moment he appeared beside Tang Yaoen. He had no time to react before he was caught by Tang Yaoen. He looked at Tang Yaoen who said, “Don’t move, you’ll just distract Little Hai. Those five aren’t easy to deal with.”

Mu Yu stopped, then he looked at the five people. These five people were looking at Zhao Hai with eyes filled with killing intent. Naturally, Mu Yu didn’t think that Zhao Hai would open his mouth and tell him to go back to Tang Yaoen’s side, that would be humiliating.

Zhao Hai didn’t think much about the situation as he took a firm stance, looking like an immovable mountain. The five people stretched their arms and then drew out their sabres and knives. 

However, neither side made a move. Mu Yu and Tang Yaoen could feel that the spiritual force of the five people and Zhao Hai were locked onto each other. As soon as a hint of opening was detected, they would immediately make a move.

At this time, a breeze arrived. As if by prior agreement, the six of them immediately moved. The five brandished their blades and attacked Zhao Hai in all directions, blocking him from dodging.

But Zhao Hai moved at the same time. He kicked the dust on his feet, causing a massive wave of sand to attack the person right in front of him. He also moved forward and attacked that person.

Then the man roared and sent a sound wave from his mouth, blocking the sand that Zhao Hai threw out. Then he used his blade to slash Zhao Hai’s neck.

Zhao Hai didn’t retreat and instead lifted his left arm and protected his neck. Meanwhile, he clenched his right hand and sent out a punch. When the blade hit Zhao Hai’s left arm, the sound of metal hitting metal was heard. Zhao Hai managed to block the blade. At the same time, Zhao Hai’s fist arrived in front of the person.

The person let out a strange cry before he leaned back. Then he used the force of his lean to kick Zhao Hai. It was at this time that the blades of the other four slashed Zhao Hai’s body.

“Dang” “Dang” “Dang” “Dang” 

Four sounds were heard as Zhao Hai’s body armor blocked the four blades. Zhao Hai didn’t care about these attacks as he went forward and continued to attack the person in front of him. A bang was heard as he hit his target. The man was smashed into the ground by Zhao Hai. His face showing that he had been severely injured.

Zhao Hai didn’t intend to kill the person. Otherwise, he would have been much worse than now. The other four saw this and raised their blades once more. Then they sent golden blade qi towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai knew that this was a Faith Power attack. He roared and pressed his feet down into the ground. Then he twisted his upper body before jumping up. Then he used his twisted position to whip his legs, causing him to spin.

Like a dragon’s tail, Zhao Hai’s feet kicked the incoming attacks. The four quickly changed their stance as their knives slashed at Zhao Hai’s legs.

When he returned to the ground, Zhao Hai closed his stance and rammed his body towards one of the four. The person immediately retreated and then pulled his saber and then slashed towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai grabbed the man’s saber and then used it as a leverage to lift his body and kick him in the head.

When Zhao Hai grabbed his saber, the person began to twist it vigorously. If it was an ordinary person, he might have succeeded. However, he was against Zhao Hai. Seeing Zhao Hai’s attack, the person quickly let go and retreated. 

At this time, the other three attacked. Zhao Hai waved his hand and repelled the three blades one after another. After repelling the attacks, Zhao Hai flew towards the one who retreated.

Although experts like them were able to fly in the air a long time ago, this also meant that being on air or on ground didn’t have any difference.  The five were obviously experts at close-combat. So they didn’t fly in the air and instead fought with Zhao Hai on the ground.

Zhao Hai also knew why these people didn’t fly. Even if they did, their combat strength wouldn’t be much better than on the ground. So Zhao Hai didn’t take to the air as well. Instead, he fought with them on the ground.

Zhao Hai took the momentum brought by the attack of the three in order to propel himself towards the person who retreated. Although the person still wanted to have his weapon back, it was already too late. He was kicked down by Zhao Hai, removing him from the fight.

The exchange between the six happened in almost an instant. Yet in this small time, Zhao Hai was able to strike two of them down. Although he received the blades several times, these attacks seemed like nothing.

Seeing that another one of them was gone, the three rearranged themselves and surrounded Zhao Hai once more. Three pairs of eyes were staring at him with a cold gaze. It was as if they couldn’t wait to swallow Zhao Hai.

Despite this, Zhao Hai remained unmoved. He just looked at the three and didn’t dare let go of his guard. These five people underestimated him in the beginning, so they didn’t use Faith Power. Zhao Hai used this opportunity to use the power of his liquid silver in order to beat them down.

But after he managed to strike one of them down, the others began using Faith Power. At this time, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to be careless. Although he could also use Faith Power, this also made him aware of its wondrous uses. He can’t guarantee that he could completely block attacks from Faith Power, so he didn’t risk it.

The three surrounded Zhao Hai. Seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t make a move, they took the initiative and swung their sabres to attack. Then suddenly a scepter appeared in Zhao Hai’s hand. After that, a one versus three battle erupted.

The four people fought faster and faster. The sabres of the three were glowing, clearly showing that they were using Faith Power. Similarly, Zhao Hai’s scepter was glowing and blessed with Faith Power. So the two sides were evenly matched.

After fighting for more than 300 moves, the winner of the battle has yet to be decided. At this time, a change happened in the battle. Zhao Hai’s scepter turned into a flail. The new flexibility of Zhao Hai’s weapon allowed it to hit the back of the head of one person. He eliminated another enemy.

Then Zhao Hai’s weapon changed form once more as he continued to attack the remaining two. With Zhao Hai’s transforming weapon, the two were forced to retreat. Then Zhao Hai suddenly raised his hand and released hidden weapons. Although the two were able to use shields to block the hidden weapons, they sacrificed their ability to dodge by doing so. After getting hit by Zhao Hai’s silver needles, the spiritual qi of the two were immediately sealed. Then they lost their ability to resist.

Seeing that the fight was finished, Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he withdrew liquid silver as well as his armor. He also took his silver needles back. Even if the fight didn’t look dangerous, Zhao Hai was still quite nervous. This was the first time he used Faith Power for a prolonged period of time. Fortunately nothing went wrong and he was able to win against the opposing party.

Zhao Hai arrived beside Luo Ying and then bowed as he said, “Senior, I’ve won. Did the Hundred Treasures Realm win the bet?”

Luo Ying looked at Zhao Hai with a complex expression, then he said, “Correct. The Hundred Treasures Realm has won the bet. From now on, for 500 years, the Sky Tower will not interfere with whatever the Hundred Treasures Realm decides to do in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. In this period, the Sky Tower will not bet with the Hundred Treasures Realm nor would involve the Hundred Treasures Realm in bets with other realms.”

Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he bowed and said, “I give Senior Luo Ying my most sincere thanks.”

At the same time, Tang Yaoen bowed to Luo Ying and said, “On behalf of the Hundred Treasures Realm, we thank Senior Luo Ying.”

Luo Ying waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to be polite. Let me lead you out.” Then he led the group to the transmission formation. A white light flashed and the group disappeared from the fifth floor.

The next moment, Zhao Hai and the others found that they were back to the square outside the Sky Tower. Luo Ying looked at them and said, “Everyone, I can only guide you up to here. You can use the transmission formation to leave. Please don’t reveal what happened today to the others.”

Tang Yaoen naturally complied. Then after giving Luo Ying a final salute, the group entered the transmission formation. Tang Yaoen took control of the transmission formation before the group disappeared from the square.

Looking at the three people disappearing from the transmission formation, Luo Ying sighed and said, “Many years have passed, and someone has finally done it. Extraordinary.” Then he turned around and walked back into the Sky Tower. And once more, the doors of the Sky Tower closed up. It was as if nothing happened.


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