BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1580


Chapter 1580 – Runaway Wolves

A shadowless lamp! Zhao Hai arranged his silver needles according to the principle of a shadowless lamp. Zhao Hai knew that the opponent can use shadows to kill, such a person wasn’t easy to deal with.

The range of Zhao Hai’s shadowless lamp was enormous. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were completely covered by the light of the lamp, removing any shadows around them.

Seeing this, Luo Ying’s expression couldn’t help but change. In terms of real strength, the person on the second floor might not be a match for the monk on the first floor. However, this person has a divergent ability that was impossible to guard against. A lot of experts fell under his move.

However, Zhao Hai was able to counter this ability using light. He removed any shadows around him and Mu Yu. He was in an impregnable position. It seems like even the person on the second floor wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Luo Ying guessed correctly. Naturally, Zhao Hai couldn’t be stopped on the second floor. Now, Mu Yu and Zhao Hai didn’t need to be afraid of any surprise attacks. At the same time, Zhao Hai’s silver needles were working to weed out the person on the second floor. Zhao Hai believed that he would be found quickly. And once the guy was found, it would be very hard for him to escape.

Before long, a smile bloomed on Zhao Hai’s face. The second floor was almost as big as the first floor. However, the ground wasn’t as flat. The darkness seems to suppress spiritual force, but this didn’t trouble Zhao Hai. He already found the person hiding in the shadows. He was currently lurking not far from where Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were. His black clothes seem to blend in with the darkness.

Zhao Hai snorted as his body disappeared from where he originally was. The next moment, he was beside the person reaching his hand out to capture him.

The person’s response was very quick. His body shifted the moment Zhao Hai was about to reach him. However, he was already seen by Zhao Hai, he couldn’t run away. After backing up, he wanted to hide in the shadows. However, Zhao Hai chased him, making it very hard to escape. He could only step forward and fight Zhao Hai.

Fifty moves into their exchange, the person was finally hit by Zhao Hai. The punch didn’t kill him but instead sealed his spiritual qi. Then he took the man and threw him in front of Luo Ying. He punched the man once more to unblock his meridians.

The person looked at Zhao Hai and gave him a salute before his body vanished into the darkness once more. Zhao Hai waved his hand, withdrawing his silver needles. Mu Yu also returned to Zhao Hai’s side. Darkness plunged the entire second floor once more.

Luo Ying looked at Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Let’s go.” After he said that, he moved forward several steps. A light suddenly flashed as another transmission formation appeared. The group entered the formation and then vanished from the second floor in a flash of white light.

When they arrived at the second floor, Zhao Hai and the others were once again surprised. What appeared before them was a vast grassland. The floor was no longer ten mu wide. One wouldn’t be able to know how vast the grassland was just by eyesight alone.

This caused Zhao Hai to be stunned. He didn’t expect this kind of place. The Sky Tower was indeed extraordinary. They were actually able to make this kind of place. 

As Zhao Hai was thinking about this, they suddenly heard a wolf’s howl in the distance. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stared as they turned their heads towards Luo Ying. Luo Ying just gave them a smile and nothing else.

At this time, a black line was seen from the horizon. The black line got closer and closer until Zhao Hai could see that the black line was composed of wolves. It was a pack of wolves!

The pack of wolves arrived in front of Zhao Hai and the others not long after. Then they all stopped. Upon studying the pack, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but change. He didn’t expect them to be strong. The strongest of these wolves was actually at the Severed Soul Stage while the weakest was at the Nascent Soul Stage. Most of them were at the Transcending Tribulation Stage.

While Zhao Hai wasn’t sure what was going on, someone suddenly walked out from the pack. At first, Zhao Hai thought that it was a wolf. But as it turns out, it was actually a person. It was a person in a wolf’s skin.

The person wasn’t tall, he was just 1.6 meters tall. His body was skinny and he only had wolf skin as garments. The wolfskin head hung on his head while the rest covered his body. He also had iron claws on both of his hands.

The person looked more like a wolf than a person. As the person stared at Zhao Hai and Mu Yu, the two felt like they were being stared at by a real wolf. Then the person straightened their back and let out a shrill howl.

With this howl, the other wolves howled as well. Then the entire pack revealed their hostility towards Zhao Hai and Mu Yu. If anyone had a weak mental state, then they would have been thrown to the ground by the hostility alone.

In addition to the wolves following this person, there were still other packs of wolves heading over from the distance. It was as if they were responding to the person’s call. It seems like this person’s skill was controlling these wolves.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but show a strange smile. The person actually planned to attack him with beasts. This was too funny. Does this person really want to compete with Zhao Hai using beasts?

On the other hand, Mu Yu had a tense expression as he looked at these wolves. At this time, more wolves were running over. Zhao Hai estimated there to be at least a hundred thousand wolves present.

A hundred thousand wolves where the weakest of them was at the Nascent Soul Stage. Most Severed Soul Experts would have their scalp numb with this sight. This quantity could basically drown you to death with their numbers.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai turned his head to Luo Ying and said, “Senior Luo Ying, can we also use beasts that we subjugated? Or Undead?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu and Tang Yaoen stared, then their complexion lit up. This was because they were reminded of Zhao Hai’s formidable Undead. Moreover, Zhao Hai’s Undead knew how to use rifles. If they were taken out, these wolves would no doubt be eliminated.

Luo Ying stared, then he nodded and said, “Naturally they’re allowed. Beasts and Undead are also part of your strength. Of course you can use them.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s good.” Then he waved his hands and took out a large number of Undead. These Undead had rifles in their hands. Moreover, they numbered roughly the same as the wolves.

Seeing this, the eyes of the person in wolfskin couldn’t help but shrink. Then he let out a howl before disappearing among the pack. Then to Zhao Hai’s surprise, the wolves scattered in all directions. In a blink of an eye, they could no longer be seen.

Zhao Hai was staring at what just happened with a blank expression. He didn’t know what was happening. As Zhao Hai was in a daze, Luo Ying said, “You passed this floor.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he turned his head to Luo Ying in confusion. Luo Ying smiled at Zhao Hai and said, “That wolf kid is known for bullying the weak and fearing the strong. Seeing how many Undead you have and they even have Fireweaver rifles, they naturally wouldn’t want to fight you. Come with me, let’s go to the next floor.”

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu didn’t expect this to happen. It seems like some of the guardians of the Sky Tower couldn’t be relied on. Luo Ying didn’t care about their thoughts as he led them to the next transmission formation. Then they arrived at the fourth floor.

The fourth floor was different compared to the last three floors. Its environment was a forest. It was a huge forest that it was hard to see where it ended.

Zhao Hai’s expression turned vigilant. He discovered that the forest was somewhat strange. He could use the Infinity Technique as well as the Instinct Technique. The Instinct Technique allowed Zhao Hai to sense danger and this forest was full of danger. At the same time, the Infinity Technique informed Zhao Hai that the forest was part of a whole. It seems to have its own consciousness.

His discoveries caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. He couldn’t feel the extent of this forest since it could suppress spiritual force just like the second floor. However, it was different from the second floor. The suppression of the forest wasn’t because of the floor itself. It seems like someone was deliberately blocking the use of spiritual force.

This feeling was quite bizarre. It seems like they were facing a person and not a forest. It was a person who suppressed them the moment they discovered the intruders. 

Zhao Hai knit his brows. Mu Yu also discovered how strange the situation was, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, something’s wrong with this forest.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “There’s something not right. This forest is strange. It makes me feel that it is hostile to us.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “I feel the same. Do you think its another divergent ability user? Probably a beast?”

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu and said, “I’m not sure right now. Let’s head forward and find clues.” Mu Yu nodded as he released his artifact and protected himself. Then the two walked forward side by side.

As the two continued going forward, the hostility they felt continued to increase. Zhao Hai’s expression turned more serious. He discovered that this forest was indeed part of a whole. Moreover, its aura was getting stronger and stronger, reaching the Immortal Stage.

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who felt this, Mu Yu’s expression was also turning ugly. He whispered, “Little Hai, something is truly wrong. How about releasing the Hell King’s Ship and attacking? Let’s see if the forest could withstand its attack.”

Since he didn’t have any other ideas at this time, Zhao Hai agreed, “We might as well try.” Then he took out the Hell King’s Ship. The two got on the ship before it began to fly forward. Then at this moment, a large number of vines appeared and tried to tie the Hell King’s Ship down. These vines were dark green and had a metallic sheen. They didn’t look easy to deal with.


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