BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1576


Chapter 1576 – Two Years

Zhao Hai was moved. He hasn’t thought about it. Now that Lizzy reminded him, he couldn’t help but consider the possibility. He nodded and said, “That might be true. If we have time, we should try to go and see what it really is.”

Lizzy smiled and said, “Brother Hai, there’s no need to be anxious, or else we would alert the enemy. If the Sky Tower is really in that waterfall, then wouldn’t your appearance there two years later distract them? When the time comes, we can try to see what’s really inside the Sky Tower.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright. I’m just too excited to see what the Sky Tower holds.” After he said that, the group entered the Villa.

When they settled inside, Zhao Hai looked at the situation of the Hidden Cloud Village. Everything was going well on the island, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

For the next two years, Zhao Hai stayed at Bluetree Planet and didn’t go out. However, nobody knew that he was actually very concerned about the situation of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Zhao Hai wasn’t only concerned about the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, but the Cloudsea Territory as well. Not long after Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were recalled by Mu Yao from the Hidden Cloud Village, the people from the other high-grade realms began attacking the island of the Ye Clan.

Before the invasion, the Ye Clan was able to make some preparations against an attack from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. But seeing that there was no noise in the past month, they began to slowly relax. As they were beginning to relax, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield began their attack.

Both sides fought on Ye Island. The people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were able to secure the transmission formation and sent batches upon batches of experts into the island. And with Zhao Hai’s reports, they knew some degree of the Ye Clan’s strength. So when they entered, the Ye Clan couldn’t stop them. By the end, the Ye Clan were at a disadvantageous position.

Seeing that they couldn’t do anything about the situation, as well as the constant stream of people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, the Ye Island decided to board their Cloud Piercing Ships and left.

It could be said that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were able to gain their first base in the Cloudsea Territory. However, this base wasn’t exactly secure. After the Ye Clan left, they immediately went to the Cloudbeast Fortress and reported the events that happened on the island. Then the Cloudbeast Fortress spread the news throughout the entire territory.

In an instant, the entire Cloudsea Territory was shaken. All major powers made a move and prepared to attack Ye Island. Large quantities of experts began arriving at the Cloudbeast Fortress.

The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were at a disadvantage this time. The Cloudbeast Fortress surrounded the entire island and blocked Ye Island’s Transmission formation. Without transmission formations, experts from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield wouldn’t be able to attack another place. As soon as they enter the cloud sea, they would no longer be able to absorb spiritual qi. When they meet someone from the territory at that time, then they would no doubt be finished.

In this case, the people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were truly stranded on Ye Island without any means to leave. It was also at this time that the Cloudsea Territory began their assault.

Naturally, the people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield knew that the people of the Cloudsea Territory wouldn’t just allow them to occupy the island. Therefore, they began to send more troops to the island and also blocked everything from entering the transmission formation besides those from the battlefield. The people from the Cloudsea Territory wouldn’t be able to use Ye Island’s transmission formation to enter.

At the same time, the people from the battlefield began to erect a large formation around the island. Although Zhao Hai told them about the disadvantages of doing so, with how small the island was, they could still bear the energy consumption.

This turned out to be a good decision. The Cloudsea Territory hasn’t been using defensive formations for quite a long time. Because of this, they don’t have any good methods to break it. Both sides were immediately placed in a stalemate.

But soon the people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield found it very hard to support their defense. Not only was the area of their protective shield getting smaller and smaller, the spiritual qi of the island was also continuing to decrease. The people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were beginning to worry. If there’s no spiritual qi on Ye Island, then what would they use to fight against the cultivators of the Cloudsea Territory?

In the end, the people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield had to put their protective shield down. Naturally, this was immediately discovered by the Cloudsea Territory. The people of the territory were always worrying about how to get through the barrier. Seeing that it was taken down, they were very happy. They immediately gathered people to charge in.

The first battle between the two sides turned murkier and murkier. Both sides kept sending more troops. Additionally, the cultivators of the Cloudsea Territory were all close-combat oriented, something the cultivators of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield weren’t used to. Naturally, the same was true for the cultivators of the territory, they weren’t used to defending against long-ranged attacks. The casualties of both sides were beginning to pile up.

As the battle went on, both sides became enraged and sent even more people. The people of the Cloudsea Territory’s hearts turned cold and sent people towards Ye Island with zero regard. At the same time, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield knew that if they lost their foothold on Ye Island, they might not be able to return to the Cloudsea Territory in the future, so they continued to send more people. The clash between the two sides dyed the white clouds on Ye Island red.

Nobody thought that as the two slides were fighting, the one benefitting from it the most was Zhao Hai. Whether they be cultivators from the Cloudsea Territory or the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, once they died, Zhao Hai would sneakily get their bodies and turn them into Undead. He even got so far as to get their weapons as well.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t go too far. If the people from the Cloudsea Territory and the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield notice that the corpses were disappearing, they would immediately raise suspicions. Because of this Zhao Hai prioritized getting Immortal Expert corpses for the Space. In any case, there weren’t a lot of them.

The war lasted for several months. In the end, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield could no longer endure. They had lost too many experts, so they had to retreat.

But before they left, they also made some preparations. In some hidden places on Ye Island, they arranged transmission formations. These transmission formations were built like the ones in Fabio Planet. They were buried deep down so that people wouldn’t be able to see them with a casual glance.

When the transmission formations were completed, the cultivators of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield returned to the battlefield and blew up the formation they came in from.

As soon as the people of the Cloudsea Territory realized that they had finally repelled the invaders from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, they rejoiced. They had been tired of fighting the cultivators of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. They also weren’t worried that there were people hiding in the vicinity. They believed that these people would have joined the battle instead of waiting until it was too late.

Although they were able to take Ye Island back, the land was severely damaged. And because everyone worked together in the battle, the Ye Family could no longer monopolize the island. In the end, the Ye Family moved to the Cloudbeast Fortress. Ye Island has been turned into a huge farmland by the people who participated in the war.

The high-grade realms of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield suffered great losses defending Ye Island. Although they obtained a lot of good things such as the transforming clouds and cloud plants, they were nothing compared to the losses they experienced. This caused the high-grade realms to grit their teeth with hatred towards the people of the Cloudsea Territory.

But as a consolation, the high-grade realms discovered that the transmission formations they hid on Ye Island had yet to be discovered. They still had a chance to attack the Cloudsea Territory in the future.

The other high-grade realms suffered heavy losses but the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t move against them like they planned. The most important thing right now for the Hundred Treasures Realm was to prepare for their gamble against the Sky Tower. They had no intention to expand right now.

But what made Mu Yao puzzled was the inaction of the Five Great Realms. This was something that Mu Yao didn’t understand.

Now that the high-grade realms suffered heavy losses, if the Five Great Realms sent some troops, they would definitely occupy a lot of territory. But they didn’t make a move. This was a missed opportunity. Zong Ze and the others were also confused. They couldn’t understand what the Five Great Realms were thinking.

While Zong Ze and the others didn’t understand, Zhao Hai had some clues. When the high-grade realms of the battlefield fought against the Cloudsea Territory, the Five Great Realms wanted to send troops. But because of the relationship between the five, they didn’t trust the others. They were afraid of being calculated upon, so they missed the opportunity.

The Five Great Realms knew each other very clearly. It might be true that the high-grade realms had lost a lot of troops, but if any one of them sent troops alone, it was still impossible for them to face these high-grade realms. If they suffer a loss, the other four Great Realms would eat them up. If they want to deal with the high-grade realms, then the Five Great Realms would have to work with each other. However, the relationship between the five Great Realms was very tense. It was impossible for them to send an allied army. Because of this, they could only watch the opportunity vanish in front of their eyes.

What surprised Zhao Hai the most was that the Giant Spirit Realm had finally removed themselves from the Fireweavers. As it turns out, a lot of Giant Spirit Realm Cultivators took refuge among the Fireweavers. Now that these people had withdrawn, it meant that the Giant Spirit Realm had officially removed themselves from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

The Hundred Treasures Realm developed quickly in these two years. The territory they gained from the Ghost Spirit Realm was placed in their complete control. Additionally, since they didn’t fight in the Cloudsea Territory, their strength was preserved and was used in internal development. By this time, the strength of the Hundred Treasures Realm has surpassed the other high-grade realms in the battlefield.

However, the Hundred Treasures Realm still hid their strength. They weren’t thinking of displaying it at this time. They were preserving all of their strength for the outcome of the bet with the guardians of the Sky Tower.

Mu Yao and the others knew that their upcoming bet with the Sky Tower was extremely important for the Hundred Treasures Realm. If the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t have enough strength, then when they failed the bet, they could only bow down and accept the beating. This wasn’t to say that Mu Yao wasn’t confident in Zhao Hai and Mu Yu’s strengths. But Mu Yao had a great sense of dread towards the Sky Tower.

There were some information that Mu Yao didn’t tell Zhao Hai and Mu Yu. The Sky Tower appeared several times before. And every time they showed themselves, their actions were always shocking.

Because he knows this, Mu Yao wasn’t confident in Zhao Hai and Mu Yu winning. Although Zhao Hai showed immense strength, Mu Yao and the others still prepared for the worst.

From the conversation between Mu Yao and the other Elders, Zhao Hai was also able to get some bits and pieces of information. He even suspected that the tense relationship between the Five Great Realms was the Sky Tower’s doing.

After coming to know these things, Zhao Hai affirmed that the Sky Tower wouldn’t allow the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield to be peaceful and united. They want to see an eternal slaughter on the battlefield. They wanted blood to flow constantly. This also meant that the people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield would never be able to become very powerful.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t understand their purpose, Zhao Hai knew that they had a goal. And this goal was what Zhao Hai wanted to know.

Because they suffered a huge loss against the Cloudsea Territory, the high-grade realms returned to their territories in order to lick their wounds. Because of this, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield became calm. Besides minor conflicts between lower-grade realms, there were no large battles happening.

The other high-grade realms naturally wouldn’t stir any trouble this time. After all, they were weakened. If they stir up trouble and lose even more people, then their subordinate realms might swallow them instead.

When they planned to go to the Cloudsea Territory, the high-grade realms decided to use their own people and none from their subordinate realms. They sacrificed their own realms’ manpower. They didn’t want the lower-grade realms to know about their losses, so they didn’t dare make any noise. A weak master and a strong slave relationship was more than likely to turn ugly. 

Fortunately, the lower-grade realms didn’t know about the wounds of the high-grade realms. Because of this, the high-grade realms continued to behave and didn’t dare reveal that they were currently paper tigers.[1]

While the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was calm, the Cloudsea Territory was the opposite. This wasn’t because they started an internal strife. The invasion of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield showed the people of the Cloudsea Territory their shortcomings. Their weapons could only do close-combat and couldn’t be used to fly like the flying swords of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield’s cultivators. This caused them to suffer a huge loss. Therefore, they began to research how to make flying artifacts.

Then there’s also the defensive formation of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. It caused them a huge amount of trouble. They were also thinking of researching it, especially how to break them as fast as possible. These shortcomings caused the people of the Cloudsea Territory to enter a state of intense research. The Cloudsea Territory had ushered in a period of rapid development.

Originally, the Cloudsea Territory lacked metal. But after the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield cultivators came and died, they left a lot of good treasures behind, especially metals. This allowed the Cloudsea Territory to attach great importance to metallic weapons. There were even rumors that Great Clans were starting to organize people to go to the Bronze Wall and the Iron Wall to mine metals. They needed to develop metal weapons as soon as they could!

  1. Appearing strong but are actually weak.


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