BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1575


Chapter 1575 – Sky Tower

The two quickly gave the Elders a salute. Mu Yu looked at the two with a complex expression as he said, “Take a seat.” Sensing the mood, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu knew that they had something important to say. They quickly sat down and looked at the three Elders.

Mu Yao looked at the two and said with a serious tone, “I called you both back because there’s something very important for you to do. And this matter is related to the future development of the Hundred Treasures Realm.” Mu Yao stopped here and looked at the two.

Hearing that Mu Yao was being serious, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were also paying close attention. Seeing the two, Mu Yao continued, “Originally, we’re planning to tell you this matter when you reach the Immortal Stage. However, things have changed. We can no longer hide this from you. Little Yu, as you already know, the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm were close allies a long time ago. We supported each other and faced all difficulties together.”

Mu Yu nodded while Zhao Hai had a serious face. He guessed that Mu Yao and the others called them over for this matter, and it seems to be the case now.

“Because of the close relationship between the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm, we were the most powerful team in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Nobody could find allies like us. The other realms could only fight among themselves.”

“At that time, the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm were perfectly united. We almost reached the point of overwhelming everyone else in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. But suddenly, a group of people came to us. The group of people claimed to be the guardians of the Sky Tower and they wanted to make a bet with us. If we win, they will support us and no longer care about our affairs. If we lose, we must do whatever order they have.”

At that time, nobody believed them and thought that they were crazy to dare say such things. But soon enough, news came out that the guardians of the Sky Tower also gambled with other realms. These realms didn’t care about them either and in the end they were wiped out from the battlefield. Any person from these realms who tried to enter the battlefield were also killed.”

“The seniors of our realm didn’t believe this news in the beginning but they still made investigations. In the end, they believed that these guardians of the Sky Tower were the real deal. These people certainly had the ability to completely destroy a realm.”

“In the end, the two realms agreed to gamble with the guardians of the Sky Tower. The bet was also very simple. It was for four people from the two realms to go to the Sky Tower and start ascending it from the first floor. As long as these people can reach the fifth floor, not only would these guardians stop bothering the two realms, they would also support their growth.”

“Finally, four people, two from each realm, were sent to the Sky Tower. These four people were all at the peak of the Severed Soul Stage. This was because the opposite party didn’t permit the entry of Immortal Stage Experts. However, both realms still sent Immortal Experts over. The guardians of the Sky Tower allowed one Immortal Expert from each realm to supervise.”

“When the representatives of the two realms arrived at their destination, the two Immortal Experts who were with them were dumbfounded. What faced them was an extremely tall tower. They didn’t know how tall it was since they were unable to scan it entirely using their spiritual force.”

“The guardians of the Sky Tower welcomed the representatives of the two realms and led them to the first floor. There was a person on the first floor for the four representatives to face. Naturally, the person was also at the Severed Soul Stage. However, as they began their exchange, the person was able to easily defeat 2 out of the 4 representatives. It didn’t take long before the other two were also defeated. Naturally, the two realms lost the bet.”

“When the two realms lost, the guardians of the Sky Tower gave their order. When they head back, the Giant Spirit Realm decided to kill five Immortal Experts from the Hundred Treasures Realm while the Hundred Treasures Realm would do the same to the Giant Spirit Realm. This was because the two realms would be evicted from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield if they didn’t comply.”

“Our two realms naturally understood that the guardians of the Sky Tower wanted us to kill each other. But we have no choice but to comply. When we returned, both sides prepared which ten Immortal Experts would be sacrificed to deal with this matter. But what we didn’t expect was when we made our decision, the people of the Sky Tower came and killed the ten Immortal Experts. Then they said to us that the Immortal Experts need to be killed in a fight.”

“In the end, the two realms had to comply. After the two sides killed five Immortal Experts from both sides in a fight, they thought that the matter was over. Nobody knew how, but Severed Soul Experts and Transcending Tribulation Experts from the two realms began killing each other. A cycle of hatred formed, causing the two realms to be in a full-on war.”

“Ten years after the conflict between the two realms began, the people from the Sky Tower sent them a letter. Inside the letter, they frankly said that the gamble’s purpose was for the two realms to kill each other. If they didn’t, then they would make a move. This consequence of the bet wouldn’t end until one of the realms gets evicted from the battlefield. The bet would also end if one side surrenders to the other. And once the winner was decided, the winning realm should send two experts below the Immortal Expert to gamble once again.”

Mu Yu stopped and looked at Zhao Hai and Mu Yu. Then he said, “Now you know why we had such a big response when we saw the people from the Giant Spirit Realm who surrendered. This means that we need to send people to the Sky Tower. But we still have two years. The people to be sent to the Sky Tower will be crucial for the Hundred Treasures Realm. We plan to send the two of you. Do you have anything to say about this?”

Mu Yu and Zhao Hai looked at each other. They didn’t expect the situation to be like this. Even Zhao Hai didn’t think this far in his speculations. The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield actually had something like the Sky Tower. Moreover, it held so much power and influence.

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yao and said, “I have no problems with it. What other orders do you have, Elder Mu?”

Mu Yao looked at the two and said, “I know that you have succeeded in using the cloud beasts of the Cloudsea Territory. So your cultivation should increase rapidly. But I want you to control your cultivation so that you won’t reach the Immortal Stage in two years.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s not a problem. According to my speed, it’ll be impossible for me to reach the Immortal Stage in two years.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Master can be rest assured, I can control my cultivation.”

Mu Yao looked at the two and then sighed as he said, “Little Yu, Little Hai, your results will heavily affect the future of the Hundred Treasures Realm. I have no other choice, please don’t blame me.”

Mu Yu and Zhao Hai hastily stood up as they gave Mu Yao a salute and then Zhao Hai said, “Elder can rest assured. Since we’re people of the Hundred Treasures Realm, we’ll work hard for the future of the realm. Elder, there’s no need for you to worry. We’ll win this time.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “Master, there’s no need to worry. We’ll make sure to win against the enemy. Leave this matter to me and Little Hai.”

Although Mu Yao was doubtful whether Mu Yu and Zhao Hai could defeat the enemy, he wouldn’t attack their confidence right now. He nodded and said, “Alright, you two get some rest and practice in these two years. We won’t give you any orders in these two years. You just make sure to be in your peak condition when the time comes.”

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu nodded before they turned around and left. Looking at their departing backs, Mu Yao couldn’t help but sigh. Zong Ze looked at Mu Yu and couldn’t help but feel sad. He knew how important Mu Yu was to Mu Yao. He treated Mu Yu like his own son. The Sky Tower was a dangerous place and the people inside weren’t exactly good. Going there was asking for death.

When Zhao Hai and Mu Yu left the hall, none of them spoke a word. After some time, Mu Yu sighed and said, “It seems like my original guess was real. We’re just chess pieces in someone’s game. Little Hai, what are you going to do now?”

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yao and then smiled faintly as he said, “Cultivate properly and one day we’ll be the ones playing the game. Brother Mu, don’t worry about it too much. With the two of us together, let’s see how strong the people from the Sky Tower are. If we win against them, I want to see what they plan to offer us.”

Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai and bitterly smiled. He naturally knows that Zhao Hai was cracking a joke to lift up the mood. The people from the Sky Tower were all very strong. Even if they lose, they can forfeit the prize and there’s nothing the Hundred Treasures Realm can do. 

Seeing Mu Yu’s expression, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Don’t worry too much. I’ll leave first to return to Bluetree Planet. If you need anything, just go there to look for me.”

Mu Yu nodded. He was beginning to feel pressure. He wasn’t as carefree and easygoing as Zhao Hai. Sometimes, he envied Zhao Hai’s personality. With his carefree attitude, Zhao Hai was still able to achieve great things, nobody but him could do it.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about what Mu Yu was thinking about. When he returned to Bluetree Planet, he immediately entered the Space. Laura and the others were already waiting for him. Seeing Zhao Hai come back, Laura smiled and said, “We finally have some clues. Brother Hai, what do you think will be inside the Sky Tower?”

Hearing Laura, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as he replied, “You’re really worthy of being my wife. I’m also looking forward to seeing what’s inside the Sky Tower.”

Not only Laura, the other women shared the same excitement. Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, we’ve been waiting for this day. Now that it has come, how can we not go? We also want to know where the Sky Tower leads to. Also, don’t you think that the Sky Tower sounds familiar?”

Zhao Hai knitted his brows for a moment before his eyes lit up as he said, “You mean the waterfall on the southern part of the Cloudsea Territory?”

Lizzy nodded and said, “Right. That waterfall. Didn’t Li Jiang said that it’s a barrier that came down from the skies? Nobody knows where it began. If you think about it, doesn’t it sound just like the Sky Tower?”[1]

  1. I went back to the chapter where it was described and found that I swapped the description. Instead of a waterfall from the Cloudsea Territory going down into the abyss, it’s a waterfall that came from the sky and ended up into the Cloudsea Territory.


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