BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1572


Chapter 1572 – Biggest Winner

The Ghost Spirit Realm wanted peace talks!

The Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t expect this; the other high-grade realms as well. In this kind of conflict between high-grade realms, the losing party rarely went for peace talks. It looked strange. What would a losing party bring to the table during the talks?

In fact, in battles between two high-grade realms, the one who demands for peace talks would be the winning side. They will ask for benefits and the two would reach an agreement. The losing side couldn’t afford asking for peace talks. If they offer peace talks, then they would be gutted by the winning party. They would rather desperately resist. Even if they can’t win, at least they would cause the other side to lose a lot. This way, the enemy would retreat.

Because of this, it was widely accepted in the battlefield that the winning side would be the one who asks for peace talks. The winning side knew clearly that if they didn’t ask for peace, then they would pay a huge price. Then other realms would prey on them in the future.

The Hundred Treasures Realm was confused when they heard that the Ghost Spirit Realm was asking for peace talks. They didn’t believe it at first. But later on, they confirmed that it was true. This was because the Ghost Spirit Realm sent an Immortal Expert over to meet the Hundred Treasures Realm and presented very generous conditions .

Looking at the Ghost Spirit Realm’s representative, Zong Ze hesitated. To be honest, the Ghost Spirit Realm wasn’t easy to fight. Even with the Giant Spirit Treasure ships and the rifles, it was practically impossible to annihilate them.

Although the other high-grade realms agreed to send troops, Zong Ze hasn’t seen even one soldier from them. If this continues, the Hundred Treasures Realm would truly lose a lot. By then, the Hundred Treasures Realm would have trouble digesting the new territory.

But if the Hundred Treasures Realm agrees to the peace talks, they wouldn’t be able to explain themselves to the high-grade realms. This situation was a headache to Zong Ze. They dealt with the Ghost Spirit Realm mainly because they didn’t want them to cause trouble when the Hundred Treasures Realm goes to the Cloudsea Territory, and also as a retaliation for the Ghost Spirit Realm’s action against Zhao Hai. With the other high-grade realms not showing themselves, Zong Ze was in a dilemma.

While Zong Ze was hesitating, the other high-grade realms finally dispatched troops. These realms were paying attention to Zong Ze’s next moves. They already got the report that the Hundred Treasures realm lost a lot of people as well as Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. Since these realms couldn’t just show themselves to look directly at the battle, they believed the reports sent by the Hundred Treasures Realm. Seeing that the Ghost Spirit Realm wanted to have peace talks and the Hundred Treasures Realm inkling to agree, these high-grade realms could no longer sit still.

In their minds, because the Hundred Treasures Realm suffered big casualties, they were also inclined to agree to the peace talks. If the two sides reached an agreement, then the other high-grade realms wouldn’t be able to fish for benefits. Therefore, they decided to send their troops.

Looking at the troops, the Ghost Spirit Realm immediately confirmed their previous speculation. They also understood that their grievance with the Hundred Treasures Realm was just a distraction. The main reason these high-grade realms moved against them was because there was something they needed to do in the sea.

Although the Ghost Spirit Realm didn’t know what Zhao Hai and the others discovered, they were sure that what they saw wasn’t simple. After all, not a lot of things could compel all these high-grade realms to team up. 

As soon as the Ghost Spirit Realm saw this, they knew that no matter what they did, these high-grade realms wouldn’t let them off. The Ghost Spirit Realm also suffered a lot of losses, so they gathered their people and then withdrew from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. But as they left, they told the Five Great Realms that a treasure had been found in the sea. Their motive was very obvious. Since you want to drive us away from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield to prevent us from causing trouble, then we’ll bring you exactly that. Let’s see if you have the ability to drive the Five Great Realms away from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

This was a typical retaliation. This wouldn’t give the Ghost Spirit Realm any benefits, but they still did it. The high-grade realms might be angered, but it would be impossible for them to take revenge on the Ghost Spirit Realm.

All the high-grade realms discovered this, including the Hundred Treasures Realm. Although the Ghost Spirit Realm has been expelled, they now have five more powerful groups looking at their backs. This caused their backs to be very unsteady.

But no matter what, the elimination of the Ghost Spirit Realm was good for the high-grade realms. After all, they were able to cut up the territory of the Ghost Spirit realm.

With the withdrawal of the Ghost Spirit Realm, the Hundred Treasures Realm and the others completely seized their territory. All the high-grade realms sent representatives to the Ghost Spirit Realm’s headquarters in order to conduct negotiations.

The negotiation was naturally about how to divide the territory of the Ghost Spirit Realm. And in these negotiations, Zong Ze, the Hundred Treasures Realm’s representative, proposed that since the Hundred Treasures Realm just lost a lot of people in the recent two battles, they would give away the coordinates of the Cloudsea Territory’s transmission formation. And this time, they wouldn’t be going with the other high-grade realms. However, they wouldn’t give up the coordinates for nothing, they wanted more territory for themselves.

The Hundred Treasures Realm expended a lot of resources to evict the Ghost Spirit Realm from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Additionally, the Hundred Treasures Realm gave up the first opportunity to venture into the Cloudsea Territory and even handed out the coordinates. Naturally, the Hundred Treasures Realm had a point in asking for more territory.

Although the other realms didn’t agree at first, they also thought that they had been too excessive lately. And the Hundred Treasures Realm would no longer go with them to snatch benefits in the Cloudsea Territory. Most importantly, they also want the Hundred Treasures Realm to keep a close watch on the Five Great Realms.

When the Ghost Spirit Realm left, they also sent information to the Five Great Realms about the sea. The high-grade realms didn’t believe that the Five Great Realms would just sit still. As long as there’s benefit to be grabbed, the Five Great Realms would surely try to get a share.

If the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t go, then they could keep an eye on the Five Great Realms. Once the Five Great Realms sent troops, the Hundred Treasures Realm would be able to send troops of their own to react. This would win some time for the other high-grade realms.

It was because of this consideration that the other high-grade realms agreed to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s request. They agreed that the Hundred Treasures Realm would stay behind and also get more territory. The result caused the Hundred Treasures Realm to be secretly delighted. The other high-grade realms secretly laughed. In the end, the Hundred Treasures Realm gave up on the Cloudsea Territory and handed over the coordinates in exchange for territory in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

After things settled down, Zong Ze and his people returned to the headquarters. At the same time, they handed the coordinates of the transmission formation to the high-grade realms. It also included information that Zhao Hai gathered about Ye Island.

The other high-grade realms didn’t suspect the Hundred Treasures Realm. In their minds, the Hundred Treasures Realm just passed through two battles and lost a lot of people. It would be strange if they didn’t suffer any losses.

Moreover, to guarantee the Hundred Treasures Realm’s words, the high-grade realms invited the Detective Race to reconstruct the battles. Naturally, what they got was the scene that Zhao Hai staged. The high-grade realms finally settled their anxieties and prepared to head towards the Cloudsea Territory.

After dealing with these matters, the Hundred Treasures Realm entered a calm period. In this period of time, the Hundred Treasures Realm digested the new territory that they gained.

Of the territory they obtained, it was natural for the lands to be under the Ghost Spirit Realm’s subordinate realms. They were now under the Hundred Treasures Realm, so the Hundred Treasures Realm needs to make sure to control them well.

Actually, for these subordinate realms, there’s no difference if they were under the Ghost Spirit Realm or the Hundred Treasures Realm. The tribute they needed to give was the same and they practically lost nothing. Because of this, there wasn’t much resistance. After all, these subordinate realms also need to consider their own well-being. There’s no use for them if they kept being loyal to the Ghost Spirit Realm.

Also, the Ghost Spirit Realm hadn’t been a good guardian. In addition to tributes offered every year, the subordinate realms would also lose a couple of experts once in a while. It was highly probable that the Ghost Spirit Realm killed these experts and turned them into corpse soldiers. But since these subordinate realms couldn’t show any evidence, they could only let this matter go.

Now that they were under the Hundred Treasures Realm, not only did the required tributes decrease, the subordinate realms also didn’t need to worry about their experts suddenly disappearing. These subordinate realms didn’t resist the Hundred Treasures Realm. In fact, they are happy to be under the Hundred Treasures Realm.

It must be said that the two battles provided huge harvests not only to the Hundred Treasures Realm, but also to Zhao Hai. Because of the two battles, the number of high-level Undead in Zhao Hai’s control has increased. This was especially true for his army of Undead Immortal Experts. Zhao Hai now has about a hundred of them, 50 of which were given to him recently by Mu Yao and the others.

When Mu Yao and the others fought the Immortal Experts of the Giant Spirit Realm and the Fireweaver Race, they were able to kill more than 50 Immortal Experts. Those who were killed by them were handed over to Zhao Hai to become Undead. As for the Immortal Experts on their side who were killed, they were given a proper burial by the realm.

To Mu Yao and the others, this was revenge. At the same time, turning these Immortal Experts into Undead would mean that they would be able to get information out of their mouths. But the one who benefited the most was still Zhao Hai. The Space now has a lot more Immortal Experts. The Undead Army not only increased in strength, but the faith power they provided also increased by a lot. Faith Power provided by an Undead Immortal Expert was a dozen times more than a Severed Soul Expert. So this time, Zhao Hai was the biggest winner.

But now, this biggest winner was in Hidden Cloud Village along with Mu Yu. The Hidden Cloud Village has been developing properly. The Cultivators in the island were diligently fulfilling missions to exchange for goods. This made the residents of the island happy. And with Zhao Hai and the Hundred Treasures Realm’s support, their cultivation progressed very quickly. Their happiness also became loyalty towards the Hundred Treasures Realm.


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