BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1566


Chapter 1566 – Direct Bombardment

The Fireweavers used sword shuttles for their offensive strength. However, a sword shuttle’s transporting ability wasn’t that good. It was mainly used for attack.

As for the Giant Spirit Treasures Ships? Before Zhao Hai arrived, if they claimed to be second in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield in terms of large artifacts, nobody would dare claim first.

The Giant Spirit Realm were very confident in their battle against the Hundred Treasures Realm because of these large artifacts. But they didn’t expect that they would be suppressed by Zhao Hai. And ever since then, they had been falling downwards.

But from what they heard this time, it seems like Zhao Hai has closed up. If Zhao Hai was really out, then the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm would have an easier time.

Zhu Lie calmly on the sword shuttle, but his mouth was twitching from time to time while his eyes burned with anger. Zhu Lie’s younger brother fought in the last battle against the Hundred Treasures Realm. He always wanted revenge, and now he has the opportunity to do so.

However, the twitch on his mouth wasn’t because he was angry. When Zhu Lie was young, he was injured by a stronger opponent, leaving a scar on his face. There were many medicines present to heal the scar, but Zhu Lie didn’t use it. He left this scar on in order to remind him of this hatred.

Later on, he was able to kill the cultivator who gave him the scar. Even then, he didn’t get rid of it. The scar became a reminder to him that everyone who offends him must die.

Because of this scar, his mouth would unconsciously twitch from time to time. This also caused him to look fiercer.

Zhu Lie didn’t participate in the battle against the Hundred Treasures Realm because he was in retreat at that time. After learning that his brother died during the war, he was itching to go seek revenge from the Hundred Treasures Realm. Now that he finally has the chance, he’s naturally happy.

At this moment, Zhu Lie noticed three black spots suddenly appearing in the distance, heading straight towards them. Zhu Lie scanned it using his spiritual force and found that it was three large artifacts. He couldn’t help but stare because of what these large artifacts were. From what he heard, a person from the Hundred Treasures Realm named Zhao Hai used these same three large artifacts. Could it be that the Hundred Treasures Realm knew of their plan so they came out and intercepted them? That’s impossible. Didn’t the other realms say that everything has been set up? It’s impossible for the people of the Hundred Treasures Realm to discover them before their arrival.

At this time, a Fireweaver arrived beside Zhu Lie and said, “Brother Lie, those three large artifacts belong to Zhao Hai of the Hundred Treasures Realm. It seems like the Hundred Treasures Realm discovered that we are coming.”

Zhu Lie knit his brows and said, “Are you sure?”

The person nodded and said, “There’s no mistake, that is Zhao Hai. Look at the cannons, those cannot be easily installed. It should be Zhao Hai.”

Zhu Lie coldly snorted and said, “If it’s him, then it’s him. So what? Tell everyone to go forward at full speed.” The Fireweaver subordinate was about to say something, but he suddenly heard a loud boom.

Upon hearing this, the Fireweaver couldn’t help but stare, then his expression changed as he said, “Brother Lie, order everyone to defend quickly. Zhao Hai began opening fire!”

This was Zhu Lie’s first time facing Zhao Hai, so he didn’t know how terrifying he was. When he saw the expression of the person beside him, he couldn’t help but have a look of contempt. In his opinion, the Fireweaver beside him was an embarrassment. He was actually very scared of someone like Zhao Hai.

Before he gave his order, Zhu Lie heard a loud bang. Then the sword shuttle under his feet shook for a while. Zhu Lie’s expression couldn’t help but change. There was a hole on top of the sword shuttle.

This caused quite a shock to Zhu Lie. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s cannons to be so overbearing. The Fireweavers have always been famous for their rifles. Zhu Lie was also confident of his rifling skills. He didn’t think that the Hundred Treasures Realm would reach this level. It must be known that even Fireweaver Rifles couldn’t shoot through the sword shuttles.

Zhu Lie quickly issued his command, “Defend! All shuttles engage your defensive formations. Everyone, leave the sword shuttles. Hand the shuttles’ control over to the Giant Spirit Realm.”

Since they were in transit, Zhu Lie had all of their large artifacts focused on movement with no defensive shields. Although sword shuttles were offensive-oriented large artifacts, they were still quite defensive. So upon seeing that Zhao Hai managed to blast a whole on the shuttle, Zhu Lie immediately ordered the use of defensive formations. At the same time, he gave the responsibility of control of powering the shuttles to the people of the Giant Spirit Realm.

This time, they brought a lot of sword shuttles to allow the people of the Giant Spirit Realm to attack the Hundred Treasures Realm when required. However, Zhu Lie didn’t expect this scenario to arrive soon.

Although the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm were now in cooperation, Zhu Lie and the others still don’t fully trust the people of the Giant Spirit Realm. As they travelled, the control over the sword shuttles were handled solely by the Fireweavers. Now that the situation wasn’t going great, Zhu Lie immediately handed the control of the shuttles over to the people of the Giant Spirit Realm.

Unfortunately, it was too late to transfer control. Control over the sword shuttles couldn’t be transferred in an instant. And with Zhao Hai’s attacks, which had become stronger since the previous war, as well as Zhu Lie’s complacency, more than ten sword shuttles have been destroyed from Zhao Hai’s first volley.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s second round of bombardment began. The Fireweavers quickly responded as cultivators began to leave the sword shuttles. Some of the sword shuttles have also been handed over to the people of the Giant Spirit Realm.

Although the people of the Giant Spirit Realm had taken control over the sword shuttles, they still needed time to get used to its performance. So after Zhao Hai’s second bombardment, more than a dozen sword shuttles were destroyed.

Fortunately, there weren’t a lot of people inside the shuttles. After Zhao Hai’s two rounds of bombardment, the people inside the sword shuttles had gone out.

Even so, Zhao Hai’s two rounds of attacks damaged more than 20 sword shuttles while killing more than 2000 people. The losses to Fireweaver beasts were similar.

Zhao Hai’s cannons use explosive shells. Once the shells enter the shuttles, they would then explode. They were quite lethal.

Then at this time, Zhao Hai’s third round of attacks came. Zhu Lie roared. But as he shouted, a huge shield appeared in front of everyone. Zhao Hai’s cannon fire hit the shield. Although the shield shook heavily, it managed to block Zhao Hai’s attacks.

Seeing this, Zhu Lie didn’t have a happy expression. His complexion was gloomy and he seemed to be sweating. This was because he knew that the shield wasn’t something ordinary cultivators could use. An Immortal Expert has made a move.

It seems like his performance caused the Immortal Experts to be dissatisfied, so they took action. It should be known that Immortal Experts wouldn’t take action in battles like these in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. In the battlefield, Immortal Experts would only fight against other Immortal Experts. If they intervene in battles of those lower than them, then they would be looked down on.

At this time, a voice was heard, “So it’s Spirit Shield Barre. Barre, do you still have some face left? This is a battle between juniors, do you want to participate in it?”

Zhu Lie could hear that this was another Immortal Expert speaking. Just as the enemy’s voice fell, another voice replied, “Mu Yao, so it’s you huh. The Hundred Treasures Realm destroyed the future of the Giant Spirit Realm in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. This is a life and death battle. What rules are there?”

The voice from earlier replied, “Good, Barre, good. Hahaha. I think we should find another place to have a conversation. Or do you still intend to protect everyone? If you keep intervening, don’t blame me for killing you.”

“I’m afraid you’re not enough!” As soon as the voice fell, the shield in front of Zhu Lie and the others disappeared. At this time, Zhao Hai’s fourth round of attacks hit Zhu Lie and the others.

But this time, Zhu Lie and the others were prepared. While the two Immortal Experts were talking, Zhu Lie and his men weren’t idling. The people from the Giant Spirit Realm were able to acclimatize themselves to the sword shuttles while Zhu Lie and his men have also managed to spread themselves out properly. Even if Zhao Hai’s shells fell into their formation, they could still avoid or defend. With this, they could avoid massive casualties.

Zhu Lie looked at the three large artifacts in the distance as he coldly snorted and said, “Advance. Sword shuttles take the front, the others will follow behind.” Following his order, the remaining thirty or so sword shuttles flew forward. The cultivators also took their weapons out and followed behind. The beasts of the Fireweavers also surrounded their masters.

Another round of bombardment came, but this time the effects weren’t great. The shells directed at the sword shuttles had been dodged while those targeting the troops behind were easily dodged due to their loose formation.

Zhao Hai discovered this so he waved his hand, retracting the cannons of the three large artifacts. Then Undead carrying rifles appeared.

A lot of cultivators in the three large artifacts had fought with Zhao Hai before, so they knew what to do. They took out their own artifacts but they didn’t immediately sally outside. They knew that Zhao Hai was preparing to charge the enemy. Once the three large artifacts crashed into the enemy formation, then it would be time for them to move.

Just as what they expected, Zhao Hai was indeed preparing to charge the enemies. The weakness of the shells had already been found by the Fireweavers, so there was no point in attacking with it. Now Zhao Hai was prepared to go into close-combat.

Seeing Zhao Hai stop his attacks, Zhu Lie knew that something was bound to happen. He loudly commanded, “Everyone, get ready. The other party is going to charge into battle. Get ready to intercept the enemy. Divide yourselves into three teams, each team is responsible for one large artifact.”

Just as Zhu Lie’s voice fell, Zhao Hai’s three large artifacts began their charge. Zhu Lie’s eyes flashed a cold light. His rifle appeared in his hand, ready for the incoming clash. He was aiming at the Hell King’s Ship.