BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1565


Chapter 1565 – Who Laughs Last

Zong Ze knit his brows as he held the jade sword message in his hand. He didn’t expect the Fireweavers to make a move at this time. Fortunately, Zhao Hai made prior arrangements otherwise the Hundred Treasures Realm would suffer very heavy losses.

He let out a long breath and calmed his brows. The jade sword message was from Mu Yao informing him about the plan. To be honest, Zong Ze was very optimistic about Mu Yao’s decision. This was because Mu Yao was much more cautious than him.

The timing of the Fireweavers was just too good. This also revealed some issues. The Hundred Treasures Realm had been too eye-catching recently. They defeated the Fireweaver and the Giant Spirit Realm army and obtained the Giant Spirit Realm’s territory. Although the territory has been divided with the other realms, the Hundred Treasures Realm still gained the most land. This caused the other high-grade realms to be wary of them.

Zhao Hai’s successful expedition and the discovery of the Cloudsea Territory once again caused the Hundred Treasures Realm to be the center of attention. This time, the most credit went to Zhao Hai, which meant that the Hundred Treasures Realm would get even more benefits. In this situation, the other realms were a bit unconvinced. However, the truth was there and they had to accept it. So what should they do? The only way was to weaken the Hundred Treasures Realm.

And this time, the Hundred Treasures Realm proposed dealing with the Ghost Spirit Realm. This would benefit the other realms, but at the same time, it made the other realms wary of the Hundred Treasures Realm. This was because the Hundred Treasures Realm already had the domineering attitude of “those who follow me will prosper, while those who don’t will die”. The other high-grade realms were now more worried about becoming the next Ghost Spirit Realm.

If these guesses were correct, then the perfect timing of the Fireweavers could be explained. Someone from the other realms leaked this information to the Fireweavers.

This made Zong Ze think that his guess was likely to be correct. Besides Zhao Hai, nobody notified them that the Fireweavers were coming over to attack the headquarters.

The territory of the Fireweavers and the Hundred Treasures Realm weren’t connected. If the Fireweavers don’t use transmission formations, then their only passage to the Hundred Treasures Realm was through the territories of other high-grade realms.

The Hundred Treasures Realm and the other high-grade realms were allies. Normally, if the Fireweavers pass through their territories, even if they don’t plan to help, they should have informed the Hundred Treasures Realm. This was to ensure that the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t be in danger.

But now, besides Zhao Hai, the other realms didn’t inform the Hundred Treasures Realm. They chose to be silent, blocking information from reaching the Hundred Treasures Realm. They were coordinating with the Fireweavers’ attack.

It was at this point that Zong Ze was convinced that everything was caused by these traitors. The Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm didn’t bring that many people. They may cause damage to the Hundred Treasures Realm, but it would be impossible for them to capture its territory. And this was the goal of those high-grade realms.

Thinking of this, Zong Ze let out a long breath and stored the jade sword message. Mu Yu already told him to not worry about the headquarters’ situation. They had already allocated people to deal with it. This way, Zong Ze could deal with the Ghost Spirit Realm with a peace of mind.

Zong Ze knew that Mu Yao wouldn’t give assurance to anything if he wasn’t confident, so he continued charging forwards with high morale. In one day, they finally entered the territory of the Ghost Spirit Realm. He already received information that the Ghost Spirit Realm made ample preparations and were waiting for them.

This was a head-on collision between two high-grade realms. Although the other realms would cooperate in this action, after this incident, Zong Ze didn’t expect them to really cooperate properly. Even if these realms send troops, their goal would be to at most wound the Ghost Spirit Realm.

Before this, Zong Ze wasn’t guarded against this outcome. But after receiving Mu Yao’s message, he has to be careful. These high-grade realms have a lot of methods, they couldn’t be easily dealt with.

Thinking of this, Zong Ze waved his hand as he turned to Tang Jie and said, “Pass the order, in this attack, nobody is allowed to leave the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships without my order.”

Tang Jie stared. In the past, Zong Ze wanted the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships to work together with the Cultivators during battle. What has changed now? However, he didn’t ask much as he nodded and went on to pass the order.

Zong Ze looked at the front as he muttered, “Let’s see who laughs in the end.”


As Mu Yao and the others travelled forward, Mu Yao turned to Zhao Hai and asked, “Little Hai, did they change their direction?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Elder, don’t worry. With our current speed, we’ll be able to meet them in about two days.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “Two days. That should also be the time that we’re clashing with the Ghost Spirit Realm, right? We’re fighting two battles at once. Hehe. As long as our plan succeeds, let’s see who would dare provoke us in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. What he wanted was more than this. He wanted everyone to submit to them, including the Five Great Realms. He wanted to see if a unified Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield would get some response from the people watching in the shadows.

Time flew quickly and two days passed by. The people on the three large artifacts were beginning to become anxious as they stared in front of them. They knew that the enemy would be appearing at any time.

Mu Yao stood on the Hell King’s Ship as he stretched his spiritual force forward. Actually, Zhao Hai knew how far the FIreweavers were, but he didn’t tell.

When the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm Army were about ten minutes away from Zhao Hai and the others, Mu Yao opened his eyes and said, “They’re here.”

Zhao Hai was stunned. He didn’t expect Mu Yao to discover the Fireweavers from such a far distance. Although the enemy was just ten minutes away, the distance involved with it couldn’t be underestimated. How far could the Hell King’s Ship travel in ten minutes? How far could the other party’s large artifacts travel in ten minutes? Ten minutes was not a short distance, yet Mu Yao was still able to detect the opposite party. Immortal Experts were truly formidable.

Although Zhao Hai was stunned, he immediately reacted and waved his hand, turning the three large artifacts into porcupines. Numerous cannons appeared on the surfaces of the three large artifacts.

Mu Yao noticed the changes on the three large artifacts. His eyes lit up as he turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “No wonder these guys got so excited when they heard that we’re going to be fighting with you. These artifacts are really treasures. Hahaha. Now I also want to play with them.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I like convenience. If I can take the enemy out from long-range, then I won’t go into close-combat. If I can take them out in one shot, I definitely wouldn’t want to attack twice.”

Mu Yao laughed as he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder. At this time, on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Tang Yaoen was also surprised. He turned his head to Tang Wen and said, “Little Wen, Little Hai’s Giant Spirit Treasure Ship seems to be different from the ones we made?”

This time, Tang Wen didn’t follow Tang Jie in dealing with the Ghost Spirit Realm. Instead, he stayed beside his Master. Since he had been with Zhao Hai before, he could explain why.

Zhao Hai’s Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was indeed different from the one refined by the Hundred Treasures Realm. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ships made by the Hundred Treasures Realm were exact copies of the ships of the Giant Spirit Realm. On the other hand, in order to exert the most firepower, Zhao Hai installed cannons to every window of his ship. You can’t see a window on the ship without a cannon jutting out of it. Once Zhao Hai’s Giant Spirit Treasure Ship enters its offensive mode, only then could people see how terrifying it was.

Tang Wen was very familiar with this point, so when he heard Tang Yaoen, Tang Wen immediately replied, “Master, in order for the ship to accommodate cannons, Little Hai heavily modified his Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.”

Tang Yaoen nodded and said, “This kid doesn’t joke around. No wonder he can resist Immortal Experts using his large artifacts alone. It looks like these three large artifacts carry quite a lot of firepower.”

Tang Wen smiled and said, “Right, Little Hai heavily modified his three large artifacts to carry a lot of power and ability. Especially during group battles, enemy Cultivators wouldn’t be able to have the chance to attack. And even if they could attack, Little Hai wouldn’t allow their attacks to hit him.”

Tang Yaoen nodded and no longer spoke because he detected a fleet of ships just in front of them. The Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm sent out dozens of large artifacts. However, to Zhao Hai’s three large artifacts, these ships could only become ordinary weapons.

Although the Giant Spirit Realm still had a lot more Giant Spirit Treasure Ships, most of them had been disassembled as they retreated from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. And with how hasty they were about their current attack, they couldn’t bring too many ships. Because of this, a large part of the artifacts that they brought belonged to the Fireweavers.

The Fireweavers weren’t known for their large artifacts, and most of their ships were used for transportation. But this time, in order to deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm, they deliberately took out sword shuttles.

Sword shuttles were enlarged forms of sword artifacts. It had pointed edges on both ends and was sharp on all sides. It was small, but it was flexible and full of power.


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