BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1564


Chapter 1564 – Giant Spirit Realm Reappears

Zhao Hai returned to Bluetree Planet. The children were still conducting their daily learning. The progress of the children could be clearly seen. The majority of them had reached the Foundation Establishment Stage. For children of their age, it was a golden start.

The children of the Hundred Treasures Realm started at the same level, but not a lot of them were able to reach the same progress. Only the children on planets with academies established by Mu Yao can barely compare with the children on Bluetree Planet. This proves the importance of Zhao Hai’s academies.

Zhao Hai didn’t manage the children too much. He just looked at the situation of the planet and then returned to the Space. Because of what happened in the sea of clouds, the children held great admiration towards Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai showed himself right now, then he would be disturbing the children, so he chose not to see them.

People might think that since Zhao Hai was the children’s idol, his appearance would encourage them. But sometimes this wasn’t the case.

The children were now at a very sensitive time in their lives. If Zhao Hai suddenly appeared and talked to them, then the pace of the children would change. If they become anxious about their cultivation, then they might suffer backlash in the future. A Cultivator cannot be too impatient, or else they would be courting death.

If it was an adult cultivator, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t mind talking to them and giving them some notes on cultivation. However, these children were too young and had yet to have full control of their emotions. So in the end, Zhao Hai didn’t see them and just observed their progress through the Space.

When Zhao Hai arrived inside the Space, Laura and the others were already staring at the monitor. Zhao Hai turned his head and was stunned at what they were looking at; it was the Fireweavers. The Fireweavers had already set off from their headquarters. Zhao Hai already expected this, so he wasn’t too surprised. What surprised Zhao Hai was that he saw other people in the Fireweaver Army. These people weren’t part of the Fireweaver Race, they were from the Giant Spirit Realm.

The Giant Spirit Realm has returned to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield!

Nobody knew about this before. Even Zhao Hai, who had been monitoring the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, didn’t know. The return of the Giant Spirit Realm was too sudden, which greatly surprised him.

Zhao Hai’s expression changed, then he turned his head to Laura and the others and asked, “When did the Giant Spirit Realm return?”

Laura replied with a serious expression, “Five hours ago. It was also at that time that the Fireweavers decided to attack. It seems like they made an agreement with the Fireweavers to deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm. It has already been five days since the Hundred Treasures Realm army set off for the Ghost Spirit Realm. They wouldn’t have any more time to retreat. Brother Hai, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m afraid we couldn’t do much right now. I can only remind Elder Mu. In any case, we’re still members of the Hundred Treasures Realm. If the Hundred Treasures Realm loses too hard, then it wouldn’t be good for us.”

Laura nodded and said, “Would you say that you left some Undead to monitor the Fireweavers, then you noticed their movement?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I can only say it like that. This time, the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm seem to be prepared to do a lightning attack. They prepared so many weapons.”

Zhao Hai was right. This time, the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm took out a lot of large artifacts. The Fireweavers dispatched 10 thousand people along with their beasts, which made their combat power equal to 30 thousand people. The Giant Spirit Realm also sent out about 10 thousand people along with 200 Immortal Experts. This number couldn’t be looked down on. If the Hundred Treasures Realm wasn’t prepared at all, then the consequences would be disastrous.

When he thought of this, Zhao Hai immediately said, “I’ll head back now. Continue paying attention to the movements of the Fireweavers.” Laura and the others nodded. Zhao Hai appeared on Bluetree Planet once more and then used the transmission formation to return to the headquarters.

Zhao Hai arrived at the headquarters and couldn’t be bothered with greeting other people as he went straight towards the conference hall. Mu Yao and the others were still inside. Seeing Zhao Hai enter, Mu Yao and Tang Yaoen were surprised. But the two knew that something must have happened seeing Zhao Hai’s expression. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have returned this soon. They knew Zhao Hai, and they knew that the things he treated seriously weren’t trivial.

“Did something happen?”, Mu Yao took the initiative to ask.

Zhao Hai gave a salute to the two and then said, “Elders, after the previous war, I kept undead around the Fireweavers in order to monitor them. I just received information that the Fireweavers are working with the Giant Spirit Realm once more. They set out with dozens of large artifacts. Including the beasts of the Fireweavers, they have a 40-thousand man strong army, including 200 Immortal Experts. They are now coming towards the headquarters. We need to quickly make a decision.”

Hearing this, Mu Yao stood up. The information Zhao Hai brought was indeed shocking. He didn’t think that this would happen, especially at this time.

Mu Yao walked two laps before saying, “It seems like the Fireweavers have eyes in other realms. Otherwise they wouldn’t know that our people would attack the Ghost Spirit Realm this quickly. They really chose a good time, but this is also an opportunity for us.”

Zhao Hai stared, somewhat confused by what Mu Yao said. Mu Yao looked at Zhao Hai as well as the other Elders and said, “Our previous plan was to send our forces against the Ghost Spirit Realm and then declare that we lost too much so that we don’t have to send as many troops to the Cloudsea Territory. The sudden appearance of the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm provided us with a lot of help. If we use our battle against the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm as a reason, we can tell the other realms that we suffered great casualties. Then we’ll say that we don’t have the strength to attack the Cloudsea Territory. We can give the other realms the coordinates for the transmission formation. Naturally, we won’t give it for free. We’ll trade for the coordinates. This is good for our plan.”

Hearing Mu Yao, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. It seems like old ginger was indeed more spicy. Mu Yao was a shrewd and crafty old man.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. To be honest, the number of troops sent by the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm this time wasn’t that many. In the past war, they mobilized about 100 thousand troops. In comparison, the number they sent this time was as much.

The attack of the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm hinges on its speed and timing. The main force of the Hundred Treasures Realm were now attacking the Ghost Spirit Realm, and were now about to arrive. At this time, it was impossible for them to return. If the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t receive any information from Zhao Hai, then they wouldn’t have made the proper preparations. Then the Hundred Treasures Realm would definitely suffer a big loss.

But the situation became different after receiving Zhao Hai’s news. With the Hundred Treasures Realm fully prepared, the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm were completely done for.

It must be said that the reason why the Hundred Treasures Realm were able to attack the Ghost Spirit Realm so quickly was because they had a lot of large artifacts. And these large artifacts were Giant Spirit Treasure Ships.

Although the Giant Spirit Realm was their enemy, the Hundred Treasures Realm couldn’t deny that they make good large artifacts. In their opinion, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was the best artifact of the Giant Spirit Realm.

Giant Spirit Treasure Ships were defensively strong and could accommodate a lot of people. Also it had no problem with long-distance flights. It’s ramming strength couldn’t be underestimated either. A ship like that could only be described as perfect.

Naturally, it’s impossible for a large artifact to be as flexible as Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship. It wouldn’t be realistic at all. If you make a competitive weightlifter do synchronized swimming, then they might drown in the pool. Similarly, it was impossible for the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to be as flexible as Liquid Silver. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was perfect as a large artifact.

Because of this, after acquiring the method to create Giant Spirit Treasure Ships, the Hundred Treasures Realm began a large-scale manufacturing project. This was enabled even more when they learned the method of water refining where they can refine Giant Spirit Treasure Ships in batches. Adding to the fact that the Hundred Treasures Realm had no shortage of materials due to Zhao Hai’s efforts, the Hundred Treasures Realm became a rich manufacturing powerhouse. They were able to make a large number of Giant Spirit Treasure Ships which they used to send their main force against the Ghost Spirit Realm. This also made the other realms envious of the Hundred Treasures Realm.

These Giant Spirit Treasure Ships were the reason why the Hundred Treasures Realm were able to quickly arrive close to the Ghost Spirit Realm. With how far they traveled, even if they received news about the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm attack, the troops would still be unable to return. And the Ghost Spirit Realm wouldn’t allow them to return to offer help. They will definitely entangle the Hundred Treasures Realm. The timing of the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm attack was truly perfect.

But after Zhao Hai discovered the move of the Fireweavers, their attack had lost its element of surprise. It might work if the Hundred Treasures Realm weren’t prepared, but they were.

Mu Yao immediately transferred a large army from the realm. There were a total of 300 Immortal Experts as well as 30 thousand experts on the Transcending Tribulation Stage and above. After they arrived, Mu Yao didn’t delay and immediately had Zhao Hai use his three large artifacts for everybody to ride on. Then they flew out of the headquarters to meet the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm.

There was no mistake, they went out to meet the enemy. Mu Yao planned to block the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm from entering the Hundred Treasures realm’s territory this time. Otherwise, the battle would damage the Hundred Treasure Realm’s lands.

Zhao Hai was a bit surprised when he heard about Mu Yao’s decision. But this style was to his tastes, so he drove his three large artifacts to meet the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm army. This time, he has 300 Immortal Experts riding his artifacts. When he thought of this, even someone as calm as Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be excited.

This was the first time that Mu Yao and the other Elders rode inside Zhao Hai’s large artifacts. They were slowly beginning to like it. Not only were these artifacts powerful during battles, they were also comfortable to ride in.

Zhao Hai was still on the Hell King’s Ship. As for the 300 Immortal Experts, they were equally divided between the three large artifacts. As for Mu Yao, he was on the Hell King’s Ship, standing on the bow beside Zhao Hai.

Looking around and seeing Zhao Hai’s Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and Pagoda advancing beside the Hell King’s Ship, Mu Yao couldn’t help but nod as he said, “Little Hai, your large artifacts are very good. I didn’t expect them to be faster than Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. And there’s no need for people to power them. It’s very good.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “There’s no need to add power during ordinary times. And when in battle, we can add some crystals to multiply the energy provided. However, to make this possible, the formations require very expensive materials for the hull. Moreover, the formation needs to encompass the entire ship. Unlike the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships where the formations are made in modules. There’s no way such a huge formation could be placed inside normal ships.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “Your artifacts are truly treasures. Right, Little Hai, can your artifacts be recreated?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “They can, but the materials to make them could no longer be found in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. So they couldn’t be as defensive as mine, and they also cannot continuously evolve. There’s also the heavy requirement for refining. The artifacts that I made are at the same level as the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff of the World of Cultivation.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “That’s not too bad. If you have time, try to teach the refiners. Weapons with the ability to transform are very good. If you can use it well, their strength wouldn’t be bad.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I have recorded the refining method and placed it in the Scriptures Pavilion. If the refining masters want to study, then they can just go there and have a read.”

Mu Yao gave a satisfied nod. He appreciated Zhao Hai’s selfless actions. It was also because of his selflessness that he gained everyone’s favor and trust, allowing him to gain his current status in the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Looking at the sky in the distance, Mu Yao said, “Little Hai, do you think our plan will succeed? If we fail, then the Hundred Treasures Realm would have no place in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Originally, the plan wasn’t easily accomplished. In my opinion, it has only a 50 percent chance of succeeding. But now that the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm reappeared, the chance of success has risen to 70 percent. As long as Elder Zong and the others manage to destroy the Ghost Spirit Realm, our territory would increase. And with us fighting against the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm, we can get more from splitting the Ghost Spirit Realm’s territory. And while the other realms fight in the Cloudsea Territory, we can use this chance to develop our strength. As long as the other realms lose heavily in the Cloudsea Territory, they won’t be able to do anything against us.”

Mu Yao nodded and didn’t speak for a long time. However, a hint of fire could be seen burning in his eyes.


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