BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1563


Chapter 1563 – Troops of the Hundred Treasures Realm

While Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were taking care of the Hidden Cloud Village, the Hundred Treasures Realm began to use their troops against the Ghost Spirit Realm. The Ghost Spirit Realm already expected this when the Hundred Ghost Daoist returned to their headquarters. Ever since they defeated the Giant Spirit Realm and the Fireweavers, the Hundred Treasures has been establishing a strong presence in the battlefield.

The Ghost Spirit Realm didn’t guess wrong. After the Hundred Ghost Daoist left, the Hundred Treasures Realm began to assemble their troops and prepared to attack the Ghost Spirit Realm. This time, they didn’t only assemble their own troops. The realms under the Hundred Treasures Realm also mobilized. This made it a full-on war between two realms.

The actions of the Hundred Treasures Realm caused the medium-grade realms in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield to be confused. They didn’t understand the Hundred Treasures Realm’s decision.

Although the battle between the Hundred Treasures Realm and the Giant Spirit Realm ended with the former’s win, the Hundred Treasures Realm still exerted a lot of effort to do so.

In fact, in order to deal with the Giant Spirit Realm, the Hundred Treasures Realm had to use a lot of methods. The most important one of them was causing disunity between the subordinate realms of the Giant Spirit Realm. This was essentially cutting off the wings of the Giant Spirit Realm. So when the battle happened, the Giant Spirit Realm would undoubtedly lose.

This tactic was very successful at the start, especially when the World of Cultivation changed sides. It was a massive knife inserted to the Giant Spirit Realm’s back. This brought a huge advantage to the Hundred Treasures Realm while causing the other subordinates of the Giant Spirit Realm to leave.

However, this caused the Giant Spirit Realm to use their trump card. They shamelessly invited the Fireweavers. The other realms looked down on this decision. A high-grade realm asking their enemy for help, it was a huge loss of face. But the other realms could recognize that this was a good move. This was because the appearance of the Fireweavers stabilized the unstable state of the Giant Spirit Realm.

Upon seeing the Fireweavers, the subordinate realms who were planning on leaving immediately became obedient and were more active in participating in the war. This was because these subordinate realms also wanted to reap some benefits from the war.

This rendered the previous arrangements of the Hundred Treasures Realm useless. Not only did they fail to cut off the wings of the Giant Spirit Realm, they also caused the Fireweavers to join the war, one of the Five Great Realms.

Fortunately, the Hundred Treasures Realm were able to respond and went into a defensive position with all they had. They abandoned their other bases and guarded their headquarters. Additionally, the subordinate realms who were still loyal to them helped them defend the periphery of the headquarters. In the end, they were able to withstand the attack of the Giant Spirit Realm and the Fireweavers. Later on, when the other high-grade realms joined in on the counter-attack, the war quickly ended.

However, the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t win the war with ease, their casualties weren’t small. The same was true for the realms under ehm. Although the Hundred Treasures Realm gave compensation afterwards, the realms still haven’t recovered. But now, the Hundred Treasures Realm decided to fight another high-grade realm. This was obviously not a wise thing to do.

But nobody knew that the reason why the Hundred Treasures Realm went through with this decision was because they knew they would win. The other high-grade realms would be lending a hand. They were practically bullying the Ghost Spirit Realm.

Naturally, the Hundred Treasures Realm had no idea that the Fireweavers mustered a 10 thousand-strong army to deal with them. They were now departing to attack the Hundred Treasures Realm.

The third day after Zhao Hai established the formation, the army of the Hundred Treasures Realm were ready to set off. Their target was the Ghost Spirit Realm. They also didn’t spend any effort to hide their action as they charged towards the Ghost Spirit Realm’s territory. As long as the Ghost Spirit Realm weren’t deaf and blind, then they would certainly know what’s coming for them and would prepare.

Just as expected, the Ghost Spirit Realm were fully prepared. They didn’t go out of their territory to fight the Hundred Treasures Realm and instead stayed in and waited. They made the right decision. They were more familiar with their own territory. Moreover, they wanted to wear out the Hundred Treasures Realm so that it would be easier to deal with them.

After Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were done with the arrangements in the Hidden Cloud Village, the army of the Hundred Treasures Realm were already five days into their travel. They would soon arrive at the territory of the Ghost Spirit Realm.

When Mu Yu and Zhao Hai returned to the headquarters, they found that the Elders who were left behind were all Elders belonging to Mu Yao and Tang Yaoen’s faction.

Seeing this, Mu Yu couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t understand why Mu Yao didn’t lead the attack. On the other hand, Zhao Hai could see why Mu Yao didn’t go. Mu Yao just forced Shen Wei out of his position. If he went to lead the troops this time, then people might think that he craved power and wanted to be the realm’s leader for a long time. This outcome wouldn’t be beneficial for the Mu Faction.

Where there are rivers and lakes, there are people. This saying wasn’t bad at all. The Hundred Treasures Realm was now very stable, but Mu Yao still needed to be careful. Mu Yao knew that the stability was because of the realm’s system, the system of Elders taking turns making decisions for the realm. If he destroyed this system, then the people of the Hundred Treasures Realm would rise up against him, causing a civil strife in the realm.

Mu Yao fully understood the political state of the realm, so he decided to stay in the headquarters. In his opinion, the merit has to go to Zong Ze. This would be beneficial for the Hundred Treasures Realm’s development. At the same time, Mu Yao didn’t need more merits at this time. His achievement of defeating the Giant Spirit Realm was already enough for him for the rest of his life.

“Master, Martial Uncle, why didn’t you lead the army?” Naturally, Mu Yu was still unaware of the undercurrents of the realm. He still didn’t understand Mu Yao’s decision.

Mu Yao knew that Mu Yu would ask, but he didn’t say anything. He just smiled faintly as he turned to Zhao Hai. He found that Zhao Hai was very calm, it seems like there’s no need to explain to him.

“Little Yu, you need to think more. Cultivators need to cultivate, but with your current status, you can’t just focus all of your attention to cultivating. Or else you will suffer in the future. Once we old guys are gone, the Hundred Treasures Realm will be passed on to your generation. It wouldn’t be good if you’re still like this. Look at Little Hai, I reckon he already knows what’s going on. Learn from Little Hai.” Mu Yao looked at Mu Yu with a calm expression on his face.

Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai with a confused expression. Zhao Hai turned to Mu Yu and said, “I heard a saying that says politics is knowing when to advance and when to retreat. If Elder Mu led the army, how would the other Elders react? What would they think of Elder Mu? Brother, sometimes you need to give credit to other people. Especially if you’re in a high ranking position.”

Mu Yu wasn’t a fool, it was just that he knew too little. Hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu quickly understood. He turned his head to Mu Yao and saw him nodding. Mu Yu let out a long breath and said, “So it’s like that. Thank you Little Hai.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You’re too polite. Brother Mu, this time, let’s just stay here instead of joining the fight.”

At this time, Tang Yaoen opened his mouth and said, “How is the Hidden Cloud Village? That place is very important to the Hundred Treasures Realm. We cannot be careless about it.”

“Martial Uncle, don’t worry, everything there has been taken care of. Little Hai has given two long-term missions for the people of the village. The first mission is to farm the land using the herbs of the Hundred Treasures Realm to see what would happen. The second is to capture cloud beasts. If the Hundred Treasures Realm want to fight against the people of the Cloudsea Territory, then the cloud beasts would be indispensable. Otherwise, we would have a hard time heading out of the whitecloud islands.” Mu Yao turned to Tang Yaoen and explained Zhao Hai’s plan to him.

Although Mu Yao and the others regarded the Hidden Cloud Village as important, their status limited them to asking about it often. Because of this, they could only hand the task over to Zhao Hai and Mu Yu. Mu Yao knew Zhao Hai and Mu Yu’s abilities. If they cannot take care of the Hidden Cloud Village, then he would be worried about the Hundred Treasures Realm’s future.

Mu Yao nodded and said, “The whitecloud islands are indeed suitable for planting medicinal plants. What you did is very good. We also need to test if we can use cloud beasts. But for the sake of our future, it’s good if we are prepared. Good job, well done.”

Mu Yu smiled and said, “With the great formation protecting the island, unless someone has a token, nobody would be able to enter the village. And the tokens that Little Hai gave out are made specially and it’s impossible for others to imitate it. We don’t have to worry about security at all. We now have a secure base in the Cloudsea Territory.”

Mu Yao nodded, “That’s good. We cannot expose the Hidden Cloud Village to the outside. This time, the realm will implement the plan that you two proposed. If it succeeds, then everything would be fine. But if we fail, we may be forced to retreat to the Hidden Cloud Village. Do you understand?”

The two gave a nod. Then Mu Yao continued, “Alright, you may go back. There’s nothing going on in the headquarters these days, so the two of you can relax. Little Hai, you can go home and rest.”

Although Zhao Hai knows that the Fireweavers are going to attack, he couldn’t say it at this time. So he nodded and said, “Thank you Elder Mu.”

Mu Yao waved his hand, then he looked at Mu Yu and said, “You can also rest. Come back here tomorrow. Although there’s nothing going on in the headquarters, we still need to pay attention. After all, the Fireweavers are still here.”

Mu Yu nodded then left the room with Zhao Hai. Hearing what Mu Yao said, Zhao Hai relaxed. It seems like Elder Mu was truly a cautious individual. This was good.


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