BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1560


 Chapter 1560 – Settling Grievances

“Elder, the Ghost Spirit Realm sent someone over asking for an explanation about the cultivator they sent for the expedition. They ask us to give severe punishment to Zhao Hai.” 

Tang Jie stood in the conference hall as he reported to Zong Ze and the others. Inside the hall weren’t only Zong Ze and his four aides; there were also 50 other Elders, naturally Mu Yu was among them.

Tang Jie didn’t follow Mu Yu and Zhao Hai to the Cloudsea Territory. Although he wanted to go, Tang Yaoen didn’t allow him. This was because the headquarters was in dire need of manpower. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu present in the Cloudsea Territory was enough. Tang Jie was needed in the headquarters to handle the matter of the Ghost Spirit Realm.

The reason Zong Ze and Mu Yao made such decisions was to cultivate talents for the Hundred Treasures Realm. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu can now act independently while Tang Jie was just a bit short. This was the reason why Tang Jie was kept in the headquarters.

Hearing Tang Jie, Zong Ze asked, “Who came?”

Tang Jie replied, “It is an Immortal Expert. I’m going to provide them a residence to rest in.”

Zong Ze nodded. He waved his hand and said, “Go and settle him down first.” Tang Jie nodded, then he turned around and left. Zong Ze turned his head to everyone and said, “What do you think?”

Mu Yao smiled faintly and said, “Wanting justice is just a fake, they want to join us. The Ghost Spirit Realm knows how important Zhao Hai is to us. If they didn’t, then they do know now. They want to ask for answers, but their final goal is to join us in getting a bite out of the Cloudsea Territory.”

Zong Ze nodded, “It’s definitely that. However, we won’t wait for them to reach that point. They want to join? They must be dreaming.”

Mu Yu replied, “We should make some preparations. It’s time for the other realms to do something. We shouldn’t be doing everything ourselves.”

Zong Ze nodded and said, “Only Little Hai knows the coordinates of the Cloudsea Territory’s transmission formation. They have no choice but to agree to our requests. Moreover, it would be good for everyone. As long as we deal with the Ghost Spirit Realm, our share in the benefits would increase. I think they would agree with us.”

Everyone in the room nodded. They already had an agreement with the other realms, so they would definitely agree. Just as Zong Ze said, it would also be good for them.

In the past, these realms maintained a balance with each other. But now, this balance had tilted to one side. Besides the Ghost Spirit Realm, the other realms allied with each other to attack the Cloudsea Territory. This put a weight on one side while the Ghost Spirit Realm was on the other. This meant that the situation was more favorable towards the side of the alliance.

The Ghost Spirit Realm seems to have discovered this. They became aware that the return of Zhao Hai’s group brought some important discoveries. This was the reason why the realms allied up and excluded them. The people of the Ghost Spirit Realm were both surprised and angered. They immediately sent people to the Hundred Treasures Realm to protest. This was for them to be included in the alliance’s future plan.

But it was impossible for Zong Ze and the others to just let the Ghost Spirit Realm off. If the Ghost Spirit Realm was included, then they would just be dead weight. This was something that they didn’t want to see.

The Puppet Realm also understood this point. So when Zong Ze proposed dealing with the Ghost Spirit Realm, they immediately agreed. No high-grade realm in the Ten-thousand realm Battlefield didn’t want to expand their territory. Since they can’t go to the Cloudsea Territory in the meantime, they might as well expand their territory in the battlefield.

Nobody was worried about not being able to deal with the Ghost Spirit Realm. This was because they had the numbers advantage. If the realms work together and they weren’t able to deal with the Ghost Spirit Realm, then this would mean that the Ghost Spirit Realm had become on par with the Five Great Realms.

Mu Yao looked at the sky before saying, “Send word to the other realms. Have them prepare to take action. We need to deal with the Ghost Spirit Realm as soon as possible, or else we’ll be harming our plan for the Cloudsea Territory.”

As Mu Yao said that, a jade sword message came flying in and dropped in front of him. Mu Yao stared for a moment before he received the jade sword message. Then he used his spiritual force to read its contents. After a moment, Mu Yao’s expression became strange before he turned his head to Zong Ze.

Seeing Mu Yao’s expression, Zong Ze asked, “Who sent that message? What’s inside?”

Mu Yao didn’t say anything as he handed the jade sword message to Zong Ze. After reading the contents, Zong Ze’s expression became serious. He looked at Mu Yao and said, “Those two troublemaking brats. But if this becomes successful, we would be benefiting a lot.”

Mu Yao looked at Zong Ze and said, “This could actually succeed. But this carries some risk. If we’re not careful, the Hundred Treasures Realm would be in danger.”

Zong Ze closed his eyes. After some time, he opened his eyes and said, “I think we can do it. First, we already have our base in the Cloudsea Territory. Once Little Hai arranges the formation, we’ll be able to gain another. Moreover, the Hidden Cloud Village might be safer than the headquarters. Even if the plan fails, we still have a safe place to retreat to. Secondly, Little Hai has a spatial ability as well as his Hell King’s Ship. He can take the entire headquarters along with him at any time. With these two guarantees, what do we need to worry about?”

The other Elders in the room who didn’t read the jade sword message were confused by Zong Ze’s words. They were just discussing the Ghost Spirit Realm, how did it evolve to talking about their escape plan? What was happening?

Zong Ze also noticed the expressions of the others. He handed the jade sword message to the person next to him before saying, “Pass it on. Remember, keep this matter a secret.”

After the jade sword message was passed around, all Immortal Experts present had strange expressions on their faces. One of them opened their mouth and said, “Old Zong, is this a bit too risky? If the plan fails, then the Hundred Treasures Realm would have a hard time in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Zong Ze replied, “But if we succeed, the Five Great Realms will become the Six Great Realms. I think this plan is feasible. This is an opportunity for the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Nobody spoke for some time. To be honest, they were also moved. If the Hundred Treasures Realm becomes as strong as the other Great Realms, then even if they died, their contribution would still be remembered by the realm forever.

Mu Yao opened his mouth and said, “We can implement this plan right now. When we deal with the Ghost Spirit Realm, we can use this opportunity to tell the other realms that we suffered a lot. Then when we go to the Cloudsea Territory, we’ll have the other realms send more people. What do you think?”

Zong Ze nodded and said, “Let’s do it now. Everyone, we’ll proceed according to the original plan. Send word to the other realms that we’re ready to begin.”

Mu Yao and the others nodded. Then they took out jade sword messages to inform the relevant parties. An agreement had already been reached before. As long as these messages arrive, the realms would begin to take action against the Ghost Spirit Realm.

Actually, the Ghost Spirit Realm had offended a lot of people in recent years. However, the various realms had no means to truly unite, fearing that they would be attacked. This time, because of the Cloudsea Territory, the major realms finally united. Dealing with the Ghost Spirit Realm shouldn’t be very hard. But this would also cause losses for the other realms. However, compared to the territory of the Ghost Spirit Realm, the other high-grade realms could still afford these damages.

After the jade sword messages were sent out, Zong Ze declared, “Have the person from the Ghost Spirit Realm come over.” Some people gave an affirmation and then went to invite the expert from the Ghost Spirit Realm.

Before long, a man in a black robe walked in from the entrance. This man was very thin and had a very ghastly appearance. One could see at first glance that he wasn’t a good man. His eyes varied in appearance, one was big while one was small. His skin seems to be stuck in his bones. He looked like a starved ghost.

The man glanced around the people inside the room before he stopped at Zong Ze and Mu Yao. Zong Ze and Mu Yao were sitting, but the man still looked at them all over.

Mu Yao looked at the man and said, “So it’s the Hundred Ghosts Daoist. I didn’t expect you to make an accusation out of nowhere. Please state your purpose here clearly.”

The Hundred Ghosts Daoist coldly snorted and said, “Mu Yao you know full well what I’m talking about. Of all the people we sent to explore the sea, why is the person from the Ghost Spirit Realm the only one that didn’t return? From what I remember, my disciple is also on Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship. I want an explanation.”

Mu Yao smiled faintly and said, “I think fellow Daoist has misunderstood. Your disciple left by himself. As for why, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you. The Hundred Treasures Realm and the Ghost Spirit Realm didn’t have any grudges, so why did you send an Immortal Expert to attack Zhao Hai? I think we’re the ones who have to ask for an explanation.”

When the Hundred Ghost Daoist heard Mu Yao, his expression changed, then he coldly snorted and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. The Ghost Spirit Realm doesn’t have any grudges with the Hundred Treasures Realm. So why would we send someone after your people. What utter nonsense.”

“Hmph!” Mu Yao coldly snorted, he looked at the Hundred Ghost Daoist and said, “Don’t lie in front of us. Hundred Ghost Daoist, you know what is true and what is not. Your Ghost Spirit Realm underestimated Zhao Hai, sending only one Immortal Expert after him. Hahaha. Not only did your Immortal Expert fail, he was even killed by Zhao Hai. Don’t forget, Little Hai is a Dark Mage, he can turn corpses into loyal Undead. These Undead will never lie to him. You actually dared to run here to ask for an explanation. You’re a joke. Hundred Ghost Daoist, for the sake of you being a messenger, I won’t kill you. Now leave!”

The Hundred Ghost Daoist didn’t expect Mu Yao to be this impolite. His somewhat pale complexion paled even more. He looked at Mu Yao and coldly said, “Good, good. Hundred Treasures Realm. You will pay the price of what you said today.” After he said that, he coldly snorted as he turned around and left.

Zong Ze didn’t speak. As he looked at the Hundred Ghost Daoist’s departure, he smiled faintly and said, “Good, the stage has been set. Everyone, prepare to show yourselves to the audience.”


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