BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1557


Chapter 1557 – Cloud Mountains and Silver Rivers

Mu Yu looked at the busy Cloudsea Territory cultivators and let out a long breath. Then he turned to Zhao Hai as he laughed and said, “Little Hai, your move is really effective. These fellows immediately behaved themselves. They will slowly adapt to this kind of life and become people of the Hundred Treasures Realm in the future, even if the Hundred Treasures Realm withdrew, they would still be loyal to us. With such people under us, the Hundred Treasures Realm would always have a firm foundation in the Cloudsea Territory.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “These people have given themselves to me, so I can’t treat them unfairly. As long as they complete my tasks, they will be rewarded. Isn’t this already good?”

Mu Yu smiled and said, “It’s very good. Because of your missions, we’ve basically grasped a good understanding about the situation around us. This is excellent for us.”

Zhao Hai replied, “These are just the early missions. They will receive more missions. Moreover, in the future, we might even be able to send them missions in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Mu Yu gave a faint smile as he turned his head and said, “Is this the reason why you had everyone withdraw from this place?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I have the people of the realm withdraw because the Hidden Cloud Village isn’t safe at this moment. It’s fine for the two of us to be here. But if the others are still here while the people from the Cloudsea Territory come, imagine the amount of trouble we’ll be in. If we have a lot of people here, we will be quickly found out.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “This is really a problem. But will the people of the Cloudsea Territory really come over? It has been several days.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This is just in case. The nearby islands are now very suspicious of the surrounding region. This includes the Hidden Cloud Village.”

Zhao Hai’s words made sense. The last time when he was in Ye Island, he left behind some silver needles. All of these needles embedded themselves onto everyone who went to Ye Island. As soon as they left, they brought with them Zhao Hai’s silver needles. This allowed Zhao Hai to have a clear grasp of the situation in the Cloudsea Territory.

And with the people from the Cloudsea Territory interacting with each other looking for clues about Zhao Hai, the meetings with all parties were very frequent. By this point, the Space had already mapped about a thousand whitecloud islands. And this was just the northern part of the Cloudsea Territory.

The size of these whitecloud islands greatly varied. The big ones looked like continents while the smaller ones had enough sizes to house a village or a town. What surprised Zhao Hai was that there were mountains and rivers on the bigger islands. The mountains were called cloud mountains. They looked like white cotton piled very high up. As for the rivers, they were silver and looked like flowing mercury.

Zhao Hai asked Zhe Jun and Li Jiang about this. Although Zhe Jun didn’t know about it, Li Jiang did. Li Jiang was originally from a big whitecloud island so he told Zhao Hai that some specially huge islands have mountains that grow all kinds of herbs. These herbs have benefits to a person’s cultivation. The effects of these cloud herbs were much higher compared to cloud rice, cloud fruits, or cloud vegetables.

As for the river, it has a pleasant sounding name, the silver river. However, the water of the silver river couldn’t be drunk. The people from the Cloudsea Territory didn’t need to consume water. Eating cloud fruits and cloud vegetables was enough for them. If you drank water from the silver river by mistake, then congratulations, you have won the winning ticket. In three days, your body would slowly turn into mist until eventually you would become part of the white clouds.

Although silver river water couldn’t be drunk, it can be used to water the cloud fruits and other cloud plants. Silver river water would make these plants grow better and allow them to mature sooner. It was precisely because of this that big clans on huge islands would have enormous gardens. Their plants grew quickly and were much better than average ones.

In general, whitecloud islands don’t have these mountains and rivers. Most whitecloud islands were flat lands. Only particularly huge islands would have these beautiful scenes.

These huge whitecloud islands fascinated Zhao Hai, but it didn’t matter much to him. The cloud plants in the territory had already been sent to the Space. Methods to grow them and make them better had already been found. 

However, the water of the silver river had also been sent to the Space. It had the same analysis as the white clouds in that its composition couldn’t be scanned. The method of using this silver river water was researched and tested. This water could increase the growth rate of the crops inside the Space. However, this river water would also transform the plants. Like the plants in the cloudsea territory, these plants would take in cloud-like forms. Fortunately, the effects of the plants didn’t decrease, on the contrary it increased.

Even so, Zhao Hai didn’t plan on using the river water for the plants inside the Space. But something confused Zhao Hai. In the past, whenever a liquid entered the Space, it would be integrated into the Spatial Water. But the silver river water remained independent. This caused Zhao Hai to be curious. But since he can’t find the reason, he could only blame it on the fact that the Space couldn’t analyze the silver river water so it wasn’t integrated to the spatial water.

And it wasn’t just the spatial water that cannot integrate into the silver river water. Even Bubble, the source of myriad water, couldn’t touch the silver river water, let alone absorb it. In the end, Zhao Hai had to give up on his research on the silver river water.

Zhao Hai already had a whitecloud island setup inside the Space. He decided to put this silver river water on the island and then plant some of the Space’s plants there. He wanted to see how they grow up to be.

Naturally, all of these were left for Cai’er to do. While this was going on, Zhao Hai kept sending missions to the people of Hidden Cloud Village. He wanted to get a much farther reach around the island as soon as possible. In addition to paying attention to the big clans, he was also looking at their military activities.

Although everyone in Hidden Cloud Village offended other clans, all of them offended people far from the village. They didn’t offend the clans near the village. Otherwise, the clan would definitely chase them.

The reason people hid in the Hidden Cloud Village was because big clans communicate with each other. They were afraid that upon heading out, they would meet people from these big clans and then they would be captured. 

But now it was different. Although the entire Cloudsea Territory was paying attention to the wanted men in the village, their attention was divided because of Zhao Hai. This allowed the people of the village to go out and make some inquiries.

With the people of the Cloudsea Territory collecting information for him, Zhao Hai was more relaxed. He now obtained a lot of useful information. The big clans on the Cloudbeast Fortress were beginning to investigate the area. It wouldn’t be long before they check the Hidden Cloud Village.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. They had hidden a transmission formation in the village. Moreover, the weapons they provided the people on the island were made out of cloudbeast bones and refined clouds. Even if they were taken by other people, they would just think that it was a specially refined artifact. 

Additionally, Zhao Hai modified the weapons so that investigating them would be near impossible. This was because after refining, the weapons of the Cloudsea Territory would seem like it was made of metal. 

In fact, since deciding to take Hidden Cloud Village as his base, Zhao Hai expected that such a day would arrive. After all, the people of the Cloudsea Territory were different compared to the people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. When the people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield arrive, they would be coming in blind. Not to say about the matters of the Hidden Cloud Village, they won’t even know about the existence of the village. In this case, the Hidden Cloud Village could survive for a long time.

However, Zhao Hai still believed that this wasn’t very safe. He was now preparing a large formation composed of 38 flags and one plate. It had only one function and that was to produce a huge spatial distortion around the village. Everyone who wanted to get close to the village would unconsciously turn into another direction. Everyone who wanted to enter the village would need a token issued by Zhao Hai. This would provide great protection for the village.

However, this formation couldn’t be arranged inside the village. Instead, it needed to be erected on the surrounding sea.

The reason why Zhao Hai wanted this kind of formation was because the situation in the Cloudsea Territory was quite special. The people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield could only move around whitecloud islands. Even if they left, they can’t go too far since their spiritual force would be suppressed. In this case, it would be more difficult to find this formation. It would be more impossible for them to discover the Hidden Cloud Village.

At the same time, the people of the Cloudsea Territory couldn’t easily discover the formation. Although their spiritual force was more powerful compared to those in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, they also couldn’t fly out of the islands for a long time. And with the Hidden Cloud Village being a place for rejects, Zhao Hai believed that the formation wouldn’t be discovered. As long as the formation was intact, the Hidden Cloud Village would be safe.


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