BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1553


Chapter 1553 – Crowd In An Uproar

Zong Ze looked at the jade sword message in his hand before he smiled faintly. He looked at Mu Yao and said, “Little Hai just said that the plan has begun. He’s heading towards Ye Island to make a transmission formation and head back.”

Mu Yao knit his brows and said, “This kid actually dared to do that. Isn’t this just alerting the enemy? What would he do if something goes wrong? The Ye Clan has a lot of experts. Didn’t he say it himself that there are at least 500 Immortal Experts in the Ye Clan?”

Zong Ze smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry about him, he knows what he’s doing. On the other hand, there really are a lot of Immortal Experts in the Cloudsea Territory. Their cloud beasts act as their cultivation partner, making them cultivate quicker than us. Also, their cloud rice, cloud fruit, and other food contain a lot of spiritual qi and are easier to absorb. I really envy the people of the Cloudsea Territory.”

Mu Yao scoffed at Zong Ze as he said, “Stop wasting words on them. Now that the plan has begun, it won’t be long before the other realms react. What do you plan to do now?”

Zong Ze replied, “There’s no need to plan anything. They will beg us if they want to go. Besides Zhao Hai, nobody is immune to the black clouds. Moreover, besides Zhao Hai, nobody knows the coordinates of the Ye Island’s transmission formation. If they want to go to the Cloudsea Territory, they will need to ask us, specifically Little Hai. Hahaha. Imagine the feeling when that happens.”

Mu Yao looked at Zong Ze’s expression and couldn’t help but bitterly smile. To be honest, he also wants to laugh at their current state. In the war against the Giant Spirit Realm and the Fireweavers, these realms were waiting on the side wanting to grab some cheap benefits. Only when the Hundred Treasures Realm was about to win did they make a move. And before they offered a hand, they even demanded a lot from the Hundred Treasures Realm. Their conduct was very hateful.

Now that they have this opportunity, it would be strange if the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t embarrass them. This would make them let go of the ill feeling in their guts.

However, Mu Yao was indifferent to this. He also wouldn’t dare call Zong Ze a petty person. Because of this, he could only stay silent and force a smile.

Seeing Mu Yao’s expression, Zong Ze snorted and said, “Old Mu, you’re too calm and you don’t like to argue. If I were you, I wouldn’t have allowed that fellow Shen Wei to become arrogant, I would have had the Elders kick him out a long time ago. But you, really.”

Mu Yao waved his hand and said, “Forget it, we’re already having a hard time as cultivators. We’re fighting against the heavens, isn’t it too bothersome if we fight amongst ourselves? Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Little Hai’s plan will succeed, so we need to make proper arrangements on our side.”

Zong Ze nodded and said, “Pass the order, have everyone prepare according to our original plan.” A Severed Soul Expert nodded and then went out to pass the order.

While the Hundred Treasures Realm were preparing their steps, the people of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were in an uproar. Naturally, this uproar was only from the high-grade realms of the battlefield. The lower-grade realms had no idea what was going on.

The higher-ups of the various realms learned about Zhao Hai’s expedition almost at the same time. Naturally, this didn’t include the Ghost Spirit Realm. Nobody told them as well. Even if they had spies on the other realms, it’s still impossible for this kind of secret to be found out so easily.

It must be known that this information was very important. Besides the Hundred Treasures Realm, every other realm had this in a very strict state of confidentiality. The reason why the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t hide it too much was because they have great confidence in themselves.

The last battle against the Fireweavers wasn’t all bad for the Hundred Treasures Realm. The war was a chance for the realm to temper itself. The Hundred Treasures Realm was strong, but it had too many impurities in its strength. These impurities were weak cultivators and even spies from other realms. Weak cultivators could still be fixed. On the other hand, spies cause great harm to the realm.

The previous war was like a hammer that tempered the Hundred Treasures Realm. If it was ordinary steel before, now that it had removed its impurities it had become refined steel.

Spies hidden inside the Hundred Treasures Realm became more active during the war. They thought that the Hundred Treasures Realm would lower their guard since they were fighting against two strong realms. But they didn’t expect the Hundred Treasures Realm to do the opposite. Instead of relaxing their guard, they became more strict.

Mu Yao was normally indifferent and didn’t like fighting. But as a cultivator, he didn’t reach his current stage by being a pacifist. It was just that Mu Yao’s methods weren’t as brutal as other cultivators. His methods were quite calm and very gentle.

It was because of this gentle manner that nobody noticed Transcending Tribulation Experts and Severed Soul Experts disappearing. During wars, death was quite common. Nobody would think that Mu Yao made a move on a certain number of people.

Because of the tempering, the Hundred Treasures Realm became one unified body. In the past few years, it became impossible for other realms to send spies to them. Therefore, none of the other realms knew what was going on inside the Hundred Treasures Realm.

On the other hand, the Hundred Treasures Realm were aware of what was happening to the other realms. If spies were sent to the Hundred Treasures Realm, it’s also natural that the Hundred Treasures Realm sent spies to the other realms.

But because of the importance of this matter, the spies of the Ghost Spirit Realm were unable to hear about this news. They were still unaware of what was going on.

What Xiang Bo and the others wrote caused a huge shock to their respective realms. They also wrote that their jade sword messages were sent through a spatial rift that Zhao Hai opened. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be sent.

This caused the other realms’ higher-ups to feel very annoyed. Although it was written clearly, they knew that Zhao Hai could get in and out of the black clouds freely. This was something that even Immortal Experts weren’t able to do.

The higher-ups of the other realms immediately had a meeting. In the end, they decided to reach out to the Hundred Treasures Realm. They believed that the Hundred Treasures Realm received a message as well. It might even be possible that they received the news much earlier. They also knew that the Hundred Treasures Realm wouldn’t be able to swallow the Cloudsea Territory on their own, they would certainly need help.

The next day after the jade sword messages arrived, Immortal Experts from several realms went to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters at the same time. They wanted to discuss the matter of cooperation between their realms.

At this time, Zhao Hai was rushing towards Ye Island. There were now plenty of liquid needles in and around the island. Whitecloud Islands in the Cloudsea Territory had no shields at all. At most, its inhabitants would erect defensive formations. As soon as intruders arrive, these formations would detect and attack them. But as for protective shields, there were none at all.

This didn’t mean that the Cloudsea Territory didn’t have any good formations. In fact, formations were as common here as in the Ten-thousand Realms Battlefield. The reason why they didn’t have any barriers was due to the territory’s situation.

There used to be a big clan who covered their own Whitecloud Islands with a protective shield. But they suddenly found out that their island was beginning to shrink. They thought that someone was attacking them. After some investigation, they still couldn’t find out the reason why their island was shrinking. In the end, someone suggested that it might be the protective shield. Once the shield was removed, their island stopped shrinking and began to grow back.

After this news spread, almost nobody in the Cloudsea Territory used protective shields. It’s because of this that protective shields weren’t very common in the territory. This also caused whitecloud islands to be susceptible to attacks made by cloud beasts. Entire whitecloud islands being annihilated by beasts weren’t unheard of.

This lack of protective shield gave Zhao Hai an easy way to infiltrate the island with liquid silver. Now that liquid silver had the properties of white clouds, it could vaporize itself and become one with the island’s white clouds. Once the flying needles entered Ye Island, they immediately vaporized. Even Immortal Experts wouldn’t be able to detect them. At this point, Zhao Hai was aware of almost everything that happened on the island.

But because of Xiang Bo and the others, Zhao Hai didn’t make any moves. They were now cautiously moving forward, afraid of being discovered by people from the Cloudsea Territory.

Xiang Bo and the others also didn’t pressure Zhao Hai. After listening to Guo Ling, they were afraid of the Cloudsea Territory. A normal big clan in the territory would have at least 500 Immortal Experts. How powerful were 500 Immortal Experts? If an Immortal Expert appeared, then Zhao Hai might be able to escape. But 10? 100? They wouldn’t even be able to react. Because of this, they wanted Zhao Hai to act with caution. They didn’t dislike Zhao Hai’s slow movement. On the contrary, they fully support it.

Zhao Hai and the others also met a few cloud beasts along the way. Since this was the edge of the Sea of Beasts, the beasts they met weren’t that strong. But since they were afraid of making a sound, Zhao Hai and the others killed all the beasts they met.

When Zhao Hai and the others were very close to Ye Island, the Immortal Experts sent by the other realms arrived at the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters. These Immortal Experts visited discreetly. Because of this, the Hundred Treasures Realm also removed people from their transmission formations while waiting for the Immortal Experts to arrive. Once they arrived, they immediately moved to a secret room in the headquarters.


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