BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1551


Chapter 1551 – Uses of White Clouds

It must be said that Zhao Hai chose the right place. Firstly, Hidden Cloud Village was a forgotten place. People who come here rarely leave, and there were very few people who thought of coming here. Additionally, the island wasn’t very big. It had no special products so it had no business prospects. The people who leave and return to this place were merchants of the village. Until now, except the people in the Hidden Cloud Village, nobody from the Cloudsea Territory knew about the presence of Zhao Hai and the others.

This also gave Zhao Hai and the others an opportunity to establish their foundation. Under Zhe Jun and Li Jiang’s arrangements, 10 thousand people from the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield were able to move into Hidden Cloud Village.

Of the 10 thousand people, the worst were at the Transcending Tribulation Stage. On the other hand, the strongest people in the Hidden Cloud Village were in the Transcending Tribulation Stage. Because of this, the people in the Hidden Cloud Village became very anxious. They were careful in their actions, making the atmosphere of the island very heavy.

Seeing that the mood was getting heavier, Zhao Hai discussed with Mu Yu who immediately ordered the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm to get in touch with the people from the Cloudsea Territory. He asked them to exchange pointers. Although the two had different cultivation methods, they could still exchange ideas with each other.

This caused the mood of the island to improve. The people from the village were no longer afraid of the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm. Slowly, the two groups were able to integrate with each other. This took about ten days to happen.

One of the reasons why the two were able to smoothly integrate with each other was because the people of the Hidden Cloud Village were weak rejects of society. Their cultivation methods were a mix of good and bad. As for the cultivators from the Hundred Treasures Realm, there’s no need to mention how good their cultivation methods were. They were more than adequate to guide the people from the village. What do cultivators pursue the most if not for strength? With the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm giving guidance, the cultivation speed of those in the village increased. Naturally, they were happy about this result.

Another reason was because the Hundred Treasures Realm sent weapons to the Hidden Cloud village. The Cloudsea Territory had scarce resources. Because of this, their weapons were generally made from cloudbeast bones and refined white clouds. Naturally, this fact was noticed by Mu Yu and the others.

Although the materials used for their weapons were very simple, they were still very good and tough. Moreover, they even had an ability to repair themselves. This surprised the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Zhao Hai thought that this might be because of the white clouds. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to analyze the structure of these white clouds. He also had the Space integrate the white clouds with liquid silver. Now, liquid silver has the abilities of the white clouds.

Even if Zhao Hai doesn’t have the ability to analyze the white clouds for now, he could still use it for crafting. Moreover, it turned out that it was a very good material to use.

This discovery caused the Hundred Treasures Realm to be happy. Zhao Hai also tried it afterwards. White clouds can be used together with any material to increase a material’s tenacity as well as provide it with a self-repairing ability. Most importantly, artifacts refined with white clouds could absorb spiritual qi on their own and then release it for the user’s body to absorb. The spiritual qi gained this way was much purer than the ones in the surroundings.

It can be said that the white clouds caused the level of the Hundred Treasures Realm’s weapons to increase by a level. The people in the Cloudsea Territory didn’t discover this because they were starved of resources. Moreover, they were using beast parts as refining materials and not metals. Only people from big clans could go to the copper and iron walls to mine materials. Weapons refined from these metals were tougher compared to their other weapons.

However, average big clans wouldn’t be able to do this. Let alone the fact that they had no bases on the copper and iron walls, just the cloud beasts in the vicinity weren’t easy to deal with. Moreover, the density of the black clouds on the copper and iron walls was much higher compared to other places. Most people wouldn’t be able to stay there for a day without their abilities declining.

If a person’s strength dropped inside the black clouds, this doesn’t mean that their support has decreased. Instead, it was their level that fell. For example, Zhe Jun was now at the Core Formation Stage. When he uses his cloud rats, he would be able to stay for 15 days in the dark clouds. In these 15 days, his strength wouldn’t be affected. But once 15 days passed, although the rats supplied him with the same amount of spiritual qi, his strength would drop down by a level. If he stayed for seven or eight days more, then his strength would drop to the Foundation Establishment stage.

This wasn’t a temporary fall into the Foundation Establishment Stage but a permanent one. Once he returns to a whitecloud island, he would have to cultivate again from the Foundation Establishment Stage. 

If one’s strength gets demoted by the black clouds more than ten times, then they wouldn’t be able to increase their strength anymore. Nobody has ever broken this rule. It was like a sword hanging down their heads, reminding people every time they ventured out into the dark clouds.

Someone had an idea of moving a large chunk of white clouds to the two mountains to see if they can grow them there. If it was possible then it might allow them to create a stronghold.

However, they discovered that this was impossible. Once transferred to the areas near the mountains, the white clouds were slowly being swallowed. It was simply impossible for them to grow. Because of this, the copper and iron walls weren’t conquered to this day.

As for the reason why the white clouds were swallowed, the Cloudsea Territory also did some investigation. For white clouds to grow, they needed enough volume to do so. White clouds that were too few couldn’t grow on their own and would just be swallowed by the black clouds. 

From their research, only white clouds that were ten li(5km) across could grow. However, since this was the minimum, the rate of growth was very slow. The more white clouds there were, the faster it would grow. It was because of this that people in the Cloudsea Territory had endless amounts of white clouds to use.

The most troublesome thing about transplanting white clouds wasn’t their speed of growth, but the fact that they couldn’t be stored inside spatial items. Because of this, there was no way to carry a large volume of them. Cloud beasts would also need to consume white clouds. Without white clouds, tamed cloud beasts wouldn’t survive in the black clouds for long.

This difference between tamed and untamed cloud beasts was a headache for the people from the Cloudsea Territory. However, they had no way to change it since this was the law. As long as a cloud beast gets tamed, they have to eat white clouds. Otherwise they wouldn’t survive for long.

For these reasons, the Cloudsea Territory’s development was very slow. It made it impossible for them to expand their territory. This was also the reason why the Cloudsea Territory had no contact with the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield after all these years.

Besides the white clouds, the Hundred Treasures Realm was also delighted about the cloud fruits, cloud rice, and other products. They had very big uses for the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Zhao Hai’s Space has already begun planting these products. Although white clouds couldn’t be analyzed for the time being, cloud fruits, cloud rice, and other things could be. At the very least, it could analyze what they can do and how they could be used.

The Space’s scanner was really strange. It couldn’t analyze the white clouds yet once it was refined, the scanner can analyze the optimal ratio of white clouds to use. This caused Zhao Hai to be confused.

In order to experiment with the white clouds, Mu Yu brought some of it back to the Ten-thousand Realms Battlefield. However, a problem arose. The white clouds couldn’t exist in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for a long time. Once they get exposed to the air of the battlefield, they begin to quickly disintegrate.

A small clump of white clouds would be eaten by the dark clouds, and the same amount would disintegrate in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. It’s fragility was quite startling.

Even if you put it inside artifacts, it would still disappear. This caused the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm as well as Zhao Hai to be confused.

Fortunately for Mu Yu and the others, white clouds that had been refined into transforming clouds were saved from these attributes.

Mu Yu returned to the Hundred Treasures Realm and found out that transforming clouds didn’t disappear. Although they couldn’t be used as weapons, they were very comfortable compared to praying mats.

Moreover, transforming clouds could be placed inside spatial artifacts. But unlike natural white clouds, even if they provide spiritual qi, they only give a very small amount. They can exist among the black clouds, but not for a long time. After about a month of exposure, they would also begin to disappear.

The Cloudsea Territory has flying artifacts called Cloud Piercing Ships. These flying artifacts can be large or small. Smaller ships can accommodate 3 to 5 people while the larger ones can accommodate hundreds or thousands of people. Li Jiang said that he had seen ships that can hold tens of thousands of people. These ships can exist in the black clouds for 40 days if it holds a thousand people, 60 if about a hundred, and more than 100 days if there’s only one person inside.

However, Cloud Piercing Ships were very rare in the territory. Only big clans have them. Even then, big clans wouldn’t have a lot of them. This was because Cloud Piercing Ships couldn’t just be powered by its users. Cloud Piercing Ships require cloud crystals to function. The ships were easy to use, but very hard to power.


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