BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1548


Chapter 1548 – Changing The Status

The fatty stared into Zhe Jun’s eyes. He didn’t distrust Zhe Jun’s words. However, he experienced different things from Zhe Jun. Ever since childhood, Zhe Jun was an orphan, so he had always been treated coldly by almost everyone. Because of this, he had no sense of belonging to the Cloudsea Territory. The Cloudsea Territory didn’t give him any warmth at all.

However, the Fatty was different. He was from a medium-grade clan. Although it was only a medium-grade clan, it was enough to cause him to have deep feelings towards the Cloudsea Territory. For him, the Cloudsea Territory wasn’t a name nor a place; it represented his identity, his home.

Therefore, the Fatty held some hesitation in his heart. In his opinion, now that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield intends to invade the Cloudsea Territory, both sides have become enemies.

On the other hand, this was an opportunity to get revenge. He knew that it was impossible for him to take revenge by himself given his aptitude. Even if he reached the Immortal Stage, it was still useless. This was because the enemy was just too strong. He simply didn’t have any means to take revenge.

Between a familial grudge and righteousness, only a hero would let go of his grudge and follow the path of righteousness. Naturally, the fatty wasn’t a heroic character. He regarded the Cloudsea Territory as his home, but this home was also the home of a devil. Moreover, it was a devil that killed his entire family. And now there’s someone who could allow him to take revenge, how could he not take it?

The fatty thought about it for a while, then he looked at Zhe Jun and said, “Brother, will your new master agree to me joining? I’m not very talented. As you can see, I only managed to reach this level after many years of cultivation. Will he take me in?”

Zhe Jun smiled and said, “Brother fatty, you’re mocking me. Do you really think I’m strong? Am I a cultivation genius? Yet the Young Master received me. Brother, let me tell you the truth. If I hadn’t stopped the Young Master, then he would have decided to kill everyone in the Hidden Cloud Village. Not to say about revenge, you wouldn’t even be able to do anything. If you go with the Young Master, at the very least you’ll survive.”

When he heard Zhe Jun, the fatty’s expression changed. Then he took a deep breath and said, “Alright, I have nothing else to say. I will join your Young Master’s side. Brother, I’ll have to depend on you in the future.”

Zhe Jun laughed and said, “Brother, there’s no need to be polite. Right, I’ve always called you Brother Fatty, I never really got your name. If the Young Master asks, I cannot just introduce you as Brother Fatty right?”

The fat man chuckled and said, “My surname is Li, named Jiang. Brother, if you have heard about the Li family from Whitesand Island, that’s my family.”

Zhe Jun stared, this was because he heard about the Li Family before. Whitesand Island was quite a large Whitecloud Island. It had several big clans and even more medium-grade clans like the Li Clan. However, the Li Clan was famed on the island because the wine they brewed tasted the best. Later on, he heard that the Li Clan had been destroyed. He didn’t expect the fatty who escaped to the Hidden Clouds Village to be from the Li Clan.

Zhe Jun looked at the fat man and said, “I didn’t expect Brother Fatty to be from the Li Clan. I have been disrespectful. Brother, I came back this time because the Young Master wanted me to attract people. I also want to show my abilities by bringing more people to the Young Master’s side. At the same time, I want to give the other brothers in the Hidden Cloud Village a way to survive. Otherwise, once the Young Master arrives, they will be finished.”

The fatty nodded and said, “Kid, you’re really clever. You just surrendered to your Young Master but you already thought of so much. So what are you planning to do right now?”

Zhe Jun replied, “Brother, you’ve spent a longer time than me in this place. You should know some people worth winning over. But we have to make sure that they won’t ruin the Young Master’s plan. Otherwise, Young Master will not let me off.”

Fatty Li nodded and said, “We need to choose well. I reckon the Young Master wouldn’t want information about the Hidden Cloud Village to be known early. Fortunately, there’s no transmission formations on the island. Otherwise, things would be more troublesome. We also can’t persuade the big groups of the island since they wouldn’t listen. Those guys have been benefitting from the Hidden Cloud Village. They definitely won’t let it go. I know people who have a grudge against big clans like me. I think we could persuade them. Naturally, we can’t approach those who joined the big groups. We’ll look for those who are poor.”

Zhe Jun nodded, “That’s good. Let’s act separately. We need to find reliable people to persuade. And we must not leak anything.”

Fatty Li nodded and said, “Then I won’t stay here for long. Brother, I’ll leave once I drink this cup.” Zhe Jun gave Fatty Li another cup before the two bid themselves farewell. Zhe Jun no longer had any mood to eat and drink. He immediately made his move. He looked for people who had an unsatisfactory life in the Hidden Cloud Village, and also those who had a deep hatred towards the big clans.

These people had no sense of belonging towards the Cloudsea Territory, so it was easy to persuade these people. Before the day ended, Zhe Jun and Fatty Li had recruited more than 20 people, which surprised the two of them.

But what surprised them even more was that these more than 20 people became the beginner sparks of a bigger flame. As the 20 recruited their own people and they in turn recruited more people, about 30 thousand people had already agreed to side with Zhao Hai in just three days.

It must be known that Hidden Cloud Village only had a population of approximately 50 thousand people. Zhe Jun was actually able to recruit 30 thousand in just three days. Even Zhao Hai was surprised by this.

Actually, this was and understandable result. The Hidden Cloud Village could be considered as a special prison. It was a place where people who offended great families came to stay. And with gangs forming in the village, there were people who were oppressed and bullied. These people were just holding on, waiting for someone to change the situation.

However, nobody has done such a thing. Because everyone was wary of each other, it was almost impossible for someone to unite the island and quell the chaos.

Zhao Hai’s order to Zhe Jun was the impetus for change that these people were waiting for. Although this method wasn’t what they expected, their expected result was the same.

The gangs in Hidden Cloud Village naturally noticed the recent changes. They were now aware of Zhao Hai’s existence. They couldn’t help but be flustered. Some of them got in contact with Zhe Jun in hopes that they could join Zhao Hai. As for the other gangs, they began to flee.

Seeing that the island’s situation has become heated, Zhe Jun agreed to the gangs who requested to take refuge under Zhao Hai. After that, Zhe Jun and Fatty Li left the island and flew to the direction where the Hell King’s Ship had stopped.

Zhe Jun and Fatty Li’s actions were all seen by Zhao Hai. He didn’t expect Zhe Jun to be this efficient. Without even lifting a finger, Hidden Cloud Village had practically fallen into his control. This was quite surprising.

As for the gangs who escaped, naturally they couldn’t be let off. Zhao Hai sent Undead to hunt them down. None of them were able to run away.

Before long, Zhe Jun and Fatty Li arrived before the Hell King’s Ship. Looking at the ship, the anxiety inside Fatty Li’s heart finally settled down.

When Ze Jun and Fatty Li arrived by the Hell King’s Ship, they noticed Zhao Hai standing on the deck. Zhe Jun immediately led Fatty Li forward to pay respects. After kneeling down, Zhe Jun reported, “Zhe Jun pays his respects to the Young Master. This is my good friend Li Jiang. Thanks to him, I was able to persuade 30 thousand people from the Hidden Cloud Village. But some of them fled. I invite the Young Master to deal with them.”

Zhao Hai looked at Zhe Jun, then he nodded and said, “Good, well done. I’m aware of what happened in the Hidden Cloud Village. I’ve already dealt with those who escaped. Li Jiang, if you keep being loyal, I will definitely give you an opportunity to take revenge.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhe Jun and Li Jiang were stunned. When they heard Zhao Hai saying that he’s aware of what happened to the Hidden Cloud Village, they thought that it was just Zhao Hai’s casual remark. But it seems like this wasn’t the case. Li Jiang only told Zhe Jun about his revenge. The two of them were now looking at Zhao Hai with fear. Both of them bowed their heads and didn’t dare to move. The two of them were coldly sweating.

Zhao Hai looked at the two and said, “Get up.” The two trembled before getting up. They seemed frozen in place as they didn’t dare make any unnecessary moves.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and the Hell King’s Ship slowly flew towards the Hidden Cloud village. At this time, a lot of people were waiting on the island. None of them ran away. They wanted to see if Zhe Jun was speaking the truth.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived in Hidden Cloud Village. When the huge ship appeared, the people on the island were alarmed. Some wanted to run away, but they soon discovered that they were surrounded. Not to say people, even mosquitoes wouldn’t be able to escape.

Despite being startled, the people from the Hidden Cloud Village didn’t dare rebel. But as they thought that they were going to be killed, Zhao Hai sent Zhe Jun and Fatty Li to meet them. They sent a message saying that Zhao Hai wouldn’t make a move against them as long as they don’t leave the village.

After appeasing the people in the village, Zhao Hai began to establish a transmission formation. At the same time, he sent a message back to the Hundred Treasures Realm.

It was still Mu Yao who received the letter. Mu Yao was no longer as anxious as several days before. Because he knew that Zhao Hai was safe, he began to feel relieved. Upon seeing the jade sword message, Mu Yao was no longer surprised. Looking at the contents, Mu Yao laughed. Then he took the jade sword message to Zong Ze.

Zong Ze and the others were now waiting for news from Zhao Hai. This was the most important step for the Hundred Treasures Realm’s future. If this plan goes through, the Hundred Treasures Realm would attain great benefits. Because of this, they were very receptive to any developments regarding Zhao Hai. They wanted to know how he was doing.

When Mu Yao arrived at the conference hall, Zong Ze’s eyes lit up as he said, “Did Little Hai send a message?”

Mu Yao laughed before handing the jade sword message over.


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