BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1547


Chapter 1547 – Zhe Jun Persuades Them To Surrender

When Zhao Hai returned to the Space, Laura and the others were already waiting for him. After sitting down, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Brother Hai, why did you take Zhe Jun in? He’s useless to us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I don’t want to kill too many people, or else it might affect my nature. Also, it would be good if we can take those people in. Alive subordinates are always better than Undead. Although Zhe Jun wasn’t an important person, he’s quite clever. And in the future, we can’t just destroy the entire Cloudsea Territory. We’re here to conquer it, not turn it into ruins.”

Laura nodded. After years of following Zhao Hai, they saw him killing countless people, so they were quite used to it. Because of this, Zhao Hai sparing someone was somewhat strange.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “As long as we gain this foothold, we can establish a transmission formation and send word back to the realm. But we still have to kill people. After all, not everyone is as insightful as Zhe Jun.”

Laura smiled and said, “This Hidden Cloud Village isn’t that big. It cannot accommodate a lot of people. I think we should find a bigger island. However, we’ll be exposed if we do. I think we should tell the realm first and make a decision.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Let’s see if Zhe Jun dares to betray me first. Then his rats will be enough to deal with him.”

Naturally, there’s no need for Zhao Hai to be defensive against Zhe Jun. The rats had already been transformed by Zhao Hai, they would no longer listen to Zhe Jun. Additionally, Zhao Hai also had silver needles embedded into Zhe Jun’s body. If he dared to talk nonsense, he would die immediately.

Although Zhao Hai decided to refrain from killing this time, this didn’t mean that he would be soft. When the time comes, he would kill people. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid of Zhe Jun’s actions.

Actually, Zhe Jun didn’t have any thoughts of betrayal. He wasn’t a member of any clan. And if one looks at it closely, Zhe Jun had no reason to have any attachments to the Cloudsea Territory. He was just a small cultivator at the bottom of society. They were people that were constantly bullied by clans. In this case, he had no reason to be loyal to the Cloudsea Territory.

Zhe Jun was born in the Cloudsea Territory and grew up there. However, the people in the Cloudsea Territory didn’t give him any benefits. Everything he owns had been gained by his own hands. 

But Zhao Hai was different. Zhao Hai met him and improved his cloud rats. For people in the Cloudsea Territory, improvements to their cloud beasts was closely related to their cultivation. With his newly improved rats, Zhe Jun was certain that his cultivation would massively increase. This was a great benefit. Because of this, Zhe Jun decided to be loyal to Zhao Hai.

After Zhe Jun left the ship, he immediately flew towards the Hidden Cloud Village. The Hell King’s Ship wasn’t very far, so he was able to arrive two days later.

The whitecloud island that Hidden Cloud Village was located in was not very big. It was about a thousand li across(500km). Cloud houses could be seen everywhere. Moreover, some of these houses hovered in mid-air. The houses varied in size. There were some structures where cultivators frequently came in and out.

There were no shops on this island, but one can buy all they need here. It was a very strange place. It looked like a forgotten corner of the world, yet it was full of vitality.

Zhe Jun was very familiar with the Hidden Cloud Village. When he arrived, he returned to his house first. His residence was in a corner of the village. People like him weren’t treated well by the people here.

As Zhe Jun was flying towards his home, he met a very fat cultivator. He had a disc-like face and pea-like eyes that flashed from time to time. He looked like a very shrewd man.

When this fatty saw Zhe Jun, he immediately called, “Zhe Jun! Why did you return so fast? Did you have a great harvest?”

Zhe Jun smiled and said, “So it’s Fatty Brother. There’s no need to mention my harvest. I also met a huge guy when I went out. If I hadn’t run so fast, I might not have been able to return. Let me go home first and recover.”

Hearing Zhe Jun, the fatty couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Speaking of which, you’re really clever. Although your rats don’t look like much, they have provided you with great help. I don’t know how many people at your level died on the sea. Only you are able to live comfortably. Hahaha.”

Zhe Jun thought about it before he laughed and said, “The rats are my treasures. Brother Ji, I have some good cloudfruit wine. Want to try it with me?”

Zhao Hai knew this fatty really well. The fatty came here because he offended some people. However, this person was quite resourceful. He was able to get food for the people in the village to consume. Merchants also prospered in Hidden Cloud Village. Even if they don’t go hunt for cloud beasts, they could still live well.

However, this fatty has a weakness for liquor. He would be sad if he hadn’t had liquor for quite some time.

Hearing Zhe Jun, the fatty couldn’t help but lick his lips as he said, “I happen to be free today. Then I’ll happily share a few cups with you.”

Zhe Jun smiled faintly as he led the fatty back to his house. Zhe Jun’s home wasn’t that big, but it was very clean. After the fatty sat down, Zhe Jun took out a few white clouds of wine. In the Cloudsea Territory, wines were stored inside white clouds that could store about ten jin of wine.

After pouring the fat man a glass of wine, Zhe Jun took out two side dishes. The cultivators in the Cloudsea Territory didn’t prohibit themselves from eating and drinking. On the contrary, food and drinks were part of their daily necessities. Naturally, they could skip meals if they have to. Like anything else on the territory, cloud dishes also looked very strange. They looked like squashed clouds. They were sweet and delicious, and they were also generally eaten raw.

Taking a sip from his wine, the fat man opened his mouth and said, “Zhe Jun, is there anything wrong? Let’s talk. Your brother will listen.”

Hearing the fatty, Zhe Jun stared for a moment. Then he smiled and said, “I really can’t hide anything from you, Brother. Fatty Brother, why did you come to Hidden Cloud Village?” Zhe Jun didn’t expect the fatty to be so insightful. He even noticed that there’s something different about Zhe Jun. But after thinking that the fatty wouldn’t do anything bad to him, Zhe Jun decided to check whether he would be able to bring the fatty to his side.

Zhe Jun didn’t have a lot of friends in the Hidden Cloud Village, and this fatty was one of the very few friends he had. Because Zhe Jun used cloud rats, everyone ridiculed him. On the other hand, not only did this fatty not laugh at him, he also helped Zhe Jun. Because of this, Zhe Jun wanted to win this fatty over. This was because he knew that if this fatty didn’t surrender, then he might be killed by Zhao Hai when the time comes.

Hearing Zhe Jun, the fatty sighed and said, “Why are you asking? Hai, if I had a choice, why would I come to this village? In the Cloudsea Territory, my family can be considered to be a medium-grade clan. We have been mechants for generations. Although we can’t compare to those big clans, we’re still able to eat good food. Additionally, my family conducts honest business. Unfortunately, seeing our family doing good business, a big clan accused us of a crime we didn’t do. My clan has been wiped out. If it weren’t for me being out at that time, I might have suffered the same fate as my clan.”

Sadness could be clearly seen on the fatty’s eyes. As tears flowed down his face, he said, “Although my family is only a medium-grade clan, we have more than a hundred people both young and old. All of them were killed. At that time, I had a wife and a three-year-old son. I want to take revenge, but I am weak. I simply cannot do anything to that big clan. Moreover, that family chased me down, causing me to hide in this village. Because of the relationships I managed to foster in the past, I was able to get supplies to sell in this village. Brother, do you know why I became a drunkard? If I’m not drunk, how could I forget this irresolvable enmity in my heart? This hatred is torturing me, driving me mad!” The fatty couldn’t help but wail as he said these words.

Zhe Jun sighed. His parents perished when he was young. Although he also suffered the coldness of society, he didn’t suffer as much as the fatty did.

However, Zhe Jun also saw an opportunity in this. He looked at the fatty and said, “Brother Fatty, do you want revenge? If you do, this little brother might be able to help you.”

When he heard Zhe Jun, the crying fatty couldn’t help but stare. Then he shook his head and said, “Brother, there’s no need to comfort me. You cannot compare to my enemy. Even you were forced to come to this place, how can you help me?”

Zhe Jun looked at the fatty and said, “If it was two days ago, then I truly wouldn’t be able to help brother. I’m even struggling to survive. But now it’s different. Brother, let me tell you, I have become someone’s subordinate.”

The fatty looked at Zhe Jun and asked, “You’ve become a subordinate? Who did you surrender to?”

Zhe Jun lowered his voice and said, “Brother, have you heard about the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield?”

Fatty stared, then he immediately understood. He looked at Zhe Jun in the eyes and said, “You’re saying you’ve surrendered to someone from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield? That’s no good. Even if people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield come, I’m afraid they would be constrained in this place. What benefits would we gain by surrendering to them?”

Zhe Jun smiled faintly and said, “Brother, let me tell you. My Young Master is different compared to ordinary people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. He came in a huge ship and his strength is unfathomable. There’s certainly a huge influence behind him. The Young Master is sent over as a vanguard. If I didn’t surrender, then I might have already been killed. The Young Master sent me on a mission to persuade the people in the Hidden Cloud Village to surrender. Brother, your enemy is powerful and you have no ability to take revenge. But if you surrender to the Young Master, once they begin their move against the Cloudsea Territory, they will inevitably clash with the big clans. There would be an opportunity for you to take revenge.”


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