BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1545


Chapter 1545 – Beast Concealed In The Clouds

After chasing Shen Wei out, Mu Yao returned to his cave residence. Although Shen Wei has been kicked out from power, this doesn’t mean that he was now in control. He had just ended his term. Because of this, the Hundred Treasures Realm would arrange another 5 Elders to become the ruling elders.

Despite this, Mu Yao was still very concerned about any news regarding Zhao Hai. He knew clearly well how crucial Zhao Hai was for the Hundred Treasures Realm. It can be said that as long as Zhao Hai returns, even if he didn’t bring anything back, the Hundred Treasures Realm would still gain a lot.

For this reason, Mu Yao was paying attention to any developments in the headquarters. Although he wasn’t in charge and could return to his planet to close up, he still stayed in the headquarters in order to wait for any information about Zhao Hai.

The Elders of the Hundred Treasures Realm also understood Mu Yao’s feelings. But since they hadn’t met Zhao Hai before, it was impossible for him to know about their spiritual signature. As the matter stands, Zhao Hai could only send a message back to Mu Yao. It was best for Mu Yao to stay in the headquarters in order to receive any news.

However, it has already been ten days but no news had come. Mu Yao couldn’t help but become very anxious. Mu Yao no longer had any intentions of closing up. Once in a while, he would get out of his residence and take a stroll around the transmission formations.

It wasn’t only Mu Yao who was waiting, the entire headquarters were also waiting with him. Whether it was an Immortal Expert or a Transcending Tribulation Expert, everyone was waiting for any news from Zhao Hai. However, they heard nothing back. The mood of the headquarters was very heavy.

This day, Mu Yao was once again strolling around the transmission formation. Mu Yao looked like a senile old man lately. His eyes showed anxiety as he strolled back and forth the transmission formations. He was now beginning to regret agreeing to Zhao Hai’s request to explore the sea.

At this time, a jade sword message flew over. Mu Yao didn’t even turn his head as he casually caught it, he looked like he didn’t care. Then he nonchalantly scanned it using his spiritual force. 

Upon seeing the contents of the jade sword message, Mu Yao couldn’t help but shake. Then he focused on the jade sword message’s contents. His expression quickly lit up as he laughed in front of the transmission formation.

The experts near the transmission formation were already used to Mu Yao’s presence there. Seeing Mu Yao’s happy expression, they couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Mu, is it news about Zhao Hai?”

They knew that the only thing that could make Mu Yao laugh was Zhao Hai. Looking at the one who asked, Mu Yao nodded and said, “It’s a message sent by Zhao Hai. He’s currently safe.” After speaking, Mu Yao turned around and left. His voice wasn’t low, so a lot of people heard it. In no time, the atmosphere of the headquarters lightened up.

Mu Yao didn’t have any time to join in on the merry mood. This was because Zhao Hai’s message contained more than information about his well-being. A shocking news was included that would affect the future development of the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Mu Yao quickly arrived at the conference hall. The two Severed Soul Experts on the entrance of the hall immediately welcomed Mu Yao as soon as they saw him. Mu Yao didn’t delay, he waved his had and quickly entered the hall.

There were five Elders inside the hall. One of the five was a man dressed in black robes. He had an iron-like expression on his face. As he closed his eyes, he looked more like a statue than a person.

Mu Yao turned to the man dressed in black and said, “Old Zong. Huge news. Huge news just arrived!”

The black dressed elder turned his head to Mu Yao and said, “Old Mu, what are you so anxious about?”

Mu Yao stepped forward and said, “Old Zong, look at this. Zhao Hai just sent his report about the sea. He actually found traces of people and beasts. He’s now currently investigating!”

Hearing Mu Yao, Elder Zong was also excited. He snatched the jade sword message and searched it with his spiritual force. He carefully searched through the contents of the message before turning to Mu Yao and saying, “Are you certain that this is genuine?”

Mu Yao looked into Elder Zong’s eyes, then he said, “I’m absolutely sure. I believe that Little Hai wouldn’t make a joke about this matter.”

Elder Zong looked at Mu Yao and then smiled bitterly and said, “Old Mu, please don’t be offended, but this matter is too important. I need to be careful. We need to discuss this further. I alone cannot make a decision on this matter.”

Mu Yao also believed that this matter was too big and the people here weren’t enough to make a decision. It might even require a Ten-Elder Assembly.

Although it might seem that the last battle against the Fireweaver and the Giant Spirit Realm was more important than Zhao Hai’s matter, it must be known that the Hundred Treasures Realm had been prepared to deal with the Giant Spirit Realm for many years. With this in place, naturally there’s no need for a Ten-Elder Assembly. And when the Fireweavers entered the scene, the Hundred Treasures Realm was surprised. Even a Ten-Elder Assembly wouldn’t be much of a help at that time.

But this time, the implications were too important. Zhao Hai discovered signs of beasts and people on the sea. This was completely unprecedented. This may lead to a major opportunity for the entire Hundred Treasures Realm. It cannot be dealt with carelessly.”

Mu Yao nodded and said, “We need to make a swift decision. But I think we can wait for Little Hai’s next message. The sea is entirely filled with black clouds. Even if we send Little Hai a message, there’s no way for it to reach him. We can only wait for Little Hai. What we need to do right now is to prepare.”

Mu Yao spent the longest time with Zhao Hai among the people in the conference hall, so he understood Zhao Hai the most. Zhao Hai wouldn’t send a message with no reason. When he wrote it, he definitely knew something more regarding the sea.

As soon as Elder Zong heard Mu Yao, he said, “You really have so much confidence in Zhao Hai. But if you’re that confident, Old Mu, then why were you so anxious before?”

Mu Yao scratched his head and said, “Zong Ze, you old man, stick to talking about business.”

Hearing Mu Yao, Elder Zong couldn’t help but laugh. Mu Yao and Zong Ze were very good friends. Naturally, there’s no need for politeness between the two of them. They can ridicule each other as much as they want.

Mu Yao looked at Zong Ze, then he snorted and said, “I was anxious before because I’m worried that Little Hai would be affected by the purple mist and the dark clouds. Now that Little Hai managed to send a message back, it showed that he’s not afraid of these things, so why would I be worried? Even if there’s people there as well as beasts, as long as he’s not affected by the dark clouds, how could they do anything to him? Little Hai will definitely send another message. When he does, I reckon he has already ventured deep inside.”

Hearing Mu Yao, Zong Ze nodded and said, “Alright. If this is really the case, then that would be the best. But it’s good that we make some preparations. Old Mu, you should call Little Yu and the others back. We’re going to prepare people, so how could we leave them out?”

Mu Yu was also aware that there’s no longer any use for Mu Yao and the others to close up. He gave a nod and said, “Alright, I’ll go call him over. Alright then, I’ll be leaving this place to you.” After he said that, he turned around and left.

These people didn’t know that their actions had been seen by Zhao Hai. He didn’t send the message from the Cloudsea Territory but instead from outside the headquarters. The Space already mapped the headquarters, so he can send a message there in a blink of an eye. Naturally, the speed was very fast.

When he saw that Mu Yao was actually worried about him, Zhao Hai decided to send word back. Seeing Mu Yao’s happy appearance, Zhao Hai was also glad. Hearing Mu Yao’s exchange with Zong Ze, he turned his head to Laura and the others and said, “I didn’t expect Elder Mu to know me so well. It seems like I cannot be lazy anymore.”

Laura smiled faintly, then she said, “With our current speed, we’ll be able to exit the Sea of Beasts in a few days. After we leave, there will be a huge Whitecloud Island named the Beast Fortress. This is a place used by the Cloudsea Territory to prevent the cloud beasts from killing people. There are three great clans in the Cloudsea Territory. Moreover, these three clans are located close to the Sea of Beasts. This allowed them to seize cloud beasts for their own use. The people in these clans are very strong. Even Guo Ling doesn’t know how many powerhouses they have. After all, Guo Ling is just a Severed Soul Expert. He has no idea about the strength of each clan.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then he said, “We cannot casually offend anyone in this place. If these three clans can keep such powerful beasts, it means that they are very strong. There certainly are a lot of Immortal Experts inside those clans. If we provoke them, we not only alert them of our presence, we will also have no place to hide in.”

Lizzy gave a nod and said, “This means that we cannot show up in front of these people. I have read Guo Ling’s notes. About ten thousand kilometers east of the Beast Fortress is a small island. There are no great clans living there and most people don’t even know that it exists. The people there are those who want to take risks and venture into the Sea of Beasts and also those who offended some big clans before. Because of how small the island is, the clans ignore it. Our goal should be that place.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Are you talking about the Hidden Cloud Village? It’s indeed good for a temporary base. Alright, let’s go there. We’ll settle down first before exploring the Cloudsea Territory. I really want to see how strong they are.”

Cai’er smiled faintly before changing the Hell King’s Ship’s direction towards the Hidden Cloud Village. They haven’t told Xiang Bo and the others about this yet. Since they were inside the ship, Xiang Bo and the others could also sense some anomalies. However, they couldn’t sense anything outside. Since this was the case, Xiang Bo and the others knew that something must have happened and Zhao Hai didn’t want them to know about it. They didn’t ask any questions and just stayed inside their rooms to cultivate. This was because they knew very well that they had no courage to ask Zhao Hai.


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