BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1544


Chapter 1544 – Sea of Beasts

Zhao Hai stood on the top of the bow as the Hell King’s Ship traversed the Cloudsea Territory. However, this Cloudsea Territory was truly boring. There were a lot of dark clouds. No matter who, they would be tired of looking at it after some time.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t bothered by it. He continued to stand on the ship’s bow and stare at the black clouds ahead as though he was waiting for a treasure to emerge.

Actually, there really were treasures in the dark clouds, the cloud beasts. Cloud beasts live inside the dark clouds. Growing up in this environment, each and every one of them were strong. But these cloud beasts share the same hobby, and that was eating white clouds.

Since the people on the Cloudsea Territory knew about this characteristic, they would frequently use white clouds to bait the cloud beasts.

It must be said that these white clouds were really interesting. As long as you cut a piece of it and put it among the dark clouds, it would slowly grow up by itself. 

Zhao Hai didn’t use white clouds as bait this time. This was because Cai’er discovered a cloud beast in front of them. The cloud beast looked like a fierce tiger.

Zhao Hai saw a lot of beasts in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. However, there were no tiger beasts. This caused Zhao Hai to think that there were tigers in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. But now, he finally saw one.

The tiger seemed to be sleeping on a dark cloud. It was covered in black shiny fur. Its entire body was pitch black besides the white pattern on its forehead that looked like a king(王) character.

Although the tiger seems like it was sleeping soundly, every breath it took caused the surrounding dark clouds to form tornadoes.

Zhao Hai was still some distance away from the tiger beast. He was observing it through the Space. This tiger wasn’t weak, it had the strength of an Immortal Expert.

This caused Zhao Hai to wonder. Why do the cloud beasts he encounters all have great strength? He remembered that most of the cloud beasts in Guo Ling’s list were quite weak, with the weakest at the lowest level of cultivation. On the other hand, the two beasts that Zhao Hai met were at the Immortal Level.

At this time, the black tiger opened its eyes and swept towards Zhao Hai’s direction. Then it slowly stood up. Its actions weren’t quick, instead they looked very graceful. After that, the tiger began walking towards the Hell King’s Ship. 

The walking speed of the tiger wasn’t fast. And as it walked, the surrounding clouds weren’t disturbed at all. This helped to hide its figure.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai became even more curious about this tiger. It has been five days since he departed Guo Ling’s island. In those five days, Zhao Hai hadn’t met any living creatures. After asking Guo Ling about it, Zhao Hai learned that Guo Ling chose to go into a far place because he managed to offend people. The orchard wasn’t his. Guo Ling just found records of a distant Whitecloud Island, so he went there in order to avoid pursuit.

Because he was being chased down, Guo Ling lost his weapons and various items. It was because of this that he displayed horrible strength when he fought against Zhao hai.

It has been hard for Guo Ling to run to such a far away place. In order to reach his island, he suffered injuries. After spending many years on the island, Guo Ling had yet to recover from his wounds. In order to deal with enemies, he had to make poisonous wine. In the end, he used the wine on Zhao Hai which caused him to be killed.

Guo Ling also told Zhao Hai that the place they were currently in was a forbidden area in the Cloudsea Territory. It was called the Sea of Beasts. In this area, formidable cloud beasts roam. The strength of the beasts couldn’t be underestimated. Because of this, Guo Ling chose to run here. This was because the power that he offended was just too strong. If he picked any other place, he wouldn’t survive.

It was because this was the Sea of Beasts that so few people came here, let alone people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. It was because of this region that the people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield and the Cloudsea Territory had not met each other.

Zhao Hai also managed to grasp some understanding about the Cloudsea Territory. Although Guo Ling was a Severed Soul Expert, he wasn’t an extraordinary person in the Cloudsea Territory. Moreover, he had a rogue cultivator background. Naturally, he wasn’t regarded very well. He didn’t know anyone high up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have offended the people he managed to offend.

The Cloudsea Territory was like the lower realms. The influence here was divided between clans. There were no nations here. On the other hand, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were ruled by various realms. It didn’t have any clans in control.

Because of this style of government, there exists numerous powers in the Cloudsea Territory. These powers formed a balance between cooperation and struggle. Rogue Cultivators like Guo Ling basically couldn’t progress far.

Despite this, the Sea of Beasts lay outside the influence of these clans. This was because there were just too many beasts in this region. 

A lot of clans send their people here in order to try and capture cloud beasts. However, they would only explore the outskirts of the region. They wouldn’t dare go any deeper. Otherwise, if any of the formidable beasts show up, they would all be eradicated.

Guo Ling was only able to reach his island because he found a token of a predecessor. This token had a fairly safe route through the Sea of Beasts. Guo Ling used this route to escape.

Zhao Hai originally thought that even if there were powerful beasts in the Sea of Beasts, there should also be smaller beasts mixed in. It was really strange that he only met Immortal-stage beasts.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t think too much about this. He was very curious about the Cloud Beasts, but he has yet to form an idea to capture them for the Space. 

Looking at the tiger making a move, Zhao Hai stopped. Then he retreated slowly. He wanted to see if the tiger would try to pursue.

The tiger noticed Zhao Hai’s intention to retreat. It immediately pounced. Before long, it was very close to Zhao Hai’s location.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the lazy and sluggish looking tiger to have such quick speed once it made an effort. However, he wasn’t worried. He already expected it due to his previous fight with the black dragon. Cloud Beasts couldn’t just be provoked easily, especially these high-level beasts. 

Although the black tiger didn’t look special, Zhao Hai knew clearly that it was very strong. In Guo Ling’s list, this black tiger was known as Howling Wind Tiger. Once it moves, the wind and clouds change color. Its ability to control the wind was very formidable.

Zhao Hai calculated the location of the tiger’s next pounce. With a wave of his hand, he made a sword formation with ten thousand swords appear on the calculated location. Once the tiger landed, it fell down on the sword formation. It tried to struggle free. To be honest, the tiger was indeed very strong. However, Zhao Hai’s sword formation mixed with faith power has become its nemesis. No matter how hard the Howling Wind Tiger moved, it couldn’t get out. Before long, it was captured and sent to the Space by Zhao Hai.

From Guo Ling’s list, Zhao Hai knew that the Howling Wind Tiger and the Thunder Dragon were among the top-level beasts in the Sea of Beasts. Even Immortal Experts of the Cloudsea Territory didn’t dare offend them. Because of this, Zhao Hai lost interest in capturing the other cloud beasts.

By this point, capturing cloud beasts would bring no benefit to the Space. Zhao Hai cleared his mind and then traversed the Sea of Beasts according to the map that Guo Ling acquired.

Zhao Hai spent nearly one month flying. He was very careful along the way and tightly followed the map in his hand. He also avoided strong cloud beasts.

This wasn’t to say that Zhao Hai was afraid of the cloud beasts. Because these beasts were useless to him, it would only be a waste of time if he were to fight them. What Zhao Hai wanted to do right now was to reach the core of the Cloudsea Territory and see what it really was.

Something that caused Zhao Hai to feel a headache was his identity. People from the Cloudsea Territory look distinctly different from Zhao Hai. As soon as he was seen, they would immediately know that he wasn’t one of them. When the time comes, the people from the Cloudsea Territory might try to deal with him. 

However, Zhao Hai felt that it would be a pity if he didn’t visit the Cloudsea Territory. In the end, he decided to push through. The worst thing that could happen was for him to cause trouble in the territory.

Zhao Hai might be a cautious person who treated matters with a lukewarm response. However, this didn’t mean that he was a coward. As his strength improved, his bearing was also becoming stronger. In the past, he preferred to act low-key because he knew that his strength was nothing in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. At that time, Immortal Experts can force him to use his trump cards. As his strength increased, the less and less cards he would have to reveal. Moreover, his strength was becoming well-known. It would be unreasonable if he still acted low-key. 

Zhao Hai didn’t want to be discreet, but some people actually think that he wanted to. Mu Yao and the others wanted Zhao Hai to keep being low-key since he was too important for the Hundred Treasures Realm. They wanted to reduce Zhao Hai’s fame to as little as possible so that other realms wouldn’t pay attention to him. If the other realms knew about Zhao Hai’s abilities, then they would no doubt try to assassinate him. Because of this worry, Mu Yao wanted Zhao Hai to disappear from public eyes. But at this moment, a jade sword message flew into the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters and delivered itself to Mu Yao’s hands.


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