BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1542


Chapter 1542 – Deceitful Guo Ling

The man held his big sword and yelled as he slashed towards Zhao Hai. As the person waved his sword, Zhao Hai noticed the surrounding white clouds fluctuating violently. After that, the clouds gathered as though being directed by the big sword. All of it was pouring towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he took a deep breath and threw out a punch. The man’s sword wasn’t a flying sword but a sword meant for close combat instead. However, Zhao Hai didn’t meet the attack head on, instead he evaded and then punched the man’s side.

Although the person was wielding a huge sword, he was still very agile. Seeing Zhao Hai’s fist, he immediately changed the sword’s direction.

The two exchanged moves quickly. However, the man understood that Zhao Hai had the upper hand and was just holding back. Otherwise, he would have already lost.

The man wasn’t a person who can’t afford to lose. At first glance, Zhao Hai didn’t come with malicious intent.He took his sword back as he retreated fifty meters away. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and asked once more, “Are you really from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Of course I am. Mister, how did you know about the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield? I haven’t seen anyone from the battlefield that looks like Mister.”

The man looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You can’t have seen us. Our knowledge about the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield came accidentally as well. In this sea of clouds, there are countless places like my orchard. Hundreds of years ago, while someone from the sea of clouds was hunting beasts, he came upon a dying cultivator. The cultivator looks just like you. That person is from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Because the people from the Cloud Sea are ignorant about the battlefield, they were naturally curious. They treated that person like an honored guest and had him stay in Cloud City. But they didn’t expect that person to be heartless and cruel. After he recovered, he killed and robbed his saviours. In the end, several experts worked together to deal with him. If he wasn’t killed, then the entire Cloud City would have been destroyed.”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at the person and asked, “It shouldn’t be like this. Every fifty years, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield would send people to explore the sea of clouds. The people who come here aren’t killers.”

The person looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you really from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield? Tell me what the battlefield is.”

Zhao Hai didn’t hide anything from him and revealed the situation of the battlefield. After hearing this, the person said, “No wonder you’re robbers. That place is basically a bandit’s den.”

When he heard this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but bitterly smile. The person didn’t speak wrongly. The place was truly a bandit’s lair. It’s a place where a huge bandit would rob from the small bandit and everyone were bandits. As long as they saw something good for the taking, like this orchard, the cultivators would no doubt want to rob it.

And if Zhao Hai wasn’t wrong, that person must have been an Immortal Expert. Besides Immortal Experts, most people wouldn’t be able to make it this far.

Zhao Hai sighed, then he said, “That place is indeed a bandit’s den. However, it’s a place where the law is rob or be robbed. In order to survive, you need to be strong. It’s not as peaceful as here.”

The person looked at Zhao Hai, then he coldly snorted and said, “What’s different. The same is true for this place. This orchard grows cloud fruits. Once eaten, these fruits can increase your cultivation. However, this orchard attracts cloud beasts. If you don’t have enough strength, the cloud beasts will attack you. If you aren’t strong enough, you will be robbed. Originally, that person offended a great clan and was sent here. In the end, it was a situation where a big bandit kills a small bandit.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he looked at the person in confusion and said, “Then why did you immediately try to kill me? And you even added the story about the person from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. We aren’t that different.”

The person coldly snorted and said, “This is my orchard. I can say whatever I want.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel blood rushing to his head. He had never met such an unreasonable person before. This person’s character was very weird.”

Zhao Hai looked at the person and said, “Your excellency, I didn’t come with evil intentions. If you don’t want me here, I can leave.”

 The person looked at Zhao Hai, then he suddenly laughed as he said, “I think you have a good temperament. Come, let’s have a drink. I have freshly brewed Cloudfruit wine. It’s very delicious.”

Zhao Hai looked at the person, then he smiled faintly and said, “Thank you very much, your excellency.” Then he approached the person in a carefree manner. Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, the person couldn’t help but laugh as he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “You’re quite refreshing.” After he said that, he led Zhao Hai and flew. Before long, the two arrived before a house.

Seeing this house, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be in a daze. The house looks like a huge cloud, except it had doors and windows on it. 

Looking at Zhao Hai’s dazed expression, the person smiled and said, “This is my cloud house. In the Cloud Sea Realm, this is the most common type of house. Mister, please come in.” Zhao Hai quickly followed the person in.

The house wasn’t small and it was divided into several rooms. But at this time, Zhao Hai was in a living room more than ten square meters big. It was very spacious. There weren’t any furniture in the room but instead fluttering white clouds. The person asked Zhao Hai to sit on a cloud as he sat down as well. Then he cupped his fist and said, “This one is known as Guo Ling. Meeting mister today is fate. Please have a cup of my Cloudfruit wine.” Then he waved his hand and took out a white cloud. Then he grabbed the top of the cloud and opened it. As soon as he did that, an intoxicating fragrance filled the room.

After that, Guo Ling grabbed a clump of cloud and then pinched it a couple of times before pouring wine over it. The cloud that he pinched became a wine glass.

Zhao Hai observed Guo Ling’s movements. He didn’t expect the Cloud Sea Realm’s clouds to have too many uses. This broadened his vision.

Seeing Zhao Hai staring at him, Guo Ling smiled and said, “Mister, these clouds are called Transforming Clouds. They are clouds that have been refined. You can make anything you want out of them. Mister can give it a try.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he grasped at a nearby cloud and took a clump. The cloud was weightless. Zhao Hai pinched the cloud and formed it into a cup similar to the one in front of him. Guo Ling saw this and then smiled as he poured Zhao Hai some liquor.

The glass in Zhao Hai’s hand still had the texture of a cloud. But when the wine was poured over, the liquid stayed inside and didn’t spill out at all.

Zhao Hai was surprised. Seeing this, Guo Ling couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Mister, please.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod and then drank the wine inside the cup. The wine smoothly flowed through Zhao Hai’s throat. The fragrance of the liquor lingered for some time. 

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shout, “Good wine!”

Guo Ling laughed and said, “If you like it, have some more.” Then he poured Zhao Hai another glass. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t decline. The two happily exchanged several cups.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai’s complexion changed. His face turned to anger as he looked at Guo Ling and said, “You, the wine was poisoned?”

Guo Ling laughed and said, “Of course it’s poisoned. You bumpkins from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, how could you fathom the wondrous arts of the Cloudsea Territory? Hahaha. While the wine you drank is poisonous, I have been drinking peerlessly good wine!”

Zhao Hai’s complexion turned whiter, becoming as white as Guo Ling’s. Looking at Zhao Hai, Guo Ling sneered, “What I told you before was a lie. There was indeed someone from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that ended up here and was rescued. However, we sealed his cultivation and turned him into a slave. He told us everything about the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Hahaha. What an idiot. You really think you can get benefits here? Let me tell you, if the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield is a bandit’s den, the Cloudsea Territory is an even bigger bandit lair. If it weren’t for the dark clouds separating us, our Cloudsea Army would have already killed their way to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai looked at Guo Ling and said, “I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

Guo Ling laughed and said, “It’s been many years since I’ve caught a slave from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. I can definitely sell you for a good price, enough for me to buy more orchards.”

As Guo Ling was reveling in his achievement, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “I won’t be a slave of the Cloudsea Territory.”

Guo Ling stared. He discovered that something wasn’t right with Zhao Hai. He turned his head to see that Zhao Hai was coldly looking at him. However, Zhao Hai’s complexion turned normal. It was as if he wasn’t poisoned in the first place.

As Guo Ling was stunned, he suddenly felt a pain in chest. He looked down to see a sword poking out of him. He felt his heart being torn into two and couldn’t help but vomit out blood. Surprisingly, his blood was also white.

Guo Ling looked at Zhao Hai, his mouth moved but no words came out. In the end, his body lost its balance and fell down. The light in his eyes had disappeared.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and waved his hand. Dark mist wrapped around Guo Ling’s body. Once the dark mist vanished, a new Undead stood in front of Zhao Hai.


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