BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1541


Chapter 1541 – Startling Changes To The Clouds

Everyone was stunned, especially Shen Wei. As soon as he heard Mu Yao, his complexion couldn’t help but change. He angrily roared, “Nonsense! Zheng’er is not that kind of person.” Zheng’er, whose name was Shen Zheng, was Shen Wei’s disciple who was killed.

At this time, a sigh was heard, “Elder Shen, what Elder Mu said is correct. It was indeed a decision made by the Ten-Elder Assembly at that time. And this old man is one of the participants.”

Everyone turned towards the direction of the voice and saw an Elder sitting at the back. He looked quite old with his hair and eyebrows already white. His face also had elderly spots.

Seeing this person, everyone couldn’t help but believe Mu Yao’s words. Everyone knew who this old man was. He was a famed expert of the Hundred Treasures Realm known for his good-heartedness. He didn’t form his own faction nor have any enmity with people. Although he didn’t have any famous disciples, his connections were pretty rich.

It was impossible for this person to lie, so he was certainly telling the truth. In other words, Mu Yao wasn’t lying. Shen Zheng had indeed turned traitor to the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Upon hearing this old person, Shen Wei’s bones turned to jelly. He felt his strength being sapped. Mu Yao glanced at Shen Wei, then to the others and said, “This time, I didn’t want Zhao Hai to explore the sea. I already told him about the dangers, but he still took the task. He wanted to explore it. We can say that he had the intention to go there from the beginning.”

Everyone stared, they didn’t think that Zhao Hai would want to explore the sea. They couldn’t help but talk among themselves.

Mu Yao continued, “Even if Zhao Hai wanted to explore the sea, Elder Shen still made a mistake on this matter. Following the decision of the majority, Elder Shen Wei, you will be removed from your position. Do you agree?”

Shen Wei’s eyes lost its spirit as he turned to Mu Yao. After some time, he said, “You said Zhao Hai wanted to explore the sea? Is he confident of his survival?”

Mu Yao stared. He didn’t think Shen Wei would ask this. But he still replied, “Zhao Hai is a cautious person. He should be able to safely return.”

Shen Wei breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Mu Yao and said, “This Shen Wei has never accepted you, Mu Yao. However, you’re willing to take the blame for other people and are patient with me. This Shen Wei is ashamed. I have nothing to say about my impeachment. As long as Zhao Hai returns safely, then this Shen Wei will be assured. Shen Wei apologizes to you.” After giving Mu Yao a bow, he turned and bowed to the other Elders, “This Shen Wei has been selfish and is not suitable to become an Elder. Everyone, from now on, I will return to Shen Planet and close up. I ask everyone to look after the headquarters on my behalf.”

Shen Wei walked away after speaking. Mu Yao looked at Shen Wei’s departing back and sighed. He didn’t expect Shen Wei to be such a gentleman.

Another person who didn’t expect this outcome was Zhao Hai. Through the Space’s monitor, Zhao Hai was able to see the entire thing. To be honest, he had a bad impression of Shen Wei. In his eyes, Shen Wei was a selfish person who was blind to the bigger picture. However, it seems like this wasn’t the case. Shen Wei was without a doubt loyal to the Hundred Treasures Realm. He was only blinded by hatred before.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. No matter what, the dispute in the Hundred Treasures Realm has been resolved. He no longer has anything to worry about in the future. As long as he safely returns, the Hundred Treasures Realm would be fine.

Zhao Hai adjusted the monitor’s image towards the billowing dark clouds. They could also see purple fog intermittently. But compared to the dark clouds, the poisonous cloud was much less by a couple of times.

Cai’er was quite busy at this time. She was focused on taking care of the children. The children’s courses weren’t much worse compared to back in Bluetree Planet. The only thing that changed was that their classrooms were now in the Hell King’s Ship.

Zhao Hai didn’t manage Cai’er. He just stared at the screen. Right now, the image on the screen has zoomed out. The Hell King’s Ship was depicted as a green dot. Besides the green dot that was the Hell King’s Ship, the entire screen was filled with dark clouds.

Despite looking at the monitor, Zhao Hai’s mind was in another place. He was currently thinking about the black dragon.

The dark clouds were able to nurture the black dragon. Does this mean that there were other beasts living here? What was the black dragon’s level compared to these other beasts?

The realms in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield had little to no understanding regarding the sea. Nobody knew how big it was, nor did anyone know what’s in it. The dark clouds and the purple mist were natural barriers dividing the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield into two different worlds. Right now, Zhao Hai was in this unexplored world and it seems to be bigger than the rest of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

As Zhao Hai was thinking about this, something red suddenly appeared on the monitor. Moreover, this red wasn’t a dot, but a large area instead.

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately enlarged the display. The enlarged image startled him once more. This was because what he saw was far from what he expected.

Clouds, it was actually a huge group of clouds! This cloud wasn’t black, but it was snow white instead.

The presence of white clouds were normal anywhere else, but it was quite special amidst the dark clouds. After seeing dark clouds for a long time, the white clouds became too eye-catching. 

Zhao Hai immediately moved and appeared among the white clouds. As soon as he appeared, he was dumbfounded. This was because the white clouds contained a lot of spiritual qi. It was not much different compared to the mainland. In fact, the spiritual qi was richer in this place.

What stunned Zhao Hai the most was that there seems to be a shield at the end of the clouds. The shield separated the white and the dark clouds. And amidst the white clouds, Zhao Hai was able to see trees that looked like cotton candy!

What Zhao Hai saw was a tree. It had a trunk as well as branches. But in place of leaves, it had clouds. It looked like a painting that children would draw where a tree had a trunk, a branch, and then semicircles describing the leaves.

Zhao Hai moved and arrived next to the tree. He reached out and felt the softness of the leaves. However, despite its texture, the cloud-like leaves were quite tough. It seems to be covered by a layer of protection.

Zhao Hai looked at the cloud trees, speechless. The world was truly strange, even things like these existed.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt something move under his feet. When he looked down, he saw a mouse under him. This thing wasn’t afraid of him at all. Most importantly, although it looked like a mouse, it had cloud-like fur covering its body. And it seems like its cloud-like fur was moving. It looked very cute.

Zhao Hai squatted down and reached out towards the mouse. However, it seems like the mouse didn’t want to be touched. It suddenly vanished and reappeared in a cloud tree. Its beady eyes still staring at Zhao hai.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. This little thing was quite smart. But its presence here was strange. What was its name? Cloud Beast? Cloud Mouse?

As Zhao Hai was thinking about this, a loud voice was suddenly heard, “Who dares enter my orchard!?” When the voice fell, a shadow appeared from a distance. This person had a formidable aura. Unexpectedly, he was a Severed Soul Expert.

Zhao Hai looked at the person. This person had white hair as well as white eyebrows. He had white clothing on while his skin was white also. Besides his eyes, everything about him was white. He was quite dazzling.

However, Zhao Hai was sure that this person wasn’t old. It may be because of this place that he looked like this.

The person also saw Zhao Hai and was surprised. He stared at Zhao Hai while Zhao Hai stared at him. The two looked at each other and nobody spoke for some time.

After a moment, the person asked, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he smiled faintly as he cupped his fist and said, “I have seen your excellency. My name is Zhao Hai and I came from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. I didn’t know that this is your orchard. Please excuse me.”

The person looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You’re from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes!” 

Just as Zhao Hai’s words fell, the person suddenly roared, “ Then die!” Then he threw himself towards Zhao Hai with a longsword in his hand.

The sword was entirely white and exuded cold sparkles. It could be seen at a glance that it wasn’t ordinary. The person quickly arrived before Zhao Hai as he slashed the sword towards Zhao Hai’s throat.

Zhao Hai lifted his hand and grasped the sword while wearing a metal glove. The sword was grasped so firmly that it was very hard to budge.

Zhao Hai looked at the person and coldly said, “Your excellency, I have no intention of being your enemy. Why did you suddenly want to kill me?”

The person looked at Zhao Hai’s hand holding his sword, his complexion changed. Then he coldly snorted and said, “The people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were never good people. They come here only to plunder and kill. They kill everyone they come across!”

Zhao Hai stared, then he asked, “Your Excellency, you have seen people from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield? When?”

The person coldly snorted as he retreated. Another sword appeared in his hand. But this time, the sword was a heavy one. It was 1.5 meters long and 30 centimeters wide. It looked like a plank of wood in the person’s hand.


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  1. I remember in the earliest chapters of the story, on the space’s monitor, green units represented enemies and red spots represented friendlies. I wonder when the author changed that.

    1. The translator at that time had 20+ errors per chapter. I assumed the choice of colors back then was them screwing up the translation because it was illogical

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